2014 North Andover Pride CPR Project Committee to increase the opportunities for everyone to become CPR Certified and ready at an affordable cost while supporting Rotary’s work locally and globally.
Along with school nurse Cheryl Barczak and her experienced instructor/staff, Rotary will release the 2014 event calendar soon.
Rotarians are working with businesses in town to grow this event over time. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact your employer or a Rotarian volunteer today.

"Increasing our impact in the health, wellness and lifestyle category," says President, Susan Rochwarg, "is a large part of our 2014 master plan and Rotary's North Andover Pride CPR Project is off and running. As an active service club in North Andover, I'm proud of what we are able to do and our role in the community."

SPACE available for Tuesday April 29th 6-8 pm

Contact Susan  Sysawyer@yahoo.com

See more at Save a Life mission
Event contributions encouraged.
Corporate or Individual sponsors Full event: $495.00 (25 participants)
Individual Participant $25.00
Visit NorthAndoverRotary.org