L-R Rotarians Dan Brothers & Marilyn Jarvis, ErinCalvo-Bacci of CB Stuffer
Once upon a time, there was a pizza shop in Medford. Using top quality ingredients, Carlo Bacci and his brother made a name for themselves with their hand-tossed pizzas, homemade sauce, and “to die for” calzones. Next door, Erin Calvo worked in a New Age shop. Carlo liked Erin and Erin liked Carlo. They were made for each other.
Fast forward. Carlo and Erin got engaged. A friend, visiting a local store, noticed pizza slices molded out of chocolate and suggested they would make the perfect wedding favor. But chocolate and pizza, like Carlo and Erin, were seemingly made for each other, and all of the guests at their wedding were treated to the chocolate pizza slices.

Time passed, children were born. Erin took up chocolate making, first as a hobby, then as a more serious endeavor. “You should go into business,” they were told over and over again. Finally, she and Carlo listened, and the seeds for a company dedicated to the creation of specialty chocolate treats, were planted.

CB Stuffers Is a member of the New England Retailers Confectioners Association, Restaurant and Business Alliance (RABA) and the National Specialty Food Trade Association.

Erin serves on the Retailers Association of Massachusetts Board of Directors. She is a Town Meeting member in Reading, Massachusetts and a member of the Buy Local Task Force for the Reading-North Reading Chamber of Commerce.