The Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Hearing in Sarasota

Apr 17, 2019
Edward Ogiba, Chair Hearing Loss Assn. of America
The Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Hearing in Sarasota

The presentation is built on the premise that almost all your members are affected one way or another by hearing loss. The odds, as provided by Johns Hopkins Research, would say 30 to 40% of your members has a loss, while almost all of the remainder have at least one family member or close friend with a loss. The national incidence is that 86% of those with a hearing loss who could benefit from treatment and supported do not get the help they need. In addition, extremely few people who have gotten treatment are aware that our community offers other so many other means, many of which are free, to improve their hearing, often by another 40% over what their hearing aids can deliver. This is a most unfortunate missed opportunity, as our area is considered to be the most hearing-friendly in the nation.

Given your mission to improve the lives of children, I would be sure to feature our new pediatric program which debuted at our recent 7th annual Hearing Tech Expo and is being expanded for our upcoming 8th annual event. 

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