Ready to retire and spend time with family, friends and his fellow Kiwanians, Appleton's health departments Kurt Eggebrecht was all set to sit back and put his feet up. Then, a global pandemic hit, and retirement plans were put on hold as it became clear that navigating COVID-19 would be a heavy burden to bear for the city. Eggebrecht, a member of the Appleton Fox Cities Kiwanis Club since 2002 has been a past president, committee member, advisor, mentor and friend, so to choose serving the community vs. retirement was not a surprise to our club members.
On June 4th 2020 during the clubs Inspirational Celebration (which also was the first in-person meeting since March 2020) and FINALLY the day of his retirement, Eggebrecht was awarded the George F Hixson Fellowship award in appreciation of all his hard work and dedication during the pandemic.
Eggebrecht has been described by his fellow department heads at the City of Appleton as a tireless advocate and a compassionate and selfless leader. Our club members agree and thank Kurt for all his work and dedication to our community. Eggebrecht definitely exhibits the values of Kiwanis.