Join us for the 40th Annual Appleton Old Car Show and Swap Meet

The Appleton-Fox Cities Kiwanis Club is ready once again for the 40th annual Appleton Old Car Show and Swap Meet. This family fun event is scheduled for Sunday, July 16th, 2017 at Pierce Park in Appleton.

By being a major sponsor of the Appleton Old Car Show and Swap Meet, the Appleton Fox Cities Kiwanis Club leaves a legacy for the community; by bringing permanent enhancements in Pierce Park, providing an inexpensive, family-friendly community event. The Kiwanis Club has a reputation for excellence and dependability with events management and it has help sustain the region's largest free car show for 40 years.

The Pierce Park Car Show started in 1976 when four friends got together to discuss hosting a car show in Appleton. They solicited input from car collectors and enthusiasts and determined that a free show in a beautiful setting with excellence at its heart was in order. Pierce Park was selected. The first show attracted 316 cars and 16 vendors, and by the fifth year, grew to over 1,000 cars. In 1982, the Kiwanis Club of Appleton-Fox Cities became the show’s sponsor and has remained involved ever since.  Today the show is one of the largest free car shows in the Midwest and annually draws over 15,000 people and has nearly 1,200 cars on display.

Financially the Pierce Park Car Show has been the Appleton-Fox Cities Kiwanis Club’s largest consistent fund raiser through the years with estimated revenues of approximately $950,000 that has been reinvested into the Fox Cities though projects the Kiwanis Club provides that focuses on “serving the children of the world”.

The family and kid friendly menu at the Car Show will include Cheeseburgers, Hamburgers, Brats, Chicken Breasts, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Kettle Corn, Bavarian roasted cinnamon nuts, egg rolls, Ice Cream, mini-donuts, nachos w/ cheese, chips, deep fried foods – pickles, Oreo cookies, Twinkies, potatoes, donuts, empanadas, etc.   Beverages include soda, beer, lemonade and water. All items are priced with the family in mind.

Event Activities and Schedule
The Old Car Show, Special vintage car collections, Vendor Sales, Swap Meet, Judging/Voting and Awards, Food and Beverage Concessions.

Show Schedule
6:00   a.m. Vendor Set-up, Concessions Set-up and Preparation
8:00   a.m. Show Car Registration Opens 
1:00   p.m. Show Car Voting Closes
2:00   p.m. Vehicle Entry Closes 
3:30   p.m. Miller Electric Company Welder Drawing
3:45   p.m. Show Car Award Presentations
4:00   p.m. Show Closes