Contact: Dawn Malcom
Appleton Fox Cities
Appleton International Airport
W6390 Challenger Dr.
Appleton, WI 54915
United States of America

The Appleton Fox Cities Kiwanis is proud to continue to partner with the Old Glory Honor Flight program as they send our veterans to Washington DC and get the homecoming they all deserve.  Come and support the welcome home by being part of our crowd control crew.  

Volunteers should arrive at the Appleton International Airport approximately 06:30 PM as the flight is scheduled to return at 8:20PM.  Kiwanians will be lining up directly after the military line. We will meet inside the terminal before the security check point.


  • Please wear your vest.
  • Line up in the parade line and keep everyone, even kids, behind the ropes.
  • ATW will inform Kiwanis if non-HF flight arrives since they may need assistance with crowd at the arrival gate. Kiwanis can help navigate folks out of the gate to exit.
  • Keep all visitors behind the ropes.
  • Kiwanis please be sure to spread out the length of the parade route.
  • The bottleneck- keep watch for families trying to get ahead of vet line. Let’s keep watch on this as we may need to add another rope/extend it to the door for a future mission. 
  • No more than 2 people need to manage the curtain for Welcome Home at the gate; OGHF has their folks there to help if needed. With so little room, we are limiting the number of people in that spot.
  • Severin, the band leader, can make announcements if needed.
  • OGHF tell(s) the Guardians to keep moving at a slow pace; we don’t want to rush the veterans. If you see a vet/guard stop, gently remind them to keep moving and position yourself so folks can get around you to keep the line moving.
  • Dave Mix, Commander of Post 2126, will have approximately 5 Post Members lead the parade and bring up the rear so you’ll know where the last veteran is.

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