Appleton Fox Cities
Appleton Yacht Club
1200 Lutz Dr.
Appleton, WI
United States of America

It is time for our Trivial Pursuit gathering for all Fox Valley Area Kiwanis clubs.  Get your team together and join us.  Laughter is guaranteed.  No skills needed.

When:     Tuesday, February 20  5 pm - 7:45 pm
Who:       You and your Kiwanis Club (Little Chute, Grand Chute, Darboy, Appleton Fox Cities, past Golden K, and Appleton 3-2-1).
Where:    Appleton Yacht Club, 1200 S. Lutz Dr., Appleton
What:      We will pick questions from Trivial Pursuit boxes.  Bring your own to contribute. 
Why?      Fellowship and fun. 
How:       Pick a team captain.  Sign up on the link below (or tell me and I can do it for you). 
BRING two things  1) A dish to pass and 2) A hygiene item to donate to Help for the Homeless.


Register Attendance and Potluck Item Here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/805094AAAAB2D6-47232956-trivia



  • 2 halves (45 minutes each). 15 minute break. We will set a timer for each half. When the timer dings, that round of questions will be played out, thus ensuring all teams get a shot at an equal number of questions.
  • 30 seconds for 1st group to answer. 15 seconds on the steal.
  • 3 points for a correct answer; 1 point for a steal.
  • If a club does not answer correctly, then the club with the lowest score gets first try. If they answer incorrectly, then the next lowest scoring club gets to try and so on. Coin flip for tie.
  • One person should act as captain of a club and be the one who answers the question. Please do not shout out an answer on your own ----it could hurt your club.
  • To start the evening, a die will be rolled between the captains to see which team goes first; then we go clockwise, like dealing cards.
  • Each round will be the same category for each team---so 3 questions from each category constitutes one round.
  • Clubs may bring any edition of Trivial Pursuit that they want questions from. All clubs answer from all editions.
  • Reminder, be kind to the emcee and to each other.
  • And lastly---Let's all have a great time.