The Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Jefferson, Iowa met in regular session at the Junkyard Cafe on May 6, 2022. President Jim Teusch called the meeting to order at 7:00 AM. Board members in attendance were Jim Teusch, Mike Palmer, Bill Monroe, Bob Schwarzkopf, Tim Christensen, Tim Buenz, Sherry Palmer, Bill Steussy, Denny Hammen. Thomas Laehn, Alexis Stevens, Chad Stevens, Loren Turner, Ian Wilkinson, and Hollie Roberts were absent. Karen Shannon (pro tem Secretary) and Vern Foje were also present.

A motion was made by Monroe and seconded by Hammen to approve the board minutes as written for the April board meeting. Motion carried.
A motion was made by Christensen and seconded by Stuessy to approve the club’s financial records from the month of April as presented by Schwarzkopf. Motion carried.
Leave of Absence: None
Resignations: None
New Membership: Membership now stands at 32.


Scholarships: Foje reported on behalf of the Scholarship Committee. Options were presented to the Board to offer 4 scholarships @ $1,000 each, 5 scholarships @ $750 each, or leave it as originally planned to offer 4 scholarships @ $500 each. After discussion, it was decided to form a committee to review the scholarship protocols and policies prior to the budget meeting in the fall and make recommendations for future scholarships. Hammen and Foje will work on that proposal. A motion was made by Christensen and seconded by Monroe to offer 4 scholarships at $500 this year. Motion carried.
Junkyard Meeting Room: Sherry Palmer indicated that a work session to paint the meeting room will be scheduled on May 14 th starting at 8 AM (taping) and 9 AM (painting).
Packets for New Members: No Report; however, Bill Raney and Thomas Laehn are working on creating packets.
Election of Officers and Directors: Our annual meeting has been set for May 11 th . The slate has been filled for election.

Financial Support to FCCLA Conference: Six Greene County students will be attending the FCCLA Conference in California in June. A motion was made by Palmer to give $50 to each student, seconded by Hammen. Motion passed. Christensen suggested that we request a program to be given at a Kiwanis meeting by the students after the conference.
Consider Post Office Box: Schwarzkopf recommended that the Club consider establishing a PO Box to establish consistency the mailing address. Currently mail is sent to individuals whom hold offices but those positions change. The cost would be approximately $60 annually. A motion was made by Monroe and Hammen seconded that we rent a PO Box. Motion carried. It was suggested that Bill Raney check the mailbox weekly.

Bike Helmet Consideration: Buenz shared about project called “Healthiest Ames” which is a partnership with Mary Greeley Foundation to purchase bike helmets for every 3rd and 4th grader in Ames. Christensen will talk to Sean Thompson at the elementary school to see if there is a need for helmets to accompany the bike program he has initiated through the PE department.

Consideration for Financial Support: Christensen shared about a program the local Peace Officers are establishing that would include a tip line for people to report underage drinking parties. This could be considered when planning the budget in the future. It was discussed that we may want to consider tying a
fundraiser to a specific event that we are supporting.

Governor’s Visit to Miracle Field: The Kiwanis Governor will be visiting the Miracle Field in Ames in July where a meal will be served. It was requested that each Kiwanis Club offer a $100 donation in support of the event. A motion was made by Buenz to donate $100 to the event, seconded by Stuessy.
Motion carried.

Bell Tower Information Booth: The Club will seek members to take shifts during the Bell Tower Festival weekend.

Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned by President Teusch at 7:40 AM with a motion made by S. Palmer and second by M. Palmer.
May Board Minutes taken by Karen Shannon.

Board Meeting June 3, 2022