The Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Jefferson, Iowa met in regular session at the Junkyard Cafe on September 2, 2022. President Jim Teusch called the meeting to order at 7:00` AM. Board members in attendance were Jim Teusch, Tim Buenz, Mike Palmer, Chad Stevens, Denny Hammen, Bill Monroe, Thomas Laehn, Loren Turner, Sherry Palmer, Bill Steussy. Alexis Stevens, Vern Foje, Karen Shannon, Bill Raney, and guest Sean Thompson were also present. Hollie Roberts, Tim Christensen, Bob Schwarzkopf, were absent.

A motion was made by Stevens. and seconded by Palmer, M. to approve the minutes for August. Motion carried.
A motion was made by Monroe and seconded by Hammen to approve the club’s financial records from the month of August as presented by Palmer S. Motion carried. Laehn reported that the story walk exceeded the budget by $28 but the Aktion club had pledged $100. He will follow up with Roberts on that.
Leave of Absence:


New Membership: Membership now stands at 31. Thomas will contact Brett Abbotts about membership.


Rotary Partnership- Continued interest in a possible partnership with Rotary. No further discussion at
this time.

Budget Committee Report: The budget met. Anticipate a small dues increase. This will be presented to
the membership for a vote.

Bike Helmets- Elementary school P.E. teacher, Sean Thompson, presented information about the school’s bike program. Jefferson Telecom has a goal to give every child bike. The program is not finalized yet but will likely be 3 rd or 4 th grade that will receive a bike after attending bike classes and a rodeo. Kiwanis would like to participate in the rodeo as well as getting bikes to children in other communities who might not be able to attend the rodeo in Jefferson. Buenz updated the board on the bike helmet grant through Unity Point. The Grant opens in October. Kiwanis will request 150 helmets this year to give to the school. Helmets are also available for purchase for $8. Hammen moved and Monroe and that Kiwanis partner with the school to provide helmets for 1 year and form a committee to work with the school. Motion carried.
Pancake Breakfast- The pancake breakfast will be held October 29 th . The High School has been reserved for Oct 29th . The committee met. Everything is coming along smoothly and is the same as the year before. The committee has taken inventory of the supplies.

Meeting location/Breakfast update- Stevens negotiated the price down from $12 to $11. He also asked for the menu to include fresh fruit, better coffee, and more food. Members noted that there was some improvement. Complaints can be presented to C. Stevens.

Wild Rose Toy Drive: Kiwanis will once again participate in this project but need to get it on the calendar sooner. Laehn and Hammen will talk to Tom Heater about the project.

Bell Ringing: Foge has asked for Kiwanis help with this project.

Shop with a Cop: Laehn announced that Kiwanis help with this project is greatly appreciated.

Action Club: The Aktion club has been suspended; membership has not been updated and dues have not been paid for several years. Secretary Stevens has sent emails to find out how to remedy the situation. Other clubs in the district with Aktion clubs will be contacted for help in updating the records.

Installation of Officers: The installation of officers will take place on September 28th at the regular meeting. Foje has exciting plans to make the event special.

Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned by President Teusch at 7:41 AM with a motion made by Turner and seconded by Monroe.

September Board Minutes taken by Alexis Stevens.

Board Meeting October 7, 2022