The Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Jefferson, Iowa met in regular session at the Junkyard Cafe on November 5, 2021.  President Jim Teusch called the meeting to order at 7:00 a.m. Board members in attendance were Denny Hammen, Bill Monroe, Mike Palmer, Sherry Palmer, Bob Schwarzkopf, Chad Stevens, Thomas Laehn, and Rick McCollom.  Hollie Roberts, Tim Christensen, Bill Steussy, and Ian Wilkinson were absent. Members Dan Benitz, Vern Foje, Tom Heater, and Alexis Stevens were also present.
A motion was made by Hammen, seconded by M. Palmer to approve the October board minutes as written.  All approved. Motion carried.
A motion was made by Monroe, seconded by M. Palmer to approve the club’s financial records from the month of October as presented by Schwarzkopf.  All approved.  Motion carried.
New Membership: None
Resignation: Rick McCollom will resign Dec 21.
Leave of Absence: None
For record-keeping, previous LOA requests that are current:  Larry Teeples.
Our current membership is at 33 members. 
Pancake Breakfast: The annual event took place October 30th at the high school.  Volunteers participating Dan Benitz, Tim Christiansen, Vern Foje, Jack Fredickson, Denny Hammen, Tom Heater, Thomas Laehn, Rick McCollom, Bill Monroe, Randy Monthei, Mike Palmer, Sherry Palmer, Bill Raney, Hollie Roberts, Bob Schwarzkopf, Bill Steussy, Chad Stevens, Loren Turner, Tim Buenz, Karen Shannon, and Don Van Gilder.  The Action Club also provide volunteers 383 attendees: $3640 net income.  Foje reported that expenses were down about $900.  Dan Benitz was instrumental in selling tickets.  The Board agreed that he deserves recognition for his efforts.  A motion was made by McCollum and seconded by Hammen that $200 of the proceeds be given to the Action Club for their help with the breakfast. All approved, motion carried.
Leftover food that cannot be returned included a case of sausage and butter.  The board decided to donate the food to the group homes.  Schwarzkopf requests that if any members still have money from ticket sale to please bring it to him.
Adopt a Family: Schwarzkopf shared that the board has budgeted $400 to Adopt a Family.  A motion was made by Laehn and seconded by Monroe to give $400 to Greene Co Adopt a family.  All approved, motion carried.
ARC: A motion was made by Laehn and seconded by S. Palmer to give $500 to the ARC now and then take up a collection at the next two regular meetings to be presented to the ARC after thanksgiving.  All approved, motion carried.  Thomas will send an email to all members asking them to bring donations to the next two meeting.
Toys For A Cause: A motion was made by Laehn and seconded by Hammen to partner with Wild Rose Casino for the Toys for a Cause toy drive on Sunday, November 28th from 12-2pm. All approved, motion carried.
Chicken Dinner: The annual chicken dinner was discussed by S. Palmer.  A motion was made by S. Palmer and seconded by Hammen to consider hosting the dinner if suitable dates could be found in Spring 2022. All approved, motion carried.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing: Foje advised that Salvation Bell Army Ringing will be coming up soon, meetings are starting to happen to plan for this.  The club has secured Dec 10-11 at Hy-Vee for bell ringing.  The Action Club will help as well.
Appoint Audit Committee: A motion was made by Hammen and seconded by M. Palmer to appoint Sherry Palmer and Bill Raney to the audit committee.
Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned by President Teusch at 7:28 am.  A motion was made by Turner, seconded by M. Palmer to dismiss.  All approved.  Motion carried. 
November Board Minutes taken by Alexis Stevens.
Toys for a Cause – November 28th
Board Meeting – December 3rd   
Salvation Army Bell Ringing December 10-11th