The Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Jefferson, Iowa met in regular session at the Junkyard Cafe on June 3, 2022. President Jim Teusch called the meeting to order at 7:00 AM. Board members in attendance were Jim Teusch, Bill Monroe, Bob Schwarzkopf, Tim Christensen, Tim Buenz, Chad Stevens, Bill Steussy, Denny Hammen Hollie Roberts, and Thomas Laehn. Mike Palmer, Sherry Palmer, Loren Turner, Ian Wilkinson, were absent. Alexis Stevens, Karen Shannon and Vern Foge were also present.


A motion was made by Laehn and seconded by Christensen to approve the board minutes as written for the April board meeting. Motion carried.
A motion was made by Hammen and seconded by Monroe to approve the club’s financial records from the month of April as presented by Schwarzkopf. Motion carried.
Leave of Absence: A motion was made by Christensen and seconded by Monroe to move Larry Teeples from leave of absence to regular status effective July 1.

Resignations: A motion was made by Laehn and seconded by Christensen to accept the resignation of Ian Wilkinson due to scheduling conflicts.

New Membership: Membership now stands at 31.


Election of Officers and Directors: Let the minutes reflect that the election of officer for 2022-2023 is as follows: Past President Jim Teusch, President Mike Palmer, President-elect Bill Monroe, Vice President Chad Stevens, Secretary Karen Shannon, Treasurer Bill Raney, The board of directors is as follows: Director Don Van Gilder (Christensen) 9/30/2023, Tim Buenz (Rick McCollum) 9/30/2023, Sherry Palmer 9/30/2023, Bill Steussy 9/30/2024, Denny Hammen 9/30/2024, Hollie Roberts 9/30/2024, Colton Cunningham 9/30/2025, Larry Teeples 9/30/2025, Chad Butterfield 9/30/2025.

Story Book Adventure- The story book adventure is coming along nicely, ahead of schedule. The Story will take place on July 16 th from 9-10 AM starting at the freedom rock and moving down the bike trail in conjunction with the Greene County Fair. Community partners include the county Libraries, Greene County Medical Center, all county first responders, 2 books have been selected. Books will be given to the children. A&W has donated $150 in ice cream cone vouchers. Volunteers from the club will be requested closer to the program.

Website sponsorship update – 9 sponsors at $50 each = $450. Website subscription is $456 and the domain fees are $20 annually.


Rotary Event Partnership- Tom Heater mentioned a possible partnership with Rotary. No further discussion at this time.

Bank Deposit and PO Box- The club no has a PO Box. PO Box 123 located at the Jefferson post office will be checked by Bob Schwarzkopf through his tenure as treasurer 9/30/2022. Official club mail should be sent to this address.

July Meeting Date- Due to the holiday weekend a motion was made by Monroe and seconded by Roberts to change the board meeting date to July 8. 9 for, one opposed, motion carried.

Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned by President Teusch at 7:40 AM with a motion made by Laehn and seconded by Monroe.

June Board Minutes taken by Alexis Stevens.

Board Meeting July 8, 2022