The Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Jefferson, Iowa met in regular session at the Junkyard Cafe on January 13, 2023. President Mike Palmer called the meeting to order at 7:00 AM. Board members in attendance were Bill Monroe, Jim Teusch, Bill Raney, Don Van Gilder, Tim Buenz, Bill Steussy, Denny Hammen, Chad Stevens, Hollie Roberts, Sherry Palmer, Karen Shannon, Larry Teeples. Board members Colton Cunningham and Chad Butterfield were absent. Vern Foje was also present.


A motion was made by Steussy and seconded by Hammen to approve the board minutes as written for the December board meeting. Motion carried.

Raney shared the December treasurer’s report. Buenz made a motion to approve the reports as presented. Monroe seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Current Membership: 31 members, Leave of Absence: none
Resignations: Vern will talk to Colton Cunningham about getting a letter of resignation from him. We will seek a replacement for Colton. That will take our membership to 30.
New Membership: none


Aktion Club No report.

Kiwanis Breakfast Outdoor Signs 25 signs are complete and in storage. Members have yard stakes that will be used to display the signs.

Update on meeting location The Centennial would not save the club any money, and wouldn’t have the audio/visual equipment. Chad Stevens shared a proposal that would switch from buffet to ordering food off of a Kiwanis menu. The price will still by $11, and have a minimum order of 16. No action was taken as it will be presented to the club.


Teen Maze - Bill R and Karen S spoke with Mr. Zanders about the GCMS future involvement in Teen Maze. It was determined the Greene County 7th graders would not participate in Teen Maze. Hammen made a motion to transition the funds earmarked for Teen Maze to a local project to be determined. Karen will be in touch with the school about potential projects.

2023 Chicken Dinner Flyers and ticket stub drafts were shared by Buenz. Pricing was discussed and will be finalized before printing tickets. There will be a committee meeting at the end of January.

Other items for the good of the cause Vern brought in several pieces of historical documents from storage. If no one expresses interest in them, they will be discarded.

Upcoming Events: Bike Rodeo - Buenz will connect with Sean Thompson on the status of the event.

Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned by President Palmer at 7:45 AM with a motion made by Monroe and second by Hammen. Motion carried.

Board Meeting February 10, 2023
Chicken Dinner Fundraiser March 12, 2023