The Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Jefferson, Iowa met in regular session at the Junkyard Cafe on January 7, 2022.  President Jim Teusch called the meeting to order at 7:00 AM. Board members in attendance were Sherry Palmer, Chad Stevens, Tim Christensen, Denny Hammen, and Loren Turner. Bill Steussy, Hollie Roberts, and Ian Wilkinson were absent. Officers present included Jim Teusch, Mike Palmer, Bill Monroe, Bob Scwarzkopf, and Bill Raney (subbing for Alexis Stevens). Visitors Randy Monthei, Tim Buenz, Tom Heater, and Dan Benitz were also present.
A motion was made by Mike Palmer and seconded by Hammen to approve the board minutes as written for the December board meeting.  Motion carried.
A motion was made by Hammen and seconded by Christensen to approve the club’s financial records from the month of December as presented by Schwarzkopf.  Motion carried.
New Membership: None
Our current membership is at 33 members. 
Chicken Dinner: Tim Buenz distributed flyers and discussed new ticket design to better record the purchaser of each ticket. Ticket prices will remain at $12 for an adult. A planning meeting is scheduled for January 19, 2022 at 5:30 at the Tech Zone office. The dinner will be held March 13th, 2022 at the high school.
Grill: The board discussed sale of the grill. Benitz has been exploring options. A committee of Monthei, Turner, Heater, Benitz, and Buenz were appointed to sell the grill as authorized in a motion by Christensen, seconded by Sherry Palmer and passed unanimously.
Purchase of Sound System: Tim Buenz discussed various options for the sound system the club is using including, microphones used, mounting options, and accessories. Tim estimated the all-in cost to be approximately $1,300. The quote was approved with a motion by Monroe, seconded by Christensen, and passed unanimously.
Board Vacancy: Due to resignation of Rick McCollom, a vacancy has been created on the board. A motion was made by Hammen and seconded by Stevens to appoint Sherry Palmer and Raney to serve on a nominating committee to select a new board member. Motion carried. This position is for a term expiring September 2023. Schwarzkopf reminded the board that the nominee will need to be brought before the membership and approved at a future meeting.
Youth Protection Program: This item was tabled until additional information is obtained and will be scheduled for a future meeting.
Junkyard Meeting Room: The club has offered to paint the meeting room. Sherry Palmer will finalize plans and color selection with the Junkyard Café staff.  A work session was set for January 29, 2022 at 9:00 AM.
Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned by President Teusch at 7:40 AM with a motion made by Mike Palmer.  Motion carried. 
January Board Minutes taken by Interim Secretary Raney.
Board Meeting February 4th
Chicken Dinner March 13th