We are pleased to advise that we have a winner of Series #2 of Rotary Chase the Ace. Sarah Lloyd, who won an earlier weekly draw turned the Ace of Spades to win the  $2,500 guaranteed Accumulator and $84 (week 41 pot). Thank you to all who participated in Chase the Ace in support of the Assiniboine Forest! Congratulations to Sarah!!
Please note that the Chase the Ace lottery will be discontinued at this time. We encourage you to follow the Rotary Club of Winnipeg - Charleswood at www.charleswoodrotary.org  or Facebook at: www.facebook.com/wpgcharleswoodrotary. For updates on the Assiniboine Forest and for ways to donate to the Assiniboine Forest enhancement project, visit www.fundourforest.org or Facebook at www.facebook.com/Friends-of-the-Assiniboine-Forest-113687714138577.