Chase the Ace Lottery - in support of the Assiniboine Forest

The Charleswood Rotary Club  is offering the Chase the Ace Lottery in support of enhancements to the Assiniboine Forest. Tickets are ten for $10, forty for $20, and two hundred for $40. A guaranteed $2,500 accumulator pot for the first TWO SERIES, it is a chance it is a chance to win a great cash prize while helping enhance the Assiniboine Forest. 

The draw date is every Thursday at 5 pm!  Tickets can be purchased online. click here. Good luck!!

All proceeds will go towards the Charleswood Rotary Club's commitment as custodians of the Assiniboine Forest. This initiative will improve the visitor experience while maintaining the environmental sensitivity of the Forest. Visit our website for more information about the project and how to be a Friend of the Assiniboine Forest.