The Charleswood Rotary club has been stewards of the Assiniboine Forest for over 30 years. Together with the City of Winnipeg Naturalists’ office, we carry out annual maintenance and upgrading to Assiniboine Forest.

The forest is a unique jewel in the suburban Winnipeg landscape that is cherished by its visitors, and community. Comprised of over 700 acres of primarily undisturbed wilderness, Assiniboine Forest is one of the largest urban nature parks of its kind in Canada. 

Only through careful management can the future preservation of the Assiniboine Forest be reasonably assured. The Charleswood Rotary Club enhancement initiative will initially focus on general trail maintenance, a cross-country ski trail, improvement to signage, the addition of a new trail in the eastern section of the forest, parking alternatives to Chalfont and Grant and enhancing accessibility to the Sagimay Trail.

Longer term projects will be considered. The Charleswood Rotary Club as Stewards of the forest will continue to work to secure the forest’s future. To donate, click here. For additional information visit