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Welcome to our Club!

Santa Fe

Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 11:45 AM
Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza
100 Sandoval Street
Santa Fe, NM  87501
United States
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Club Information

Welcome to our Club!

Santa Fe

Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 11:45 AM
Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza
100 Sandoval Street
Santa Fe, NM  87501
United States
District Site
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As the officers take their places each year we have the opportunity to review the different ways we serve our Club. At the July 30 Club Assembly we will hear from the committee chairs for the coming year telling us about what their committee does and how that serves you the club members.  When we finish our review you club members will have the opportunity to tell us officers what areas you would like to work on for this year.  You may want to continue what you have been doing or if you want to make a change this is a good time to tell us.  You may also wish to take on more or in the case of new members decide where you would like to start.
We will have tables identified in the courtyard outside the Ortiz Ballroom where you can write your contact information on sheets for the different committees. Also look for a special event where you can do a virtual electronic sign up.
Tom Simon

Club members please remember that we will be presenting the following Paul Harris Fellow awards at our meeting this Thursday
Marc Brandt
Natalie Guillen
Karl Kern
Jacques Paisner
Mark Schumann
John Triolo
Shanan Campbell Wells
William A. Lewis
Everyone needs to remember to wear their medallions and Paul Harris pins.  If there are members who need upgrades to their Paul Harris pins (additional stones), please let either Annette or me know.

K.R. Ravindran
President, 2015-16
T +1.847.866.3235
F +1.847.866.3390

Dear Club Officers,

Although I cannot join every club for each of their changeover or installation ceremonies as you may call them, I want to emphasize how important each event is, for they mark the beginning of this new Rotary year. Both you and I only have this one opportunity to lead Rotary in our new roles and must commit to making the most of it.

I hope the video message below will inspire not only you but your fellow club officers, as we work together over the next year to share the good work of Rotary and to Be a Gift to the World.

K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran
Rotary International President, 2015-16



We had 7 people attend and one was Michael Erickson who is from the Los Alamos Stars group and gave us good insight to their groups evolution and coordination with the main Los Alamos club. Our next meeting will be at Southwestern Title at 236 Montezuma Ave. on Monday July 27th 6-7pm



Pancakes on the Plaza
The 40th year of Pancakes on the Plaza was a great success. It is always a lot of work, but, we have so much fun working with our fellow Rotarians. 

The Sponsorship Committee outdid themselves this year raising over $112,000 in sponsorships. 
One of the most important happenings this year ........ All the Rotary Clubs in Santa Fe worked together to put this important fundraiser together for the children of Santa Fe County.
The Rotary Club of del Sur
‚ÄčThe Rotary Club of Santa Fe Centro and
The Rotary Club of Santa Fe.
The Santa Fe Interact Clubs participated by bringing our Mascot, Flapjack, to life. 
We had amazing talents on our stage and over 100 cars in the Santa Fe Vintage Car Show. 

Our Arts and Craft people and Food Vendors are hand picked and the best!      
We thank the more than 500 volunteers helping us bring Pancakes on the Plaza to life. 

Thanks for another great year ..... Terry Williams-Keffer, Virginia Byrd and Chris Harris. 
see pictures in the photo album at the right or click 

Service To All Rotary Satellite (STARS) forms in Santa Fe
There is a new branch of the Santa Fe Rotary Club, called STARS, Maybe for younger members or those definitely young at heart the programs will be at more convenient times for people who work and have trouble getting to luncheon meetings.  It is also a less expensive way to become involved in Rotary where there will be no regular expense for a meal.
New and prospective members come check us out. Regular members may want to come for a shot of youthful enthusiasm and may want to offer to sponsor some STARS events.
The Satellite Club will start with evening meetings on the second and fourth Monday of the month. The first STARS meeting will be at Southwestern Title & Escrow at 236 Montezuma Ave on July 13 from 6-7. Contact Liz Serendip to learn more: lserendip@yahoo.com.

These are the organizations selected by club member's votes at the last meeting in June:
Solace Crisis Treatment Center
Trinity Site Downwinders Documentary -- Scrubland Films
Santa Fe Search and Rescue Group
Coming Home Connection
Food Depot
Leadership Santa Fe
First Tee of Santa Fe
Santa Fe Symphony
Interfaith Community Shelter Group
New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project
Santa Fe Children's Museum
Cancer Foundation for New Mexico

Dear Rotarian,
When disaster strikes, our partner ShelterBox often works closely with Rotarians to evaluate local needs and devise a plan for immediate response. The Rotary family provides vital assistance to ShelterBox Response Teams by helping with disaster assessments, housing response team volunteers, and helping coordinate relief logistics. Over the past twelve years, Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors have partnered with ShelterBox to help communities in dire need of assistance immediately following a disaster:


Jul 30, 2015
Aug 06, 2015
Julia Gabaldon
Quality New Mexico
Aug 13, 2015
Abbey Dahlman and Brooke Sheldon
Exchange Student Experiences
Aug 20, 2015

Want to be a Guest Speaker?

Send your info to


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Nominations for Club Officers were presented November 13.  The slate proposed by the nominating committee was accepted by acclamation. Election of Officers will occur at the December 11 meeting. The nominating committee was chaired by immediate Past President Philip Spiers. President Cheryl Ford-Mente will, of course, assume the Past President position July 1, 2015.

Shall we be subjecting ourselves to the charge of unpractical optimism if we venture to hope that The Rotarian will some day be of interest to the public in general?
The rise and fall of civilization will depend upon the thoughtfulness or the thoughtlessness of men.  The greatest thing that can happen to man or nation is to stimulate the individual or the national thoughtfulness.

As no individual who shirks his community service can lay justifiable claim to being a well-rounded citizen, so no Rotary club of today which is indifferent to the welfare of the city in which it is established measures up to the stature of full-grown Rotary clubs. 

The foundation upon which Rotary is built is friendship; on no less firm foundation could it have stood.
"It must not be overlooked that being a Rotarian imposes upon a man an obligation to carry into his trade association the ideals and precepts which he holds as a Rotarian.  He should endeavor to make them appreciated and get them accepted by all in his line of business."

No prospect is more alluring than that held out by the exaltation of one's vocation as the most available and appropriate means of contributing to social needs.




The future of Rotary is shrouded in expectant mystery.  It is for you my new Rotarian friends to aid in the unfurling of the Rotarian destiny.
Rotary Club of Santa Fe, PO Box 2465, Santa Fe, NM 87504-2465