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Helping Our Community

The Del Norte Rotary Club's community service work-day project at St. Martin's Hospitality Center near downtown Albuquerque involved removing old concrete tables and replacing them with new all-steel freshly-painted picnic tables. There were six Del Norte Rotarians who gave a little "sweat equity" to get the job done on Friday afternoon (March 26). The Rotary club donated $1,000 to the project, received a matching fund of $1,000 from Rotary District 5520's Simple Grant Fund, and St. Martin's also donated $1,000 in order to purchase four new picnic tables for their outdoor pavilion area. Board Member Scott Stafford was in charge of the work session and the purchase of new tables, while Rotarian Matt Hudson provided a non-Rotarian work crew with a fork lift to remove the old concrete tables.
Rotarians who participated included Gary Williams, Scott Stafford, Fred Pugh, Fred Bryant, Marty Padilla and Matt Hudson. The lady in the last photo (all sitting or standing on two of the new tables) is Renee Ruybal, of the St. Martin's mission staff.

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Welcome to Del Norte Rotary Club!

Del Norte Rotary Brings Home 7 Awards from District
Club President Kathie Williams returned from the Rotary District 5520 Conference in Clovis with an armful of awards captured by the club and its members -- seven in all. Del Norte was awarded the Presidential Citation and Club Attendance Award (over 80%) as well as winning the Best Club Website Award (thanks to Sonia Torres). "We did not get the Best Club Award," Kathie noted, "but Santa Fe Rotary won it again and with a net plus 20 members, I can see why they won." Five Del Norte Rotarians also brought back individual awards: Norm Liss was the winner of the New Generations Award for his contributions to Rotary youth programs in the District; Bobby Wallace was the winner of the Schulte/Delahunt Award for exceptional service to the District; Dave and Maureen Anderson won the District Distinguished Service Award for their contributions to Rotary; and Kathie herself won the Service Above Self Award for exceptional leadership in the District. Del Notre was also well represented at the district conference with 13 members and spouses attending the 3-day conference.
Congratulations to Scott Stafford for being selected as the Del Norte Rotarian of the 3rd Quarter (2014-2015). Scott is currently serving as Director of Community Services and is involved in just about every program and event held by the club. He has been involved "since day one" he became a member of the club, said President Kathie Williams. Scott is already on the path of becoming a future president of Del Norte Rotary.
He will become the club's Vice President come July 1.
Del Norte Rotary President Kathie Williams and President-elect Barbara LaGree attended the 3-day Rotary District 5520 leadership training conference (known as PETS for President-Elect Training Session) held in Albuquerque in March for all club leaders who will take office July 1 throughout
New Mexico and West Texas
Del Norte Rotary Club's Treasurer Ruth Ronan (with camera) stands beside the theme poster at the recent 2015 Rotary Del Norte Foundation's Gala held on February 14 with the theme "Romance Through the Ages." The Gala is the big fund-raising event for the Del Norte Rotary organization and while final figures are still being tallied, it appears some $90,000 was raised that will eventually go as grants to local communities non-profits and to club international projects in
Guatemala and Mexico.

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Welcome new members:
Two new members have been added to Del Norte Rotary Club as first-time Rotarians. They are Bryan L. Williams, an attorney with Ron Bell & Associates, with his sponsor, Jim Mehlberg (in wheelchair) and Board member Michael MacDonald, who performed the induction ceremonies on April 1; and Keely Whittington, with KLW Investments, sponsored by Del Norte Rotarian Maria Montoya-Chavez. Also celebrating with Keely at her induction on April 8 are Michael MacDonald and Club President Kathy Williams. With their inductions, the club has brought in 14 new members since July, nearing President Kathie's goal of 18 by June 30.
Phyllis Mingus Pepin, Ph.D., a retired professor of psychology, and former vice president of academic affairs at Galveston College in Texas, was inducted as Del Norte Rotary's newest member last week (March 25). She is a former member of the Galveston Rotary Club and is a former professor at the University of New Mexico, where she currently serves as an adjunct professor (meaning, she isn't really retired after all). She was inducted by Board member Michael MacDonald and welcomed by Club President Kathie Williams and new member Fred Pugh, who stood in for Phyllis' sponsor, Fred Bryant, who was out of town.

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