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As of 1 May, the Rotary shop will be available on a new platform. We may experience some downtime during the transition and apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact us at or at 847-866-4600.
Rotary districts mobilize to support survivors of Ecuador, Japan quakes
After a series of three earthquakes -- two in Japan and one in Ecuador -- killed hundreds of people, injured thousands, and caused billions of dollars in damage late last week, Rotary members in those regions have created disaster relief funds to help survivors. In Ecuador, the powerful 7.8-magnitude quake that struck Saturday night has killed more than 400 people, with 2,500 injured. Those figures are expected to rise. Rotary District 4400 established a service fund to raise money for relief efforts. Contact District Governor Manuel A. Nieto Jijon for information on how to donate. In Japan,...
Council grants clubs greater flexibility in meeting, membership
The 2016 Council on Legislation may well be remembered as one of the most progressive in Rotary history. Not only did this Council grant clubs more freedom in determining their meeting schedule and membership, it also approved an increase in per capita dues of $4 a year for three years. The increase will be used to enhance Rotary’s website, improve online tools, and add programs and services to help clubs increase membership. The Council is an essential element of Rotary’s governance. Every three years, members from around the world gather in Chicago to consider proposed changes to the...
Council on Legislation to meet in Chicago 10-15 April
Representatives from Rotary clubs worldwide will gather in Chicago 10-15 April to consider changes to the policies that guide Rotary International and its member clubs. The Council on Legislation meets every three years and is an essential part of Rotary's governance. The representatives -- one from each Rotary district -- review and vote on proposals that seek to change Rotary's constitutional documents and on resolutions that express an opinion or make a recommendation to the Rotary International Board of Directors. Get live updates and daily vote totals on My Rotary beginning 11 April....
Culture: Dinner for one
From the April 2016 issue of The Rotarian There is a new ritual in American life. It goes like this: Whenever you invite someone to dinner, you must inquire about any special dietary needs. Because today, it seems that nearly everyone has drawn a line around foods that cannot pass their lips. This could be because of allergies, moral qualms, lifestyle choices, health issues, or simple preference. The person might be a vegetarian who eats fish, a carnivore who hates carbs, a glutton who avoids gluten, or a time bomb waiting to be set off by a nut. (Asking ahead makes for a more pleasant...
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Building Communities Bridging Continents

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
McKia's Restaurant
Best Western Hotel
5506 Main St.
Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V0
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Mailing address: Box 695, Osoyoos BC V0H 1V0
Home Page Stories

A great meeting and one of the first in Osoyoos history in which we did not have at least one guest! I am not suggesting anything around our guests but the 'Oh Canada' was better than the norm. 

On notices, this Saturday night is the Oliver Club fundraising dinner and there are a few tickets left - we have at least 2 members attending. Also, the Cancer Daffodil Dash fundraiser is on this upcoming Sunday and are looking for volunteers - contact Eileen McGinn if you can spare a few hours. Also, our District has designated local food banks as a priority and we agreed to support the notion and bring donations to both the meeting next week and the social which follows...stay tuned!

Our scheduled speaker bailed so we were fortunate to call on Mike Brousseau to give his vocational talk...very short notice but job really well done. Mike is our newest member. Despite his good looks and demeanor he admitted he was an Ontario boy...northern originally. Sports played a large part of his life with; basketball, both as a player and coach in which he excelled, wind surfing in which he was very proficient, golf in which he shows strong promise, and squash in which he sucks.  If pancake flipping ever gets to be an Olympic sport, we have a contender!

Mike was a teacher, primarily in PE until the AID's issue arose in the 80's where, after an teaching exchange for a year in Australia, he became the poster child for health and sex education, developing and delivering a curriculum to a needy teacher audience. Some fun stories. He retired to Osoyoos with Anne Marie (but really to ski with Harold and I ) and to enjoy his 3 kids who also chose BC as more desirable to live in than....

Welcome Mike!

So, now pay attention to next week's schedule. There is a noon meeting with guest speaker NDP Education critic Rob Flemming PLUS an evening social at the Osoyoos Yaught Club at 5:00 at which Marize will present our first $5000 to Janice Perrino of the SOS Medical Foundation for the new Patient Care Tower in Penticton. This is our major community project for the next 5 years so a good start. 

So, plan to attend both but only bring a salad/desert to the evening would help if you let you Marieze know what you are bringing so we don't duplicate. Brian will bring the BBQ protein and Mike is coordinating the venue. Some prep and cleanup is requested.

There was an update on this past weekends Youth Exchange event in Chelan where our club's outbound student Sylvia and our inbound Camille (plus sister Albane) participated. All 3 did great! It was noted that our Rotary District is the largest and strongest participant in YE in North and successful exchanges. Sylvia is heading to Heiligenhaus in Germany in August. AND, our inbound student for next year is Carlo Geat from Trento Italy. His bio sounds fantastic so think about home hosting? Note also that Camille will be 17 this Saturday...we will celebrate at the BBQ!

Lynda won the 50/50 and promptly donated it to the SA project (Marieze will be sending out a meeting announcement for those thinking of participating in January).

Marieze closed with the quote 'nothing can dim the light from within'. Worthy!





A sunny St Patricks Day! There was no Guinness in sight but a good meeting nonetheless. Pres Marieze introduced several guests including Knowles McGill (Rotary Sioux Lookout), Carole Byrd (guest speaker), Heather (Rotarian from Grande Prairie), Richard (the Times) and the very note able Gregor Read from St Catherine's who has been with us all winter, becoming a good friend attending many meetings and volunteering at most of our Coyote beer garden events. Safe travels Greg and look forward to seeing you back home in the fall. 

Mike and Gisele are our newest members and both present.

Pres Marieze shared 2 upcoming events. April 9th is Osoyoos 15th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon and Judy volunteered to coordinate that for the Club and May 27-29th is the visit to Osoyoos of the 5 member Vocational Training Team from Australia and Brian volunteered to coordinate their visit so will be looking for help with visits to local agricultural sites as their focus is farming. 

Marieze introduced our guest speaker Carole Bird. Carole is a recent Osoyoos resident having retired from a 27 year career with the RCMP, most recently in Ottawa as Inspector in Charge for the NCMPUR which of course is the National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains. Everyone knows that one? A very confident and enjoyable speaker and presentation. Carole shared information new to us about Missing Persons (MP) and Missing Children (MC) with the distinction being MP's are adults, persons over 18 years of age. People over 18 can go 'missing' if they choose to as their choice but children cannot. There are on average 21 thousand MPs per year and 41 thousand MCs per year reported. Of the MCs, 43% are 14 or 15 year olds. 

NCMPUR is not an investigative agency but more a national repository for data and support for the regional policing authorities. They share best practices, train the local police and provide a database for Canadian, and International, investigations. The direction is for them to standardize the approach to MPs, understand root causes, create a National DNA database and understand the roles of NGO's such as Amber Alert EU, Missing Children of Canada (of which Carole is a Director) and the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. 

Of special interest was the potential add to the Amber Alert which is the Silver Alert which should be of interest to our Club and especially to Ron Leigh....where is he?  Everyone appreciated the presentation. 

Under upcoming events to think about are the Pancake Breakfast on March 26th and our exchange student Camille needing hosting and activities for herself and sister April 10 to 23. 

David won the 50/50 (again!) claiming that the proceeds are going to his ongoing charity of supplies to Mexican children....bring pictures!

A board meeting broke out following the regular meeting....stay tuned for the minutes!

Yay spring!



Pres: Marieze opened today's first March spring meeting welcoming guests Richard (Times) and Rotarian snowbird Lyle and spouses Audrey, Hilary and Leahanne. Ron was also welomed home from his winter exile in California. As Marieze was also our luncheon speaker, she led right into her presentation on our Clubs International Project which has become much clearer from her recent trip to S. Africa.

The overarching project is called the Bhadhathane (meaning 'change') Project and is a vision/plan for education in the Franschhoek Valley, a popular tourist area about 40 minutes outside Cape Town. While much of the Valley is prosperous (agriculture,wine, tourism) there is also a significant issue with poverty in squatter camps and the associated lack of access to schools and education. One particular problem is early childhood access where facilities may not be certified and therefore not funded by the Government and are simply appalling according to Marieze on inspection. These facilities, Early Childhood Development Centers have to be brought up to standards in order to be funded and absorbed into the education system and that is where the Franschhoek Valley Rotary Club comes in. Marieze met with the Club and the DG and learned of their work under the Bhadhathane banner to provide 24 mobile schools (rooms of 30-45sq m each) at a cost of $11,000 each. Marieze learned that there are no toilets included for the 40 children each would hold and it was suggested that  we could provide that component. The suggested solution is a neat waterless toilet system (google Ecosan). Each site would require 4 toilets at a cost of $800 per unit, so $3200 for each school the FVRC builds. 

Harold captured our thoughts best in saying that our club has been searching for years for an international project to participate in and this looks worthy and we should damn well get on with it! Children, literacy and sanitation all in one project and the Club has $20,000 budgeted already! There is an friendship exchange component with the FVRC and maybe an opportunity for some hands-on work which still needs to be worked out. The pilot unit will be constructed this fall in the Groendal community and we agreed that Marieze should reconnect with FVRC and support toilets for that first one at least. Any members thinking about visiting the project should set aside time in January of 2017...there may be a stampede!

Excellent presentation Marieze...hope this is an accurate enough summary.


PE Karen and ADG Cheryle had attended the PETS training (too many acronyms!) last weekend in Seattle with 798 other energetic Rotarians and insisted it was well run and informative with amazing speakers...and not just another Rotary party!


Matt won the 50/50 and split the proceeds between the Scholarship Foundation and a future pitcher of beer....a true Rotarian!


Next weeks speaker is Kevin Harrisson (Ret) on the RCMP.


Bring this spring on!



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