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How a simple school project in India became a global grant
Two years ago, U.S. Rotary members in Maine set out to improve the education system in Bikaner, Rajasthan, an Indian city near the border of Pakistan. The Rotary Club of Kennebunk Portside chose Bikaner because club member Rohit Mehta was originally from the area and had connections there. Mehta put the club in contact with Rotarians in India to provide desks for four government-run schools. But when community leaders returned with a request for more desks, the Maine Rotarians decided they had to think bigger. The Rotary Foundation had rolled out its new grant model, which required that the...
Korean sailor makes waves for End Polio Now
Enjoying calm winds and peaceful Pacific waters, Seung Jin Kim dove off his 43-foot sailboat, the Arapani, to swim with some dolphins nearby. The serenity that day near the equator was a stark contrast to the 60 mph winds and 23-foot waves he had to fight around Cape Horn, the southern tip of South America. But Kim, a veteran sailor and member of the Rotary Club of Seokmun, in Chungcheongnam, Korea, expected such challenges when he set out in mid-October on a 25,600-mile journey around the world. In addition to fulfilling a lifelong dream, Kim is using the trip to raise awareness and funds...
Monrovia club’s Ebola fight not finished
After the first cases of Ebola reached Liberia's capital, Monrovia, last June, local Rotary members feared that the city's limited health care system wouldn't be able to contain the highly infectious, often-deadly disease. Those fears were realized when infections quickly multiplied, underscoring the speed with which Ebola can spread in an urban center. It was the first time the hemorrhagic fever had threatened a major city since it erupted in West Africa last March. Now, after months of crisis-level response, and with the number of new cases declining, club members are looking to the long...
Rotary member takes fundraising to new heights -- the summit of Mount Everest
Despite his longstanding interest in polio eradication, polio was not on Joe Pratt's mind as he prepared for a mid-April 2012 climb of Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth. But that changed in late 2011, when the resident of Nottingham, New Hampshire, USA, participated in a polio immunization project in Pakistan with fellow Rotary member Steve Puderbaugh. Moved by the efforts of the Pakistanis to battle the crippling disease, and by the vulnerability of the young victims, Pratt reset the focus of his climbing adventure. Pakistan is one of three countries where polio has never been...
San Francisco club reveals formula for growth and retention of members
Members of the Rotary Club of San Francisco Evening meet at a wine bar after work, share a social outing, and promote all their activities on social media like Meetup and Facebook. As the first evening club in the city, it has attracted many young professionals from Silicon Valley tech firms whose work schedules keep them from joining a more traditional club that meets for breakfast or lunch. But more than that, the evening format has helped the club grow by 30 percent since it received its charter in mid-2013. Danielle Lallement, who was its charter president, says the club has been...

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Home Page Stories

Our Easter Meeting in honor of bunnies and pancakes everywhere! Even our Pres Judy was in the spirit with the cutest wabbit ears! 
First on the agenda was a welcome to 3 new members, Donelda Wood, Jean Velyan and Eileen McGinn. Yay! Our guest speaker was Tamara Aspell and 'regular' guest Richard McGuire who received positive reviews from members on his coverage of last week's speaker Chief Louie. 
A reminder that the club is hosting the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce Business-to-business event on Wednesday April 16 at 5:30, in lieu of Thursday's noon meeting. 
Tamara Aspell talks to us annually but this is the first in her new position of Executive Director of Desert Sun Counselling and Resource Center. Our club has supporting the center with funding for some time as well as some programs directly and Tamara's talk confirmed that we clearly should continue that support. She manages directly and indirectly 13 community programs from a safehome for women and children, to counselling for women, men and children, to the Better at Home program. Funding is a huge part of these programs and Tamara's job and despite the constant cutbacks, she presents a very positive, upbeat attitude and somehow makes it all work. Amazing! She is currently working towards her BA in Child Youth Care at UVIC. She has 3 kids, the oldest of which is Teagan, Osoyoos Royalty Queen and will be a strong applicant for our outbound YE student next year. Tamara is a good friend of Rotary!
April is Cancer Awareness Month and Jeff is leading the local effort for fundraising with sales of Daffodil Pins. They will be readily available at most local businesses so Jeff is giving fair warning that pins must be visible at this months meetings...or dire consequenses!
Also the Daffodil Dash is on April 26th starting at 10am from Lions Park and is a 1km walk, 5km and 10km run for individuals and teams. Check their website for more details.
Finally, the Easter pancake breakfast is evidently on task for an 8am serving time on Saturday. Special thanks to Ron and Cherle for extra volunteering in getting the grills and coffee there early...may be a 'crispy' temerature at the start. Also Karen H for juice donations from Buy Low and then volunteering to refrigerate the cooked bacon....if only her attendance were better she would be a shoe in for Rotarian of the Year, eh?
The 50/50 was won by Eileen...hope she doesn't get the impression that Rotary is an income source!
Happy Easter!

Dear Rotarians,
ROTARY Minutes
March 26, 2015
31 members & guests in attendance
President Judy had the members introduce our guests and prospective members today since there were so many in attendance. Great turn out today.
Myers Bennett introduced our guest speaker Chief Clarence Louie from the Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB) who he had met many years ago as an instructor of the Dale Carnegie Course.
Clarence has received many awards and accolades over his 30 years as chief.
Chief Louie started his talk off with how impressed he is with the Rotary Wheel monument at the USA/ Canada border how much the 4 way test has impressed him; especially “Is it the Truth”.
His talk took us on a history lesson how the First Nations People were deprived of their rights by our federal gov’t back in 1763 when the Royal Proclamation actually gave them rights.
He believes that if the First Nations people are going to be self-sufficient they need to get back to
their original relationship with the Federal Gov’t. which was a business relationship instead of a dependency relationship.
During the 2nd World War several members of the Okanagan Band volunteered to serve for their country. Ernest Baptiste actually has a gravesite in N. Italy which Chief Louie has visited.
He refers to himself as a” born again savage” since that is what the natives were referred to many years ago.
One of the unsettled land claims he referred to was Haynes Point. He mentioned that they will be planning on changing the name of Haynes Point. He asked  us “when do our ancestors bones stop mattering” so why don’t they need a proper burial ground?
He mentioned that Haynes was a land thief of 4,000 acres.
The OIB has a strong working relationship with the towns of Oliver and Osoyoos and has leased a lot of their land to local wineries for their vineyards. Jim King asked him to explain Area 27 to the members and guests. Area 27 is the professional racetrack designed by Jacque Villeneuve on OIB land of Black Sage Rd. near La Vieux Pin. It will be for the rich and famous. He feels that if they can afford these very expensive cars and lifestyle they can leave some of their money in the area to bolster our economy. He mentioned that one of the drivers liked a certain vintage of white wine at a local winery and bought every bottle they had, we wish they would all do that. Because these drivers come from all over the world he feels that the publicity can only help the region.
Jim King won the 50/50 for the second time in the last month making up for his constant complaint that he never wins.
President Judy thank Chief Louie for being our guest speaker and that next week our speaker will be Tamara Aspell from Desert Sun Counselling.

A good mid-March, early spring meeting with 19 folks in attendance ! Pres Judy opened with introductions of Jean (guest of Karen S. and prospective member), Richard McClure of the Times and speaker Richard Rosenthal and associate Ralph Krenz (sp?). Neat to see Ron Leigh and Karen Somersett back for the season...also Brian back from his kidney donation surgery and looking good!
Under information sharing, the Cancer Daffodil Dash (replacing the Relay for Life) is on April 26th and is a 10km run/walk. They are looking for help with BBQ afterwards and water stations during the walk....there was not a strong support for the BBQ but several would help during the race. Also, the Club is looking for 100% support for the Rotary Foundation this month in the form of $10 or more given online through - Jim will help anyone needing support accessing the site. This would be a good thing for each of us to do! Finally, our inbound YE student will be Camille Buisson, a delightful 16 year old from Chamberry France so the quest for host families begins! There was also some strong arm discussion around volunteering for the Easter Pancake Breakfast but we will hold that for a separate email. And finally, the Oliver Rotary will be holding their annual dinner/auction on April 18 and it would be good if some of our members supported the evening. 
The speaker was Ralph Rosenthal, Director of the Independent Investigations Office of BC. He is a very articulate (lawyer!) American, giving us an insight into the role and scope of the office that investigates incidents involving on/off duty police officers where injury or death occurs. This office was established in 2012 and Ralph was attracted from Denver, CO to lead it, having extensive experience in civilian oversight of law enforcement and public officials in Portland, Los Angeles and Denver. Interesting that there are 4 other Canadian provinces that have this type of independent oversight and other than Ireland, there are no other countries with similar processes. Since startup in late 2012, there have been 110 files investigated and of those, 70 were resolved with no criminal offense, 30 referred to the Crown for possible charges (most did not result in charges laid) and 7 actual charges with 3 in process. In all cases, the Crown has the final determination as to whether the officer(s) are to be prosecuted. The office reports to the Attorney General and are located in Surrey, BC (ironic?) with some 50 investigators and staff and Lord knows what the budget is! Ralph was here as part of an outreach program with communities and local law enforcement detachments and as such, did a good job in building awareness and even support from this audience. 
Note that the speaker next week is Chief Clarence Louie...there will be lunch service and likely a full house so Pres will be looking for attendance numbers. Also note that the meeting scheduled for April 16 is canceled in lieu of a Business to Business meeting being held on the previous evening, April 15 at our usual location. This is in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce and we will be hosting. 
The 50/50 was won by Doug Mathews who openly confessed that the winnings would not go to the Scholarship Fund but rather to some frivolous holiday that would also keep him from the Easter Pancake event!
A good meeting!

March 12, 2015
13 members in attendance
President Judy back from holidays. No guests this week we had a club assembly.
Judy introduced Marieze our President Elect freshly back from PETS and very energized.
She didn’t get a great first impression, when she arrived they didn’t have a room available so she had to hike down the road to another hotel
There were a couple of keynote speakers that impressed her; Rose Adams told her story of adoption and how she grew up searching to belong and fine accomplishment and Rotary gave her a sense of belonging. Kirsti Govertsen talked about how Rotary unites leaders that take action. Rotary helps her to practice to be a better person.
Marieze felt that the main focus of PETS was on New Focus which is primarily membership. Leaning towards the Quality of a new member instead of the number we can recruit. It was suggested that if we focused on attractive, young business women that the young business men will follow.
Meeting the other President Elects in the District give her a potential support system and she really likes Brian Goy the PE from Oliver. They would like to do a few ventures together that involve both clubs. She is looking forward to her year as President and would like to make a difference.
Judy introduced Cheryle King who is the Asst. District Governor Elect. She mentioned that as the ADG she will be responsible for the 7 clubs in Area 5. Her main job is to be the liaison between Dist. Governor Greg Luring and the clubs. If the clubs need help with specific problems it is her job to try and find the solutions. If the clubs want a Dist. Representative and the Governor isn’t available than Cheryle is to attend. The clubs will have an official visit from the Governor and Cheryle in August and Sept. and then she will visit them on her own at least three times a year.
Jim talked about the changes in “gifting” to the foundation and mentioned if we all donated at least $5-$10 than we could win at the conference for highest % of members donating. If you donate to the Polio fund your donation will count towards your Paul Harris. We collect points for every dollar donated to the Foundation or Polio and can use them to give awards individually or as a club. Global grant has to be worth a minimum of $30,000 and used Internationally but can also be partnered with other clubs or a receiving club in area getting the project. All clubs have to be in good standing with RI and the project has to have a club oversee the project .Existing projects can’t qualify but if you add to the project with a water filtration or playground equipment etc. you can apply for a Global grant which could take up to a year to receive or much sooner if all the info is submitted at the beginning. District grant can go up to $15,000 but has to be a project within the district not just our club. Turn around is very fast and application has been simplified. Start applications as early as November to receive for 2016.
Doug will be chair for golf tournament but is looking for a Co – Chair, simplifying the process this year, booked for June 13, /15 on the Desert Gold.
Gord told us that Cactus Jalopy is scheduled for June 6th, /15 and DO will be helping with promo. This year there will be a pancake breakfast from 8:00am – 11:00am and then the Beer Garden. Gord and Brian have volunteered to organize the breakfast.
Cheryle mentioned that Lobster on the Beach is booked for Sept.12th, /15 at Gyro Beach. Kettles from Kelowna Rotary, Cook from Joey’s Seafood, the Beach is booked from Parks & Rec. A teaser ad has gone in The Times. Chair and committee will work out details.
Board meeting on March 19th @ 4pm at McKia’s.
Happy bucks, 50/50 Judy Miller - Bennett
Next week: Ministry of Justice


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