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Sep 10, 2015
Lobster fest Planning
Sep 17, 2015
Roger Perry, Past Dist Gov
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Sep 24, 2015
Busines Social
Busines Social
Oct 01, 2015
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Oct 08, 2015
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Oct 15, 2015
Oct 22, 2015


Bringing education to rural Mexican area, one school at a time
When Mariana Day moved in 1989 to the small beach town of Chacala, in Nayarit, Mexico, she noticed that the surrounding rural areas struggled to maintain schools. And most children weren’t able to go beyond an eighth-grade education. Day, who is a member of the Rotary Club of Bahía de Jaltemba-La Peñita, in Nayarit, had started a local scholarship program before she joined Rotary. Called Changing Lives, the program provided students with high school tuition, uniforms, school supplies, and transportation. In addition, Rotary clubs from the United States and Mexico have been investing in the...
Meet our polio partners
From the September 2015 issue of The Rotarian Eradicating polio is a complex job. Since 1988, we’ve collaborated with the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and UNICEF to tackle the disease through our Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Here’s how our roles break down. The Strategist: WHO The World Health Organization (WHO) coordinates the management and administration of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and provides technical and operational support to ministries of health in countries around the world. WHO is responsible for monitoring...
Nigeria sees no wild polio cases for one year
Today marks one year since Nigeria last reported a polio case caused by wild poliovirus, putting the country on the brink of eradicating the paralyzing disease. The last case was reported on 24 July 2014 in the northern state of Kano. If no cases are reported in the coming weeks, the World Health Organization is expected to remove Nigeria from the list of countries where polio is endemic, leaving just two: Afghanistan and Pakistan. Nigeria is the last polio-endemic country in Africa. The continent is poised to reach its own first full year without any illness from the virus on 11 August. “...
Australian students take opportunity by the horns
The rules of the Shaftesbury Rodeo Academy are simple: no school, no rodeo. It’s a message that teenagers who attend school at Bisley Farm, most of whom have never attended any school regularly, take seriously. Because come Friday night, these aspiring rodeo heroes want to join their friends to ride bulls for a heart-stopping eight seconds, if they last that long. The school in rural Queensland, Australia, also teaches the boys, who are of the Wakka Wakka Aboriginal people, basic academics and farming skills, including how to care for crops and livestock. It’s a fairly common form of...
Illiteracy traps adults, and their families, in poverty
Around the world, millions of adults are unable to read or write, and therefore struggle to earn a living for themselves and their families. Even in the United States, with its considerable resources, there are 36 million adults who can’t read better than the average third-grader, according to the international nonprofit ProLiteracy. In Detroit, Michigan, a widely cited 2003 survey conducted by the National Institute for Literacy found that almost half of residents over age 16 were functionally illiterate -- unable to use reading, speaking, writing, and computer skills in everyday life....

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Today was a typically informative, full and fun summer meeting. Guests included Rotarians Tim Cawdell (Quesnel) and John Oldham (Spruce Grove), Kendi from Work BC and guest of Donelda. Also of note was the return of Elly and Ramiros to their Osoyoos home (and our club!) who came directly to this meeting even before seeing their dedicated is that?
Announcements included the arrival date of our inbound student Camille in the evening of Sept 1st. More details to come for those that may want to greet her at the airport. Also for those attending the MacLean golf tournament, there is a $50 discount for us as the lobster event that night means we would miss dinner. 
Pres Marieze shared information on new Federal Government matching funding support announced for Rotary Polio and International projects...very postitive for our South African project next year!
Our speaker was Steve DiCastri who gave an excellent update on the Okanagan Correction Center (OCC) in his capacity as Warden. Steve is a 30 year veteran of correction centers and this posting may well lead into retirement and we gain a permanent resident. OCC is a maximum security designation and will be the largest correction facility in BC. It will have 378 cells and will hold inmates who have been sentenced or in reman for maximum 2 years less a day as felons with longer sentences are sent to Federal prisons. There will be a staff of 300 and Steve estimated that 50% of those will be hired and trained and the rest will come from within the corrections system. Only the 3 Deputy Wardens have been hired so far. 
Steve talked about the education or skills/tools building component of an inmates time. In addition to the potential of gaining a skill for a job, participation in programs shortens time spent inside and a full 70% of inmates will be assigned to programs. Most are inside and include  wood and metal shops, greenhouses, kitchens and sewing/tayloring facilities and some are outside where low risk offenders can aid in trail building, snow removal, fire fighting support type projects. 
There was a good question session in which 'some' members wished it to be noted that only 20 of the cells are designated to female offenders and also that an increasing number of guards are female because of inherent and superior empathy, listening and verbal skills! Hmmmm....Also of note was the fact that property offenses and personal assault were the top two sources of convictions for these inmates.
Steve promised to come back and will be a welcome speaker again as the center becomes closer to opening in Jan of 2017. 
Pres Marieze clarified the noon program change starting in Oct which will see the 4th meeting in the month become more of an opportunity for fellowship with no speakers scheduled and short business updates and perhaps a vocational/bio talk by Rotarians. 
Virtually everyone signed up for helping at the bike aid station for the Pentiction Challenge Triathlon on Sunday August 30, 7am to 11am, and John will send out an email with sign up instructions...soon! 
Happybucks broke out and then Pam won the 50/50! A good meeting!


Rotary Club of Osoyoos
July 23, 2015
President Marieze called the meeting to order with 12 members and 4 guests in attendance. Brian and his son Edward from Maple Ridge, Eileen Holland from Nelson and Bill  from Penticton representing Area 27. He is the President of South OK Motor Sports Corporation.
Bill   has been interested in car racing since he was a kid in school in Penticton. He left high school and went to Shannonville, Ont. In 1986 where he started out by working around the tracks and  then engines so he could get a chance racing cars for payment. Jacque Villenue was a huge influence and several other drivers at that time. David King (no relation) of Intrawest fame has become one of the founding and premier investors. His family is from Penticton and owns Grant Kings Men’s Wear.
Formula car racing used to have huge sponsorship from the tobacco companies until 2003, Rothmans gained $300,000,000 in revenue the first year they stopped sponsoring Formula racing.
Today’s cars are so fast they saw the need to have a track the owners could race on safely. Bill came up with the idea in 2012 and approached the OIB to see if the land above La Vieux Pin Winery on Black Sage was available. In 2013 Chris Scott , Business Development and Chief Louie of the OIB gave Bill a letter of intent and the concept for Area 27 as formed.
There are over 100 paid members each paying $30,000, over 1/3 of the membership base is already there. Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren Canada are part of the members.
They plan on developing a Country Club atmosphere for the Rich and Famous to race their cars, hold company events such as launching new cars, racing teams and management training. They hope to hold these events in the shoulder season which would fill the resorts. Ferrari NA Challenge is planning a corporate retreat. They hope to hold at least 3 – 4 public events a year.
They are forming a Not- for – Profit and plan on bringing a new style of tourism to our area.
The track is 4.9 miles per lap. They are in the final stages of the lease and plan on opening the first phase in May of next year .Local businesses should benefit from Area 27. Area 27 Desert Indy 500.
Aug.30th is the Valley First, Penticton Challenge and we will be having to aid stations on Hwy.3 so John is looking for volunteers. (fun,fun,fun)
McLarens Golf Tournament is on and Sept.12, same day as LOTB, so Doug is checking to see if we participate they might offer a reduction if we don’t have the dinner.


The first meeting of the new Rotary Year under President Marieze was a good one...a harbinger of another great year for this club! Marieze commented on the District 5060 Rotary Foundation achievement of $157 per member and how that can be directed to the amazing work that it does.

Our guest speaker was Dr Malcom Patterson, current President of the Penticton Okanagan Rotary Club but speaking to us on his field of expertise of cancer research as a molecular oncologist. He is retired now but has an impressive resume of  40 years of research in 5 countries across 3 continents, authoring 168 scientific articles and he came across to us as a very credible scientist.  His message and concern today was around the proliferation of radio frequency devices (wireless) in our lives and the potential harm to our health that it presents now and even more over time as the number of devices will increase 7 fold in 5 years. He presented as fact that RF heats body tissue, impacts adult brain tumors, Alzheimers, sleep disturbances, memory, autism, dementia, male infertility and childhood learning. Children are more vulnerable than adults. While any wireless device emits RF, he specifically dealt with the topical smart metres as representing high impact and risk. These meters are powerful emitters with a range of up to 3.5kms so in a community there is a multiplier effect as they overlap. 

Also of interest is the claim that built in these new meters is a capacity to operate any and all of the wireless devices in your house if turned on. This lead to an interesting discussion of 'Big Brother is Watching' scenarios. 

Health Canada is the government agency that sets safe levels for this type of risk and is the authority referenced by our electricity providers proving the meters are safe. Dr Patterson showed that the levels set are some of the lowest in the world and are totally unrealistic and unsafe.

Certainly a stimulating and new learning for all of us in attendance and while he was not advocating any particular action or response, I assume he hopes the awareness will benefit us in decisions down the road. He closed with a reference to a 'Tsunamic scale impact on our health care system'.

Pres Marieze spoke to the results of our extremely busy month of June in which there were 3 fundraising events for the club. The golf tournament raised $14,000, the Canada Day pancake breakfast raised $2400 and the Cactus Jalopy breakfast and beer garden raised some $3000. That is a bunch of volunteering!

Our guest presenter Malcolm spoke to his Rotary Club's recent installation and gave accolades and thanks to our ADG Cheryle for her leadership role in their ceremony. 

Finally, the 50/50 draw was won by Harold and as a true Rotary guy, rather than put it towards the cost of his recent 10,000kms road trip, he donated it to the student scholarship fund.

Next weeks speaker is George Fraser, a long time Osoyoos Resident.

A good meeting/start to the year!



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