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Oct 31, 2016
Sandra La Nae
Ghosts and Historic Paranormal
Ghosts and Historic Paranormal

Blessed at birth with the Gift to foresee the future, Sandie is an Intuitive Psychic who uses her own uniquely devised visionary reading method, Stones along with 117 different minerals for intuiting.  She aims to give positive and encouraging Readings of what a client’s future holds or to give suggestions on dealing with present day issues.  Sandie is also Spirit Sensitive which means she has the ability to see, hear and communicate with those who are deceased and can receive and send messages to and from the spiritual world.

As a lifelong Spirit Seer, Sandie has many years of experience dealing with ghosts and entities.  She is a member of the paranormal investigations group titled Thin Veil Investigators, established in 2005. This ghost hunting team has conducted investigations in private and public buildings, as well as exclusive locations.  Sandie is also a  ‘Remote Viewer’, meaning she is able to visualize places far away in detail.   La Nae works with law enforcement agents, as well as ghost hunting teams around the United States, remote viewing their investigations with amazing accuracy.

La Nae has also authored several books in the genre of what she terms, "Historic/Paranormal." The books describe the history of a particular building, and the paranormal findings she, and Thin Veil Investigators, have discovered.

Nov 07, 2016
Jerry Hall
Rotary Foundation
Nov 14, 2016
Maria Sheehan
Panama Project Update
Nov 21, 2016
Mike Alger
Being a Weatherman and the Stoves Project
Update on our Current Projects
In the past year, our club donated over $155,000 and hundreds of volunteer hours. 
LOCAL - We gave out $94,000+ to various projects in our local community; $21,000 to Lemelson STEM Academy (Title 1 elementary school), $40,000 in higher ed and vocational scholarships,  with the remainder to the Northern Nevada Food Bank, science fairs, RYLA and exchange students, and awards for teachers and law enforcement.
INTERNATIONAL - We gave out $61,000+ to 7 projects around the world, including: PANAMA - Our club, with support from other Rotary clubs, is undertaking a major project for an orphanage for disabled children in Panama. NEPAL - The Cow Farm Project, has produced milk sales revenue of almost $600 to date. Profits from the project will help sustain BTF’s maternal/child wellness and education efforts in the remote Humla District of northern Nepal. They will conduct two 5-day Safe Motherhood classes in November educating a total of 50 women.
Rotary's International Impact
While our Rotary club is active in our local community, here's a peek into the impact Rotary International has worldwide.
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