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Floral Park-Bellerose

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 5:30 PM
Trinity Restaurant
190 Jericho Turnpike
Floral Park, NY  11001
United States
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Home Page Stories
June 14, 14 Dropping off 0-5 year old children's books at Nassau University Medical Center for literacy project.
Left to right, Rich Burgess, Linda Walsh, Jim Groom, Dina Lieser, Samira Nazzar Romero, and Tom Reilly.
During the recent Belmont Street Fait we were approached by Dr. Samira Nazzar Romero seeking assistance with an ongoing literacy project at the Pediatric Clinic at the Hospital.  The clinic is run by Dr Dina Lieser and is assisted by Linda Walsh. John Beyer for Men ON the Move contacted Mary from Book Donation Connection who was instrumental in providing a number of books for this cause. We thank Mary and John for their support. Please visit for more information on the fine work they do.
The next meeting is July 15. This is a BBQ at Rich Burgess’ home at 107 Birch St, Floral Park. At this meeting there will be special awards presented as well as the induction of new Officers for the upcoming Rotarian Year. Please do you utmost to attend this meeting. You may e mail me at  or call 516-817-9259 so we have a head count for food.

Mid Summer Night Dream BBQ
What: Floral Park-Bellerose Rotary meeting
Theme: BBQ & induction of officers, 2014/2015
When: 5:15pm - 7:15pm, Tuesday, 07/15/14
Who: Spouses/significant others, family and guests are welcome
Tariff: $15 per member and $5 for all others
Where: 107 Birch Street, Floral Park, NY 11001 (cross street is Willow)
RSVP: Please call Liz/Rich Burgess at 516-328-8662 so we have a head count

 June 17, 2014
At the Belmont Street Fair we were selling chances for an IPAR air. The day turned out to be very successful selling over $1600 in tickets. At the Fair we meet Samira Nazzar. She is a Resident Doctor at Nassau University Hospital. She is from Columbia and was a member of Rotoact in Collage. She asked us if we could assist in the Hospitals Literacy project. They are looking to distribute 7000 books for children aged birth thru 5 years. I have been in contact with the district and they do have a number of books we can bring to the hospital. Anyone willing to assist please let me know.
May 27, 2014
No meeting tonight
May 26, 2014
Memorial Day Parade.
During the Parade, Shane Prouse, Rich Burgess and myself aided by Ron Keats, from the Keats Insurance Agency gave out 300 stickers to the children along the parade route. Thank You Ron for your help.
May 24
Assembly meeting
During this meeting we discussed raising funds for BEST. We have been approached to assist in raising $4000 for a medical clinic at Belmont Race Track. This clinic is for the workers that take care of the horses and have no medical insurance and need to travel long distances care.
May 22, 2014
Networking meeting
We held a Networking meeting at Fiore Restaurant that had a very good turnout.
May 13, 2014
No Meeting
April 22, Dinner Meeting
No business was conducted. Insufficient  attendance.
April 19, 2014
Assembly meeting
During this meeting we discussed the cash awards for the village schools and BEST project.
April 8, 2014
No meeting tonight

March 11, 2014
Meeting cancelled
March 25, 2014
Regular Meeting
Guest speaker is Maribeth Pietropaoli. Maribeth is Vice President, National Sales for ZTITLE.
Her company is an agent for three of the largest Title Insurance Companies, Fidelity, Stewart, and First American.  ZTITLE is owned by 23 partners who are involved in Insurance, Financing, and Real Estate Management. She further explained the title process and being a client advocate through the process.
March 24, 2014
Literacy Project
Dictionary Distribution to John Lewis Childs and Floral Park-Bellerose Schools.
John Day, Shane Parouse and Myself distributed over 300 dictionary’s to the third grades at both schools.
March 8, 2014
Assembly Meeting
During this meeting we put labels into the dictionaries being distributed to the third grade students. Also discussed was the upcoming Best project.
February 25. 2014
Regular Meeting
Guest speaker at this meeting is Michael Breitman. Michael discussed attending his recent convention of Action Coach.
February 11, 2014
Regular Meeting
No business conducted.
News Letter
January 28, 2014
Regular Meeting
During this meeting Officers for the upcoming year were elected. Those officers are:
Jim Groom, President
Vacant -Pres. Elect-
Tom Reilly, Secretary
Joe Serra, Treasurer


Newsletter January 14, 2014

We held our Networking Event at Fiori Restaurant. Turn out was fantastic. There were over 20 in attendance. We were glad to see members from the Elmont-Franklin Square club who also attended. We also inducted a new member Maribeth Pietropaoli. Maribrth is VP, National Sale Executive, at Zodiac Title Services.

On Wednesday Jan. 15th Floral Park Memorial Interact conducted their first meeting. There were over 20 in attendance. A very good turnout for a new club  in the High School. As part of our sponsorship for this club a Rotarian must be in attendance. Rich Burgess and I were there. I ask that any member who has some time to assist in meeting our requirement to signup. The next meeting will be on Feb 5th at 3PM. I will be in attendance and ask if anyone else would like to join me. To see the enthusiasm exhibited is fantastic. This is nothing like the subdued meeting we have.

There will be changes made to our meetings. They will now include a short networking event for 5 to 6 PM. with regular meeting dinner to follow to end at 7PM.

We are looking for nominations to Officers for the club 2014-2015 Rotary year. I sent out two e mails and the second was in correct. Names mention were nominations of one member. Please e mail me the names of the people you would like to see in these posts next year. Open positions are  President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. My e mail address is

Next meeting is January 28, at Trinity Restaurant at new TIME 5:00PM. See you then.



At Our last meeting our guest speaker was Shane Prouse. Shane spoke about a book he recently read, "Where Hero's Live"

The book is about relationships in business and life. How to deal with associates/friends that may be difficult or not so difficult. What should be praised and encouraged, yet, dealing with actions that need to be addressed without being offensive. There was a lot more to the presentation which was fantastic.

We also discussed having a networking meeting for the first meeting in January. You will be hearing more about that in the near future.

To encourage better attendance we are attempting to find interesting speakers. Our goal is to highlight a member each month and guest each month.

Also discussed was changing venues to maybe a breakfast meeting on occasion.

As you know we are sponsoring an Interact club at Floral Park Memorial High School. Some of you have meet two of the Interact officers. Their first meeting will be  next week, which I will attend and give your the details of the meeting.

Our next meeting will be Networking. Please ask any of your associates to attend.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

See you in January.     



Newsletter Nov.26, 2013

At the last meeting there were usual number of members present. While membership is increasing members at the meetings are decreasing. We discussed various incentives to boost attendance and have now come to a decision as yet. If you have any suggestions or ideas please let me know. We are attempting to increase the guest speakers and are trying to attract speakers that would be of interest to all of us.

At the next meeting Shane Prouse will be speaking about the book "Where Winners Live" which will be enjoyable. Also please look at our web site. Under DOWNLOADS there is a fantastic article I posted that was in the Gateway of Shane Prouse running in the NYC Marathon and the funds he raised.

We have also contributes funds to the Philippine Relief Fund.

The next meeting will be on Dec. 10, at Trinity  Restaurant at 5:30. Please be on time. The meetings are starting and ending later and later. One of the things discussed is a $5 fine for lateness. While this has not been put in place it can be avoided if members are on time.

I will publish the guest speaker in advance of the meetings so you can plan accordingly. 

My e mail address is tomreilly2@ or phone 516-817-9259. See you next Tuesday 

One final note. I see how many have logged on to our web site, which has only been a few. If you need your user name/password please don't be shy asking me for it. There is important information and news there for you.

Tom Reilly


Floral Park-Bellerose Rotary 


At our last meeting Keith Cappuccio was inducted. He is sponsored by Shane Prouse.  

Belmont event went well. We made some money to be used for our Charities. Dom Longobardi did a fantastic job of organizing the event. Joanne, Community Relations Director from NYRA, provided a warm and friendly atmosphere and went out of her way to make this a special day for us.


I would like to also thank John Day for the outstanding photos he took along with Shane Prouse.

I receive a number of e mails from clubs in the district informing us of their events and inviting us to attend. I have invited all the clubs in the district to attend Belmont. Other than our members on one else attended.

I will try to get the photos up on the web site as soon as I can figure out how to publish them.

Next meeting is Nov. 12, at Trinity.

I have asked the restaurant if they can do a Turkey diner for the following meeting Nov. 26. They need a head count for this since the Chef has to buy the turkey etc. This would include anyone you wish to invite to diner. It was pointed out to me this may be too close to Thanksgiving and maybe better in January as a Club Family diner.

Please let me know at the next meeting or by e mail at

Tom Reilly


Floral Park-Bellerose Rotary 



Newsletter Oct 8, 2013 

At our last meeting we inducted Kathleen Sottile as a new member. Kathy is the Principal, at Floral Park Memorial High School.  

We currently have three other prospects that have been approved by the membership to be installed in the next few weeks.

Belmont Family day is coming along well and final plans are just about set. Please try to attend this fun filled event.

At our next meeting we will be visited by Gwenn Ramage, District Governor. Please attend so we have a good turnout. 

Tom Reilly




Newsletter September 24, 2013


At our last meeting we were presented with a fantastic video. Ashley Carlo from the Cancer Center for Kids did the presentation. The organization provides support to children with cancer and their families all through donations and volunteers. I have sent a separate e mail with their link and ask you to review it.

We have also had five guests for diner all of which have shown interest in becoming members.

 Belmont Family Fun Day is well on its way. I have sent separate e mails about this event. We can always use more people on the committee. If you are so inclined please contact Dom Longobardi at 516-353-4032.

Our next meeting will be on Oct 8th at Trinity at 5:30. If you haven’t been to a meeting recently please try to attend


Newsletter July 23, 2013

At our last meeting we had Michael Star as a guest speaker. Michael Starr is a former Marine who has trained Marines in hand-to-hand combat and special tactics.

He touched on subjects of how to address a threat, being prepared and self reliant and having confidence in your own abilities.

Please visit his web site at:

Results of the fund raiser are still being tabulated.

Save the date---Oct. 13, 2013--- (Sunday) Rotary Family Fun Day at Belmont Raceway. More to follow.

There will be no meetings for the month of August. Our next meeting will be September 10, 2013



Newsletter: July 9. 2013


As you are aware, we began a fund drive for the Sisters from Harvest House to assist them in repairs to a chair lift for one of their adult homes. We committed ourselves to raising the $2500 needed to repair a chair lift at one of their adult living facilities.

Through a raffle, collections, and a very generous donation from one of our members we met that obligation and added much needed funds to the treasury.  We were receiving tickets up to the meeting date, so final total on monies received is still being calculated. I will have the figure for you  in the next news letter.

The winners of the raffle are the Groom Family (I Pad) and the Mooney Family (Nook). Photos will be published as soon as I can get them on the web site.

The plan for the Rotary-Belmont Family Fun day is progressing well. The plans will be finalized in the next two to three weeks. Thus far there will be free parking and free admission to the park. We will have the use of the Marquee Tent during the event. Further details will be forthcoming.

On a final note, Bill Harris has resigned as a member. We wish him well.

We are now at 18 active members. Our hope is to increase membership to 40 by the end of the Rotarian year. We can all help in this respect by asking neighbors, the merchants we deal with every day, etc. to attend one of the meetings for an informal introduction to the club and experience the good work we do for the community.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me. (516-817-9259)

Tom Reilly





June 25, 2013

At the Tuesday meeting your officers for the upcoming year were sworn in.

The new officers are:

President- Shane Sparouse

Vice President- James Groom

Secretary- Thomas Reilly

Treasurer- Ashok Mathias

The induction was conducted by past President Richie Mooney. Past District Governor Robbie Donno was present.

Robbie spoke about his experience with the Gift of Life Foundation. He spoke about his first encounter with one of the recipients with this life saving operation. He provided us with a very powerful and moving recollection of the recipient’s father. I could not do him justice by trying to relay his message. You would have to be there to understand his feeling for this program.

Our goals for the next year sound simple but will need the assistance or each and every one of us to achieve. First is to increase membership to forty. At present there are 19 members. In this respect we all can bring in new members or ask a potential member to attend as our guest. Second is to get our signature project off the ground. This is a Rotary-Belmont Family day to be held in early October 2013. If this is successful will be an annual fund raiser for us.

In closing two reminders semi-annual dues are now do. And second the raffle is on July 4th. Please get your tickets in by July 2nd. I have more ticket if you need them.

You can send you checks to me or if necessary I will pick them up.

Thank You for your co-operation.


Tom Reilly

91 Elizabeth St

Floral Park, New York 11001


At last night’s meeting we hosted two very special guests: 

Andre Anderson and his parents from Floral Park Memorial High School

Krystina Santos and her mother from Sewanhaka High School


They both won the senior award contest for their essays “Service above Self”.


They are both well spoken adults and a credit to our community and their parents.


Also in attendance was Mario Moran, District Governor, who presented us with a Presidential Citation for actively working to achieve peace through service.


Our guest speaker was Tom Scarda and his wife Gina. Tom gave a very informative talk about keeping motivated and the importance of setting goals and keeping to the plan to achieve them. This was followed by a very interesting discussion.


We are in the process of doing a fund raiser. We are selling raffle tickets for and I Pad which was donated by Tara Morano of Abbott Reality and an HD Nook donated by Teresa Reid of Daniel Gale Reality.

So far we have collected more than $1,000 and have met our commitment to Harvest House and raised $2,500 for them. This was only possible due to an anonymous gift made by one of our members.


I have the raffle tickets, and will be mailing to each of you this week 10 tickets. Please do your best to sell these tickets since the treasury is in a great need of replenishment. The tickets are $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00.


 If you need more tickets you may contact me and I’ll get them to you. Either mail the tickets back to the PO Box or call me and I’ll be more than glad to pick them up. But the best way is to bring them with you to the next meeting.


Please return the tickets as soon as possible since the drawing is on July 4th


Finally I will also be mailing out forms for you to review and return to me so I can bring the records up to date. Things do change i.e.  Address, phone numbers, contact numbers, etc.. This will give me a path to send you your records on occasion as to attendance and keep you informed as to club events.



June 28th – 2013 – 2014 Officer Inductions


               President:  Shane Parouse  

              Vice President:  James Groom  

              Treasurer: Ashok Mathias

             Secretary: Tom Reilly


This Sunday the Rotary Club of Floral Park-Bellerose will be participating in the Floral Park Chamber of Commerce Street Fair, the day after the "Belmont".  Tara Moreno, has donated an IPad and Teresa Reid a Nook to be our prizes for our club's latest fund raiser raffle.  Drawing date July 4th.  All Rotary members are asked to come down to the Fair and help sell raffle tickets.  We will be sharing a booth with Abbott Realty infront of their store on Tulip Ave.   Hours are 2pm to 7pm.  Thanks! 


At last night’s club assembly meeting the topic of discussion was the agenda for the upcoming year and the great need to increase the treasury funding.  Committees formed are:

A-      Membership: Teresa Reid

B-       Foundation: Marc Reisig

C-       New Generations: Rich Burgess

D-      Administration: James Groom

E-       Service Projects: Dominick Longobardi

F-       Public Relations: Rich Burgess

G-      Vocational Service: Michael Breitman

 Further details of the discussions will be forthcoming, but in a nutshell they are centered on the following:

 Increasing membership - Although Teresa is the chair of this committee we all have a commitment to this end. We all deal with the gas stations, delis, cleaners, friends and associates, etc., on a daily basis. Why not ask if they know of Rotary and would like to attend an informative meeting?

Signature project- creates awareness in the community of the club and annual fund raiser through a Rotary/Belmont Family day to be held the first weekend in October at Belmont Race Track.

Interact Club- There is several students from Floral Park Memorial High School that want to start this club. They have been discussing this with Rich Burgess. This is a fantastic way for the youth to become involved and engaged in a meaningful way in their community. Seed money will be needed to support the students in this endeavor.

Belmont Street Fair- Tara Moreno of Abbot Reality is providing us space at their booth to sell raffle tickets for an IPAD. We need people to assist at the booth for an hour or two during the event.  Please spend some time with us for this needy fund raiser.

Everyone is encouraged to provide suggestions and to join one of these committees.

In closing, we received a letter of heartfelt thanks from Sisters Mary and Jean, of Harvest House, thanking us for club our donation and that of the members who contributed so generously. They are close to their goal of $2500.  

Finally, here are the upcoming events:

1.        June 1st –   High School Senior Awards

2.        June 7th -   Wine Tasting at the Village Wine Cellar

3.        June 9th-  Floral Park Chamber of Commerce/Belmont Street Fair

4.        June 11th- Board Meeting after the regular meeting

5.        June 28th – 2013 – 2014 Officer Inductions


There will be more information to follow for all upcoming meetings and events.


               President:  Shane Parouse  

              Secretary:  James Groom  

              Treasurer:  Mark Resig              




“Engage Rotary Change Lives”


 Rotary Club of Floral Park-Bellerose

 P.O. Box 96, Floral Park, NY  11002


NEWSLETTER May 14th, 2013


We had a number of guests at this week’s meeting, so let’s get to it.  Two of the three Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) sponsored high school juniors were in attendance – Armaan Shah (a Sophomore from New Hyde Park High School) and Anna Christ (a Sophomore from Floral Park Memorial High School).  Both Armaan and Anna gave a summary of their weekend at the RYLA conference and told the club that it had changed their lives for the better.  Armand was accompanied by his mother and Anna by her parents Gwen and Doug.  We look forward to hearing good things about Armand and Anna in the future.


Also in attendance were Jake Dertinger and Mikael Guarini, two Juniors from Floral Park Memorial who have been speaking with “New Generation Committee Chairperson Rich Burgess with regard to starting up an Interact Club at the High School.


The speakers for the night were Sister Mary and Sister Jean from Harvest House.  The Sisters spoke to us about Harvest House which provides housing for the elderly.  Harvest House provides a home for eight independent elders (65+) who want the fullness of living in a family atmosphere.

Harvest House provides quality of life, companionship, support, security, gracious living, meals and private rooms for an affordable price.

Currently, Harvest House maintains houses in Lake Grove, Syosset and Floral Park.  Sister Jean was asking Rotary’s help in providing funds for fixing a chairlift in one of their houses for a total cost of about $2,500.  President Shane Parouse then asked club members and visitors to donate their “Happy / Sad Dollars" towards helping to fix this chair lift.  By the end of the meeting, the Club had pledged $428.00 towards effecting repairs to the chairlift.  Many thanks to all Rotary members with a special thanks to Rich and Liz Burgess and the Bellerose Village Fire Department (Doug Christ).  Great Job!


Rich Burgess, New Generation Committee Chairperson handed out information on what New Generation and Rotary are all about.   Please check the website for more information.


Finally, some housekeeping, here are the upcoming meetings:

1.        May 28th – Regular Club meeting (Club Assembly)

2.        June 1st –   High School Senior Awards

3.        June 7th -   Wine Tasting at the Village Wine Cellar

4.        June 28th – 2013 – 2014 Officer Inductions


There will be more information to follow for all upcoming meetings and events.



               President:  Shane Parouse  

              Secretary:  James Groom  

              Treasurer:  Mark Resig                                

“Engage Rotary Change Lives”




In an effort to simplify access to our website, we have changed the website address.

The new website address is :

In the future, please use this address to access our website.





At this past Tuesday’s meeting, we inducted a new member to the Rotary Club of Floral Park-Bellerose – Ms. Tara Moreno.  Tara was officially inducted by Past President Rich Burgess.  Tara is a Licensed Real Estate Broker and is the owner/broker of Abbott Realty, located at 150 Tulip Avenue, in Floral Park.  Abbott Realty is the one of the most successful independent residential real estate brokerages in western Nassau County, in no small part due to the determination to combine state-of-the-art computer technology with old-fashioned service and integrity.   Abbott Realty has received recognition from Forbes by winning the prestigious Forbes® Enterprise Award in the category of Real Estate for Long Island!  And, this year, Abbott Realty celebrates it's 30th anniversary of being in business. 


Tara, congratulations and welcome to the club!


Our guest speaker was Floral Park’s Mayor Tom Tweedy.  Mayor Tweedy spoke about Floral Park’s response to last year’s storm – Sandy.  Tom spoke about how he was impressed by the quick response of Village employees in clearing the many fallen trees throughout the village.  Tom also informed the club that many of these fallen trees was then used in the making of plywood which in turn has  been used in the rebuilding of many of Long Islands effected houses and businesses.  The tree stumps that were collected were also used to help with beach erosion around Long Island as well.  Tom also spoke on a personal level of how he is proud to belong to the Floral Park community as he witnessed many friends and neighbors throughout the village, helping each other during this 2-3 week period. 


Note:  Our next regularly scheduled meeting - Tuesday April 23rd - is being cancelled in lieu of the upcoming Wine Tasting with Friends night at The Village Wine Cellar which is scheduled for Thursday April 25th beginning at 5:30 pm.  See the information flyer under Club Events for details.



Shane Parouse welcomed a couple of guests – Rachel Thorner and Dennis Hooper to our meeting.

Rachel is a student studying Russian studies who has worked in Moscow and Israel as a Russian linguist.  She is looking forward to furthering her education and is currently seeking opportunities to do so.

Our second guest , Dennis Hooper, is a business associate of Shane Parouse.  Dennis is the President of Building Future  Dennis is a Certified FranklinCovey Coach on leadership development.  Dennis helps leaders of organizations to enhance the skill of their direct supports.  You can read more about Dennis at


Our featured speaker of the night was member Ashok Mathias, owner of Village Wine Cellar -, who is an accountant by trade spoke about “Wine and Taxes”. Ashok gave us a brief tutorial on the history of wine making and its origins as well as the making of reds and whites!  Ashok also identified a few ways to save on your taxes which sparked a spirited exchange of ideas amongst everyone in attendance.  Thanks Ashok.

Our next regularly scheduled meeting (March 26th) will be replaced by a networking cocktail hour arranged by member Dom Longobardi.  This networking cocktail hour will take place at Park Place Restaurant located at 41 Covert Avenue, Floral Park and will begin at 5:30pm

Please feel free to invite as many guests as you want.  See you there!




The Rotary Club of Floral Park-Bellerose welcomes new member Ashok Mathias, CPA and owner of the Village Wine Cellar in Bellerose. Club President Shane Parouse said “We are delighted to welcome Ashok to the Rotary family. In the way he runs his business and provides service above self to others, we expect him to be an important member of Rotary going forward.”


Photo: Rotary President Shane Parouse swears in Ashok Mathias as the club’s newest member.


The Rotary Club of Floral Park-Bellerose’s mission is service above self. The Club, chartered in Floral Park in 1955, meets every second and fourth Tuesday night at Trinity Restaurant. To learn more about the club and to come as a guest, contact President Shane Parouse at or 646-528-7570 or visit the club on facebook.




The Rotary Club of Floral Park - Bellerose is sponsoring a blood drive on Thursday December 27th, 2012 from 2:30pm to 8:30pm.

        Location:             United Methodist Church

                                  35 Verbena Avenue, Floral Park


To Schedule an appointment go to the following website:





October 9th, 2012 Newsletter

On October 9th, 2012 a Regular Meeting of the Rotary Club of FPB was held at Trinity Restaurant.  President Shane Parouse welcomed 
District Governor Mario Moran who gave a short history of his background and what he hopes to accomplish this coming year in District 7250. 

Also attending the meeting was Frank Scaturro who stopped by to let the Club know that he is running for Congress this fall.  You can read about Frank at his website:  

Our third visitor was our featured speaker Ms. Randi Busse, President and Founder of Workforce Development Group, Inc..  Randi spoke to us about training and coaching organizations in the customer service experience.  Randi is available to provide an assessment of your company’s customer service levels.  You can read about Workforce Development Group, Inc. at or contact Randi at 1-866-596-4260

Don’t forget to keep selling our Thanksgiving raffle tickets.  If you need more tickets, please contact Teresa Reid at

Our next meeting is scheduled for October 23rd, 2012 at Trinity Restaurant at 5:30pm. 

Remember, the Rotary Club of Floral Park-Bellerose  website is:



Jim Groom



2012 Rotary International theme:

“Reach Within to Embrace Humanity”



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