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October 2015

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Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
Mount Hermon Conference Center
Mount Hermon
Mount Hermon, CA  95041
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Please plan to attend our next meeting, October 7, 2015 at the Birch Dining Room of the Mount Hermon Conference Center, Felton. 
Meeting Duties For October:
Sergeant-at-Arms:   Charlie
Pledge of Allegiance:   Joe
Guest Greeter & Introducer:   Heather
Thought or Song:   Janet
Detective:   Karen
Fine Collector: Judy
Program/Speaker: Linda
Program: Our speaker will be John Laurent, CPR Instructor.

San Lorenzo Valley Rotary
Club Assembly
Sept. 23rd, 2015
-President Mike rang the bell.
-Janet led the Pledge and 4 – Way test
-Karen had thoughts for the day from the late Yogi Berra
-Joe introduced the guests, our speaker Jen Walker, Joan DeNeffe and our special guest, Moon.
-Janet read a short Rotary minute.
-President Mike caught up with some old business and awarded Karen McNamara the Rotarian of the Month for July.
-President Mike announcements:
* Janet spoke about the Barrel Wrap and that 10 Interact members had signed up. Carol, Joe and Cameron will meet the Interact members this Saturday at 7 AM at the Felton Safeway and take the kids to the Barrel Wrap in Watsonville.
* Mike announced that Julie found that the District has a “Yellow Pages” where Rotarians can advertise their businesses for free.
* Next week would be our last meeting in the Ben Lomond Bistro and we will return to Mt. Hermon for the next quarter. Brian Lee from the Water District will be our speaker.
* Mary announced there would be a Water District overview at the Highlands Park House.
* Carol thanked Rotary for their attendance at Roger’s service.
-Ken was detective and challenged us with This Day in History questions. Many Rotarians contributed Happy Bucks.
-Mike introduced Jen Walker from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter and she and her friend Moon gave an interesting program about the services the Animal Shelter provides.
Jen Walker
-Carol won the raffle but didn’t pick the Joker. Thomas said there was over $90 in the pot.
-President Mike rang the bell and ended the meeting with our motto Service Above Self 

San Lorenzo Valley Rotary
Club Assembly
Sept. 16th, 2015
-President Mike rang the bell.
-Don led the pledge and the 4-way test.
-Janet had the Rotary Minute on the history of the Foundation.
-Charley led us in a Happy Birthday song for Cameron and Mike and a Happy Rotary
 Anniversary song for Cameron
-President Mike gave Mary a Perfect Attendance Award for August.
-Janet had announcements of the:
  • Road & River Cleanup on Saturday, Sept. 19th.  It was advised that members volunteer for the early shift so they would be free in the afternoon.
  • Second Harvest Barrel Wrap on Saturday, Sept. 26th.    A sign up sheet was passed around.  Rotarians will meet Interact members at 7 AM at Felton Safeway (Felton Faire) to car pool to Watsonville.
  • Interact had their first meeting on Tuesday and there is a new in-school Interact Advisor.  Steve Sofranko will be holding the Interact meetings on Tuesdays at 12 in his room I 103.  Rotarians are welcome to attend and it will be counted as a make-up meeting.
-Carol announced the Celebration of Roger Miller’s life would be Saturday, Sept. 19th from 2-4 PM at the Big Basin Campfire site.  Parking may be an issue in Big Basin.  Mike suggested that people could come to Mike and Janet’s cabin and carpool to Big Basin if they wanted to.
-President Mike told us that Middleton, CA, the town destroyed by the Valley Fire, has a Rotary Club and asked us all to think about if we as a club would like to reach out to help fellow Rotarians.
-Ken had an announcement about a fundraiser for Friends of Quail Hollow at the Trout Farm Inn on Thursday, Sept 17th.  A donation of $6 per person will be added to your tab.
-Karen had an announcement about the need for volunteers at the Mt. Parks Lobster Feed on October 10th
-Ken was detective and challenged us with questions mostly about Mexico.
-Mike introduced Sybil Cryer from HeartMath who gave an interesting presentation about the relationship between emotions and heart rhythm.  Karen volunteered to demonstrate how breathing and positive thoughts have an effect on heart rhythm.
Karen McNamara & Sibyl Cryer
-Charley won the raffle but didn’t pick the Joker.
-President Mike rang the bell and ended the meeting with “Service Above Self”.

San Lorenzo Valley Rotary
Club Assembly
Sept. 9th, 2015
-Mike rang the bell
-Janet led the pledge and 4 way test
-Karen had the Thought for the Day
-Joe had Thomas introduce his guests, his employees Chris and Jacob
-Charlie led us in a Happy Rotary Anniversary song for Carol Miller’s 12 years
-Roger Miller’s Celebration will be September 19th from 2-4PM at Big Basin.
-Mike presented Perfect Attendance awards of Lottery Scratch off tickets for August and some from July that hadn’t been in attendance last month.
-Janet announced the Road and River Cleanup is the morning of September 19th and each town of the Valley will have a booth. It was suggested that members check the Valley Women’s Club website for more info.
-Janet announced the Second Harvest Barrel Wrap would be September 26th starting at 7:30 AM in Watsonville.  Several members volunteered by show of hands to attend and transport Interact members, meeting at the Felton Safeway.  A sign up sheet will go out next week.
-We “Socked it to the President”.  Prior to the meeting socks donated by Mike and Janet, Linda and Joe, and Karen were paired together with rubber bands and piled on a table.  We had President Mike stand against the wall and the socks were distributed to members.  We all threw the socks at Mike and then the socks were gathered and bagged. (They were delivered to MCR after the meeting.) Everyone had fun!
-Detective- Ken challenged us with random trivia questions.
-Happy Bucks
Board minutes
-Community report- Steve told us the Dictionary Project would be happening early in the school year.  He also told of an idea for a possible project of improving the bulletin boards at SLVHS, in a joint project with Interact.
-Vocation Appreciation Award – Janet reported speaking to Brian Lee at the SLV Water District and he was very excited to be able to honor one of his employees.
Certificates have been ordered and a restaurant gift certificate will be obtained to present to the recipient.
-Quarterly billing- Mike discussed the quarterly billing and the credit for a club make-up was clarified.
-Mike thanked Joe Griffin and Linda Fawcett for again donating $1000 for a scholarship to a deserving SLVHS senior.
New Business
-Venue – Mike and Karen explained the board recommendation of moving the meetings back to Mt. Hermon starting in October.  After discussion, the club agreed to move back to Mt. Hermon with the same contract as last year, starting in October. The club realizes it would be much better to find a permanent meeting location in the Valley where we could meet year round, as it would be more centrally located and it would be helpful to have a “permanent place” for our printed membership materials.
-DG Wheelchair project- Mike explained to the club the DG wish that clubs in the District donate $100 per wheelchair and the District would contribute $50 to cover the cost of $150 per wheelchair to be donated to needy areas in Mexico.  There had been a question regarding durability and follow up repairs.  Mike had contacted the DG and she had responded answering questions regarding the durability but said no follow up repairs were provided.  After discussion, the club agreed to donate an, as of yet undetermined amount of money, to purchase wheelchairs.  It was suggested members Google the Wheelchair Foundation for further info.
-DG visit- Mike told us the DG visit would be December 16th and there was discussion regarding the conflict with the Holiday Luncheon.  It was suggested that the Holiday Luncheon could be hosted at a member’s home this year instead of at Mt. Hermon and the club was agreeable to the suggestion.
-Christmas Shop – Janet described the possibility of having a Christmas Shop project involving finding 5 children through VCUM whose families have endured a hardship this year, and provide $100 each for each child.  The Rotarians and Interact members would help the child shop at K-Mart for themselves and their families.  A “wrapping party” would follow, where Rotarians and Interact members would help the children wrap the presents and food would be provided and one of the members would be dressed as Santa.  The club was agreeable to the suggestion.
-Mike talked briefly about his trip this past weekend to Comunidad in Ensenada, Mexico where this year’s District Designated Funds will be donated.
-Raffle was won by Carol, but she didn’t pick the Joker.
-Mike ended the meeting with Service Above Self and ringing the bell.

Minutes of Rotary Club of SLV
September 2, 2015
Members in attendance: Janet, Don, Julie, Heather, Joe, Judy, Karen, Heather, Laurie, Steve, Linda, Carole, and Mike. Guests: Mountains Parks (Dave, Brenda) and Tom from Santa Cruz Rotary.
Guest Speaker: Traci Bliss, Henry Cowell State Park.
President Mike opened the meeting with the flag salute, introductions and thought for the day.
  • Barrel Wrap Sept. 26
  • River Clean-up Sept. 19
  • Sept. 9 bring socks for MCR – anyone bringing socks may throw them at President Mike
Charlie was the Detective.
Guest Speaker: Local Historian, Traci Bliss, Saving the Ancient Redwoods
Traci Bliss
Jennie Bliss (Jeter) arrived in Santa Cruz in the 1880s. She often painted the redwoods and was concerned by the excessive logging in the mountains. Jennie encouraged her husband, Will (WT) Jeter to become active in saving the redwoods in Felton. The virgin redwoods were primarily on private property owned by the Welch family. WT was quite accomplished (the first democratic district attorney in Santa Cruz, mayor of Santa Cruz, president of SC National Bank) and has been given credit for bringing President Cleveland to the Santa Cruz County to see the redwoods. In 1896, WT becomes Lieutenant Governor. Jennie does not move to Sacramento with him but keeps pushing him to protect the redwoods. Jennie and WT Jeter organized several large conferences (1500 people each) in the grove to bring attention on this area.
In the spring of 1900, the Santa Cruz business association began the movement to save Big Basin. Will Jeter was working behind the scenes representing and negotiating with the business community, the logging community and the Sempervirens. Will and Jennie would take camping trips to the redwoods and would often invite influential friends along on these trips. SC Rotary (founded in 1922) invited Rotary International to hold their annual conference in the Santa Cruz. This brought both national and international attention to the county.
In 1928, the SC Rotary Club launched an official meeting of all the local service clubs to help make the Welch property public land. The Welch family agreed to sell the property for $150,000. The county supervisors put in $75,000 and WT Jeter committed to raising the other $75,000. Shortly after, WT is diagnosed with cancer. Joseph Welch, Jr. is invited to say his good-byes to WT, and it is Joseph Welch, Jr. who donates $50,000 to purchase his family land. In 1930, the county purchases the Welch property, and operations are turned over to Santa Cruz County.
In 1938, Rotary holds a convention in SF and 500 visiting Rotarians come to the park. Paul Harris is one of the visitors and a redwood tree is dedicated to Rotary and world peace. Finally, in 1950, Henry Cowell donates the adjacent 1700 acres of second growth redwoods to the State of California, on the condition that the two parks (Cowell and Welch) are combined into one park and it is named Henry Cowell State Park. Traci answered questions at the end of her presentation.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:36. 
Minutes respectfully submitted by J. Haff

The Annual SLV USD New Teacher Breakfast is one of our favorite meetings.  Here are some pictures courtesy of Julie Haff.  You will see in some of the pictures the current Superintendent Laurie Bruton and Rotary President Mike Holton.

Member Don Blanchard created a new portable sign for the group that we'll be able to use wherever we are meeting, being the "on-the-go" club that we currently are!

Justin Acton of the Boulder Creek Business Association spoke to the group.  He is the proprietor of the Boulder Creek Pizzeria where he uses lots of his own-grown vegetables from his certified garden in Ben Lomond.  The BCBA is a community focussed group with 80-90 members and a very active Board of Directors.  They have been working over the past several years on the Cal Trans project to replace and upgrade the town streetlights and this has finally been completed with installation of "period-correct" lamps.  They meet monthly on the first Wednesday, 6pm at the IOOF Hall.       
Justin Acton



Oct 07, 2015
John Laurent
CPR Certification
Oct 21, 2015
Yolanda Henry
Mountain Community Resources
Oct 28, 2015
Bruce McPherson
Fifth District County Supervisor
Nov 18, 2015
Anne Cawley
Dec 02, 2015
Mike Romberger
Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center
Dec 16, 2015
Susan Valenta
Rotary District 5170 Governor

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