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November 2015
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We meet Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
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Please plan to attend our next meeting, December 2, 2015 at the Birch Dining Room of the Mount Hermon Conference Center, Felton. 
Meeting Duties For December:
Sergeant-at-Arms:   Gil
Pledge of Allegiance:  Laurie
Guest Greeter & Introducer:   Carol
Thought or Song:   Joe
Detective:   Heather
Fine Collector: Ken
Program/Speaker: Charles
Raffle: Steve
  • The program speaker for today is Mike Romberger President & CEO of Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center.
  • Please note there is no meeting next week November 24 in recognition of the Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • Also, the club plans its monthly Board Meeting today,12/2, immediately following our regular meeting.

Minutes of Rotary Club of SLV
November 18, 2015
Members in attendance: Judy, Don, Laurie, Janet, Linda, Joe G, Julie, Eric, Mary, Mike, Charles, Steve, Karen, Carol. Guests: Bill Jurgens and the Hammer Family – Eric, Susan, Ruby and Charles Joseph.
Guest Speaker: Ann Cawley
President Mike opened the meeting with the flag salute, introductions and Thought for the Day.
Announcements: We will be dark next week; follow-up with October Perfect Attendance; social event celebrating Rotarians in Boulder Creek; November is pledge month; Saturday we will be collecting food at Safeway; dictionaries will be presented to all SLV 4th graders today; Area Speech contest will be hosted in February by the Aptos Club; visit the Santa Shelves at the Felton Firehouse this weekend.
Induction of Eric Hammer
Eric brought with him his family - Susan, Charles, Ruby, and his mom, Mary.
Eric is a SLV native and graduated from Cal State SF. He owns Hammer Construction and serves on numerous boards in the county including the SLV Water Board and the BC Parks and Recreation Board. He is a most welcomed addition to our Rotary family!
Detective: skipped today to give the speaker more time
Happy Bucks: Everyone is happy but particularly noteworthy-- Ruby was happy she got to wake up her brother this morning and Charles was happy he is on a good soccer team!
Guest Speaker: Ann Crawley shared highlights of her OAT (Overseas Travel Adventure) trip to Morocco. Morocco is a very diverse county- culturally, ethnically, architecturally, and geographically. The group spent a memorable two nights in the Sahara Desert, time in several cities and the other days in very rural areas. At one stop, they were welcomed into the home of a woman who made them a simple meal of eggs and bread. The group saw ruins in several areas, kings’ palaces, and beautiful mosaics everywhere. Fes was a highlight for her and is famous for its white pottery. At one point, they rode camels and visited with a nomad. She was weaving and shared how she repaired their tent. “What was amazing about this trip was that this is how people really live.” Ann shared that the people were very friendly and welcomed them to their country and into their homes. She shared beautiful pictures and the presentation so much information. Ann, Linda and Joe encouraged people to travel to Morocco, especially with OAT.
Drawing: Linda but she couldn’t find that joker!
The meeting was adjourned at 8:40. 
Minutes respectfully submitted by Jhaff

Minutes of Rotary Club of SLV
November 11, 2015
Members in attendance: Don, Janet, Linda, Joe G, Gil, Julie, Heather, Mike, Charles, Steve, Ken, Karen, Carol, and Thomas. Guests: Bill Jergem
Guest Speaker: None / Club Assembly
President Mike opened the meeting with the flag salute, introductions and Thought for the Day. Linda recognized the Veterans in the room.
  • Steve L. celebrated his first anniversary with Rotary.
  • BC Business Association Mixer will showcase the SLV Rotary Club on Dec. 2 from 6-7:30.
  • Mentoring of Interact members by Rotarians will take place Saturday, November 14 at Bruno’s in SV at 3:30.
  • Michael’s on Main will host an Area 7 mixer on November 17 from 5:30-7:30 - no host bar and heavy appetizer.
  • November 11 Santa Cruz Diner will donate to Vet Services.
Detective: Carol entertained us with nature as a topic and scared the club with spider facts.
Happy Bucks: We’re happy!
Guest Speaker: Assembly
  • Christmas Party Dec. 16 at 6:00 pm at the Linda and Joe’s
  • Christmas Shopping with wrapping on December 12. The students can invite up to two adults to join them for lunch at Chubby’s.
  • Felton Safeway Food Drive on November 21. Please sign up.
  • January 3 – Cliff Dockerman in Doubletree in SJ. Discounted hotel rooms  $99
  • Membership news- new member induction, Eric Hammer
  • Dictionary distribution – BCE November 18 following our meeting at 9:00 and SLE right after that. Carol, Karen, Judy (?), Thomas, Steve, Bill, Joe, Mike will distribute the books. Steve will check to see if SLE can also do it at 9:00.
  • Carmen is ill. Heather suggested having our Christmas Party donations go to Carmen and her family. Heather made the motion and Karen seconded the motion. Don will see if Bank of America will match our donation.
  • Karen agreed to be president for two years.
  • Ken is coordinating the nominating committee after today’s meeting.
Drawing: Mike did not draw the Joker!
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30. 
Minutes respectfully submitted by J. Haff

Minutes of Rotary Club of SLV
November 4, 2015
-Mike rang the bell
-Pledge / 4 Way Test   Carol for Judy
-Thought for the Day  Joe for Linda
-Visiting Rotarian and guests introduced by Steve. 
   -Edita McQuary from the Press Banner and photographer Lucjan Slewczyk
   -Bailey Duarte and Will Knudsen from UCSC Rotaract
   -Alan Jurgens as a guest of Don
-Joe introduced our Vocation Appreciation Award guests
    -Tom Barnett CalTrans Maintenance Superintendent
    -Juan Suarez
    -Mark Cortez
    -Isnardo Velasco
    -Steve Castenada
    -John Jones
    -Robert Osban
    -Fred Cascillas
    -Damien Tovar
    -Pedro Velez
-Janet as Club trainer spoke about levels of Foundation giving
-Charlie led the club in singing for Laurie’s wedding anniversary
-Board meeting after the regular meeting
-Rotary name badges have been ordered.  SLV Rotary will be showcased at the December BCBA Mixer on December 2nd.
-November is Foundation Month and donations will asked of the member’s this month.
-Baiely Duarte from UCSC Rotaract spoke about an upcoming Mixer on November 14th at Bruno’s BBQ where the Rotaract members are looking for Rotary mentors.  She also spoke about their fundraiser where you could hire a college student for $10 an hour for yard work or computer help.
Bailey Duarte
-Mike asked Bailey to come forward and presented her a check for $300 for the Rotaract help during the Redwood Mountain Fair.  Bailey was very surprised.
-Don spoke about the Felton Safeway food drive for Valley Churches on November 21st.  Scott’s Valley will cover the Scott’s Valley Safeway.
-Laurie reminded us of the Speech contest on January 20th.
-Charlie told us we wouldn’t be able to use his family cabin for the Holiday party. Another venue will need to be found.
Mike told us about a Sunday, January 3rd dinner with the current and past RI Presidents.  More info will be provided.
-Next week will be the Club Assembly with the focus on membership.
-Detective was Carol who quizzed us on the drought.
Today's Program - Vocation Appreciation:
Mike explained the Vocation Appreciation Award and asked Joe to come up to introduce Tom Barnett
Joe read Tom’s Bio and introduced Tom
Tom spoke about what CalTrans does and some of the difficulties.  He then introduced the crew that works Highway 9 to Felton, 236 and 35. 
Tom Barnett
Each one of the crew was introduced, telling their job description and years of service with CalTrans.   Juan Suarez, Mark Cortez, Isnardo Velasco, Steve Castenada, John Jones, Robert Osban, Fred Cascillas, Damien Tovar, Pedro Velez    
Questions were asked and then Joe presented the Vocation Appreciation Award to the crew.  Photos were taken.
Joe Griffin presents Vocation Appreciation Award to the Cal-Trans team for SLV
Mike thanked Steve for donating the beautifully framed award.
Meeting Conclusion:
Tom drew the raffle ticket and picked Alan’s number.  The pot was over $209 and Alan didn’t pick the Joker.
Mike thanked the Rotarian and guests for coming.
Mike rang the bell and adjourned the meeting with our motto Service Above Self.

Dec 02, 2015
Mike Romberger
Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center
Dec 16, 2015
Susan Valenta
Rotary District 5170 Governor
Club Executives & Directors
Past President
Membership Chair
Foundation Chair
Club Trainer
Executive Secretary
Rotary Club of San Lorenzo Valley
PO Box 294
Felton, CA 95018