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Dictionaries Distribution Targeted for Late February/Early March
Rotary Club of Morgan Hill will once again provide hardcover dictionaries to approximately 900 third graders in public and private schools in the Morgan Hill area. This is the 6th year of the project. The club is targeting February 27 – March 3 to distribute the dictionaries.
Students will get to keep these books which come with a bookplate where the student can enter his or her name. For many kids, the gift of the dictionary may be their first book that they own. The book will also come with a letter in both English and Spanish from Rotary which may be the first exposure to Rotary for the kids as well as the parents. The letters will be in English and Spanish.
Morgan Hill Police Chief and dictionary project co-chair, David Swing, along with the Rotarian volunteers will once again deliver the books to the third graders.
The reaction of the kids when they receive their dictionary is priceless. Each year the Rotary 
Club of Morgan Hill receives letters every year from the kids and teachers thanking us for their dictionaries.
This year’s dictionary committee is being led by Carol Carr and David Swing along with Rotarians Katie Hardt-Mason, Janene Towner-Chernoff, Janie Knopf and Dave Allen and Lisa Cardenas, a member of Morgan Hill’s police department. More information, including how you can volunteer, will be provided in January
Annual Speech Contest to Kick off  New Year
The Rotary Club of Morgan Hill's 2017 Richard D. King Annual Youth Speech Contest will held at the Morgan Hill Community Cultural Center during the club's meeting on January 11. The theme for the speech contest was “Rotary Serving Humanity.”  Morgan Hill high school contestants will have four minutes to incorporate the theme and at least one aspect of the Rotarian Four-Way Test. The importance of being able to speak effectively before a group, communicate the values of Rotary in conjunction with embedding a personal story that draws the audience is no small feat.
In addition to winning a $100, the first place winner will advance to the Area Contest which will also be held at our club’s meeting on March 1. The second place winner will receive $50 while the third place winner will receive $25. 
The speeches will be judged for content and presentation. Content will be evaluated of being focused, clear, accurate, and delivered in a logical, organized, and persuasive manner. Articulation, body language, creativity, and effectiveness was also factored into the final speaker’s score. 
The electronic scoring system introduced last year will again be used to provide a speedy tally within minutes.
The winner of the Area Contest will advance to the Regional Contest on March 25 which will be held in Gilroy at noon. The District Contest will be held on the evening of May 5 in Santa Cruz. For more information about the speech contest, please contact the contest chair Dan Makinster.
MH Rotary offers Hearts of Rotary grants for local benefit
            Rotary Club of Morgan Hill has announced that it is seeking applications for a new grants program, Hearts of Rotary (HOR), to help local nonprofit organizations fund local projects or programs.
            Grant guidelines and applications, which are due December 31st, are available at (under the “Our Endowment” tab.)  HOR support is available for projects/programs that benefit youth, seniors, education or community benefit in the Morgan Hill or San Martin area. Grants are not restricted to tangible items (as are our Community Grants) and can be used for operating expenses. Organizations are required to be designated tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofits and funds must be used for a specific community benefit.
            Because Rotary Club of Morgan Hill has its own separate scholarship program for college-bound seniors, similar scholarships grants will not be considered.
Mary Hiland, Charitable Giving Chair, 408-324-4814
Join us for the Club's Holiday Party on December 4th at the Morgan Hill Grange Hall.

The Rotary Club of Morgan Hill will be fulfilling Christmas wishes this year for youth at The El Toro Clubhouse, formerly known as the El Toro Youth Center. This is a great opportunity for all Rotarians to help make the holidays a little brighter for youth in Morgan Hill. Sherry Quick, Chair of the El Toro Christmas project, will be providing club members with the wish list items at our weekly luncheon meetings on November 30th for members to select a gift request. Gifts should them be returned wrapped and labeled to the club by our December 14th club meeting. Sherry will then arrange to deliver all of the gifts from the Rotary Club of Morgan Hill to the El Toro Clubhouse where they will be presented to the youth on December 21st. All Rotarians are invited to the Christmas Party to be held on Wednesday evening, December 21st at P.A. Walsh at 6:00 pm. Your participation in fulfilling a gift request will be appreciated.


Club Hosts Celebratory Salute for American Veterans
The Club’s annual Veterans Day salute Nov. 9 drew 86 people, with a very strong contingent of vets from a wide variety of service. Author Alan Quale presented his experiences and photos from the war in Viet Nam, excerpted from his book, “Replacements.” One highlight was MC Del Foster moving through the room with a microphone so each vet could tell his branch of service and where they served. This year’s organizer was Jim Jeisel, assisted by Sherry Hemingway, with centerpieces by Janie Knopf.
On October 22nd, 15 Morgan Hill Rotarians, along with 7 Rebuilding Together veterans came together to rebuild the home of a Morgan Hill senior, Katherine.  In a little less than7 hours we were able to install new ceiling fans, toilets, exterior lighting, build a back yard fence, paint the outside of the home, install a new range and dishwasher, added a screen door and fixed the sliding back door handle.  The day went smoothly because our Project Captain, Tom Harvey from Rebuilding Together, had done plenty of advanced work preparing for the day.  All who participated had a great time and worked hard.  Katherine was very pleased with the work and the project gathered a lot of attention from neighbors in the area.  One of the Rebuilding Together Board members came down for the day and took pictures of the work taking place.
This is the second Rebuilding Together work day Rotarians have participated in.  Twice a year, in April and October, Rebuilding Together organizes a work day throughout the bay area.  They are very happy to have Morgan Hill Rotary step up and sponsor a project.  They look for continued projects in Morgan Hill.  The city of Morgan Hill is looking for more homes that fit the Rebuilding Together target, so the program can expand.  This type of project is very rewarding for the volunteers, as it is the perfect example of Service Above Self.
So if you missed out on the fun this time, we hope to have another opportunity in April to come out and share your talents.  You will be amazed at the skills that reside in our club, who knew that Chris Guisiana is an excellent plumber or that Chief Swing has serious construction skills.  You might also learn some new skills along the way.  It was a great experience.
TeenForce - Providing South County Foster Youth STEM Training and Internships
By Tom Fandre
Visit TeenForce's STEM and Professional Development Program on a Saturday and you'll feel the high levels of energy and support present in the room.  In the words of one of our foster youth, Brooke, "[TeenForce is]" not just a program; it's a family."  Spending the first two hours of their day focused on professional development training, high school foster youth learn and practice  skills to acquire and maintain employment, such as interviewing, resume writing and workplace etiquette.  The rest of the day focuses on developing STEM abilities and interests in areas such as robotics and website design.
Youth who successfully complete the STEM program are eligible of a paid summer internship where they are surrounded by individuals with strong educational backgrounds, influence and experience for the first time in their lives.  The coupling of STEM training and internship allows youth firsthand experience of how education leads to income.  Internship hosts span a wide array of industry sectors, including financial services, cybersecurity, farming, real estate, automotive, healthcare, property management, construction and accounting to name a few.  Our 2016 South County Internship partners included TenCate Advanced Composites, Anaerobe Systems, Chiala Farms, Chase VP Bringing and the City of Morgan Hill.
By age 24, the average foster youth earns $690 per month, far less than the $1,535 per month earned by his or her non-foster peers.  The only former foster youth who are consistently employed, earning wages near the national average, are those who held a job while in the foster care system.  The goal of the STEM program and internship is to affect positive change for foster youth while still in high school.  We introduce them to the professional workforce where they begin to understand the breadth of opportunities available to them and envision themselves as part of the dynamic Silicon Valley economy.  From there, they build positive adult relationships, generate enthusiasm for education and learning, and stake out college and career pathways.
This program is part of a Clinton Global America commitment that TeenForce launched in 2015.  We are committed to giving this opportunity to 100% of Santa Clara County high school foster youth.
In 2016, we placed 37 foster youth at 23 different internship sites.  We will more than double our impact in 2017 by placing a total of 70 youth interns county wide.  15 of these internships will be in Morgan Hill and Gilroy.  Can your company host one of our interns?  Do you know of anyone who can consider hosting-either a friend, relative, supplier or competitor?  This is an incredible opportunity to affect proven positive change for an individual and the community as a whole.  The average cost to host an intern is $2,500 (150 hours at $15 per hour) of which $2,000 goes to pay youth wages and payroll taxes.  Throughout the internship, TeenForce is the employer of record and our expert staff provides light case management and oversight to ensure the experience is a positive one for all involved.
Thank you, Rotary Club of Morgan Hill.  We appreciate all the good work you do in our community and truly welcome your help in finding more internship partners for 2017!
To learn more about TeenForce and the STEM and Professional Development and Internship Program please visit or contact TeenForce's Senior Business Development Manager, Tom Fandre at 408-509-7298 or

 The Rotary Club of Morgan Hill will be "Dark"

It is that wonderful holiday time of the year to celebrate  the Holiday Season. 
So the Club will be dark ( No Meetings) on ;
November 23, 2016 - the Wednesday before Thanksgiving
December 21st, 2016 - the Wednesday before Christmas

December 28th, 2016 - the Wednesday after Christmas


It took practically a year to prepare to serve you as your President and I can’t believe an entire quarter is over.  It has gone by fast and yet, for some of you, you may be asking, “What’s taking so long?”  LOL.  If you don’t mind, I'm going to focus on why it seems to be flying by.
There have been so many wonderful things happening since July 1 and it all boils down to YOU!  Our Fun Committee is off to a great start with fabulous “fun”raisers to enjoy, our Front Porch Fridays, the Giants game and Mystery Trip.  The Program Committee has certainly provided us with great programs bringing in some wonderful guests and also giving us the chance to hear from our fellow Rotarians on a current trip or providing a re-introduction.   The set-up crew!  Wow, always there and getting us ready making sure the stage is set; and very accommodating as things may change and we need to do something different.  YOU have led us in the flag salute, delivered a thought for the day, greeted our Rotarians and guests as they arrived, and sold raffle tickets making it possible for successful Rotary meetings each and every week.  And these are just a few outward examples of you making everything happen.  There are many behind the scenes also working to support this Club.
And it doesn’t end there, the Board is busy meeting with you so as to support all the work going on at the committee levels, attending District meetings to learn more about the different areas of focus for our clubs, and participating in our Board meetings.  They are keeping our club machine running smoothly with your help. 
I really wasn’t joking when I said, “and it all boils down to YOU!” Without your participation there wouldn’t be a club, we wouldn’t know each other as family, and the community would not be the community it is without your donation of time, talent and treasure.  Thank you.  Thank you for making my job as your President a distinct honor and a definite pleasure because of YOU!
Looking forward to the next 3 quarters,


Morgan Hill Rotary Offers Community Grants For Local Benefit Rotary Club of Morgan Hill has announced that it is seeking applications for community grants to help local organizations fund local philanthropic projects or programs. Previous grants from the club have supported more than 30 philanthropic organizations that help build community gardens, provide classroom supplies, install school bike racks or rehabilitate endangered wildlife. Grant guidelines and applications, which are due Nov. 30, are available at Support is provided for tangible, capital items (as compared to operating expenses, personnel etc.) In general, requests should focus on projects that benefit youth, seniors, education or community benefit in the Morgan Hill or San Martin area. Awards usually range from $250 to $1,000. Organizations are not required to be designated nonprofits, but their project must have a specific community benefit. Because Rotary Club of Morgan Hill has its own separate scholarship program for college-bound seniors, similar scholarships grants will not be considered. Rotary Club of Morgan Hill, with over 60 years of local service, is an organization of business and professional leaders. The service club is a part of Rotary International, which provides humanitarian service, encourages high ethical standards in all vocations, and helps build goodwill and peace in the world.