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Any guesses where it is this year!  Final Teaser!


For the past 24 years a group of guys from around the nation meet up for a four day golf marathon. We converge on Scottsdale Arizona, golf two rounds a day, eat heartily, and laugh loudly.  It is one of my favorite times of the year, when all I have to worry about is sunscreen and making three foot putts.


Life has a funny way of always balancing out. On a recent Saturday night as I was checking in with my family before I headed out to dinner I was told our family dog of 12 years had taken a sudden turn for the worse. Sad, but not totally unexpected news. Within twelve hours of coming home late Sunday night, I had the chance to say goodbye, shed many tears, bury a member of our family, and head off to the office without having slept.


My daughter was very sad and depressed heading to school and is still dealing with the changes at our home. As we talked about life going on, and focusing on all the joyous memories, I thought about a joke among Rotary President Elects. Their first goal is not to break their club.


Just like life, Rotary goes on. As a board, we focus on yearly projects and goals, as chair of events we focus on our event’s day. In reality, the strength of Rotary is that we go on, day after day, year after year, and have done so for over 100 years!  Sometimes we get caught up in what is going on NOW, or in the immediate future. Try not to lose sight of the big picture, and always remember those joyous times; because life goes on.


Dr. Dave Conragan
2015/2016 Club President

Check out what may have been an epic de-bunking of our last years President - Dr Dave Conragan!
Be prepared however because this clip is NOT SHORT !
Club President Dr. Dave Conragan addresses the Dazzle audience
Rotarians and guests enjoyed an evening of fun and great weather at the Rotary Club of Morgan Hill’s 11th annual Dazzle fundraiser dinner and celebration on May 27 at the picturesque Clos LaChance Winery. Once again Dazzle received fantastic support from our Rotarians, guests and our many community partners along with tremendous volunteer support from Rotarians. The event raised a record $52,500, a 12 percent increase over last year’s total for philanthropic purposes.
The evening event started with Dazzle’s signature hosted champagne and wine reception. As the guests sipped their wine, they viewed the raffle showcases and new this year the Celebration Giving Tree. Attendees then savored a delicious Italian-theme dinner and were entertained by "The Three Waiters" who provided an amusing night of hoaxing and thrilling operatic singing entertainment.
Entertainment was provided by three signing waiters. To view more photos, please visit


The Fashion Show. Rotary’s annual golf tournament meant that the women were setting up the silent auction items while the golfers were out on the greens. Past President Lou Mirviss had an idea, let’s do something for the ladies meaning the spouses and female Rotarians who didn’t golf. Lou’s idea was to have a fashion show and we put our heads together and decided to put on a fashion show combined with a luncheon. It became the annual “girlfriends” event. Sandy de la Cuesta chaired the events and Carol Carr organized and moderated the fashion shows featuring Doncaster designer clothing. Make-up and hair styling was donated by Cherisse’s Hair Salon and Day Spa.

Then we moved from San Juan Oaks to Willow Heights where we started our Showcases which were very well received. And then onto Clos LaChance winery where there were a few more fashion shows in the wonderful setting at the winery. A professional-style runway and the tables for lunch were set up around the horseshoe stage. We had a lot of fun doing the fashion show, especially the last one which was truly “retro” which involved lots of members.
At some point along the way Tracy Newquist became the Chair with Sandy co-chairing and the rest of us working hard on one committee or the other. Every Rotarian was involved in every event.
It was decided a few years ago to have an evening event and move away from the fashion show to live entertainment while maintaining our very successful Showcases and silent and live auctions. Well, we didn’t have to worry about umbrellas anymore; some of the daytime events were on very hot days.
To learn more about our recent Dazzle events, please check out our 2016 event  where we raised a new club record $52,500 for fund raising, a 12 percent increase over our 2015 event.

The 2015/16 Charitable Giving season has been very exciting and enriching. With $21,000 available to eligible applicants, the Rotary Club of Morgan Hill received 22 requests totaling over $43,000.
Committee members Rosy Bergin, Cindy Miller, Mary Hyland, Brad Ledwith, Jeff Perkins, Randy Toch and Terry Moriyama worked diligently evaluating the projects before making a final recommendation to the Board.
Youth, Students, Seniors and the entire Community will definitely benefit from the organizations that received the following Rotary grants:
·        Community Solutions will provide protective sports gear for youth to check out during their Positive Calles (Streets) Project. 
·        Coyote Valley Track and Field will acquire a covered trailer for the equipment transported between Sobrato and Live Oak High School practice fields. 
On June 8 our Rotary Club honored the graduating high school seniors who were selected to receive college scholarships. Within this group, there’s a William Staples music scholarship for $1,000 and a Ralph and Rose Fitzsimmons Ag scholarship of $2,000.  
If you’ve ever wondered how they’re chosen, here’s the scoop. Three Rotarians volunteered to conduct the interviews in April. Some may think that spending almost all day interviewing graduating seniors for a Rotary scholarship would be arduous, to say the least. Not so, it’s delightful, touching and a testament to our schools and our society to say nothing about the future leaders we interview. These 3.8 grade average plus students are savvy, dedicated and passionate about their futures, well beyond their years. 

Persistence pays off. So does a committed wife who knows her husband. Twenty-eight years ago, David de la Cuesta’s customer, Gary Newquist (yes, Danny’s father) saw something special in David and knew that Rotary needed him. Despite going to a Rotary Club of Morgan Hill lunch with Gary (at the Golden Oak), David felt it just wasn’t for him. So over the next two years, he did his best to avoid Gary and the topic of Rotary. Except when he spoke with his wife, Sandy. You see, Sandy saw the same special quality in David that Gary had seen. Over the next two years, David tried his best to avoid the subject of Rotary with Gary and going to another Rotary lunch. One day, however, Gary came by David’s printing shop but when David tried to escape out the back door, Sandy blocked the door closed with her car and the rest is history! David returned to another Rotary lunch and saw that the dynamics had changed. Maybe it was because women were now joining Rotary? Whatever the reason, it was a good change and sparked a great interest in David.


A few months after David joined Rotary, Ron Mackley started a scholarship committee in our Club and got David involved. Originally, our Club gave scholarship money to the Morgan Hill Unified School District which selected the recipients and disbursed the money; so basically all that the Club did was write checks.