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Morgan Hill Rotary Offers Community Grants For Local Benefit Rotary Club of Morgan Hill has announced that it is seeking applications for community grants to help local organizations fund local philanthropic projects or programs. Previous grants from the club have supported more than 30 philanthropic organizations that help build community gardens, provide classroom supplies, install school bike racks or rehabilitate endangered wildlife. Grant guidelines and applications, which are due Nov. 30, are available at Support is provided for tangible, capital items (as compared to operating expenses, personnel etc.) In general, requests should focus on projects that benefit youth, seniors, education or community benefit in the Morgan Hill or San Martin area. Awards usually range from $250 to $1,000. Organizations are not required to be designated nonprofits, but their project must have a specific community benefit. Because Rotary Club of Morgan Hill has its own separate scholarship program for college-bound seniors, similar scholarships grants will not be considered. Rotary Club of Morgan Hill, with over 60 years of local service, is an organization of business and professional leaders. The service club is a part of Rotary International, which provides humanitarian service, encourages high ethical standards in all vocations, and helps build goodwill and peace in the world.
Plans are underway for Rotary Club of Morgan Hill's Veteran’s Day program, which will feature an author’s autobiographical account of his service in Viet Nam.
Club members are welcome to bring veterans to the Nov. 9 program, which will have the standard luncheon fee. Please advise Sherry Hemingway of the number of guests you wish to invite no later than Friday, Nov. 4 so the club can plan food accordingly.
 Veterans are welcome to wear military hats, jackets or other garb from their service.
This has been a special and meaningful program of the club for 23 years. The chair is Jim Jeisel, who founded the program in 1993.
It took practically a year to prepare to serve you as your President and I can’t believe an entire quarter is over.  It has gone by fast and yet, for some of you, you may be asking, “What’s taking so long?”  LOL.  If you don’t mind, I'm going to focus on why it seems to be flying by.
There have been so many wonderful things happening since July 1 and it all boils down to YOU!  Our Fun Committee is off to a great start with fabulous “fun”raisers to enjoy, our Front Porch Fridays, the Giants game and Mystery Trip.  The Program Committee has certainly provided us with great programs bringing in some wonderful guests and also giving us the chance to hear from our fellow Rotarians on a current trip or providing a re-introduction.   The set-up crew!  Wow, always there and getting us ready making sure the stage is set; and very accommodating as things may change and we need to do something different.  YOU have led us in the flag salute, delivered a thought for the day, greeted our Rotarians and guests as they arrived, and sold raffle tickets making it possible for successful Rotary meetings each and every week.  And these are just a few outward examples of you making everything happen.  There are many behind the scenes also working to support this Club.
And it doesn’t end there, the Board is busy meeting with you so as to support all the work going on at the committee levels, attending District meetings to learn more about the different areas of focus for our clubs, and participating in our Board meetings.  They are keeping our club machine running smoothly with your help. 
I really wasn’t joking when I said, “and it all boils down to YOU!” Without your participation there wouldn’t be a club, we wouldn’t know each other as family, and the community would not be the community it is without your donation of time, talent and treasure.  Thank you.  Thank you for making my job as your President a distinct honor and a definite pleasure because of YOU!
Looking forward to the next 3 quarters,



Area 6 Work Project


On June 4th 40 Rotarians from the Area 6 Rotary Clubs met in Gilroy to work on the Area ^ Work Project, hosted by the Gilroy Rotary Club.  The project was a clean up of the Old St.Mary's Cemetery.  Located off Church Street across from St.Mary's Church, the cemetery has been around over 100 years.  The work project included removing weeds and debris, filling holes in the ground trimming of tree branches and making a new rock walk way to allow visitors to enter into the cemetery to visit the grave sites.  In addition, cataloging the grave sites was another project that was completed during the day.


For the Morgan Hill Rotarians working that day, we were surprised to see grave sites for many of the early families that were prominent in starting Morgan Hill.  Grave sites for the Murphy family and Dunne families, that were over 150 years old are in the cemetery.


The cemetery was not easy to find, hidden by a small alley off Church and First Street.  Once we found the site the work began.  After 3 plus hours of pitching in, the Rotarians were treated to lunch in the home of Joanie Lewis, a Rotarian from the Gilroy Sunrise Club.




From the October 2016 issue of The Rotarian

Hundreds of people gather in an open-air courtyard at University Central Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda. Men in suits, women in flowered dresses, even prisoners in pink and orange gowns are waiting to find out if they will receive medical care. Some have no visible signs of injury. Others arrived on crutches, with arms in slings, or with catheters protruding from their clothing. Several have swollen, broken limbs: injuries that should have been mended long ago but were neglected because of the country’s long surgical-ward backlog, or simply poverty.

Emmanuel Mugatyawe, 36, sits on the ground as a friend fills out his yellow admissions form. He has been waiting two months for an operation to repair a broken leg – now infected – that he sustained when a car plowed into his motorbike.

“These are not routine cases; there are very few fresh injuries,” says Shashank Karvekar, an orthopedic surgeon and member of the Rotary Club of Solapur, India, after he and his Rwandan colleague Joel Bikoroti examine several dozen patients, scheduling many for surgery. Over the next eight days, a team of 18 specialized doctors (12 of whom are Rotarians) will perform surgeries on 268 Rwandan patients, including procedures in orthopedics and urology. The trip, initiated by District 3080 (India) and hosted by District 9150 (Central Africa), is funded by The Rotary Foundation with support from the Rwandan government. It’s the fourth medical mission to Rwanda that the two districts have organized since 2012. This time, among the volunteers is K.R. Ravindran, the first sitting RI president to take part in the mission.


 The Rotary Club of Morgan Hill will be "Dark"

It is that wonderful holiday time of the year to celebrate  the Holiday Season. 
So the Club will be dark ( No Meetings) on ;
November 23, 2016 - the Wednesday before Thanksgiving
December 21st, 2016 - the Wednesday before Christmas

December 28th, 2016 - the Wednesday after Christmas