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Cherry Creek Valley Rotary Club of Parker

Cherry Creek Valley Rotary Club of Parker

Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 11:45 AM
The Conference Center Parker Adventist Hospital
9395 Crown Crest Blvd
Parker, CO  80138
United States
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Our meeting on this day was our annual Officer of the Year Award Luncheon held at the PACE center. Officer Trey Biles from the Parker Police Department was recognized as this year's recipient. This is the second consecutive year Officer Biles has won the award. He was the first officer responding to the report of three juvenile males who had fallen through the ice on a retention pond close to Legend High School on January 14, 2015. Through his heroic efforts one male, Cole Robinson was pulled from the icy pond and treated at the scene. Cole attended this event to honor of Officer Biles. 
Many dignitaries attended this event to honor Officer Biles, Including Mayor Mike Waid, Police Chief King, South Metro Fire Chief Baker, Parker Adventist Hospital Director of Emergency Services Heather Tiftickjian, ParKer Adventist Hospital Director of Public Relations Rachael Robinson and six students from our Legend High School Interact Club.
Don't forget that our annual spring picnic will be held on June 10th at the Stonegate Community Center and our annual Change of Command dinner will be held on June 29th.

Presley Batchelor is named Cherry Creek Valley Rotary Club of Parker’s Student of the Quarter.

Presley Batchelor is a Junior at Legend High School and couldn't be more deserving of this honor. She is an avid student, most of her class schedule is made of college ready classwork. She is a member of many school clubs and organizations such as DECA (she will be President in the next school year), FBLA and Spanish National Honor Society; She shares her love of horses and competitive riding with younger children in the US Pony Club, where she mentors them about the care of horses as well as what it means to be a leader.
Presley is tenacious and persistent.  If there are barriers or walls she finds ways to go through them our work around them in a very professional manner.  Simply put, she is a difference maker and true leader!—Jason Jacob, Principal, Legend High School
Something that may very well have ongoing influence in DCSD is a DECA project that Presley and another Legend student created.  They created a survey for teachers wherein staff would be able to communicate their feelings about where and how they feel they are being treated, whether good or bad. The girls then went another step further and have put into creative solutions to retain our great teachers in Douglas County.  They hope to begin this program at LHS first and to see it branch out to the other DCSD high schools.

Our Legend HS Interact Club has enjoyed doing various projects together this year, most recently Saturday's delivery of 20 Kits for Kids to Project CURE plus 2 hours helping sort medical supplies donations. It was a very inspiring experience. We got to help two ladies (a retired nurse and a young echo-cardio gram tech) gather supplies for their next visit to Cambodia!  

President opened the meeting and Gary Fields provided an Inspirational Moment for the club. Our guest speaker today is a returning program - Dr. Jon Kedrowski presented his program on "Skiing and Sleeping on the Summits", which highlighted his latest books about his recent adventures climbing various mountains in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Kedrowski is an accomplished mountain climber, skier and frequently speaks to groups about his adventures, presenting his 'Pursue Your Passions' approach to life. Visit his website ''.
Visiting Rotarian, Mark Scheuneman from the Parker morning club provided an update regarding the 'Promise Ranch Therapeutic Riding' program that they sponsor. He said an immediate need is for equipment to lift the riders up on the horses. President Kevin presented Mark with a check towards their goal - Service Above Self at work.
We had 31 CCV members in attendance today, along with several guests - it was a great meeting.

President Kevin opened the meeting and Cheryl O'Brien presented and inspirational moment regarding a Walmart employee, Marty. Jim Chincholl informed the club that 26 Rotarians were present, along with three guests today.An update of the upcoming Police Officer of the Year luncheon was presented by Gary Bristow. Cheryl O'Brien presented an update regarding the upcoming Women of Achievement Luncheon that will  honor Douglas County women who demonstrate 'Service Above Self' in daily events that may seem ordinary to some, but have an extraordinary impact on others. Eric Dyer provided an update on our Brew Fest fund raiser. This takes the place of our former Smokin' Brew BBQ fund raiser. 
Jan and Clark Hastings were inducted into the club by Mike Dunkel, congratulations and welcome to CCV Rotary, Hastings.
Keep in mind that on May 18th we are having our annual Police Officer of the Year luncheon at the PACE center beginning at 11:30 am. Also, our annual spring picnic is scheduled for June 10th and our Change of Command Dinner will be June 29th at the Club at Pradera again.
This month's board meeting will be at 4:30 pm at Kevin's office complex - all members are invited and encouraged to attend the meeting.
No one won our 50-50 today so we all still have a chance..

President Kevin opened the meeting and member Josh Rivero lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Andrea Wyant providing the inspriational message for the day and then Mike Dunkel led the group in song.
John Jordan, of BestBuddies presented a program describing what Best Buddies is and how it is impacting so many people internationally. The program helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to form meaningful friendships with their peers, secure successful jobs, live independently, improve public speaking, self-advocacy and communication skills and feel valued by society.. This was a very inspiring and informational program for the club members.
The club will be at the Stonegate King Soopers this coming Saturday to collect food and supplies for the Parker Task Force. 
Our annual Officer of the Year Award luncheon will be held on May 18th at the PACE center.

Pesident Kevin opened the meeting as usual and then Mike Dunkel provided an Inspirational Moment. Jim Chincholl announced that we had 20 CCV Rotary members and 8 guests present today. Our speaker/program was Peyton Palermo, a junior at Legend High School  Peyton shared her experiences with her recovery from brain cancer at a very young age. Despite her situation, she has excelled at tennis and is currently on the varsity tennis team at Legend. She is very active and has even bungee jumped, proving that cancer did not beat her. Peyton started a foundation called Peyton's Hope to help other children who are experiencing what she did. Peyton is a true testament to perseverance in the face of adversity and our Rotary club is very proud of what she has accomplished. Our happy bucks today was contributed to Peyton's foundation.
Eric Dyer won the latest 50-50 pot - congratulations, Eric!!
Our club will be at the Stonegate King Soopers on April 16th to collect items for the Parker Task Force - volunteers are still needed. Joy Collins is the leader of this event if you want to participate.

President Elect Michele Boyer called our meeting to order. In attendance was 22 Rotarians, and 13 guests and prospective Rotarians. John Brokken inspired us to make connections that could lead to great worldwide partnerships in the non-profit world. 
Lynn Adams, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator with the Crisis Center, spoke to us about their new focus of long term care of their clients. The Crisis Center is always on a waitlist, and is an incredible asset for our community. She was presented a $1,000 check from the Cherry Creek Valley Rotary Club of Parker. 
President Elect Michele Boyer called our meeting to order. In attendance was 17 Rotarians, and 3 Guests, and prospective Rotarians. John Brokken inspired us all with a quote from Will Smith: “Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity.” He called on us to dream big as a club. Michele presented on the history of Women in Rotary (click here for the video). We will have the opportunity through our inaugural Women of Achievement event in June to recognize the great women of Douglas County. 
Brewfest is coming! August 20th at O'Brien Park. Eric Dyer is Chairing the Brewfest Committee, and is making great headway on the details of the event. More information to come!
Speaking of Eric... he won 50/50 today! Congrats on the win!

We had 21 Rotarians and 7 guests join us at our meeting, including District Governor Elect, Bill Downes. Mike Waid gave a stirring Inspirational Moment about the Gazebo in O'Brien Park, and how the Rotary Club of Parker's contribution had a domino effect on Mainstreet, changing the entire area for the better.

Congratulations to Connor McCord for earning our recognition as Cherry Creek Valley Rotary Club of Parker's Student of the Quarter from Legend High School! Coach Boley presented the award along with Connor's father and Mother, Jeff and Manda McCord.

Club Directors gave their reports.



President Kevin opened the meeting, as usual and member Joy Collins provided the Inspirational Moment. We had quite a few guests today as many members brought their children and/or grandchildren to the meeting. It was nice having a full house today. Our very special guest Rotary member, Roy Bullen from England was in attendance - we always enjoy Roy's presence. Roy will be installed as the 2016-17 President of his Rotary Club.
Omar Sanchez, a fifth grader, presented his program 'My Time Travel Journey Through the Universe'. Omar obviously did a lot of research on the subject and presented quite a bit of good information about our universe - thank you, Omar!
Happy New Year to all and here's wishing you a very prosperous 2016!!

President Kevin opened the meeting and then member Don Willson provided an uplifting Inspirational Message about 1973 Heisman Trophy winner John Cappelletti and his brother. We didn't have a formal program today so President Kevin led a discussion with the membership regarding future fund raising potentials. The Smokin' Brew BBQ was discussed, as well as a potential fund raiser of a Brew Fest. The Board of Directors will vote on this matter and present their results to the club for ratification. Our club wants and needs to continue raising substantial funds in order to accomplish our projects as previously outlined. We feel very confident that a fair and equitable decision will be reached soon. Next week's meeting will be a fellowship meeting at the hospital with no program provided. The meeting was closed with the usual Rotary 4-Way Test.

President opened the meeting, as usual. Doug Klich led us in the Pledge and the Rotary 4-Way Test. Then Rotarian Andrea Wyant provided an inspiring Inspirational Moment. Fellow Rotarian Bill Simmerman of the Highlands Ranch Rotary Club presented a program on "Give a Book Foundation", which his club and CCV are financially involved. This Foundation provides elementary students in Costa Rica with text books, both in Spanish and English. Bill will be traveling to Costa Rica with fellow Rotarians to present the books to various schools there.
The club then presented our Student of the Quarter award to Legend High School's Dana Pogar, who is an outstanding example of a complete student in her high school.
President Kevin then presented CCV member Eric Dyer with his Paul Harris Fellow award. This is a special time for Eric and the club as this award signifies Eric's commitment to Rotary and sustaining the Foundation.
50-50 was conducted but no one won the jackpot this time. Happy Bucks were presented and the meeting adjourned.

Mike Dunkel, sitting in for President Kevin, opened the meeting and CCV member Joy Collins provided the Inspirational Message for today's meeting. Mike then presented a $2,000 check to the Parker Boy Scouts for their tireless work during our recent Smokin' Brew BBQ event. Each year the Boy Scout troop collects the trash at this event and they always do a fantastic job!! Thank you to the Boy Scouts. 
Then Joe Roos, who is also a fellow Rotarian, of Hide in Plain Sight presented an informative message regarding the homeless situation in Douglas County. The statistics of homeless families in DC is mind boggling and a great concern to the community. Our club then presented Mr. Roos with a check for $1,000 towards their efforts to provide assistance to homeless families.

President Kevin opened the meeting and Josh Martin provided the Inspirational Moment. New members Cheryl O'Brien and Ken Carlson, along with member Andrea Wyant presented their Life Stories. 
Mike Waid gave an update on the upcoming Trick or Treat on Mainstreet event and Andrea Wyant informed the club that the 21st meeting will be a Fellowship Meeting and will be held at the Brickhouse Tavern from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. Additional information will be forthcoming on both of these events.

President Kevin opened the meeting and Gary Fields provided the IM for the day. Member Gary Bristow provided the group with an outline of the CCV website so that members can readily access the site and also provide important information to potential members. He also showed the club how to access our Drop Box website in order to upload pertinent pictures to the site for archiving and future reference. We had 22 CCV members in attendance today.

As usual, President Kevin opened the meeting with the pledge and the Rotary 4-Way Test. Gary Bristow provided the Inspirational Message today and Sergeant at Arms, Jim Chincholl informed us that 25 CCV Rotarians were present today. Kevin presented the $10,000 Cow Pie Bingo check to this year's winner, who is an officer on the Parker Police Force.
Mike Dunkel and Kevin inducted new member Jason Hamel - congratulations Jason. Kevin and John Brokken provided a brief synopsis of this year's Smokin Brew BBQ, which was a complete success!! The meeting was adjourned with the usual recitation of the Rotary 4-Way Test.

Dr. Becky Hoeck provided the Inspirational Moment after president Kevin opened the meeting. Then CCV member, John Brokken, our BBQ chairman provided an overview of the Smokin Brew BBQ this coming weekend. Since we are having this event in a new location this year, it was a challenge getting the layout compatible with our additional space requirements. The BBQ committee has done a remarkable job of putting this event (our 7th BBQ) together this year. Member Eric Dyer announced that our sponsorship commitments are up from last year as well.
John also informed the members that we have almost sold all of our Cow Pie Bingo tickets as well. This is great news as this is a big fund raiser for CCV as well.
Volunteer coordinator Emily Strunk said that some shifts for the event have not been committed to by our members and she strongly suggested that every member sign up for 2-3 shifts.
The Smokin Brew BBQ is a very fun event and each year we get more attendance to the event. Food, music and more for the entire family!!

Josh Rivero provided the Inspirational Moment for today's meeting. President Kevin then introduced CCV member Win Pendleton, who presented some very insightful information regarding the planet Pluto. Pluto was discovered in 1930 and has since been scrutinized over whether it is, in fact a planet at all. Win told us that a space craft carrying a high resolution camera recently passed by Pluto and took many pictures that are currently being investigated by scientists. Sensors located on the space craft are capable of determining the composition of the planet. We are truly blessed to have such a knowledgeable member as Win - thanks, Win for a great program!!
Next week's program will be centered around the upcoming Smokin' Brew BBQ and what CCV members should be involved in to make this a successful fund raiser.

CCV's RYLA recipient Michael Strunk shared photos and stories from his experience this summer at Rotary's Young Leadership camp.  He encouraged us to determine our "True Colors" personality type to know more about ourselves and be aware of others' personality types for better teamwork.  
We also heard Dr. Nancy Saltzman share her "Grab Your Life Preserver" story about major losses in her life and how she got through these with help from people, perspective, and awareness of her purpose in life.  Her sense of humor kept us all entertained while taking in her stories.  
There's a little over 2.5 weeks until our Smokin' Brew BBQ weekend!  We need everyone to finish gathering donations for Cow Pie Bingo, turning those in at each of the next two meetings, AND if you haven't already signed up for your times to help out at the BBQ - please do!  This is it - our only fundraiser to help us support all the projects we love to do: from Trick-or-Treat on Mainstreet to Project Sanctuary and beyond.  You make a big difference for our club, town, and world when you pitch in and serve.

President Kevin opened the meeting and then provided some inspiration to sell Cow Pie Bingo tickets. John Brokken presented his Inspirational Moment for the day. We had a nice turnout for the meeting with one returning guest. The program today was Sam Chapman, PGA Director of golf, Black Bear GC and Blackstone CC. Mr. Chapman gave us an overview of his golf background and then he presented the club with some golf tips that surely will elevate all our golfing member's games in the future. 

During our August 5th meeting various CCV members provided their 'Life Stories' for those in attendance. This is a process that we try to do throughout the year so that all CCV members can get know one another a little better. Sorry, no pictures are available at this time.

Our meeting this week was a tour of the Barnett and Son Brewing Co. located at 18425 Pony Express Dr. in Parker. Our President, Kevin conducted a regular meeting at the facility and then the owner, Andrew Barnett conducted a tour of his brewing facility. Andrew discussed the steps required to brew beer and the ingredients required for the process. A few CCV members tried the micro brews just to ensure that the brews were ok to consume - they confirmed everything was A-OK. We thank Andrew and his son for allowing us to have our meeting at his brewery and for his educational tour. Thanks also to Andrea Wyant for setting up this off site event.

CCV member and Smokin' Brew BBQ chairman, John Brokken provided an update on the status of the BBQ committee. This year's event has been relocated from the parking lot of Parker Station to the PACE center parking lot to allow for more space. We are only 44 days away from the BBQ and many issues are still needing attention, as to be expected. Sponsorships are still needed to offset the costs of the BBQ event. Cow Pie Bingo tickets are being distributed to all members to sell prior to the BBQ. The winner stands to win up to $10,000!! Each CCV member is encouraged to sell their 50 tickets.

Heather Ehle from Project Sanctuary provided the CCV members with a comprehensive update on what Project Sanctuary has been doing. She shared the statistics of what they have been accomplishing with soldiers and their families to help them recover from their ordeals in the military. She said that they provide 22 family oriented events and one couple only event per year. CCV proudly provides funds to Project Sanctuary each year. Heather's visits to our club are always enjoyable.

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