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Rotary Gives and Receives!
Ralph Oslund celebrated his 50th year of Rotary April 13, 2016 - 50 years to the DAY he joined the Rotary Club of Penticton
Congratulations Ralph on this amazing accomplishment! 
Join us on Saturday, February 13th for our Valentine Fundraiser

The Rotary Club of Penticton held their annual Wheelbarrow and Food Raffle to raise money for Soupateria and the Salvation Army. Last year, the club
donated the net proceeds of $1,800 to these causes.
Our first annual Past Presidents dinner was brought to us by current President Sandra C. along with help from Pres-Elect Barb H. The two ladies put on a fantastic celebration. We were pleased to dine with over 18 past presidents.
Here you see a wonderful group of our Past Presidents. Their hard work and guidance helped paved the way. It was fun to hear each of them tell short stories about what made their year special.
We had our Annual Thank you to Joeys Seafood Restaurant and Dan the Owner.  The place was packed with Rotarians who enjoyed good food!  Thank you to all that attended this event.

Our 3rd Annual Diamonds on the Deck event was a success and this year finally a woman won the Diamond!
Red Rooster hosted us for this event and Darin Paterson (Bogners) and the Pecking Room provided delicious food for the event.
The diamond was won by Meghan Dimma from Oliver who actually was a Rotary Exchange Student back in the day.
A HUGE Thank you to Don Nguyen from Gold Dust Jewellers who provided us with the diamond for the event.
Other financial sponsors included Shawn Olma from Mortgage Alliance West, Canoe Financial, Fidelity Investments and TD Asset Management.
Blue Mountain Winery provided the Champagne for all of the guests.
Every person received a door prize and enjoyed a nice Friday night with wine and food.
We hope to see you at next years Diamonds on the Deck Event!
We had the pleasure of welcoming District Governor Greg Luring and his wife Jan Luring from Yakima, Washington to our Club on Wednesday August 26, 2015
Also joining them was Assistant District Governor Cheryle King

Cal Meiklejohn presented a cheque to Georgia Krebs and Randy Manuel for the completion of our $110,000 commitment to the Shatford Centre for the Penticton Rotary Learning Kitchen

RIBFEST 2015 was a SUCCESS!! We held our 1st Annual Ribfest July 3 - 5th and the turnout was amazing.  Many people commented on how exciting it was to have this event in Penticton and how they would be back next year!
HUGE shout out to the RIBFEST committee who endured ALOT of hard work over the entire weekend and leading up to the weekend, and a BIG thanks to the members who showed up with bells on to help this event get off the ground.
To see more pictures go to Photo Albums of Ribfest or visit our Penticton Rotary Facebook page

Last night we held our Annual Installation Dinner.  Cheryle King, Asst. Governor, Area 5 presented our new President Sandra Curnow with a pin for the 2015/2016 year and thanked Cal Meiklejohn for his service for the past year and Cal will remain as Past President.  Secretary Judi Cassidy and Treasurer Jon Milligan were also given pins for their one year term.  Barb Hoolaeff will be the President Elect.  The Directors for the 2015/2016 year include:
Natalie Ferebee - Foundation
Don Michiel - Fundraising
Ben Amos - Membership
Justin White - Fellowship
Sandra Krauer - Club Service
Chris Barth - Public Relations
Our exchange student Irene Menegazzi did a fantastic presentation about her year in Canada.
Norma Brown was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship
To view more pictures see the photo album on the right of this website.

Warwick Parker was the recipient of the 2015 Rotary Bridge Club. The photos shows john Pankiw, last year’s winner, presenting the coveted cup on May 27th. Congratulations Warwick!

Erwin Ploner reported on the success and fun times enjoyed by all our member volunteers at the Shriner’s breakfast in May. Bruce Barker, the new potentate of Shriners of B.C. and Yukon, presented a cheque to our club for $1800 in appreciation of our hard work. The photo shows our President Cal Meiklejohn receiving the cheque on behalf of our Club from Bruce.

Another Lobster Feast has come and gone! This one was a whole lot of fun!  Take a look at the photos in the Photo Albums section to the right on the home page.  Here is a sample of what to expect. Erwin Ploner is attempting to sell the Lobster Feast Chair, Don Michiel, a few raffle tickets,

Our club is just that much better now that we have both Jan Rustad and Keith Johnson as our newest members.  Here President Cal is pinning them both with their Rotary pin.  Roy Phillips performed the induction.

The Rotary Club of Penticton is once again fundraising for the purchase of ShelterBoxes which consist of a tent, water purification, pots, pans, cook stove and dishes along with bedding and other items for up to 12 persons. Join us in raising money to help provide shelter, warmth and dignity to families left homeless due to disaster. This time it is for Nepal and the need in Nepal is great with so many villages completely destroyed. Families will be in desperate need of shelter as monsoon season is just around the corner. The tents that ShelterBox provides can withstand this particular climate challenge. The photo below shows member Erwin Ploner on his shift at Cherry Lane Mall on Saturday, May 2nd.  More volunteers will be there to assist in making donations in the afternoon and on Sunday.  Come on down and see what a ShelterBox contains and make a donation to this worthy cause. 


The day of our annual golf event started out wet, windy and cold but by the time 3 p.m. rolled around the rain had stopped, the wind dropped and the sun came out.  The first group teed off at 3 p.m., followed by 5 other groups for a total of 24 golfers. The weather held for next two hours and everyone enjoy a pleasant afternoon of golf and camaraderie.  The scores ranged from 2 below par to 4 over par. 
In the clubhouse everyone relaxed for a while, sipped a beverage and then sat down to dinner.  About ten spouses joined the golfers for dinner and so did our exchange student who also received a prize.
Following dinner were the award ceremonies with teams opening a whole variety of “Things you never want to see again”.  Garry Hoolaeff’s prize was an electric something or other (no idea really) and was probably the strangest of the prizes.  By the smiles on the faces, it seemed everyone enjoyed themselves.  See more photos in the Photo Album section of our webpage soon.

It was a special day for 175 Penticton "Pioneers" who attended our appreciation reception at the Seniors' Drop-In Centre this past Sunday.  Platters of sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, cookies and squares were replenished to make certain they all enjoyed the offerings.  Tea, coffee and wine was also available as well as a special cake in their honour.  The photo below is of President Cal Meiklejohn with a lucky "couple" receiving a bouquet of flowers as the pioneers with the most years in Penticton.  View the many photos in the photo album section to the right on our webpage.

President Cal presented our newest member Robert Trottier with a certificate of membership.  Robert transferred to our Club from Olds, Alberta. Welcome aboard Robert.

Our guest speaker today was Chief Clarence Louie and Joe McGinnis of the Osoyoos Indian Band.  Joe said grace for us in his native tongue. Chief Louie has been elected Chief 15 times.   He started his speech by saying that he loves Rotary’s 4-way test.   His reserve office is located in Oliver with a prime focus to create jobs and make money.  Oliver is on the verge of losing a school as people are moving away.  Chief Louie stressed the need for economic development to provide jobs that keep people here in the Okanagan.  One of his favourite quotes is "the economic horse pulls the social cart”.  We can't have hospitals, concerts, hockey arenas, community centres, etc. without a strong workforce.  Money equals opportunity and with that in mind, the main focus on the reserves is to make money.  Things like a winery, new prison and race track will bring millions of dollars to the area.
He reported that the original treaty relationship was a business relationship but over the years was turned into a dependency relationship but is working hard to bring it back to a business relationship.  He also wants his native language to be part of this land.  He encourages non-native people to come on the reservation and participate with their businesses.
After a few questions from the audience, Mayor Andrew Jakubeit thanked Chief Louie for his time to speak to us today and  the opportunities to work together in the future.  In the photo below, Brian Hughes is along side the Chief and Joe.

Rotarian Dave Smith presented a cheque for $1500 to our guests Adolf Stefan and Barb Schneiderat of the SS Sicamous. (Seen below on either side of President Cal Meiklejohn).  A portion of the proceeds raised at our Octoberfest fundraiser provided monies that will be used to purchase furniture for a salon in the SS Sicamous.

In memory of our cherished member who passed away yesterday.  Carl Tymm was a great Rotarian who had been active with our club since 1971 and club President in 1977.  He was appointed District Governor in 1989.  I knew of two hats he wore both as a Rotarian and a Shriner and I am certain there were many more.  Just 10 months ago Carl posted his comments to the editor of the Penticton Herald that really says it all about Carl’s view on volunteering.  Rest in peace dear friend.  Here is his post:
Dear Editor:
I was pleased to read Harvie Barker’s article “The joy in giving to others” in Monday’s Herald. His reference to “giving to and caring for” is in my books just doing good.
Support your favourite charity or service club and be a volunteer. I have been a volunteer and active in community service work for many years and can attest to feeling good doing good. A major spinoff that wasn’t mentioned in his article was, the side effects of “the joy in giving to others” is of feeling good. I’m sure that the medical profession will attest that this good feeling translates into good health, both physical and mental.
Doing good is a win-win situation but I always felt that I was the greater winner.  My motto is, “be good, do good and have fun doing it”. Try it, you’ll like it.  Carl Tymm

Judge Gerry Pash paid our club a visit and spoke of his new career as a citizenship judge.  He was a former member of our club and a Paul Harris Fellow before moving to Victoria where he now resides.
Following a 27-year career in radio broadcasting, he worked for the Department of National Defence for 22 years as a public affairs officer at the Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters, in Victoria, B.C.  In his civilian occupations and as a Canadian Forces reservist, where he held the rank of Lieutenant-Commander upon his retirement, Mr. Pash has received several awards in recognition of his commitment to active, engaged citizenship.  These include the Greater Victoria United Way Bronze Leadership award, the Rotary Foundation Fellowship, the Royal Canadian Legion National Media Award and the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal.  Citizenship judges are appointed for a three-year period and are responsible for making decisions with regard to citizenship applications, presiding over citizenship ceremonies and administering the oath of citizenship to new citizens.  Todfay Judge Pash administered the oath of citizenship for all Rotarians in attendance.  He also presented certificates to a few of our long standing Rotarians.

Both inbound and outbound exchange students enjoyed a recent weekend in Revelstoke, BC.  Lots of fun for our exchange student Irene Menegazzi.

posted Feb 5, 2015 by Mark Brett, Penticton Western News.

The Penticton Rotary Club is hosting the Dancing the Night Away fundraiser in support of the club's mental wellness initiative. The fun evening will take place on the S.S. Sicamous Saturday, Feb. 14 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased by calling 250-486-0367 or at 101-100 Front St. (RBC Dominion Securities Inc.).There will be a cash bar and chocolate fountain on site the night of the dance.