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In December our man in India, Gerry of Prague, had once again the honour to represent our club for the Indian Schools project. Through our successful Indian Food programme and some generous donations from members we this year raised 76,000Kč, which is the most ever and represented more than 50% of the total budget for this year's project. Other funds were raised by our partners living in Graz, the Jyoti family.
This year we principally helped a new 'primary plus' school which takes pupils from 4 until 11 years old. 165 children were given school bags, uniforms, sweaters, blankets, pens, pencils and exercise books, a water bottle, some personal hygiene products and a blanket.
For the school we bought two computers - the first the school has have ever had - rugs, benches, some sports equipment, musical instruments and we paid for whitewashing and painting the outside of the school.
We had a great high-level attendance for the presentation with the District Collector from Rajsamand, the local education minister, a gaggle of reporters and most of the families from the village. As always, the villagers and the school staff were very appreciative of our support. A little money goes a long way in these rural communities so our contribution was indeed very large.

Dear Rotary friends,

We have turned over to a new month and a new year, 2015, in our calendar, and I wish you and all your nearest and dearest, every good health, lots of energy, mutual understanding, happiness and a great love of life itself and of Rotary.

The month of January in our Rotary calendar is the month of Rotary Awareness. This year we remember the 110th anniversary of our international organisation. Its an opportunity for us to remind ourselves of what being a Rotarian is all about; about how Rotary is reflected in our daily lives, as we respect others, as we act according to ethical principles, and that we think in an international dimension when we help those whom we don't know.

The month of Rotary Awareness is also an opportunity to re-evaluate our club goals, as well as to think about our own engagement in Rotary. In December, clubs held their elections for their new Board for the next Rotary year and I remind you of the date 31.1.2015 by which clubs should inform Rotary International as well as our District Secretary, Oto Kovar. This administrative step, naming your new Club President and Secretary on the Rotary International database, has been actioned by only 13 clubs in the District: Zvolen, Zlín, Valtice-Břeclav, Trenčín, Telč, S.N.Ves, Prostějov, Hluboká, Beroun, Prag Bohemia, Ostrava Int., Levice, Humenné!

We’re starting the second half of our Rotarian Year and we have a number of opportunities for Rotary Awareness, as we consider who to nominate for District Governor for the Rotary year 2017-2018 the Nomination Committee request is attached. We also have a great opportunity to meet RI President Gary Huang, and that at the President’s Conference in Graz, Austria on 25.4.2015, which is being organised by Districts 1910 and 1920 – come along! The invitation and application is attached.

To strengthen our Rotary resolve, we can contribute by participating in the opera-ballet European premiere of undying love: ‚Petro e Lucia‘ – our strong rejection of war and terrorism. Further information in the attached no war!

Rotary awards also help in increasing Rotary Awareness – please consider making nominations for awards which will be distributed at the District Conference in Kosice 22- 23.5.2015 (attached)

In conclusion dear Rotary friends, I wish every day this year to be your day of Rotary Awareness.

Jozefa Poláková

Vlasta welcomed our members and guest including Maggie and Tom who joined us from Rotary Club Westminster, London. Club business was discussed including the planning work for the Rotary Dragon Boat Race which is taking place on the 30th May 2015. The information relating to the race is on the club website and key articles have been translated into Czech with the kind assistance of Jiri Bavor who has attended numerous club meetings as a guest.
The highlight of the club meeting this week was a most entertaining and informative talk given by Jan Malat where he took the members right back to the beginning of the universe and then, by winding time forward set out the clear path which shows the evolution of the earliest fish into todays human being. With good humour and plenty of science Jan made the evening a fascinating journey of discovery which will be much talked about and not easily forgotten.
Dear Rotarians,
I am definitely missing a little frosty air, mulled wine and good company in December!   It sounds like you had a nice nice time!
I'm afraid that if I write much about what I'm doing here in Mali, it might sound a bit like propaganda. In spite of the dust and some major logistical challenges, I'm quite enjoying this 'gig.'
I have been as busy as expected since the moment I arrived in Mali to set up the Ebola prevention program for the International Rescue Committee (  The first case of Ebola appeared in Mali just as I arrived and was quickly followed by a few more so an emergency situation seemed imminent.  Fortunately, since mid-December, there have been no active cases here and Mali will be declared Ebola-free on January 18.  Nevertheless, the need to keep working on improving preventive measures - at home, schools in health centres, stores and anywhere crowds gather - is here to stay as long as there is active transmission in neighboring Guinea.  The Ebola outbreak has been and continues to be an invaluable learning experience on so many levels. Although the disease is not yet fully understood, we've learned a lot about how it is transmitted and about local cultural practices, fears and attitudes that can help to break those transmission routes with our interventions.  It's really boiled down to providing raising awareness and mobilizing communities.   
I'm attaching a photo of part of our Ebola team of doctors, engineers and clowns (yes, clowns - - - can you tell which is which??), a picture of one of our staff interviewing a woman about about Ebola (she's collecting data on that phone in her hand - very handy way to do a survey, and surprisingly well-received here!) and finally a not all work and no play photo of me with some hashing buddies on the pre-Christmas 22k amble over hill and dale and river beds!  
It looks like my replacement is arriving this week so I may be back in Prague before the end of the month.  Hope to see you all then!
All the best,

Melody Munz

Our Stories....

On the 15th December 2014 Canada’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Otto Jelinek, attended a signing of a Memorandum of Understanding relating to a donation of CAD 30,000 to The Committee of Good Will – Olga Havel Foundation, a leading Czech charity organization. The donation comes from Czech-Canadian industrialist and philanthropist Karel Velan who has been supporting The Committee of Good Will for over two decades. The funding will be primarily used to support two projects – the care of Roma children experiencing poverty in partnership with the activities of Association Petrov in Brno-Zabrdovice, and social services for youngsters and elderly with mental disabilities provided by “Olga” Home in Blansko. Other, smaller projects focusing on the care of senior citizens and on hospice care will also be supported.
Ambassador Jelinek told the assembled “I am pleased to see that leading members of the Czech-Canadian community in Canada are supporting worthy charity projects in the Czech Republic, including projects supporting Roma youth from socially excluded communities and social services to youth and elderly with mental disabilities. Dr. Milena Černá, the Director of the Committee of Good Will – Olga Havel Foundation said "We are grateful to Mr. Karel Velan for his faithful and long-term support to the activities of The Committee of Good Will – Olga Havel Foundation.”
The trilateral Memorandum of Understanding is signed between Rotary Club of Montreal, Canada; The Rotary Club of Prague International, Prague; and The Committee of Good Will – Olga Havel Foundation, participants in the Rotary Twinning Project. RCPI will receive the funds from RC Montreal and redistribute the funds to the Foundation whilst retaining responsibility for transparent governance and compliance to the terms of the document of understanding.

Vlasta opened the meeting of the RC Prague International at the Palace Hotel Prague by welcoming all RCPI members as well as the many guests from other Rotary clubs including guests invited by RCI members. Sanan went on to introduce the distinguished guests and friends including Ambassador Andrew Schapiro from the US Embassy, Ambassador Ed Hoeks from the Netherlands and First Political Officer James Merz from the US Embassy in Prague.
Ambassador Schapiro spoke to over  50 Rotarians and friends who attended the meeting. His message was one of optimism and hope . He set out why he feels optimistic about the future by referring to the Winter solstice, the longest night followed by the lengthening of the days and the assured reappearance of the sun in the sky. Members were fascinated as the Ambassador took them on a journey through nations in conflicts, global issues, health challenges such as Ebola, economic dynamics ending with a call to action on the topic of anti corruption, transparency and governance. Throughout Ambassador Schapiro addressed current examples of issues faced by the world and how, through nations standing united, we have addressed natural and man made challenges to make a better world.
Ambassador Schapiro received a rousing round of applause and remained to answer specific questions posed by the Audience.

We are set for our annual members for members dinner party, Saturday 14 February 2015 from 19:00 at Malostranska Beseda. The theme of this year's party will be 1920s prohibition, so ladies and gents please get your period dress ready. If you need inspiration, please do an online image search for "Boardwalk Empire".
Real machine guns will not be allowed, however, food and "booze" will be available in copious amounts.  The venue is the appropriately named "Trick Bar" at Malostranska Beseda, which has a capacity of about 100. The Trick Bar is comprised of 4 rooms: a sit-down bar, a dance floor with stage, and two lounges/saloons. The place looks like a "speak easy," that used to be very popular during the 1920s in the US.
The evening will include cold/hot buffet, unlimited beer/wine/non-alcoholic drinks, an cash bar serving spirits. Entertainment will be provided by the 11-member Miloslav Novotny Jazz Swing Orchestra. There will be a couple of surprises awaiting you.
All this for an entry of 1,200 Kc! More details to follow, including a formal invitation and how to book your places.


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Welcome to Rotary Club Prague International

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Rotary releases $34.8 million for polio immunization activities worldwide
Rotary International released an additional $34.8 million in grants to support polio immunization activities in 10 countries, including Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan, the three countries where the disease has never been stopped. The funds, whose release was announced 20 January, will be used by the World Health Organization and UNICEF for polio immunization and surveillance activities in the 10 countries, as well as to provide technical assistance in several other countries in Africa. The grants include $8.1 million for Nigeria to support its final push to eradicate the disease. Nigeria...
President-elect urges Rotary members to ‘Be a Gift to the World’
Using their talents, expertise, and leadership, Rotary members worldwide are asked to be gifts to the world this upcoming 2015-16 Rotary year. Rotary International President-elect K.R. "Ravi" Ravindran called Sunday's address to incoming district governors the "most significant moment of my life." "All of you have been given so many gifts. And you have now been given this great gift: one year to take all your talents, all your gifts, everything that you are and can become -- and Be a Gift to the World," said Ravindran, revealing his presidential theme at the annual five-day training meeting...
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