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Dear Friends,
We invite you to our traditional Prague Rotarians' Christmas Auction and their Friends.  Where and when?
Clam-Gallas palace / corner of Husova and Karlova streets, Stare Mesto...short walk from Male Namesti /
On Tuesday 2nd December from 18.00

Welcome drink
18.30 small Christmas concert by excellent boys choir: Pueri Guadentes
Buffet with great wine and excellent coffee
Traditional exciting charity auction, including a silent auction, all proceeds to RC Praha City and RC Stare Mesto projects
Cost: only 600czk for buffet, all wine and drinks
Invite all your friends – the more we are, the greater fun we will have!
We need to know how many to cater for!!
Thank you and see you there!
Vážení přátelé,
srdečně Vás zveme na naši tradiční Vánoční aukci pražských Rotariánů a přátel. Kdy a kde?
-Clam-Gallasovův palác v úterý 2. prosince od 18 hodin.
(roh Husovy a Karlovy ulice, Staré město)
-Welcome drink
-18,30 malý vánoční koncert skvělého chlapeckého sboru Pueri gaudentes
-Raut včetně výborného vína a skvělé kávy
-Tradiční zábavná charitativní dražba i dražba tichá ve prospěch
projektů  Rotary klubů Praha City a Praha Staré Město.
Vstupné včetně rautu a nápojů i vína jen 600,-.
Registrujte se na formuláři - klikněte ZDE
Srdečně zveme Vás i vaše přátele
Ms Annika Jagander, the Swedish Ambassador to the Czech Republic, joined Rotarians at our meeting at the Barcello Hotel where she gave a fascinating account of the relationship of the Swedish and Czech nations through the ages. Annika's passion for ancient maps and pictures guided the audience through a visual tour of the Thirty Years war (1618 -1648) and following conflicts including the sieges of Prague and Brno. The audience smiled as Annika explained that Mala Strana was under Swedish control at that time and serves today as the location of the Swedish Embassy.
Particularly interesting was to trace the history of the Codex Gigas, the so-called devils bible, which was taken as war plunder by the Swedish army at the end of the 30 years War and has  remained  in Sweden for 359 years until it returned for a short exhibition in Prague in 2007. Annika continued  the story  of Sweden and the Czech Republic throughout history closing with some of the more recent examples of Swedish culture such as IKEA, ABBA, ABB, Spotify and closed with the reminder that healthy conflict still exists particularly in the area of ice hockey where Sweden will meet the Czech Republic in the opening of the world championship on the 1st May 2015.
We toasted the Rotary club of Lavalette in Malta as part of our usual Rotary International toast where we remind ourselves that Rotary is a global organisation doing good throughout the world.
The Prague Rotary Club Stare město is holding a Grand Christmas Auction on December 2, 2014 at the Clam Gallace Palace. You can donate an item, proceeds from the auction will go to our club. It is an open event, so you can use this opportunity to invite business partners, friends or family.  For more information please contact
The Rotary Club Ekumena of Prague is hosting a Christmas Concert with the Harmony Prague Chamber Concert on December 13 at 7 pm House at the Stone Bell (Old Town Square 13).  VIP tickets are available at the excellent price of just 400 CZK. Proceeds will go to Hospice Duha. For more information please contact
ROTARY CLUB PRAGUE INTERNATIONAL invites you to enjoy its 6th CHRISTMAS MULLED WINE (with and without alcohol) on December 4th, 5th and 6th from 10:00 to 20:00 in front of the shopping centre Novy Smichov. All proceeds will go to MODRY KLIC o.p.s. helping children and adults with mental and combined handicap.
We are looking for volunteers to help serve mulled wine on each of the three days, the shifts are 2 hours at a time and you won't be on your own! Please contact Nelly.

Our Stories....

Thanks to work done by LOMMA – BJÄRRED ROTARY CLUB in Sweden we have been able to cooperate and help to improve the teaching of dyslexic and other special needs children at the Klíček school. There is almost no training or resource available to teachers of children with special requirements in the Czech Republic and thanks to our Swedish partners the Principal David Havelka and special needs teacher Veronika Petreková from the Klíček school spent a week in Lomma visiting two schools, acquiring a lot of new information and getting help with the provision of special materials needed for their children. 
We look forward to following their progress.


The club meeting on the 13th of November was held in the Palace Hotel and our guest speaker was Gabriela Kozlova, the Head Nurse for Nemocnice Na Frantisku accompanied by Zeta Janderova, Station Nurse for Internal Medicine. The Hospital is located on the banks of the river in Prague 1 and has a very special association with the Prague 1 because it is the only hospital to be funded directly by the municipality and not national budgets.
The picture is of Zeta and Gabriela on either side of our very own Rotarian Radka.
Gabriela told us how the medical care and equipment available in the hospital is excellent and how many of urgent admissions from throughout the city come to her hospital. This also means that many socially disadvantaged patients are admitted and this where the budget is stretched. Basics such as toilet paper, soap and toothbrushes are in short supply and the nursing staff are at times distressed that they cannot provide the basics of dignity whilst on the other hand administering top level medical care. In the name of Rotary Club Prague International, Sanan has already pledged to intervene and has found sponsorship to provide the basic supplies needed for the patients who do not have the means or the family to provide. 400 toilet rolls are on their way and Rotary Club Prague International will assist to provide the other supplies needed to give the disadvantaged patients the basics of dignity and hygiene they need to make their stay as comfortable as possible.
Gabriela also informed us that the original hospital dates back to the 15th Century and that there are corridors which give her goose bumps as she walks through the historic building. Gabriela invited Rotarians to a tour of the hospital which was warmly welcomed - price of admission is a pack of toilet rolls and 10 toothbrushes! More details to follow.
We toasted the members of the Rotary Club of Prague City and Nelly reminded everyone that the club will be selling mulled wine on the 4/5/6th of December outside the Andel shopping centre. Please do come along and bring your friends - this is drinking mulled wine for charity - it does not get better than that! Volunteers are needed to man the stand - please contact Nelly.

The meeting of the Prague RC International this week was really quite special. We welcomed guests from Canada, Florida and Australia and exchanged flags. Following our tradition we toasted a rotary club from another part of the world, this time Waga Waga in Australia.
Following a delicious dinner of Czech Rabbit we listened as Jan Kasl, our guest speaker, opened up the world of Prague politics, city planning and some of the things which go on behind the scenes. Jan was Mayor of Prague from 1998 to 2002 and spoke with passion about his visions for the city. He believes that a city can only evolve if it has a plan and that the role of the Mayor and his/her team is to ensure such a plan is in place and is executed. He told of the ongoing struggle to connect the airport to the city even though elegant and 'smart' solutions exist. Jan also enlightened us about some of the less desirable aspects of Prague politics including corruption, personal interests before serving the city and ex STB agents in positions of power. When asked about the priorities he sees as critical for Prague today, he answered without hesitation: To become the Headquarter for Central Europe by adopting a Smarter City Policy, integrating transport and making Prague a Safe, Clean and Green City managed by a legislature with transparent and honest governance. He elaborated on each of the points with great examples of how it could work, however also with examples of how Prague has been less than effective in achieving some of these goals. Jan has now returned to his passion of city design and architecture and runs a successful architecture studio in Prague. And as for the future in politics, well we'll see....
A few reminders for our Members and Friends: our fundraiser: Selling Mulled Wine will be taking place on the 4th, 5th and 6th of December - more details to come. A Service of Remembrance will be held at the Military Cemetery to remember and honour those who gave their lives in the First World War and other conflicts. All welcome.



Welcome to Rotary Club Prague International

Welcome to Rotary Club Prague International

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Jan 08, 2015
Andrew Shapiro
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Jan 15, 2015
Jan Malat
Where we came from? Love your fish...

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