The Early Bird catches the worm – and Early Birds who register for this year’s District Conference in February save $45 and guarantee themselves a spot – and fun! And new this year, your club can pre-purchase a spot at the Conference and name the Rotarian attendee later, guaranteeing savings!

It is hard to believe that the end of our Rotary year is in sight! District Governor David and the committee have a very special Conference planned for everyone this year. As we strive to keep our Conference local and continuing on this year’s theme of “Being a Gift to the World,” we are “Gifting It Forward” at our Conference on May 13, 14, and 15 held at the Harvard Club in Boston. Along with fellowship and mystery dining on Friday evening, we will be performing a group service project in Boston Saturday morning, enjoying lunch, breakouts, dinner and awards, plus our memorial service and brunch on Sunday morning.

The Early Bird rate for all Conference events is $350. Friday Night Mystery Dining is a separate $75 cost (limited to the first 60 registrants).
Details for our Saturday afternoon District Assembly will be coming soon!

District 7930 is requesting bids for the 2016 Rotary District 7930 Conference Ad Book. If you would be interested in submitting a quote please do so on the downloadable spreadsheet prior to January 31, 2016.
As we are in the planning stages, we cannot provide an exact specification, so we are requesting pricing on a variety of page counts and configurations. Please remember that the final content for the ad book may not be available until 3-5 days prior to the event and that delivery would be required by May 12th.

Every moment in London is an adventure. I am grateful for every step of the way. Ever since I stepped into the grounds of London I could not have been more grateful than I am of the hospitality of the Rotarians from Orpington Crofton Rotary, especially Brenda Parsons and Frances McGarry. They have helped me every step of the way. On my first day in London Brenda and Frances made a new world feel like home. They picked me up from the airport, brought me to my new stay and made sure everything was safe and provided me with all the assistance I needed. My favorite part was when we had a tour of my accommodation and they asked every question they could to make sure it was the right place for me. It was mind blowing to be in a new country and not knowing anyone and to have these two amazing people who I met briefly to take care of me in the way they did.

After being in London for a day, I packed my bags for weekend trip to Stafford for Rotary Link Weekend. I was welcomed to Stafford by an astonishing host family who are also Rotarians. They inform me about the rich history of Strafford and took me on a journey to Stafford Castle and the Museum of the Staffordshire Yeomanry. They were truly amazing. During this weekend I was also able to meet other Rotary scholars from all over the world. It was great to hear their stories and the amazing things that they have done. We Rotary Scholars also took a trip to Warwick Castle, which was beautiful. During this weekend, Rotarians spoke to us and it was uplifting to hear their stories and to hear all the amazing things Rotary is doing all over the world. One of the messages that the Rotarians reminded me and I will always remember is the saying of, “doing good in the world.” Every time I now do something good for the world, I will always think of Rotary!

Being a family of the Rotary has opened so many opportunities and has enabled me to know just remarkable people who are making amazing changes in the world.
Every once in a blue moon, a special person creates something out of almost nothing. This is the case with Liz Powers. She endeavors to bring the ultimate dignity to those who have had to deal with homelessness and disabled artists through displaying their art in galleries in one of eight cities throughout the country. By providing the platform for these gifted individuals an opportunity to display and sell their artwork, they are able to begin to rebuild their life in a way that will create hope out of despair.
You can read more about Liz in a story that was posted about her a few months ago. Get to know Liz and it will lift your imagination about what is possible by serving others in the article While There's Life, There's is Hope. To learn more about how Global Grants can fund projects like ArtLifting check out Support Global Grant Alum in Her Quest to Empower Homeless Individuals.
But if you want to be really impressed, watch the video from the Today Show that featured a Sunday with Harry segment on Liz and ArtLifting. Even the hosts got choked up about Liz and her mission. Check out the video here! 

On Saturday, January 23rd, several Rockport Rotarians braved the frigid ocean water and whipping winds to raise money to end Polio worldwide. Bob Gillis, Janelle Favaloro, Katie Favaloro, Andrew Maddox, Gus Campbell, and exchange student Luma Piantino from Brazil were our brave representatives.

Each year, Rotary District 7930 has a Polar Plunge to raise funds for the eradication of Polio. This year was the 6th annual plunge, which took place at 11:15 am with an air temperature of 29 degrees in 6-8 foot waves and winds of about 35 mph. The water temperature was rumored to be 42 degrees.
Over 200 participants plunged into the icy Atlantic to fulfill their “Service Above Self” commitment. The event was held at the Gloucester end of Long Beach. Due to the high winds and waves, plungers were cautioned to go in with a buddy, and no deeper than their knees. Participants came from Gloucester, Rockport, Ipswich, Wakefield, and Stoneham just to name a few. Senator Bruce Tarr also attended the event and provided the all important count down to the plunge.

We would like to take this opportunity as the new year starts, to remind you about Rotary Global Rewards, our member benefit program featuring special offers that allow you to do a lot more for a lot less—no matter what you’re doing.

Whether you’re working on your club’s community projects, enjoying a night out with friends or sharing your Rotary story with someone new, you can take advantage of discounts and special offers on  airfare, hotels, vehicle rentals, and entertainment.

Would you like to offer discounts from your business to other Rotarians? Help build the program by adding special offers from your own company to the growing portfolio of Rotary Global Rewards. To learn more, visit the Global Rewards site.

Please share this exciting news with your members. You’ll find promotional tools on the Rotary Global Rewards website that will help you introduce your Rotarian friends to the program.

The good you do comes back to you!

Have you ever been involved with Boy or Girl Scouting? I bet that the odds are 50% that either you, your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter have been at one time or another, part of the Scouting program. With such a similar code of conduct and mission, it would be no surprise for this to be true. Even at the Mid-Year Presidents Meeting, when the attendees were asked this specific question, about half of the most committed Rotarians raised their hands.
The Scouting and Rotary Initiative has been introduced, and the mission is to enhance the collaboration between our organizations through mutual support of our programs. The first step is to find a Scouting Champion in every club that chooses to participate in this initiative. Could this be you or someone you know? At the recent committee meeting, chaired by John Halsey, it was determined to focus on a few relatively easy ways in which to begin this journey. Here are the four goals for this year:
  • Invite a Boy Scout and a Girl Scout to give a State of Scouting address to your club
  • Recognize Eagle Scouts and Gold Scouts at their Courts of Honor and at Rotary meetings
  • Act as Merit Badge Counselors (Boy Scouts) and Badge Counselors (Girl Scouts)
  • Share in the delivery of service projects that support our communities
Why is this important? Scouts would make great Rotarians as they emerge to adulthood, but even more importantly their parents would be ideal members of our clubs today. Their similar commitment to service is what ties us together.
If you are interested in fulfilling the role of your clubs Scouting Champion, please email John Halsey and express your interest. In the near future we will be able to provide a toolkit to make this a very easy yet highly beneficial program that will enhance both Rotary and Scouting. 

Win $10,000 for your club!

Peabody Rotary will host its 12th Annual Taste of the North Shore on Tuesday, March 22nd at the Danversport Yacht Club. There will be over twenty local restaurants serving a taste of their food, from main courses to sides to desserts.

In addition to the delicious food and great entertainment, the highlight of the evening will be the drawing of a $10,000 grand prize! Raffle tickets are $100 each and include two admissions to the Taste. Only 300 raffle tickets will be sold, so there are high odds of winning the grand prize! The winner of the $10,000 prize does not need to be present to win.

As always, there will be a raffles and auctions with many exciting prizes of all kinds including vacations, art, jewelry, sports memorabilia, gift certificates, and more. Also available will be the ever popular raffle to “stock your cellar” table of wine featuring dozens of bottles and accessories!

This is a great opportunity for your club to have the chance to make $10,000 for its charitable causes. All you have to do is donate $100 for a raffle ticket and you’re on your way! Plus, two of your members have the opportunity to attend. And you can recover some, or all, of your club’s cost by auctioning off the attendance tickets at a meeting. Please e-mail Herb Harris at  for raffle ticket purchase information.

Further information can be found at Taste of the North Shore.

Did you know that your IRA can now be rolled over as a charitable gift? The law that allows you to make a tax-free gift from your individual retirement account directly to charity has been reinstated and made permanent! Known as the IRA charitable rollover, this law no longer has an expiration date so you are free to make annual gifts to The Rotary Foundation from your IRA this year and well into the future. The recently reinstated law allows individuals 701/2 and older the ability to transfer up to $100,000 from their IRAs directly to a qualified charitable organization without being subject to federal taxes on that distribution.
Are you eligible? You must be 70 1/2 or older at the time of the gift; You may transfer up to $100,000 from your IRA. This law applies only to IRAs; you may transfer outright to one or more qualified charities; and the legislation does no permit transfers to charitable trusts, donor advised funds, charitable gift annuities nor supporting organizations. An IRA charitable rollover gift can satisfy all or part of your minimum distribution requirement, and is a great way to meet your Paul Harris Society goal through a gift to the annual fund.
For more information go to


Thank you from District Governor David Manzi

I would like to thank everyone for attending a fantastic Mid-Year Presidents meeting last Wednesday!  It was great to look back on the previous 6 months and celebrate the amazing work we have accomplished thus far!  We heard about great Membership and Public Image initiatives, an update on our district conference,  our HHI imitative as well as an informative panel discussion ranging on topics - the benefits of club mergers, satellite and service clubs, and how we could make a long lasting legacy in our communities.

This is our year, our time and our opportunity to create positive influence in our communities!  We are halfway through this year, but our work will continue to produce change!

Let us continue to Be a Gift to the World"!

See you at our World Peace and Understanding Dinner on February 10! Register here!

The PE's were enthusiastic and excited as their new theme was revealed, "Rotary Serving Humanity".

In the breakout session the Presidents-elect received information about Presidents-elect Training Seminar (PETS) that will be held in Framingham from March 10-12th.  Randy Lindel coached our incoming presidents about how to successfully input their club's goals and Liz Cullen talked briefly about grants and how the money moves in and out of the foundation so that clubs can do all of their amazing projects.  Roles of the District Support team including assistant governors and district committees were presented by Joan Arsenault and Christina Harris.  Other discussions included Visioning, ClubRunner/websites and Rotoplast.  The PE's had a facilitated discussion with much of the content revolving around different club models such as satellite clubs and service members.

District 7930's Presidents-elect


A big shout out to the hundreds of amazing people who participated in the Polar Plunge on Saturday. Whether you plunged, donated or cheered us on, thank you! Just shy of $71,500 with a $10,000 surge over the weekend! Let's keep asking for pledges and get to $100,000 or more!
Thoughts from a Plunger
Well the Polar Plunge happened yesterday. It was surreal, really. Its one thing to go in the water - but the 25° temp and the 40 mph winds had whipped up the surf, which just happened to be at an astronomically high level. Even if any of us had still thought we could stay in for very long, the riptides put an end to that.

Still - load and loads of fun. I don't know if it was the weather or if the wind really saps the body heat that much more, but this is my 5th plunge, and I don't remember any of the others being so brutally cold as we got out of the water and headed back to change. Even the sand was more ice than sand.

Christina and I joined the Interactors at Village Pancake House to warm up. Best Hot Chocolate I've ever had! 
Keith Harris
If you would like to share a story about why you plunge, please submit it via the Rotary Story Submission Page.
Don't forget to tell your story about participating in the plunge. Download the Post Plunge Press Release Template here!

Yes, it is that time of the year again. District 7930 is accepting applications for Outgoing Global Grant Scholars for Rotary year 2016-2017. Over the last five years, since Rotary International revamped the Foundation rules, District 7930 has awarded several Global Grant Scholarships totaling over $100,000.00 with a RI match of over $100,000.00.

As of November 1, 2015 clubs in District 7930 can begin presenting Outgoing Global Grant Scholarship applicants to the Outgoing Global Grant Scholarship Chair, David Hart from the Malden Club. The application deadline is February 10, 2016.  Interview of the applicants will begin March of 2016. Scholarship winners will be notified no later than the end of March 2016.

Requirements to apply can be downloaded here. For those clubs that have sponsored a scholar some of the requirements have been changed. The applicant must fill out the Global Grant Scholarship Application, provide two letter of recommendation, unofficial transcripts a headshot picture of themselves and a current resume.  You can also download the Press Release for Global Grant Scholars and try to attract those interested in learning more or applying for the available scholarship(s).

Please remember that Rotary Clubs sponsoring a Scholarship Candidate must be an approved club by District 7930.

District 7930 is looking for a few Scholarship Committee members. If you are interested please contact David Hart at the information below.

If you have any questions please email David Hart or call him at 781-718-7799. For more information, please visit the Global Grants page.

Good luck to all applicants.

RYLA 2016 will take place at Camp Rotary, Boxford, MA on Friday June 3 through Sunday June 5, 2016.  Eighty RYLArians will make up eight families and experience everything from ropes courses to group challenges. Ask any graduating RYLArian, it is a life changing weekend!

Again this year, both High School Juniors and Sophomores are invited as the program migrates from a Junior program to a Sophomore/Junior program. Each Rotary Club in our district is allowed to send up to 5 students at $150 each. Student applications for RYLA 2016 are available on the here or from your club president. The applications are being accepted for the 80 spaces and RYLA will be accepting places for alternates. Acceptance is on a first received - first accepted basis. No places will be held. Applications and payment must both be received to hold a position. Applications and payments should to be sent to Tracy Arabian of the Rotary Club of Gloucester:

Tracy Arabian
33 Maplewood Avenue, Unit 206
Gloucester, MA 01930

See your club RYLA representative for more information or contact Jim Babbin, Youth Services Chair or email Jim.

The second Rotary Means Business (RMB) gathering, held at McLane Middleton at the 128 Trade Center in Woburn, was quite the success! Rotarians and non-Rotarians from all across our district took part in an engaging session that focused on what it takes to be a good mentor. The previous RMB meeting centered on another vital business proficiency – crafting a good elevator sales pitch.

Among many takeaways from the session, I learned that to be a good mentor, the mentor needs to teach ethical behavior to her or his mentee. Alan Wheelock from Jones River Consulting presented the basics of implementing a mentoring program. While RMB is a Rotary fellowship, Rotary was not the main topic of conversation at the meeting. However, what I have learned by being a Rotarian made it much easier for me to grasp the mentor-mentee relationship!

As we all know, the second Object of Rotary is to have morality in our business daily practices. When I look back on my career, I recently realized that all of my great mentors were Rotarians! One of the driving forces for me to become a Rotarian was to be an ethical businessperson and I learned that from those Rotarian mentors.

In addition to personal development, RMB gives all participants an opportunity to engage Rotarians in a business-centered conversation. Some clubs are stricter with talking about business at meetings than others, but at RMB the focus is business and who better to do business with, but another Rotarian?
We need your participation! We are over $30,000 against our goal of $125,000. We do know that the last week or two ramp up and that money will continue to flow in even after the plunge, but we need plungers, virtual plungers and donors to achieve this ambitious goal. Don't forget that every dollar that is raised for the plunge gets tripled with the 2 to 1 match from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. That translates to 50 immunizations for every $10 donated. It is amazing to think that if we reach our goal, 625,000 children will be immunized with the polio vaccine and have a chance to have a polio-free life.
If you are brave enough to plunge into the Atlantic Ocean on January 23rd, come join us in the water!  If this is a little too extreme for you, be a virtual plunger. In either case, try to raise money from family, friends, relatives and co-workers while advocating for a polio-free world. Your participation and the donors who support you will be part of history when the world has eradicated polio with Rotary at the forefront of this incredible project.
Make a donation to a plunger or to a team! Click on View Supporters and locate the individual or team you would like to donate.

Mid-Year Presidents Meeting in conjunction with 2nd Pre-PETS for PE’s - January 20. 2016 from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Presidents and Presidents-elect are cordially invited to the Mid-Year Presidents Meeting and the Second Pre-PETS meeting. There will be a joint program over dinner, then the two groups will break apart for discussions with District Governor Dave Manzi for the Presidents and District Governor-elect Sheryl Meehan's District Trainer, Terri Doerfler. This is a meeting where the PE's get to hob-nob with Presidents other than their own, AG's, and District volunteers. If the President or President-elect cannot attend, please consider sending your Vice President or another of your clubs Future Leaders.
This an information packed meeting that is important for all 47 of our District clubs. The fee is $50 per person, which includes the facility and dinner, there will be a brief fellowship opportunity with a cash bar.
Please register today. This is an event not to be missed!

View Map
Woburn Crowne Plaza Hotel
15 Middlesex Canal Park
Woburn, MA 01801
United States

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a multi-district, grassroots leadership development program of member districts organized into regional divisions throughout the world. It was recommended by the R.I. Board of Directors and strongly endorsed by the Council on Legislation at three of their triennial meetings. RLI conducts a series of quality leadership development courses for potential club officers and other club members, including those who have recently joined a Rotary Club. The courses emphasize both leadership skills and knowledge of Rotary around the world. All course sessions are completely interactive. The 81 RLI Regional Divisions believe that leadership education has a positive impact on membership retention by creating enthusiasm and furthering engagement for Rotary.
District 7930 will be hosting RLI in Peabody, MA at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Boston in Peabody on May 07, 2016 from 7:30 am – 3:30 pm. All members in Districts 7910/7930/7950 are welcome to attend.
For more information click on Read More or register for RLI in Peabody here!
The 2016 Service Above Self Scholarship Application is now available for Rotary District 7930 clubs. This $10,000 scholarship will be awarded to one high school senior from our district. This competitive award is funded by our Annual Giving donations to The Rotary Foundation.
The purpose of the Service Above Self scholarship from Rotary D7930 is as follows:
  1. Recognize an outstanding high school senior who has demonstrated his/hercommitment to Service Above Self in their community, a town or city within Rotary District 7930, and financially assist the recipient with his/her future studies with this $10,000 award.
  2. Instill, in the recipient, the Rotary ideal of Service Above Self through active involvement in a variety of Rotary activities and projects.
  3. Encourage the recipient to dedicate his/her personal and professional life to improving the quality of life of people in their local community and beyond.
  4. Develop leadership skills of the recipient in order to address humanitarian needs in his/her community and the world.
  5. Foster a lifelong association between Rotary International and the recipient.
Clubs are encouraged to copy and share the application and to utilize the additional press release template. Each club is empowered to decide how to select their ONE single applicant for district consideration. The SAS Committee will interview candidates in June and one winner will be announced.
Please read carefully the instructions on the application and direct any questions to Peggy Pedro, SAS Chair at via email  or call 603-505-2133.
Download the SAS Application here!

Having a strong connection to your local community media is critical in having a strong Public Image campaign. Although many clubs do a great job in getting press releases or events covered in the news, some clubs shy away from engaging their local media. Here are just a few ways to strengthen your media relationships and get more attention:
  1. Invite a local reporter or public access television rep to join the club
  2. Submit well-written press releases
  3. Meet twice a year one-on-one with your local media reps
  4. Consider submitting to your online newspapers such as Patch or Wicked Local, and write to the editors to ask them to get your story featured
  5. Invite a media rep to cover and/or photograph your event or a high-profile speaker at a meeting
Remember that media reps love it when you make it as easy as possible for them, so be sure to check all of your submissions to make sure they're fully inclusive. For help with writing a specific press release contact Amy Luckiewicz at

​MobileCause offers the easiest donation option with a credit card. However, you or your club may take in a cash or check donation. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you count your offline donations.
  1. Make sure checks are made payable to The Rotary Foundation or convert a cash donation to a check.
  2. Make a copy for your records
  3. Complete the Offline Donation Form for each gift. 
  4. Give the check to your club's Foundation Chair and have them send it in with the appropriate Rotary Contribution Donation Form.
  5. Make sure it is marked for POLIO PLUS FUND and have them send it to the Foundation as soon as possible.
Do not hold onto checks. Please process once the Offline Donation Form has been completed. Always keep copies of donation checks!

Special Event
World Peace & Understanding Dinner
February 10, 2016 - 6-9 pm
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Immediate Past District Governor Terri Kidder is working on a speaker's database which will include individuals willing to speak to Rotary clubs throughout the district on topics ranging from social causes, current events, business and personal development topics and anything else that you, as club members would like to include. If you have a recommendation, please email Terri Kidder.
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We're kicking off The Rotary Foundation's centennial celebration at the Korea convention, 28 May-1 June. But you can get started now planning your club's centennial activities with the resources available in our promotion kit: Ideas and activities for clubs Doing Good in the World promotional flier Doing Good in the World bookmark Sample press release Centennial letterhead Centennial PowerPoint template Centennial postcard History of The Rotary Foundation PowerPoint Find more ideas in "Rotary's Foundation Is Turning 100," in the January issue of Rotary Leader Watch and download A Century of...
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Rotary's annual training meeting gives incoming district governors from around the world the chance to share ideas for strengthening clubs and improving communities. Learn more about the new presidential theme, Rotary Serving Humanity, and find photos, videos, and speeches from the event. Download resources to use with your club and district. News coverage Germ reveals 'Rotary Serving Humanity' as 2016-17 presidential theme Rotary Voices Read reactions from the assembly Photos 2016 Rotary International Assembly photo gallery Videos 2016-17 presidential theme announcement Find more videos...