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Immediate Past District Governor Terri Kidder is working on a speaker's database which will include individuals willing to speak to Rotary clubs throughout the district on topics ranging from social causes, current events, business and personal development topics and anything else that you, as club members would like to include. If you have a recommendation, please email Terri Kidder.

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World Polio Day: Health officials laud polio eradication achievements, point to disease’s endgame
After a year of shrinking polio cases worldwide, the crippling disease is now on the cusp of being eradicated, said top health officials at Rotary's second annual World Polio Day event on 24 October. At a special Livestream program -- World Polio Day: Make History Today -- Rotary leaders joined global health experts and celebrity singers to hail the progress of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. After nearly 30 years, the GPEI, which includes Rotary, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is on...
Dynamic young club uses social media to grow
Erin Mills had just finished teaching for the day in Montevideo, Uruguay, when her smartphone buzzed with a message. An impromptu gathering to watch Uruguay's World Cup soccer match was being organized. Through the power of a mobile messaging app, a majority of the Rotary Club of Plaza Matriz had soon assembled at a member's home to munch on baked goods and chips while rooting for their national team. That enthusiasm and ability to draw a crowd has made the club, which just received its charter in July, a success in the country's capital city. Made up almost entirely of young professionals,...
Previewing the World Polio Day Livestream event
Rotary celebrates World Polio Day on 24 October with a Livestream event featuring expert speakers and celebrity performers. Hosted by Time magazine science and technology editor Jeffrey Kluger, the Chicago event also includes a global status update on the fight to end polio and the challenges that remain, as well as information about joining Rotary's historic campaign. The program, being held before a live audience at 18:30 Chicago time (UTC-5), includes a performance from Tessanne Chin, 2013 winner of the TV show "The Voice," an introductory message and videotaped performance by reggae star...
Creating works of art helps refugee children repair their lives
When asked to describe his future, a refugee child from Iraq draws a picture of himself as a doctor. Another child uses colorful paints to depict happy memories of his former life in Iraq. Both children are among the 200,000 displaced Iraqis who now live in Jordan, a country that has become a safe haven for those fleeing oppression and war in neighboring Palestine, Syria, and Iraq. Alexandra Dawley, a former volunteer with the Collateral Repair Project in Jordan, emphasizes how something as simple as an art project can help young refugees adjust to their new lives in a foreign country. With...
Chat with food experts on Twitter about alleviating hunger
Hunger affects more than 800 million people worldwide, according to the United Nations' World Food Programme, and one-third of all the food grown every year goes to waste. Together, we can change that. On World Food Day, Thursday, 16 October, join a conversation on Twitter from 12:00 to 13:00 Chicago time (UTC-5), using the hashtag #RotaryHunger. During the chat, food experts will talk about ways to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in your community and around the world. Rotary (@Rotary) will moderate the chat, and experts from organizations including Rotary First Harvest (@RFHarvest), the...

What's Happening

you are invited to the World Polio Day Viewing Party

Join the District Polio Team for a Viewing Party on Wednesday, October 29th at 6:30pm at Webster First Federal Credit Union (509 Main Street, Saugus). Come watch the World Polio Day broadcast and enjoy some complementary refreshments!


North Reading EarlyAct - Fostering Change

The North Reading Community EarlyAct Club completed its first service project of the year this week with a focus on local service. The theme kicked off with a conversation among the 3rd and 5th graders about fostering local change. The kids were given a tour of Town Hall and a lesson on how to propose a change in the community. Youth Services Director Amy Luckiewicz explained, “The kids were invited to suggest ways on how to make North Reading better. We sat in the Selectmen’s Room and talked about their ideas like better sidewalks for safety. They were really thoughtful about making sure their ideas benefited the most people.” The lesson was concluded with a visit by School Resource Officer Scott Tilton who spoke to the kids about local service. Two weeks later, the students gathered again to decorate cookies as part of their hands-on project to recognize local service. “The kids planned to hand-decorate cookies and deliver them to the police and fire stations,” commented Parent Advisor Leslie Schultz. “They were so excited to decorate, that they finished decorating three dozen cookies in no time!” Once completed, the children walked escorted to the stations and gave the cookies to the on-duty officers along with thank you cards. “It was great that they were able to see the smiles on the officers’ faces and deliver them in person,” Schultz noted.
Photo: EarlyAct students delivered cookies to North Reading Fire and Police


Volunteer and Donation Opportunity with Cradles to Crayons

Join Downtown Boston Rotary Club in helping Boston kids in need. On October 28, we are making a volunteer visit to Cradles to Crayons’ Giving Factory Warehouse. We will help out at the site and also bring our own donations. Please bring warm winter clothing, boots, hats and gloves, coats, etc. to donate.

Cradles to Crayons provides children from birth to age 12, living in low- income and homeless situations, with the essential items they need to thrive - at home, at school and at play. They supply these items free of charge by engaging and connecting communities that have with communities that need. 
Event Details

What: Donate clothing for needing kids and help out at the Cradles to Crayons Giving Factory warehouse. Bring warm winter clothing, boots, hats and gloves, coats, etc. to donate. See donation guidelines below.
How: If you want to participate, let Christian Sandberg, Community Service Director of Downtown Boston Rotary Club, know by October 21st by sending an e-mail to or calling 617-459-1177.
When: 10/28/2014 6:15 PM for 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Where: 155 North Beacon St, Brighton, MA 02135
Parking: There is currently construction around the facility so you are encouraged to carpool when possible and park on the streets surrounding the building---parking is available on North Beacon Street and Etna Street.
Donation guidelines:


Amarok Society Speaks at Marblehead

The Marblehead Rotary Club was pleased to host Gem Munro, co-founder of the Amarok Society as a guest speaker at its weekly luncheon, this past Thursday, October 23, 2014.
Gem Munro shared with the Rotarians, the work his organization does in Bangladeshi slums in educating and empowering women to become neighborhood teachers.
In addition to being Co-Executive Director of the Amarok Society, Gem is also a bestselling author and visual artist, who most recently has directed a documentary film, ‘Heart to Head: the story of Amarok Society Women and how they are being trained to teach the World’s Poorest Children”.  Bangladesh is a modern Muslim nation, where literacy is their strongest defense against a growing threat of Muslim extremism.                                                                 
Gem is a powerful speaker on peace building, human rights, education, and international development.  For more information about the “Amarok Society” and its partnership with Rotary International, please visit:
The Marblehead Rotary Club meets weekly on Thursdays for lunch at the Boston Yacht Club, 1 Front Street, Marblehead, MA at 12:15p.m. If you would like to attend a luncheon or join the organization, please visit or contact the club’s secretary, Julie Livingston at:
Photo legend: (from Left to Right)
Gem Munro with Marblehead Rotary Club President, Tanya DeGenova



The Somerville Rotary Club will be holding its annual fund raiser event at the Giggles Comedy Club at 517 Broadway (Route 1) in Saugus on November 6th. Tickets may be purchased through any member of the Somerville Rotary Club. Tickets are $25.00 per person and includes unlimited pizza. Proceeds to benefit local Somerville charities.

  1. Change your banner photo monthly or seasonal to show a variety of members in action,supporting a team, or in season‐themed clothes (think Halloween costumes). This will show that you pay attention to your page and update it regularly… and you’re a fun club.
  2. After posting your new member press release (with photo) on Patch or Wicked Local, use the URL to post to Facebook. This will show the new member that you are recognizing them and it’s big news that they joined your club! You can also scan in a photo from the newspaper clipping of a new member instead of just the photo itself. Posting the clipping shows you made it a big announcement.
  3. Encourage members to “check in” at your club and tag other members with comment such as, “We just heard from and an inspiring speaker, (insert name w/tag), and we are inspired now to……” Checking in is only available if you list your club as a business/organization. If not, you can easily change it but list your address as the location of your meetings vs. your PO box number.
  4. Post quotes from members of all backgrounds once a month with photos about why they joined Rotary and why they STAY in Rotary.
  5. Mention that Rotary is an opportunity to become a humanitarian. Include one example of how your club covers that mission with photo.
  6. Talk about any personal stories from club members regarding their memories of an impactful project or connection with members. Better yet, make it a post on your website then link the URL to your Facebook page. This creates “unique content” for your website and helps grow that following as well.
  7. Use Throwback Thursday as an opportunity to post an old photo and thank the members for their service.
  8. Offer “teasers” such as “Want to know why our club was recognized for…” or post a curious photo from an event or project with the caption, “Come to a meeting and learn how this project impacted an entire community.”
  9. Invite viewers to suggest captions to photos from an event or project and watch the social media engagement jump.
  10. Finally, put out the ASK! Every other week, put out the open invite to visit your club WITH NO COMMITMENT! Be sure to add a club member’s name and contact info with which to RSVP. That person should sit with them at their first meeting. Remember, the best thing you can do is: SHARE WITH A COMMENT!
Additional Tips:
The more people you tag the better
Is your Rotary’s Facebook page listed on your stationary and business cards?
Thank sponsors for events on your page, they are likely to start following you
Some website editors allow you to live stream your Facebook page onto your front page!
Use the “insights” to help guide posts for example, post when your fans are most likely on line. Insights can tell you when that is!

Questions? Contact Amy Luckiewicz at 781.588.0257 or
Click here to download the pdf document.



That’s what stuck with me from the article I read on membership in the October 2013, Rotarian magazine – we talk about marriage, i.e. joining Rotary, on the first date, instead of getting to know the person we’ve invited to join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In fact, for the next few weeks I found myself talking to Rotarians everywhere I traveled about the ideas shared in that article. Little did I know that three months later I would meet the self-proclaimed Membership Nerd, Kristi Govertsen, who was featured in that article.
We met briefly in the gift shop of the hotel where Pacific Northwest PETS was being held.  She had just come in from a run and was soaking wet (it was raining outside) and I had just bought a tube of superglue.  Don’t ask me what was said, I can’t remember, but in a matter of minutes we were joking and laughing.  I quickly realized that she was indeed an explosion of energy as stated in the article.  I wondered however, what on Earth Kristi would have to say at lunch to all of the presidents-elect about membership that would be so motivating.  I didn’t have to wait long to see everyone in the room nervously laughing when she described membership conversations that weren’t successful …because we had all had those conversations; to see a room full of Rotarians making a personal commitment to invite a guest to Rotary; and to see a room of future leaders rethinking their plans to grow their clubs.
Now I tell you about this encounter, because I’m very excited that Kristi has agreed to be one of our plenary speakers at the 2014 Zone Institute.  Our colleagues out west have had the pleasure to hear her speak and I thought it was time to let Kristi “Reflect on Rotary Membership” and “Light Up” our Institute.  I want to encourage all of you to find that October 2013 issue of The Rotarian and read the article about Kristi and membership entitled, Be Nice. Smile. Don’t Make Fun of Your Spouse and check out this story on My Rotary at
This article originally from the Zone 24/32 newsletter.


I'd like to ask you a personal favor.  As I'm sure you're aware, Friday 24 October is World Polio Day.  As chair of the District's Polio Plus initiative it is my goal, and certainly the goal of both Rotary International and District 7930, to keep the world wide eradication of polio at the forefront of our clubs' agendas.  Your outstanding support at our annual Polar Plunge event is great appreciated and we hope to break every record that was set last year again this year.  What better way to begin the drive to set new heights in our 2015 Plunge than dedicate your upcoming meeting the week of 20-24 October to World Polio Day?  We're not asking for big donations, save those for the Plunge.  Instead, talk up the drive to end this terrible disease, pass the End Polio Now cup, and begin the process early in ramping up enthusiasm for the Big Event in Gloucester in January!  We'd like to ask that the Clubs just send in one check for this one time effort and not individuals....leave those recognitions for the Plunge. 
You are also invited to the Viewing Party to be held at Webster First Federal Credit Union located at 509 Main Street in Saugus on October 29th at 6:30 pm. The Polar Plunge Committee will be hosting the event which will show the recording of the October 24th live streaming of the event. If you cannot make it to the viewing party, catch it live on October 24th at or set up a viewing party for your club. Please RSVP to
Thank you all very much in advance!
Fred deNapoli
Polio Plus Chair, District 7930



Yes, it is that time of the year again.  District 7930 is accepting applications for Outgoing Global Grant Scholars for Rotary year 2015-2016.  As you know, since Rotary International changed the Foundation rules and District 7930 was one of one hundred Pilot Districts around the world, District 7930 has awarded five Global Grant Scholarships totaling $75,000.00 with a RI match of $75,000.00.
We would also like to announce that all information a club or applicant may need is located on the new Global Grant webpage on the District 7930 website.
As of now clubs in District 7930 can begin presenting Outgoing Global Grant Scholarship applicants to the Outgoing Global Grant Scholarship Chair, David Hart from the Malden Club. The application deadline is December 31, 2014.  Interview of the applicants will begin in the end of January to the  middle part of February.
Rotary District 7930’s first Global Grant Scholar, Liz Powers (pictured at right), received $30,000 in a global grant to study and execute a detailed service project in Ireland.
For more information, click read more! 


Your Foundation at work
The Rotary Foundation makes it possible for Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace by supporting projects that improve health, support education, and alleviate poverty.
The Annuall Fund is the primary source of funding for Foundation activities. Your contributions help Rotarians carry out a broad range of local and international projects
Every Rotraian is encouraged to participate in a a Foundation project and contribute to the Annual fund every year.


The Stone Zoo needs you!  We are building a new playground at the zoo in Stoneham and we need volunteers to help.  Volunteers will be helping with participant registration, general playground construction, and other day of event tasks like food service and youth activities.  There will be food, music, and over 200 wonderful community members having fun building a state-of-the-art playground.
Don’t miss out!  Here are the details:
Volunteers are needed from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on October 29th and 30th
Volunteers are needed from 7:45 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. on October 31st  (This is the actual build day!)
All volunteers must be 16+.  Anyone under age 16 can hang out in our Youth Activities area for the day with our Zoo Educators. All youth must be age 4+ and potty trained!  When signing up to volunteer, please notify the Zoo if you will be bringing anyone under age 16. 
Volunteers must sign a release form beforehand and cannot wear clothing with visible logos.
November 8th we will have a grand playground opening with signage thanking all of our wonderful volunteers and community partners.
If you have interest in participating please contact Megan McCallister, Stone Zoo Outreach Manager, at or 781-438-9503.  Also, please share this opportunity with anyone else who might have interest in volunteering!


Presented by Winchester Rotary 

Saturday November 1, 2014
4:00 PM to 8 PM
Winchester Town Hall Auditorium
Winchester Massachusetts
Tickets: $5 Individuals, $15 Families, $15 Alcohol

Taste and vote for the best chili in Winchester as area restaurants and amateurs compete for best chili. The event is a family friendly event that will include music, food trucks, beer/wine and kids games. Sponsorship and entry opportunities are still available.

For more information go to or 




​On Tuesday, October 21, Rotarians will gather at the Sheraton Colonial Boston North Hotel and Conference Center at 1 Audubon Road in Wakefield, MA for exciting programs and new information about the Rotary Foundation and Membership.

Registration begins at 3:15 pm in the Conference Center lobby on the lower level. There will be a plenary in the main Ballroom at 4:00 pm followed by breakout sessions from 4:35 to 6:15 pm.
Ingrid Brown, PDG, Foundation Chair and her committee, and Peter Majane, Membership Chair and his committee will provide training and information on the following topics:
First Session
Freezin’ for a Reason – How to engage your club in the international polio campaign
District, Global Grants and Inbound Scholars – Ideas for projects and how to be a host Club
Club Runner and access to Rotary International for Foundation Chairs – How to access Club reports
Engage New Members: Extraordinary member growth
Second Session
The Rotary Foundation: What’s New and What Does It Mean To You?
Annual Giving Reports – How to Use Them Effectively In Your Club
Membership – Attracting the Next Generation of Rotarians”-Panel Discussion
Fellowship and Dinner with keynote speaker will follow the sessions at approximately 6:15 pm.
Presidents, President-Elects, Foundation and Membership Chairs should not miss this fun and informative forum. This is your chance to get and give ideas to and from other Clubs around the District.
The Sheraton Colonial is right off Rte. 95/128 in Wakefield, approximately 2 miles from the Route 93-Route 95/128 intersection.



Recently, almost 30 volunteers from District 7930 received training in a very successful program, Club Visioning.
The Visioning process is designed to help Rotary Clubs create their own vision and to discover the steps necessary to achieve that shared vision. The result is unique to each Club because this is not a vision decided by District 7930 or by Rotary International. The result is a vision designed and endorsed by the Club’s own members.
This new initiative will be formally introduced during a session at the District Assembly which a few members of your Club's leadership team should attend!
If you want to learn more, continue reading the article or go to the Vision Facilitation Page that provides much more information.
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