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Immediate Past District Governor Terri Kidder is working on a speaker's database which will include individuals willing to speak to Rotary clubs throughout the district on topics ranging from social causes, current events, business and personal development topics and anything else that you, as club members would like to include. If you have a recommendation, please email Terri Kidder.

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Intense summer program gives Israeli and Palestinian teens new perspectives
Students from Israel and Palestine sat together at a local art studio in Encinitas, California, USA, one day last summer, drawing portraits of one another and learning how to live in peace. Kelly Mellos, an organizer of the project from the Rotary Club of Encinitas Coastal, says that drawing someone who is sitting so close helps break down social barriers between the young people. "They see how many similarities there are between them," she says. "And they begin to understand we are all just people. There is a respect and trust that builds." The students were participating in a program run by...
Rotary releases $34.8 million for polio immunization activities worldwide
Rotary International released an additional $34.8 million in grants to support polio immunization activities in 10 countries, including Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan, the three countries where the disease has never been stopped. The funds, whose release was announced 20 January, will be used by the World Health Organization and UNICEF for polio immunization and surveillance activities in the 10 countries, as well as to provide technical assistance in several other countries in Africa. The grants include $8.1 million for Nigeria to support its final push to eradicate the disease. Nigeria...
President-elect urges Rotary members to ‘Be a Gift to the World’
Using their talents, expertise, and leadership, Rotary members worldwide are asked to be gifts to the world this upcoming 2015-16 Rotary year. Rotary International President-elect K.R. "Ravi" Ravindran called Sunday's address to incoming district governors the "most significant moment of my life." "All of you have been given so many gifts. And you have now been given this great gift: one year to take all your talents, all your gifts, everything that you are and can become -- and Be a Gift to the World," said Ravindran, revealing his presidential theme at the annual five-day training meeting...
Man in iron lung discovers Rotary
One might think a man living with polio in an iron lung would know about Rotary. But it wasn't until Paul Alexander had a business meeting with a member in Duncanville, Texas, earlier this year that he learned Rotary fights to eradicate the very disease that left him almost completely paralyzed. "I was completely blown away by the idea. For all these years, I didn't know the work they were doing," says Alexander, a practicing attorney in Dallas. "It's such a perfect fit for me." Alexander contracted polio during a major U.S. outbreak of the disease in the late 1950s when he was six years old...
Alumni recognized for expanding mental health services and supporting Rotary’s work
Dr. Geetha Jayaram has dedicated her life to helping people in her native India and the United States overcome the torment of severe depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, and other mental illnesses. Jayaram is a psychiatrist and associate professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. Her work expanding access to mental health services is much needed. Depression affects at least 350 million people and is the leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. "In India, there is no mental...

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Due to the blizzard and forecast for more snow on Friday, we have received the recommendation to postpone our Polar Plunge until next Saturday, February 7th on the same time schedule:

Arrival by 10:30am
Plunge at 11:15am
Any clubs who have reserved rooms will be moved forward to next Saturday.
We apologize for any inconvenience. Please share this news with anyone who may have planned on attending the event as a spectator. This delay does, however, open up another week for plungers to register so please recruit friends and family!
Freezin' for a Reason (a week later),
Polar Plunge Committee 



It is only 10 days until the plunge and we are more than half way to our goal of $125,000. By the time you receive this email, we should have passed the $65,000 level in recorded donations through Typically, during this period we average over $3,000 per day being posted and a huge surge of donations posted to after the event. If you have not yet entered your offline donations, please do so as soon as possible to help boost the reported total to help inspire others to get to our goal before the event.
It is time to really ramp up your social media presence. Appeal to your friends and ask them to make a pledge to a plunger in your Rotary, Rotaract or Interact club, or even to a virtual plunger. Ask your family and friends to not only like your posts but to also share them with a comment about how important this event is in terms of doing our share to eradicate Polio from the world.
Visit the district website Polar Plunge page to get more information and tools to help you enhance your fundraising efforts. Tomorrow is 9 days out, and there are countdown graphics for each day from here on out. Consider downloading them and using on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Remind people of the 2-1 matching grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and how every dollar provides 5 Polio vaccinations.
Let's get this done!



So what is the International Assembly all about? Well, it is a gathering of District Governors-elect from around the world. Our Governor for the 2015-2016 Rotary year, David Manzi, will spend a week in San Diego learning about his upcoming role in great detail while being inspired to lead all of the Rotarians in District 7930. 
RI President-elect K.R. "Ravi" Ravindran chose "Be a Gift to the World" as his theme for 2015-16. Ravindran urges Rotary members to give the gifts of time, talent, and knowledge to improve lives in communities across the globe. "Through Rotary, we can take these gifts and make a genuine difference in the lives of others and in our world."
This is an exciting opportunity for all of us to continue to do good in the world, and maybe even take it up a notch or two. When DGE Dave returns, he will begin to share his vision with his presidents at the third and final Pre-Pets Meeting on February 5th. Then in March, Northeast PETS will occur, where the presidents will receive similar training to GETS but aimed at the information about leading a great Rotary club.
David has met incoming governors from around the world as well as Rotary International's President-elect, K.R. "Ravi" Ravindran, and the rest of the RI leadership. I am sure Dave will have many stories to tell us about this incredible experience. During his official visits to the clubs, Dave will not only update you on RI news but also inspire each of us to "Be a Gift to the World".



The 2015 Service Above Self Scholarship Application is now available for Rotary District 7930 clubs. This $10,000 scholarship will be awarded to one high school senior from our district. This competitive award is funded by our Annual Giving donations to The Rotary Foundation.
The purpose of the Service Above Self scholarship from Rotary D7930 is as follows:
  • Recognize an outstanding high school senior who has demonstrated his/hercommitment to Service Above Self in their community, a town or city within Rotary District 7930, and financially assist the recipient with his/her future studies with this $10,000 award.
  • Instill, in the recipient, the Rotary ideal of Service Above Self through active involvement in a variety of Rotary activities and projects.
  • Encourage the recipient to dedicate his/her personal and professional life to improving the quality of life of people in their local community and beyond.
  • Develop leadership skills of the recipient in order to address humanitarian needs in his/her community and the world.
  • Foster a lifelong association between Rotary International and the recipient.
Clubs are encouraged to copy and share the application and to utilize the additional press release template. Each club is empowered to decide how to select their ONE single applicant for district consideration. The SAS Committee will interview candidates in June and one winner will be announced.
Please read carefully the instructions on the application and direct any questions to Amy Luckiewicz, SAS Chair at or call 781.588.0257.
Download the SAS Application and the Press Release!



Did you know that 48% of every dollar raised for the Annual/Polio Funds at the Rotary Foundation in District 7930 comes back to District 7930 in the form of Grants for local projects? This is probably the most important aspect of Rotary that few Rotarians know about. When you are complaining that “all of the Foundation money raised goes abroad”, that in fact is not true.

There are two needs in the Foundation and two ways of giving. The first supports the needs of today, the Annual Programs Fund. This form of giving seeks unrestricted gifts to support the Rotary Foundation’s humanitarian, educational and cultural programs each year. Giving $1 per year makes you one of Every Rotarian Every Year. Giving $100 per year makes you a Foundation Sustaining Member. Giving $1,000 per year, or $2.73 per day/$19.11 per week, makes you a member of the Paul Harris Society. This Fund has been in existence since 1957.

The second is the Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund is Rotary’s response to the growing numbers of worthy projects in the United States and around the World. The Endowment Fund is invested permanently to build long term stability for the Foundation’s future. This Fund can supplement the Annual Programs Fund in the years necessary, such as in 2002-03 when the Fund provided over $6 million for program support.

The Endowment Fund includes the Benefactors and Bequest Societies. Gifts to the Endowment Fund are typically made from capital assets and bequests to create a legacy. The Fund has been in existence since 1982 and is the key to the Foundation’s security and the Foundation’s role in the future. If you, like me, are a member of the Paul Harris Society and wish to address larger giving, or have any interest in the Endowment Fund and the opportunities to ensure the Foundation’s future, please contact either Liz Cullen, Foundation Fundraising Chair, Rotary Club of Newburyport at or Bob Wood, Foundation Permanent Fund Chari at



]The Rotary Club of Stoneham was excited to present the first in a series of oral health programs to Stoneham High School students on Tuesday, January 20.

Speaking to four of Mr. Pat Healey’s sophomore health classes, Rotarian Dr. Diane Bonanni stressed to the students the importance of oral health as it relates to overall health. Using videos and images on a PowerPoint presentation, Dr. Bonanni educated the students on the parts of the mouth, how to maintain a healthy mouth, and how to identify, prevent, and treat threats to mouth well-being.

“Dr. Bonanni has developed an informative, revealing, and age-appropriate presentation on proper dental care that engaged the students and got them thinking about how their mouth, teeth, tongue, gums, and oral cavity play a significant role in their overall health,” said Dennis O’Hara, Stoneham Rotary spokesman. “Students were surprised to learn that the mouth is the most bacteria ridden part of the body, and how important it is to constantly focus on oral hygiene and disease prevention.”


Which new member of your club would benefit from experiency a "Rotary Moment" through a dynamic and exciting district program? Which long-standting member would be re-energized by helping guide a dynamic and exciting program in your community?
Imagine the great boost it will be your club and your community when the experience of a RYLA Weekend is experienced by anyone participating.
What is RYLA? The Rotary Youth Leadership Award is an opportunity for your club to nominate and send one or more high school sophmores or juniors to a weekend filled with fun and fellowship, problem solving opportunities, time to reflect on how to enhance relationships with others all leading to building the leaders of tomorrow.
If you would be interested in being involved, ask your club president if you could be one of two representatives to attend the RYLA kickoff on Saturday, Janurary 21, 2015, from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. We will serve a complimentary lunch at the Wenham Museum at 132 Main Street in Wenham. Come and find out what your club has been missing!
If your club already supports RYLA, thank you. Please come and share the best practices, program changes and exciting new volunteer opportunities.
Please ask your president to forward your interest via email to and supply your contact information.
For more information about RYLA please visit the RYLA page here!



Utilizing social media is a proven strategy to increase awareness of polio and your fundraising efforts. Did you know it's easy to share your personal plunge page on your Facebook or Twitter? Simply open up your personal page, copy the web address below and substitute your name.
Then post it as a STATUS or TWEET! If you're not plunging but would like to support your club's representative, simply follow the same instructions but for your favorite plunger! Either way, it's always a good idea to share or post WITH COMMENTS and a call to action like, "Please consider our Polar Plunge for Polio when making your year-end contributions."
Another fun way to promote your page is with pictures. Use pictures from past plunges, polar bear photos, or pose some new ones and keep it interesting. Included in the photo should be a link to your personal page. Photos drive comments and sharability! Click here to see all the graphics available.
The best thing you can do, however, is post it to Facebook, then SHARE to an individual with a comment asking for a donation. This method of sharing WITH COMMENT is what drives a post to go viral and show up closer to the top of a page. Check out the LINK for more suggestions on how to maximize Facebook to increase awareness and donations. Want more ideas, click on 10 Tips for Facebook and start your campaign now!
If you have more questions on how to use Facebook for promoting your page, email the team at!



Please Join a 7930 Global Grant Effort to Provide Safe Drinking Water in Northern Ghana.
Imagine that you just woke up and are dying for a cup of coffee. Or imagine that your 4 yr. old with diarrhea wants a drink of water. If you lived in Northern Ghana, you don’t have any running water so you may have to walk 2 mi. to the closest dugout for water. (A dugout is not a pond or a lake. It is a depression where ground water collects when it rains.) The dugout is shared with everyone in your village and all the animals. Now you have water, but it is not safe to drink.  You have no other option.

The Cambridge Rotary Club and the Tamale Rotary Club in Tamale, Ghana want to give 2750 households in Northern Ghana the option of drinking safe water. These two Rotary Clubs are applying for a Global Grant that will provide 1250 household water filters, dig wells in 3 villages and sponsor a safe water safe program in the target village schools. Pure Home Water, an NGO in Tamale, Ghana founded by an internationally known water expert at MIT will manufacture, distribute and monitor the water filters. This Global Grant will build on Global Grant 25252 that provided 1430 ceramic water filters in Northern Ghana with the help of the Malden RC, the Cambridge RC, the Melrose RC, the Everett RC, the N. Reading RC, the Dunwoody GA RC and the Sunyani Central RC in Ghana.

The preliminary budget for the grant is $78,250 with a projected start date of March 1, 2015. The Cambridge Rotary Club has to raise $42,875 to achieve the project goals. So far, they have raised $16,300. They would like this Global Grant to be a multi-club effort as in the past. Every Rotary Club that supports the grant will receive Paul Harris recognition for their donation. If your club would like more information on this project, please contact Joanne Cohn at or David Gibbs at   



Having a dynamic and inspiring speaker at your club's meeting can be a powerful way to retain and attract members.
The task of finding quality speakers can be daunting! District 7930 has created a speaker bureau database to help clubs share and find speakers who have presented for clubs and been  well received. Please check it out by going to the District website and clicking on "Speaker Database" on the left side of the home page.  We have a list of specific names as well as a list of Rotary programs available to your club. This list is growing so be sure to check back in often!  Right now there are enough suggested programs to fill in most of the Rotary year! Click here to view the Speaker Database.
If your club has had a great speaker please send in their name and contact information to PDG Terri Kidder at



December is Family Month for Rotary International.  Our family is made up of the people in our lives who have a common background and to whom we feel connected in some way.  December is a time when we look at the people in our lives, appreciate the love that we have, and often express that love in the act of giving. It’s a time when we can acknowledge how far reaching our family really is.

When I think of families, I also think of cycles of life and the roots of a tree that spread out and connect us.  Considering our Rotary family in this way, there is no limit to how far our family can reach. The expression “think globally, act locally” can take on a richer meaning, allowing our local acts to have a global impact.  The reach of Rotary’s family and its ties to different generations became even more apparent to the Rotary Club of Medford this year.  We had the experience of witnessing the growth of our family and the strengthening of our global connections.

Some of the seeds of this growth were planted several years ago. In the late 1990s, Judy Lonergan, a member of the Everett Rotary and Medford’s Thursday Fortnightly club heard about a man from Canada working in Medford. His family came to visit him for Christmas; and there was a fire in which one of his family members died. Wanting to do something to help this family and others, Lonergan proposed creating a charitable fund to benefit people in the community. “I saw the tree festival in Methuen and thought, ‘We can do that with house tours,’” said Lonergan. That thought sparked the creation of Medford’s Jingle Bell Festival, which first took place in 1999. As a result, the Jingle Bell Festival has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars benefiting Community Family’s Buddy Coholan Memory Loss Center as well as other charities in the Medford community.
Pictured at left:
Jingle Bell Committee member (and wife of Medford Rotarian Pat Theberge) Elaine Roccia Theberge, Medford Rotarian Jen Sanders and Jingle Bell Chair & Everett Rotarian Judy Lonergan at the 2014 Jingle Bell Walk/Run.


Write up the story in a common text editor such as Microsoft Word and make sure you answer the following questions:
  • Who - Who attended, who helped, who is invited
  • What - What is the event, is it a service project, fund raising project or fellowship event
  • When - What was the date or when will the event occur, include starting and ending time as appropriate
  • Where - Where was or is the event, provide a map if possible or at least a very specific address so a link can be created to a map complete with directions
  • How - How do you register, include a digital form in word or pdf or an online registration option
  • Why - Most importantly, why was or is the event being held, this is why someone would want to participate, be as engaging as possible
Send photos or images as separate files from the actual event if it has occurred, or from a prior year, complete with captions describing who is in the photo (optional) and the story behind the picture.
Are you interested in more details? Click on "Read more . . 
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