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September is literacy month in the Rotary Calendar. 

There are so many options for clubs to make a difference with literacy both in their respective communities and throughout the world, that I would think that each of 90+ clubs would win a literacy award at the end of this Rotary year. 

We set a record last year with 26 clubs being recognized for their literacy efforts. 

We hope to honor even more clubs on May 6, 2017 at our Combined District Training and Conference in Suquamish, WA.

photo: Jamie Lund presents Dave Shook with his Major Donor Pin and Certificate. Rotarians become Major Donors when their cash contributions reach $10,000 US. Married Rotarians may combine their donations to reach this level together.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
October 28-30, 2016
Camp Qwanoes, Crofton, BC
Youth in grades 9 (Freshmen) and 10 (Sophomore)
RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Award, and refers to the Leadership Training that Rotary organizes for youth who are showing promise through community service.  Interested 9th and 10th graders are encouraged to apply to attend this exciting RYLA weekend at the magnificent, scenic waterfront, Camp Qwanoes, 1 hour north of Victoria on Vancouver Island, October 28-30, 2016.
At RYLA you'll join a small team for the weekend, attending training sessions on goal setting, self-empowerment, and building bridges inside community. The session presenters will be stellar, from among our own Rotarians. Also speaking with be leaders from various communities on Vancouver Island.
Youth can expect an action-packed two days at Camp Qwanoes. This 55-acre retreat facility is known for  providing exceptional camping adventures for over 50 years. 
Learn more about Camp Qwanoes on their website: http://www.qwanoes.ca 
Brochure with curriculum and all application forms are available here on this website under the navigation tab, District Areas of Service/Youth Services -> [HERE]
Applications may be emailed to Joan@nanaimohospitalfoundation.com with payment to follow. For more information contact Joan.


Join us for a special Membership Summit to learn about growing membership and improving your club's public image facilitated  by Rotary International (RI) Steve Lingenbrink, Zone 25/26 Membership Advisory Chair.

Open to all Rotarians!  

Saturday, October 29, 2016 
at Hotel RL, Olympia WA
9am - 12pm

Admission:  FREE

We encourage club presidents, presidents elect, and the chairs and members of the membership and public image committees to attend to learn about new ideas for promoting Rotary, to network, and to share our successes. At least one representative from each club should attend.

More about Steve Lingenbrink: 


Working with women prison inmates was a new experience — for all of us in the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor. None of our Rotarians had ever been inside the state women’s prison (Washington Corrections Center for Women in Gig Harbor houses some 940 women). 

Working with inmates was initially challenging — we didn’t know what to expect. That changed quickly as we realized these were people very similar to ourselves —women, daughters, mothers, grandmothers — many genuinely seeking help to make it on the outside after release. Rotary hearts, minds and attitudes were also changed as a result.



Growing Rotary is as much about retaining members as it is about introducing new members to Rotary.

True growth in our clubs will happen if we can maintain the new member introduction rate and improve our retention.

For most of the reasons departing members give us the real answer is that the experience was no longer worth their time or money. “It’s too expensive” doesn’t always mean someone can’t afford it, it means that they aren’t getting the value for their dollar. “I don’t have time” or “I am too busy” means that the time isn’t providing them with a benefit they see as worth it. The key to retention is providing our members with experiences and relationships they value.


Port Hardy Rotarians were at first confused but intrigued when their Mystery Bus arrived with wetsuits!

Every year the club organizes a Mystery Bus Tour inviting Rotarians and their friends to show up without knowing exactly what is in store for them on a day-long North Island adventure.



The District 5020 Grant Committee is offering a grant opportunity for clubs to fund summer literacy or nutrition programs targeted to low income, free or reduced lunch students. 

Grants may start at the beginning of summer break in 2017.  The grant will be reimbursed after all reporting is completed during Rotary Year (RY) 2017-2018.  Notification of grant award will occur prior to the start of RY 2017-2018.  


Thank you Bill Evans for being the District 5020 Liaison to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Northwest.  Bill has been a very important part of this District's success with this valuable Youth Leadership training.  


Based on a bet, Rotarian Roger Painter grew his hair for 3 years.

When he cut it off, he challenged District 5020 Rotarians to contribute to Polio Eradification.

For every dollar contributed, the Bill Gates Foundation gave $2. In all, $3200 was raised when Roger got snipped.

And who can dispute it? Roger cleans up real good.

For more about Roger's haircut and other amazing, unique, and exhilarating stories about District 5020 Rotarians, follow our District 5020 Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Rotary.5020/.



When Rotary Club of Oak Bay’s Rotarian John Jordan went to Rwanda for first time in 2009, his target group of 125 widows presented him with a long list of needs: food, school fees, medicine, roofs, blankets, goats amongst other necessities. Rotary guidelines told him to listen to the beneficiaries and to do only what was sustainable.  

It was quite unclear to him how fulfilling any or all of these needs would make life more sustainable.  After weeks of consideration, he posed the question to the local clinic director who responded:

“Poor health is their biggest problem.  Educate them to sustainable health and these women will move mountains to support their children.”


The Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary Club has joined with Second Table Ministries (STM) to support two Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers in South Africa. Early childhood development has been recognized by the South African government as the single most effective human capital investment that can be made. 


The Port Hardy Rotary Club was visited by a dignitary at their July 14, 2016 luncheon meeting.

District 5020 Governor, Joanne Croghan, introduced herself as an "ordinary Rotarian" who joined the organization for a number of reasons. Croghan attended the meeting with her husband Don Mannino Chief of Staff, District 5020.


photo: Port Hardy Club president, Ana Estrada, presents a mug to the District Governor, Joanne Croghan. This article first appeared in the July 27, 2016 North Island Gazette, edited by Kathy O'Reilly-Taylor. 


2017 offers a unique opportunity to meet with our fellow Rotarians from around the world in Atlanta, Georgia, June 10 to 14, 2017 for our annual conference.  Because this is Rotary Foundation's 100th birthday there will be a year-long series of global birthday celebrations that will culminate at the Atlanta convention---the city where it all began.
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