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This past weekend Rotary District 5650 completed the Rotary Youth Leadership Camp (RYLA) for 2014 at Camp Kitaki! It was a packed but fun schedule.  There were 41 students and 5 youth advisors (last year graduates helping run the camp) in attendance.  The evaluations are being tallied but it appears the weekend was a big success.  We appreciated Jason Smith (Lincoln East Rotary and Kitaki Director) ordering perfect weather for Friday and Saturday.  What happened Sunday Jason?? :D
The camp curriculum addressed the following areas and was well received by students.  I had the opportunity to attend a national RYLA Summit in Denver in early March and I can say that most districts do not require the level of introspection and critical thinking of our program.  Students have complimented us on treating them like adults.  This said, there is a good mix of mental and physical activities. The workshops addressed the following themes:  
1) assessing and valuing each person’s unique personality,

2) recognizing the complex and competing ethical values inherent in business environments,

3) learning about exemplars of innovative entrepreneurial business environments,

4) considering the increasingly interconnected world we in, international accords and the difficulty of determining how the US can be a good global citizen and respond most appropriately to threats, attacks and atrocities,

5) overcoming environmental obstacles and becoming an iconic leader,

6) considering a basis for teamwork that it inclusive and

7) a bunch of fun stuff; dances, camp fires, guitar, ukulele and drum jam sessions, etc.

Huge thanks to core team: Jenny Cardwell, Jim Pink, Dr. Joyce Schmeeckle, Jason Smith, Ron Glenn, Dr. Emira Ibrahimpasic and Paul Ehernberger! It definitely was a team effort.

Also huge thanks to speakers: Lori Balke, Ray Blanton, Dr. Courtney Hillebrecht, Randy Hawthorne, Lance Odom, Maggie Mitteis, Ulyana Furiv, and Tatuli Chubabria!!

Also Special thanks to District Gov. Dr. Jim Griesen, District Gov. elect; Brian Moon, and District Gov. elect for 2015 Rod Bates, District treasurer Jim Mastera and RYLA Treasurer Bill Schmeeckle for their great and consistent support. Jim, Brian and Rod all came to the camp for significant periods of time visiting with students, staff and faculty.  It was greatly appreciated by us all. 

And a huge special thanks to Nicki Klein who told me about RYLA three years ago and helped get things rolling. Also to Chris Dietz who helped transport a speaker and who has been a great supporter for three years!

Finally to all the clubs and parents!

All in all a great weekend!!

Registration is now open for the 2013-14 Rotary District 5650 Conference! 
May 2-3, 2014
Holiday Inn, Downtown Lincoln, 141 N. 9th St., Lincoln, NE 68508

Countdown to District 5650 Conference
Click "Read more" for information about the event - agenda, what to bring, who to contact with information, deadlines, registration information, etc.
“Rotary is that meeting-thing Dad goes to way early on Wednesday mornings.  A bunch of people get together and talk about stuff.  Sometimes they do things for town events and sometimes we get to go to Omaha or Lincoln for even bigger meeting-things.”  
      ~ Marisa Baer, daughter of Wayne Rotarian, Dan Rose

Each year, the Rotary Foundation and Rotary District 5650 require clubs to have at least two (2) members participate in a Grants Management Seminar prior to applying for District or Global Grants*. 
The Zambia project is dedicated to sustainable assistance that will have a lasting effect on the rural poor of Zambia.  

The Zambia Committee is offering the experience of a lifetime. Those of us who have been working in Zambia the past few years are unable to travel to Zambia this year. Thus, we are assembling a team who will visit the projects including the water and agricultural projects as well as work with individuals who weigh and measure children for the nutritional project. Health professionals, agriculturists, business persons and folks with organizational skills are needed, but anyone with interest helping helping a group of wonderful folks who live in poverty are welcome.


The Rotary Club of Omaha Northwest announces that BRAN 34 (Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska) Registration is open!

The Falls City Rotary Club captured the 2013 traveling trophy in the first civic club challenge.

York Grocery Grab More Than Just a Shopping Spree!

Omaha Metro Rotary Clubs Business Networking Event, hosted by Omaha Suburban Rotary on 4/3/2014.

Southwest Omaha Rotary Night Club 2nd Annual Golf Outing, May 8, 2014.



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