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   Rotary Emergency Response to address Polio outbreak in Somalia: https://www.rotary.org/en/rotary-approves-500000-emergency-grant-somalia

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Dietrich Bilger

Welcomes You

March 2014
March turns out to be a busy month. It started off with a Ball to benefit the Rotary Foundation and Rotarians having fun on the dance floor in a wonderful setting at the Holiday Inn, Mansfield, MA, urged on by the 10 piece band “Downcity” arranged by PE Paul Borelli, RC Providence. A big thank you to all of you who put this great event together and who attended.
It was one of the events that will help all of us to achieve our goals to support the Rotary Foundation this year. All Clubs are urged to continue with holding their own events to ensure that the combined of individual and Club giving will meet the $100/member giving goal to which all clubs committed. Thank you to all those clubs that have already reached or even exceeded that goal. I know all of you remain focused on achieving this goal and also on the important goal of increasing membership in your Club by a net amount of 5%. Please let me know if any of you need resources from the District to achieve either of those goals you all committed to. We would be happy to be supporting you wherever we can.
Again March was marked by PETS. Congratulations to all President Elects for having taken part in this important preparation for your Club Presidency 2014/15. I am very impressed with the caliber of incoming Presidents to lead their Clubs next year under the leadership of District Governor 2014/15 Valerie Perry. It is great to see that this year’s leadership team will transition over to another wonderful team full of enthusiasm and ideas.
At the District level we are working hard on a seamless transition and continuity in leadership. We are urging Clubs to do the same, ensuring development of projects within your Clubs which will engage all members, and making the Rotary Club in your town THE organization associated with doing good in your community and the world, to which everyone in town would wish to belong.
We are very proud to have been able to put a very strong GSE/VTT team together to represent District 7950 within District 1930 in Germany and would like to congratulate Cynthia Leonard, RC Providence, James Halley, RC North Kingstown, Dr. Michael Johnson, RC Scituate, and Walter White, RC Quincy, to be part of the team. At the same time we are anticipating the incoming team from Germany who we will be hosting from April 20th to May 11th . Both teams will meet at our District Conference on May 2nd and 3rd where you will have an opportunity to actively participate and be part of this exchange program.
Speaking of the District Conference. It is high time to register. Presidents and Rotarians please check this website, your email in boxes and mail boxes for all the registration details. All Clubs will be part of the event program on May 3rd , as we will be holding the Community Volunteer Award Lunch, recognizing members of your community your Club has selected to honor that way. It gives each Club the opportunity for a wonderful setting for this important recognition and will also provide an opportunity to showcase Rotary and its resources to be a partner with organizations in your community.
Clubs are also invited to shape the agenda for the afternoon sessions of the District Conference on May 3rd. The afternoon sessions are reserved for breakout sessions divided up into Areas of Focus. Each Club is invited to take part at any of those sessions to present a project falling under an Area of Focus they want other Clubs to be aware of or to participate in.
March being Literacy Month the District is soliciting proposals and ideas from Rotarians how to develop educational programs with other organizations such as Harvard’s edx program where Rotary’s resources of being present in some 34,000 locations worldwide could combine with the resources under the edx program (which delivers educational content) to reach into the far corners of the world  where segments of the population may be deprived from receiving education.
It is a joy for me to be working with all of you on expanding Rotary’s reach and impact within your communities and being a force worldwide for peace& understanding, fighting disease, providing clean water, saving mothers and children, supporting education, and growing local economies.
February 2014
We are halfway through our Rotary year and it has been great so far! Thank you all for your hard work and contributions that make Rotary being a force in this world within our communities and across the entire globe.
At the February Mid-Year Meeting on February 1, 2014 we passed through our 2nd milestone date  towards our $100/Rotarian Rotary Foundation support and 5% net membership growth goals, on which we all agreed.
To achieve both goals are essential to keep Rotary strong, viable, and a force and network to foster successfully peace & understanding, bringing education and resources to people in our own communities and anywhere in the world.
Through District events we want to do our part to help achieving both goals. Enter the
on March 1, 2014
at the
Holiday Inn,
31 Hampshire Street, Mansfield, MA,
a fund raiser supporting our Rotary Foundation and opportunity for introducing non Rotarians to Rotary.
To date we stand at 75% of the Clubs having contributed with 28% of goal achieved.  Thank you!
Most Clubs have already funds raised or are about to raise them through fun club events and it may be just a matter of sending these funds in the Rotary Foundation or to implement those club events to meet the challenge.
Please use the calendar section of this website to register for the Rotary Winter Ball and don’t be shy to inviting non Rotarian friends who you would like to introduce to Rotary.
Hope to see you all on March 1 at the Holiday Inn, Mansfield having a Ball!!
DG Dietrich



Dear Rotarians in District 7950,
We have entered the season at the end of the calendar year where the observance of traditions hold us to be grateful and thankful for all we have experienced and received in our lives. At the same time we are looking forward to give to others to provide joy and happiness, to help those where is need.
The Clubs in our District 7950 have reason to celebrate the season, as virtually every Club has embraced and committed to donate an average of $100 per member to the Rotary Foundation during this Rotary year as its goal. Most Clubs are working towards this goal by encouraging and facilitating individual giving by members and substituting this through fundraising programs at the Club level.
Put together, this is a record for the District and each one of you is to be congratulated for this commitment towards the Rotary Foundation! It truly represents service above self and I am grateful and thankful to each one of you!
The Rotary Foundation is the one Foundation through which Clubs and each of its member can either directly (by having it subsidize through grants your Club’s own programs), or indirectly (by enabling the Rotary Foundation supporting humanitarian programs worldwide) address local or international need.
Please ensure that during this season your Club’s implementation of goals goes into high gear.
The Rotary Foundation
The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
The Rotary Foundation helps fund our humanitarian activities, from local service projects to global initiatives. Clubs can apply for grants from the Foundation to invest in projects and provide scholarships. The Foundation also leads the charge on worldwide Rotary campaigns such as eradicating polio and promoting peace. Rotarians and friends of Rotary support the Foundation’s work through voluntary contributions.




Polio Plus Program

PolioPlus Program

PolioPlus, the most ambitious program in Rotary's history, is the volunteer arm of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. For more than 25 years, Rotary has led the private sector in the global effort to rid the world of this crippling disease. Today, PolioPlus and its role in the initiative is recognized worldwide as a model of public-private cooperation in pursuit of a humanitarian goal.

  • To date, Rotary has contributed more than US$1 billion.
  • Rotary’s leadership, beginning in 1985, inspired the World Health Assembly to pass a resolution to eradicate polio, which paved the way for the formation of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative in 1988. 
  • Thousands of Rotarians around the world have volunteered during National Immunization Days to immunize children. 
  • The PolioPlus program helps Rotary fund operational costs, such as transportation, vaccine delivery, social mobilization, and training of health workers, and support surveillance activities.Read more about what happens before, during, and after a National Immunization Day (NID). 
  • Rotarians work to encourage both donor and polio-affected governments to commit the political and financial resources needed to eradicate polio.

Oklahoma City Tornado Disaster Relief Fund


Fellow Rotarians: 


Rotary International Districts 5770 and 5750 are supporting the relief and recovery efforts related to the tragic events in Moore, Oklahoma, and the destruction from the tornado that hit there on May 20.  Many families and friends have suffered great loss.  It is estimated that there were between 12,000 and 13,000 homes destroyed or damaged, in addition to businesses and schools.  


Tax-deductible donations to help in those efforts are being accepted.   Those who would like to help by donating may send checks to:


 Oklahoma Rotary

Bi-District Tornado Disaster Fund
P.O. Box 13800
Oklahoma City OK 73113-3800 USA    




Contributions may also be done online using VISA, MasterCard or Discover by clicking the "Donate Now" link below:




Funds received by our Rotary Bi-District 501(c)3 Foundation will be used exclusively for the benefit of those affected by this terrible event.  Donations are tax deductible and all donations will be acknowledged.


The effort in helping the community and individuals who have been affected by these destructive forces is being coordinated by leaders from Rotary District 5770 (which includes Moore and Cleveland County) and Rotary District 5750 (which includes south Oklahoma City), and will work in conjunction with and in support of the Moore Rotary Club and local and state officials. 


This information is also available at the District 5770 Web Site.





District Conference 2013




Click here to view all of the professional photos from this years District Conference in Plymouth! 

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Foundation Trustee Chair - Monthly message




Monthly messages of Foundation Trustee Chair Wilfrid J. Wilkinson

May 2013

In Canada, May is usually a beautiful month. Spring has blossomed, trees and flowers are in bloom, and everyone is filled with a renewed energy as winter finally comes to a close. The changing of seasons can also serve as a time for action as Rotarians bring a fresh perspective to the goals they set for the 2012-13 year.

Every Rotarian, every contribution, and every project makes a difference every year. Through The Rotary Foundation, we can all do our part to work toward global peace from the ground up. Has your club worked on a humanitarian or educational project through the Foundation? And if not – why not?

There is still time to make your contribution. There is still time to give a community the chance to drink clean water, a young girl the opportunity to attend school, and a mother the access to the safe maternal care she needs. Contact your district Rotary Foundation chair and see how you and the other Rotarians in your club or district can participate.

I understand the impact these difficult economic times have had on all of us, but we still need your help. Foundation programs and projects all start with money. I hope each Rotarian reading my message will have given something based on his or her own situation. It doesn’t take much from each individual when you have the support of more than 1.2 million members, but that assumes 100 percent support. If you’ve given, I thank you sincerely. But if you haven’t, I hope you will as together we make May a great month for Rotary and for our Foundation.

International Night



20th International Night is a Win-Win for All !

By Rona Mann

More than 100 Rotarians, exchange students, their parents, families, and friends filled the ballroom at White's April 22nd for what was billed as The 20th Anniversary of International Night.


Started by the Westerly Club in 1993, this event has grown to be one of the most popular events on our yearly calendar.  In total, 18 students were introduced and spoke to the crowd about the countries they were from, the countries to which they would be going; and their hopes, dreams, fears, and thoughts about the process.  The "kids" were forthcoming, funny, wistful, and wonderful, utterly charming a crowd who had dined on roast beef, seafood newburg, and partaken of a decadent chocolate fountain with tempting dessert nibbles.


A printed program bore the names of all the students who had come and gone through our district over the past two decades of the program along with photos of the kids and quotes and letters from students and parents during the past 20 years.


The event was co-sponsored by Westerly, Cumberland-Lincoln, Nauset Orleans, Martha's Vineyard, North Kingstown, and Woonsocket.


Bequest Society




 Help secure the future of Rotary's educational and humanitarian programs by including The Rotary Foundation in your estate plans.  To learn more and to bring education on this topic to your club, contact Rotarian Gary Rayberg at 781-682-6209 ext 208 or e-mail to grayberg@roibusinessbrokers.com.

All Bequest Society members receive recognition from the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation. Donors may elect to receive an engraved crystal recognition piece and a Bequest Society pin. There are several ways to leave a bequest to the Foundation and all amounts are greatly appreciated. 

To learn more contact Gary or click on this link.  Bequest Society.  



We Are Rotary - Radio Broadcast





“We Are Rotary” is a new weekly radio show that broadcasts live from the AM790 (WPRV) studio in East Providence, Rhode Island each Thursday from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.  The show features guest Rotarians (local, national and international), call-ins from listeners, and lively conversation about the mission, membership and programs of Rotary International. The show is co-hosted by Rotarians David Clifton, 2007-08 district 7950 governor from the Sharon (Mass.) Rotary Club, and Betty Galligan, 2005-06 past president of the East Providence/Seekonk Rotary Club. Click below to tune in!






April 2014

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District Governor Dieter Bilger won't go quietly.
We are writing to ask for your Rotary District, Club and personal support for the great challenges facing Albertans in District 5360 as a result of the recent Flood Disaster. We appreciate the opportunity to give an update on the situation and to provide information on our efforts to source financial support for the task of rebuilding lives and communities that lies ahead for the affected communities.

Polio is almost completely eradicated, but as Bruce Aylward says: Almost isn't good enough with a disease this terrifying. Aylward lays out the plan to continue the scientific miracle that ended polio in most of the world... and to snuff it out everywhere, forever.

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes http://www.ted.com




Paralympian Dennis Ogbe defying paralysis
Dennis Ogbe grips the discus in his right hand. He swings his arm and twists at the waist as far to the right as he can. With one move he snaps back, letting the saucer fly. Upper-body strength is important for any discus thrower, but for Ogbe, a Paralympian, it’s everything. At age three, Ogbe contracted malaria, and while receiving treatment at a clinic near his home in rural Nigeria, he became infected with the poliovirus. Paralyzed from the waist down, he was sent home in the arms of his mother. He credits his physical rehabilitation to a harsh form of therapy – the taunts of the other...
Moving doctor’s office rescues women from breast cancer
In Tamil Nadu, India, two doctors, both members of the Rotary Club of Srirangam, discovered an alarming trend in the remote city outskirts of Trichy, women dying of breast cancer. Drs. K. Govindaraj and K.N. Srinivasan knew that much of the death and suffering could be avoided, and both were motivated by their personal experiences with the disease. Govindaraj watched his mother die of breast cancer a decade earlier, and helped found the Dr. K. Shantha Breast Cancer Foundation in her memory.  Srinivasan, an oncologist, witnessed unprecedented growth in the number of younger patients coming to...
Writer and war widow Artis Henderson finds peace through Rotary
In the first month of my stay in Dakar, Senegal, as a Rotary Scholar, a friend gave me a piece of helpful advice. “Buy a wedding ring,” she said. I had already learned that as a young American woman in a Muslim country, I attracted a certain kind of attention. But a ring? My friend nodded. “That way everyone will leave you alone.” With my thumb I felt for the empty space on my left ring finger -- a place that, even now, I sometimes touch and worry where my ring has gone. I removed my wedding band on the one-year anniversary of my marriage, eight months after my husband, Miles, was killed in...
Peace fellow Ali Reza Eshraghi on today’s Iran
Iranian-born journalist Ali Reza Eshraghi, 35, is the Iran project manager at the Institute for War and Peace Reporting and a teaching fellow in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After working as an editor at several Tehran newspapers – all of which were eventually banned or shut down by the government – he became a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, and met Pate Thomson and Mary Alice Rathbun, of the Rotary Club of Berkeley. In 2012, he completed his studies as a Rotary Peace Fellow at the Duke-UNC Rotary...
Water project unites Lebanon clubs across all divides
A project to provide clean water to all of Lebanon’s schools is uniting leaders from many of the country’s diverse religious, cultural, and political divisions. In 2011, Rotary members in northern Lebanon decided to install new tanks and water filters in a few nearby schools with the help of a Rotary Foundation grant. The idea caught on and a few other clubs followed suit. Two years later, District 2452 Governor Jamil Mouawad and other district leaders saw the potential of creating one giant water project that could reach every school and involve all 24 of the country’s Rotary clubs. They...
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