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Youth Exchange Weekend in Manchester VT

  The first weekend in December is the Manchester VT Rotary’s chance to enjoy hosting the 22 youth exchange students who are living and studying with us this year.
Quentin, Ale, and Noeli Skating 
Ice Skating at Riley Rink was the gathering spot Friday evening at 6. Greetings, hugs, hellos of students, host parents, youth exchange and Rotarians echoed as they tumbled into our reserved room for supper at the rink. Everyone rented or brought skates and took to the ice, many for the first time. Lots of laughter rang along with pratfalls, and maybe the triumph of skating a round without a stumble perhaps with help from a more experienced friend. Finally home with Manchester hosts.


  Saturday was bright and clear for shopping. No snow on the ground squashed the hoped-for snowball battles and sledding, but swimming at the Equinox Hotel Spa was on offer in the afternoon.


Club Rotarians joined in for a spaghetti dinner at the town Firehouse. The weekend highlight came after dinner when students introduced themselves and spoke about their countries and their exchange experiences. Back to Riley Rink at 9 for a wild and raucous session of broomball capped the evening. Bumps and bruises were on parade by the next morning.

Wallingford Rotarians joined with Manchester to enhance the traditional program by hosting a Sunday lunch meeting at the Little Red Schoolhouse, the childhood home of Rotary Founder, Paul Harris. There was plenty of time for photo-ops and exploring the Rotary artifacts and thousands of  banners on display, looking for their own or a neighboring club’s banner. Wallingford has become our permanent weekend partner in future years.
These great kids enhance our lives with their courage, character, and good will. If there’s a student within your reach, try to invite him or her for a meal or an overnight. It is guaranteed to be transformative.
Hosts and Students during the Manchester Weekend:
Melissa Morrison: “Analu” Ana Lucia Besich, Peru; “Noeli” Diaz, Argentina;
            Carmen Mena Llano, Spain; Alessandra Sirena, Italy
Lois Johnston (Wallingford RC): “Lydia”  Hsu, Hui-Yu, Taiwan;
            Natali Osztrovszkij, Hungary; Marie Daoudal, France
Susan Cottrell: Olivia Wiguna, Indonesia; Julia Lengvarska, Slovakia
David Quesnel “Manu” Manoela Duenas, Brazil; “Kate” Ekaterina Paristova, Russia
Lisa Souls: “Trisna” Saguung Dewi Damayanti, Indonesia; Sarah Rheinbay, Germany
Kathie Stone: “Flo” Florian Bundschuh, Austria; Quentin Gusbin, Belgium;
            Gustav Kvick, Sweden; Cristofer Maranon, Ecuador
Phil Ehret: Carlos Padilla, Venezuela; Milosz Roman, Poland; “Ben” Julian Benedict Rubio,    Philippines; Danto Tanaka, Japan; Cornelius      Timmerman, Germany


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