Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Dexter Quiggle Dec 13, 2016
Adventures in Tanzania

Hear about Dexter's latest journey to Tanzania and the new Dental Clinic he help set up.

Lieutenent Anthony Cucchi, WPD Dec 20, 2016
Police Observation Devices in Woodland
We Are Dark Dec 27, 2016
Enjoy The Holidays
Dave Williams Jan 03, 2017
Member Bio
Duane Ewing Jan 10, 2017
State of the Ewing Address

Lets get the New year off right!  Come here President Ewing summarize our Rotary year so far, what is planned for the rest of the year and how we can plan for our second decade.

John Martin Jan 17, 2017
Club Funds - How Do We Manage Them?

John Martin is District 5160's Foundation Chair and member of Woodland Sunrise.  John will be discussing how clubs can balance club funding, club foundation funding and RI funding, and the importance of doing so.

Steve Lack Jan 24, 2017
Coin of the Realm Fundraising

Former DG Steve Lack will be talking to us about fundraising.  Steve attended our YBF and thought it was fantastic, so he can provide us with thoughts for future planning.  Please come listen and become inspired for our next event.

Raylene Ewing Jan 31, 2017
Cervical Cancer in Kenya - Global Grant Update
Dave Kemnitz Feb 07, 2017
Wrecked Car Fundraisers
Danielle Wogulis, Yolo Conflict Resolution Center Feb 14, 2017
YCRC Community Services

Danielle is the the new Administrative and Outreach Coordinator for the Yolo Conflict Resolution Center (YCRC). YCRC is a nonprofit whose purpose is to lessen the burden of government by reducing stress on the formal justice system by offering affordable mediation, facilitation, and restorative justice services; combating community deterioration and potentially reducing the incidence of crime through constructive conflict resolution; and educating the public in general about alternative dispute resolution. Rotary clubs play a vital role in fostering relationships in our communities. Similarly, YCRC is looking to collaborate with other organizations to expand our outreach efforts to ensure that everyone in Yolo County is aware of the services that YCRC provides. 

Come hear Danielle describe the collaboration with Rotary and the services that YCRC provides.