Rotary Club of Hilliard

We are committed to utilizing our vocational strengths and high ethical standards to make a positive impact on the individuals and community around us

  • To Support local and international service projects that help families.
  • To promote education through scholarships, Interact clubs, student of the month, and youth exchange student programs.
  • To end hunger in Hilliard and Central Ohio.


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August 27, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – August 27, 2015
Shreve J. managed the front desk while Andrea E. greeted and led The Pledge.  James F. offered a prayer.  Andrea introduced numerous speakers including two prospective members!   President John circulated sign-up sheets for greeters, pray-ers, biography sharers, and Joke-of –the-Day tellers!  It just gets more and more interesting.  President John then handed a check to Treasurer Bill for $48 in honor of his 48th Wedding Anniversary with his happy bride joining us to enjoy the day!  President John noted that they will celebrate the anniversary at Heritage on September 23 (more information to come).  He also noted that it was Lynn R’s 1-week anniversary.  Congratulations, Lynn!  He then called up Marty B. to do a 5-minute sharing of his story:
Marty is an Ohio boy who grew up in Cleveland, cursed to be a Browns and Indians fan (especially the Indians!).  He attended Miami University and became a geologist, primarily responsible to drilling oil wells.  It is a “Boom or Bust” business and after ten years, during a bust cycle, he lost his job and changed careers to investments.  Some of what he specializes in is retirement planning, Medicare Supplement planning, and Long-term Care planning.   He has three kids: his son is married with plenty of pets and no grandchildren.  His eldest daughter is a “struggling” dancer in New York City and his youngest daughter is starting her senior year in college.  When asked about his bow ties, in retrospect, Marty has decided it was his version of a midlife “crisis”.  He went into a bow tie store and learned to tie them and bought them and grew his beard.  He shared a few other stories, and answered some questions. As with most of our members, it was an interesting story!
Lynn R. stepped up as Sergeant-at-Arms.  It started out with Kim G. paying in $28 for her and Dennis’ anniversary.  She also said that last week’s speaker (who was widely enjoyed) also speaks and consults with corporations about helping associates refine their communication skills.  James F’s son has not needed money for long time.  James thinks this is good.  Chris A. is looking forward to this upcoming first “Football Friday” where he is an Official.  First Lady, Sheryllee, was happy for their grandson’s upcoming 5th birthday.   Pastor Phil is retiring from the ministry this week after 65 years!  He served in Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba and a Cheyenne Indian Reserve, to name a few.  Lynn R’s wedding was in the liberal hotbed of Antioch in Yellow Springs.  Tony M. is glad to be back after missing three meetings.  He warned us that “not attending” can become a habit; too easy.  He prefers the habit of attending.  Lynn R. thanked John V(o). for doing the newsletter so that even when members can’t attend meetings, they can feel attached.  John V(o). attended a makeup at the Reynoldsburg-Pickerington Club and discovered they are a “singing club”.   John V(a) said the “Rotary Poker Group” is coming on strong, with the table of seven quickly committed each month.  He plans to hold one at his house and set up two tables of seven.  Doug H. gave us a good update on the Great Debate Table sales.  It looks like we may be heading to a sell-out!  Bev. M. is working hard on getting the Silent Auction up and running.  James F. attended the previous week’s mixer and said it was well done! 
Pastor Phil won the 50-50 Raffle and Mike R. won the Ace of Spades Raffle, but could not pull the Ace of Spades. 
Then Bev M. introduced out speaker, from Honor Flight, Roger Dyer.  The club has participated before but Roger’s talk was special as it is clearly an emotional subject for him.  Some things we learned:
  1.  It is an ALL volunteer effort
  2. It is headquartered in Springfield, OH with 114 “hubs” - #1 being Columbus.
  3. Over 4,000 vets have been served so far over 69 flights by Hub #1.
    1. They have 100 active volunteers (and are always looking for more)
    2. Their budget is $440,000/year
    3. Roger helps maintain their 70 wheelchairs among other things.
    4. They visit the WWII Memorial, The Korean War Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, The Iwo Jima Marine Memorial, and the Air Force Memorial.
    5. From start to finish, the attendants, the airline, the bus operators, DC Police, and the National Park Service treat the veterans first class! (even including grand welcomes back home at CMH!)
It is a wonderful service.
At the end of the meeting, Lynn had just received a text from Mark J. who was at the hospital where his critically ill father was rushed.  He asked for prayers which Lynn offered with the members.
Remember to “Be a Gift to Rotary”, and join us next week.
(Good hamburgers and brats!)
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August 6, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – August 6, 2015
Carrie S-D substituted at the front desk while Mark J. greeted and led The Pledge.  James F. offered a prayer.  President John announced 4 birthdays for the week: Bill R, Andy M, Jim M, and Dave C.  Dave C. and Bev M. were also celebrating wedding anniversaries this coming week. 
Sergeant-at-Arms Lynn R. entertained Announcement and Happy Bucks.  Chris N. is starting a book club focused on Leadership writings.  Let him know if you want to be included.  Andrea E. said she’d played poker the previous night with some of the Rotary guys – and she even had fun, lots of it!  Christie C. reminded members about a club Family night at Chick Filet centered around family fun and collecting school supplies to help back-to-school kids.  She has since posted some pictures of that event on Facebook.  Carrie’s uncle was a visitor since he shares in the interest our speaker later shared with us.  Tricia announced that her daughter, after lots of hard work, made the Varsity Volleyball team at Upper Arlington High School.  James F. thanked Bill R. for his hard work as treasurer and thanked Christie C. for coming to his rescue on a computer issue.  Greg R. was proud of his daughter, Rachel as she had made the Cheer Team (which involves lots more than cheering).  He also said that no matter how careful you think you are traveling in some counties (like Mexico), you can come back with, in this case, “Montezuma’s Revenge” that his wife was currently suffering through.  Once again, I will edit out the rest of his commentary for his sake.  John L. said that Donna V (John V’s wife) organized the poker widows into a Magic Mike movie night.  No further comment!  Linda B. enjoyed her trip to England following the path of John Wesley, but injured herself two times, once visiting a UK Emergency Room and is awaiting treatment in the USA for the second injury.  Jim M. was offered his options for having Happy Birthday sung to him and exercised the $10 option of Carrie S-D singing a solo rendition.  After lots of whining and gnashing of teeth she complied with a little help from Pastor Phil.  Then Bill R. chose the $10 option, too and also had Carries repeat her performance – alone!  She did quite well; better than the Mayor, anyway.  President John announced that he wants to start meetings with a joke and said John V(a) had volunteered for next week.  Tricia H. said she had one ready to go and told a joke about wide-mouthed frogs.  It was a “cute” joke.  I liked it and the fact is, she is a good joke teller. 
Jim M. was reimbursed his $10 birthday expenditure by winning the 50-50 Raffle and John L. won the Ace of Spades Raffle but did not increase his net worth.
Then Carrie S-D introduced our speaker, Greg Bixler, with his impressive resume which included his engineering PHd, CEO of Divine Outreach, OSU instructor, and leader of Engineers Without Borders – student chapter.  Carrie and her uncle have become interested in his African mission, which brings clean water to villages in Africa.  In a nutshell, Greg and his fellow engineers believed that they should be able to innovate/design better ways to get clean water to African villages.  In the world, 800,000,000 people are without safe water and 4,100/day die of disease from that lack (which is equal to 10 jumbo jet crashes/day!)  They have designed a hand cranked rotary pump that can pump water from far deeper wells than in the past, that last far longer with minor maintenance and can serve villages of about 500 people, transforming the health and productivity of the villages.  When coupled with helping the villages set up Water Boards, they pumps are a very sustainable solution.  The pumps are manufactured in Ohio and they were designated the District 6690 Entrepreneurs of the Year - 2014.  Rotary is jumping on board with this solution and there was lots of head nodding confirming that our club may need to participate in this project in collaboration with other local clubs.  Each pump costs $9,200 to make, ship, install, and train villagers upon.  World Vision prepares the sites and drills the wells for all the installations!  This was great stuff!
Be a Gift to the World and join us next week.
P.S. – please join us, if you can, at the airport this Tuesday at 4:30 to welcome our 2015-2016 Youth Exchange Inbound, Cristina.  It is really important to start off with a good welcome in order to cement a relationship with the club!
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July 30, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – July 30, 2015
Shreve J. managed the front desk while Steve G. greeted and led The Pledge.  Pastor Phil offered a prayer.  President John announced Steve G’s 10th wedding anniversary and Kat M’s 5th Rotary anniversary. 
Lynn stepped right up and commenced his Sergeant-at-Arms duties.  Marty B. read a thank-you letter from Rachel V, one of our scholarship winners.   John L. mentioned a recent newspaper interview of Hilliard Schools Superintendent, John Marchhausen noting that Hilliard Schools include students from 58 countries speaking 44 languages.  How’s that for diversity?  Kim G. shared pictures of a new grandbaby.  Andrea E. came with a guest, her daughter, whom she bragged that even at her young age works hard as a volunteer and various ways.  That’s my kind of brag!  Mayor Don expressed contentment with council being on vacation!  Bill R. reminded the club that there was an upcoming evening deal at Cain’s that gives a portion of the check to the Cancer Society and our club plans to participate (8/5).  Pastor Phil is looking for traveling companions to go to Guatemala on the Literacy Project February 5-14, 2016.  Cost is about $2,800.  Susan recommended Taste of Columbus, a Chamber of Commerce event Wednesday, as well.  Steve G. paid in his anniversary $10.  Steve H. won the 50-50 Raffle and Mike R. won the Ace of Spades Raffle but alas, no Ace!
John V(o). introduced our speakers, various Exchange Kids our club has sponsored:
  1.  Lauren Iosu - Davidson High School:  Lauren told us about her recent travel to Madrid in a short-term exchange where she was able to do lots of traveling and indulge her love of Spanish.  She thanked Rotary and our club for the opportunity.  She is now entertaining her exchange sister from Spain here in Hilliard.
  2. Sara Fernandez – Spain:  Sara has already accompanied the Iosu’s to Washington DC and Cincinnati.  She enjoyed touring the monuments at night.  Lauren discovered that she wants to learn more about her country and Columbus when she saw it through Sara’s eyes.
  3. Meghan Edwards – Davidson High School:  Meghan is back home after visiting Brazil.  She loved the program and the training weekends and is another fan of Walter Lundstrom.  The program was instrumental in helping her develop the skills to complete the exchange.  She is rightfully proud that she pushed herself past her comfort zone and discovered how much she can really do, including jumping off a cliff strapped to a kite. 
  4. Giovana A. – Brazil:  Giovana gave us big smiles and thanked Rotary for the opportunity to participate.
  5. Anna Pitstick – Davidson High School:  Anna is our Long-term Outbound this year, and says she fell in love with the program from the start, enjoying the weekend trainings and meeting all those kids.  She is only 14 and will be 15 on departure day.  She is going to France soon and already knows all her host families (3).  They all have kids.  Her mother, who was present, is more nervous than Anna and admits she was not a big supporter of the idea, but Anna and Dad are full-steam ahead.  Anna also was one of our kids who attended RYLA a couple weeks ago and had glowing reports from that. 
If I had a nickel for everyone who said “These are really great kid, well I guess I’d be even richer.  “Be a gift to the world” and join us next week.
PS – Our social that evening at Otie’s was nice!  The patio was perfect.
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July 9, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – July 9, 2015
Shreve J. managed the front desk.  Linda B. offered a prayer and Chris A. led The Pledge.  President John recognized distinguished visitors including, DG (of 9 days) Tara C., DGE, Stephen S. and our AG, Paul K.  How wonderful to have had them at the meeting!  He announced Pastor Phil’s 58th wedding anniversary!  Asked the secret of such a long marriage, Phil said you needed “Two Forgivers”.   President John also asked people to respond to Tony M’s request to update their profiles and add their biographies to our club website.
Past President Dave C. stood in as Sergeant-at-Arms (Lynn is building houses in Mexico on a mission trip).  Kim G.’s son heard from the Sergeant Major of the Army, that the 40,000 troop reduction would be accomplished with letting out those with criminal backgrounds and general “foul-ups”; son’s career is safe!   Chris A. is better than half way towards his funding goal for Pelatonia and welcomes donations in his name to the cancer-fighting event.  Max enjoyed his first Hilliard 4th of July Parade with his Cub Scout troop.  He said Steve H. and HEF did a great job marshalling the parade.  He got hollered at only once, “Move it”!  Johnny D. unexpectedly received an award last week, “Best of Hilliard – Financial Services”.  Marty B’s oldest son, long under-employed, got a great new job promotion!  Tony M. thanked all the 5-K volunteer workers.  John L. was glad for the great contribution made by our District Leaders (present).  Dave C. lifted his self-imposed gag order on promoting the Hilliard Davidson Track team’s 5k Fundraiser (until after our July 4 event).  He is paying whatever it takes to be a sponsor for the event in the Club’s name, added to what was in the hat when he passed it around.  Dave B. said his son got a great promotion in his job and did what anyone would do: bought a Harley!   Carrie S-D will be out for a few weeks as she goes to help her sister out (she just had a baby). 
John V(o) won the 50-50 Raffle and Pastor Phil won the Ace of Spades Raffle (again) and could not pull the Ace (again!).   Andrea E. took a few moments, since we did not get to her at least week’s Club Day, to talk about speakers next year.  We will have quarterly Club Days; we will continue to have Student of the Month, and set aside some days for our Youth Exchange kids to tell their stories.
Then President John invited District Governor Tara Craaybeek up to address the club.   Tara arranged her address in the form of answers to the six standard interrogatories:
  1.  Who? – Us: we are Rotary.  We all have other identities, from employee, parent, son/daughter, parishioner, etc.  But are we living Rotary every day, observing the 4-Way Test, and living as Rotarians?
  2. What? – “Rotary unites leadership to create action”.  We emphasize leadership, fellowship, and learning while Rotary must “provide value” to members since we have choices on how we invest our time and energy.
  3. Where? – Everywhere (bet you guessed that one).   Promote Rotary, in your club, and in world and community service projects.  Tell the Rotary story.
  4. Why? – Originally, it was a networking and business club.  There’s nothing wrong with that, then or today.  But it has to be more than that today.  Why has Rotary survived 110 years?  Because of service.  We care.  We care about kids, hunger, health, and justice.
  5. How? – Easy answer: through Rotarians.  Don’t simply be a member, be a Rotarian.  Support Rotary financially and do it through the Foundation, where it all starts for Rotary.
  6. When? – All day, every day. Wear your pin.  Live the Test.  Tell the story.
She closed by telling a story that came from this year’s RI president that illustrated his theme “Be a Gift to the World”.
In a special closing, we had a special visitor from a Rotary club in India tell us a little about Rotary in India, who then exchanged banners with us.  GREAT DAY! 
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July 2, 2015
The Rotary Club of Hilliard meeting – July 2, 2015
Shreve J. managed to the front desk while Mark J. greeted and led The Pledge.  Pastor Phil offered a prayer.  President John L. announced it was Robin N’s birthday, but no Robin, so no singing.  He also said it was George T’s Rotary anniversary.
Sergeant-at-Arms Lynn R. got right to work!  Tricia H. got fined because she has a new motor home.  Kat M. announced that her company was moving offices to the northwest of Columbus after failing to find new offices downtown.  Kat welcomes that!   Johnny D. says we have some pretty nice SWAG bags ready to go for the 5K and thanked all the club members who contributed items for the bags.  George H. was happy he was able to be on time this week.  (He came in about 45 minutes late the week before!)  Joe B. got a pre-induction fine for being late (a new fining “low” per Lynn R).  Dave C. was glad he had already gotten in nine holes of golf with his 13-year old son (pre-rain) and got to the office and to Rotary – all by noon!  Jim M. was late.  John L’s 10-year old grandson completed his baseball season with all wins (he is a pitcher; a leftie) including two no-hitters!  Based on a recent newspaper article, Carrie S-D has figured out that she is frequently late because she is an optimist (that’s a different club!).  Lynn’s son’s band was one of the few that got to play at Comfest since he was in a sheltered venue.  John V(a) was recently on vacation in San Francisco and was there when the Golden State Warriors won, and noted there was extensive celebrating!  The Mayor was glad to see Lynn’s intended, Liz, at the Installation dinner.  And lastly, PDG George Hale was glad that our club was blessed with a strong president leaving office and a strong one assuming office. 
John V(a) won the 50-50 Raffle and Pastor Phil won the Ace of Spades Raffle, but could not even pull a free lunch. 
Then Lynn assisted President John in inducting new Red Badge Member, Joe B.  Lynn reminded the club that the Red Badge is all about notifying Joe as a new member needing a little extra love from all of us.  Greet him and learn about him.  Joe is married and has three sons.  He started the first Edward Jones office in Franklin County and loves working in the Hilliard office. 
We enjoyed a Club Day.  This newsletter will not try and be a record of a business meeting, but the following had some time to talk:
  1.  Johnny D – 5K Run
  2. Bev M. – Great Debate Silent Auction
  3. Christie C – Social Committee
  4. Lynn R – Club Historian effort
  5. Lynn R – Foundation news
  6. Chris N – Interact and reorganizing the club’s youth projects under one committee
  7. Tony M. & John V(a). -  Club website
  8. Marty B. – Hilliard Rotary Foundation and Hilliard Hale Fellowship
  9. Dave C. – Bylaws update announcement
NOW HERE IS IMPORTANT NEWS: District Governor Tara Craaybeek is visiting our club next week.  There should always be a GREAT turnout for the Governor’s annual visit.  This means you!  Please let us all be proud with a great turnout. 
“Be a Gift to the World” (this year’s Rotary Theme) and join us next week!
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June 25, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – June 25, 2015
Carrie S-D managed the front desk.  Max F. greeted and led The Pledge while Linda B. offered a prayer.   President Kat conducted the final meeting of her tenure.  She recognized Bob B’s birthday (not present) and noted Carrie S-D’s mom and dad were celebrating their wedding anniversary and that Greg R. was celebrating 14 years.  President Kat called John V(o) to the front and awarded him a coveted Rotary baseball cap for doing this Newsletter during the year.
Marty B. then took the front to award our final two scholarships:
  1.  Rachel U, Davidson HS – Rachel was involved in sports and won Cross Country accolades.  She was a busy volunteer in the community and plans to study Business and Marketing at the University of Cincinnati.
  2. Justin L, Bradley HS – Justin was a busy volunteer also and was active in three sports: football, baseball, and wrestling.  He is spending his first year of college at OSU – Newark Campus, then on to the main campus.
Carrie S-D led us in “Heads Tails” for Polio Plus with the last ball cap as a prize.  Chris A. won it in the third round with the patented head/tail bet.  Max F. also announced that the disabled veterans’ water skiing event was cancelled for “lack of interest”.
Mayor Don S. served as Sergeant at Arms.  Tony M. said we are to the point where we simply must have volunteers to work the 5-K run on July 4.  It takes only a couple hours but we are at the point where the event cannot happen without staffing (you can work jobs and still run!).  Tricia H. paid in her anniversary $12 from last week.  Dave C. noted he enjoys the newsletter, as well, especially when he misses meetings.  Bev M, this year’s Youth Exchange Counselor, announced that Christina is arriving from Spain in July and will be visiting the club soon after.  She also noted that the Great Debate Committee was breaking Silent Auction items into ten categories and they’re looking for a champion of each area to coordinate donations.  Greg R. paid in his $14 for his anniversary.  I will not record his commentary on “lengths of marriages” on the chance his wife reads these newsletters.  He also shared that the last week had been difficult for him since 3 different friends have suffered tragedies last week.   President-elect (for a few more days) John L. asked that we all join him next week for an important Club Day.  John V(o) said it is official, that Fiona’s sister from Germany is coming to Columbus for the summer and he will be looking for help from the club as she stays with he and Donna.  He also said that he and Donna are milking their (August) 40th anniversary by scheduling several events and dinners and putting them all under the heading of 40th anniversary celebration.  Kat thanked Don S. for his expert wine-opening at the Installation Dinner.  John L. was impressed by the mayor’s defense and explanation of TIF’s in the newspaper.  Jim M. was fined for being LATE. 
Linda B. won the $!2, 50-50 Raffle and Mayor Don won the Ace of Spades Raffle but his stand-in card-chooser, Rachel,  did not find the Ace.
Then Max F. introduced out speaker, Habitat for Humanity Community Outreach Coordinator, Lisa McHuston.  Habitat’s mission is to “Turn God’s love into action” and to inspire hope.  Millard and Linda Fillmore, 2 missionaries, created Habitat and, early on, recruited Jimmy and Rosilyn Carter.  Interesting facts:
  1.  Habitat holds mortgages for its houses at 0% interest
  2. Habitat has built 500,000 homes worldwide
  3. The Mid-Ohio affiliate includes Franklin County and 3 other counties
  4. They have a mortgage company that holds the mortgages
  5. They receive support from governments, corporations, school kids, and a wide array of folks.
  6. Their programs include a home repair component.
  7. They use block parties to introduce owners to their new neighborhoods, including block-wide cleanup and repairs and a BBQ/party, “Rock the Block”
  8. Homes are built with lots of volunteer labor and “sweat equity” from future owners.
  9. They raise substantial money selling donated materials at their “ Re Store” stores including selling material recovered from deconstructed homes they demolish.
  10. Homes are transferred to new owners at approximate appraised value which is still substantially less than construction cost.  The subsequent mortgage payment cannot exceed 27% of their income.
There was lots of interest and lots of questions.
Remember to “Light Up Rotary” and join us next week.
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June 18, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – June 18, 2015
Carrie S-D managed the front desk while Johnny D. greeted and led The Pledge.  Pastor Phil prayed.  Some very notable dignitaries were announced including DG Randy Davies, DGN Stephen Sandbo, and our Speaker, Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy!   President Kat announced wedding anniversaries for Shreve J, and Tricia H.  It was also Kat’s very own birthday! 
President Kat then gave the podium over to DG Randy Davies, who, after a short inspirational note, awarded out club the RI Presidential Citation, which is a great honor indeed.  Marty B. assumed the podium and awarded scholarship checks to four of our winners who attended the meeting:
  1.  Haley  (Bradley) – Presented the Conklin Leadership Scholarship, by Connie Weakly.  She is attending OSU to study Music Education.
  2. Addison (Darby) – She is attending OU to study Athletic Training.
  3. Jim (Darby) – He is attending the University of Cincinnati to study Chemical Engineering
  4. Dharti (Davidson) – She will be attending OSU, as well.
Mayor Don served as Sergeant-at-Arms.  Kim G. thanked visitor/guest Steve for signing up as a 5K sponsor and visiting with us.  Andy M. announced that he and his wife signed up and received training to be Guardian ad Litems, as a result of our speaker’s appeal a few weeks ago.  John V. announced that he was signed up for training as a Guardian ad Litem, too.  He also congratulated our scholarship recipients and reminded them to see the award as a clear and enthusiastic “pat on the back”; that we noticed them and are proud of them.  President-elect John L. presented evidence that Steve G. pronounces his name wrong, but was on the wrong end of a losing battle.  Greg survived a trip to Vegas with minimal gambling losses and he noted that his experience with his new employer (from a buy-out) has resulted in a nice promotion.  Who is surprised by that?  Not me!  Johnny D. recently met with the Columbus Dept. of Development to consult on plans for the new Veteran’s museum downtown and reports it is going to be First Class!  He also thanked 5K workers.  Christy C. thanked the folks who contributed to the 5K SWAG bags and the High School kids who helped assemble them.  Tony M. said his really sweet 22 year-old son gave his Grandma a trip to New York City including his personal escort; Tony suspects they will have a special time.  The “No Guest” fine stung only Jim M. who came in late and sat alone at a hastily set up additional table (all other tables had guests).  It was time to sing Happy Birthday to Kat who was joined in Birthdayness by one of our students and Connie Weakly.  She paid $5 for a serenade by DG Randy (he sings better than the Mayor).    Newly promoted Greg R. won the 50-50 Raffle and Pastor Phil held the winning Ace of Spades ticket, but could not find the Ace amongst 45 other cards.
Andrea E. (actually Carried S-D…edited by Tony M) introduced our Speaker, Ohio Supreme Court Justice, Her Honor, Sharon Kennedy.  She is the 154th Justice and 9th female Justice.  Just let it be said she is a great speaker and started by thanking Rotarians for what they do!  She was asked by a friend some years ago when she was a County Judge in the Domestic Relations Court to speak to the local Rotary Club.  She declined but eventually decided to check out Rotary and looked us up on the web and was impressed by what she learned, especially the 4-Way Test.  She said she is always impressed by groups with voluntary “Codes of Ethics”.   She then proceeded with a fascinating talk which explained how closely our Test (last rule to top) corresponded to the attitudes and values of our country’s founders and is reflected in our founding documents.  It was nothing short of inspiring.  Thanks so much!  I have to say, if you missed this one, you missed a great one.
Remember to Light Up Rotary and join us next week!  
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May 28, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – May 28, 2015
Tony M. managed the front desk, announced visitors, and led The Pledge.  Malik M. offered a prayer.  President Kat announced Carrie S-D’s wedding anniversary which was news to Carrie.  Turns out it was her 12th Rotary anniversary.  President Kat also reminded us to notice Hilliard Rotarians who are not at meetings and to make an effort to get in touch with them and remind them we’d love to see them at meetings and fellowship.  Then Lynn R. was invited up for more ceremonious purposes.  He asked distinguished visitor, Past District Governor Brent Rosenthal, to join him and the two of them presented Paul Harris Fellow pins to Greg R. and Dave C. (Dave’s 2nd).  Congratulations!  She reminded us that the Installation Dinner is June 19th at the Scioto Boat Club and it’s only $10/attendee.  Please get your payment (that reserves your dinner) in ASAP!  We’d love to have a great turnout.  Our Heritage server (that word “server” does not describe the length and breadth of his attentiveness) is getting married July 7 and we would like to give him a worthy present towards his honeymoon, so President Kat sent around the basket.  If you were absent, please get something to Kat for Miles.
Then Lynn changed hats for his Sergeant-at-Arms hat.   James’ little boy we’ve heard so much about over the years turned 20!  James also complimented the city on the Trail improvement at the Cosgray crossing.  Chris N. reminded us to get food in next week for the food drive (we’ve sort of forgotten it so far).  This is a one week extension.  Although Dave C. normally uses lawyer-publication, “The Daily Record” (accountants get it too!) to line his bird cage, he noticed an article in it recently, Women in Business, which included our own Amy E.  Then PDG Brent R. offered a Paul Harris idea – he made his granddaughter a Paul Harris Fellow just before she was born, so she could be the world’s youngest Paul Harris Fellow.  Congratulations, Lark!  Linda B. was just glad to see old friend Brent visiting us.   Susan B. was leaving for a week visiting newlyweds in Montreal.  John L. saw Mayor Don in the paper and speculated he might be the right nomination for Governor, soon.  Tony M. paid in his anniversary dollars from last week’s announcement (blaming Mike B. for the tradition) in the amount of $26 for his 26 years.  He also announced his daughter just graduated.
Bill R. won the 50-50 raffle and Mark J. won the Ace of Spades raffle but could not draw the Ace.
After a super-brief introduction by Max F, member Stephanie D. did an admirable job informing us on her subject even though her Power Point would not function and she had no backup notes.  She is an attorney with Willis and Willis, a name many of us old timers recognize!  She explained considerations of Estate Planning, including wills, trusts, probate, issues to consider, etc.  Judging from the many questions of the group, it was on a subject they found interesting.  This is what vocational service is all about.
Please, please, please join us next week and remember to “Light Up Rotary”.
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May 14, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – May 14, 2015
Tony M. managed the front desk and Robin N. greeted and led The Pledge.  Johnny D. offered a prayer.  VP John L, standing in for President Kat, announced it was Keith J’s birthday (no Keith).  He reminded the Club that the Installation Dinner is June 19th.  Get your $10/person to Treasurer Bill R, as that will serve as our headcount.   We were eagerly looking forward to the day’s official visit by Giant Eagle’s Vice President, but it turned out he was unable to attend after all. 
Lynn R. conducted his Sergeant-at-Arms session.  James F. announced that he did complete his ½ marathon.  Congratulations (although he mentioned several times to our Cross Country Students of the Month that he was still looking for the JOY of running).  He recently attended his 40th High School reunion and still gets the heebie-jeebies at the sight of the principle.  Mark J. is about to become a grandpa and is training for a Warrior Dash this weekend.  Dave C. was happy to see Student of the Month, Eric L. at the meeting.  John L. said Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is about to re-open!  John V(o) accompanied by wife Donna told a story she hates about how active wives of (males-only) Rotarians in the olden days were called Rotary-Ann’s.  He repeated the hated term three times for $3 in fines.  Tony M. said his daughter got a great scholarship. 
Pastor Phil won the 50-50 Raffle.  Mike R. held the winning Ace of Spades ticket and with some help from Greg R. pulled the Ace for the BIG win!  It restarts at $100.
Chris N. took center to stage to introduce out Interact Advisors who described their School’s Club activities: Pam Werth from Bradley, Elizabeth Hummel from Davidson, and Amy E. stood in for Kathy Williams who could not attend the meeting.
Johnny D. conducted Student of the Month.  This month’s theme  was students going into the military:
  1.  Eric L, Davidson HS – He’s a Cross County runner (5K time = 17.54) and Senior Class President who enjoys Engineering, Art, and History.  He will enter a ROTC program in college.  He told of his pride that he carries on his family tradition of military service in Taiwan (Grandpa was a general) to the United States.  His most influential person is his Cross Country coach and his best advice is “The journey to the top of the mountain is not flat”. 
  2. Justin, Bradley HS – Justin is busy in Scouting and runs Cross Country.  He plans to be in law enforcement when he completes his military service.  He enjoys History and is an outdoorsman.  His most influential person is his Cross Country Coach and his best advice is from Mom, “Go for it, and don’t copy someone else”.  He will enter the Army National Guard and train to be an MP.
  3. Thomas, Bradley HS – Thomas is an Eagle Scout and is loving ceramics this year.  He enjoys sports and hiking and camping.  His parents are his greatest influence, teaching him his morals and values.  “Do your best in everything you do; it reflects on you and your family” is his advice.  He hopes to study Wildlife Management and will enter the Ohio Army National Guard and train to be a medic.
  4. Nicole, Darby HS – Nicole loves working with and helping animals. She plays baseball and lacrosse but is really getting into basketball.  Her favorite subjects are Psychology and Biology.  She likes to geocache as well.  Her Grandma has taught her what tough really is as a cancer survivor.  She will enter the Army Reserves to be trained as a combat medic, and will come out qualified as an EMT.
  5. Ethan, Darby HS – Ethan will enter the Marines and receive training for Special Forces FAST team.  He plans for a post-military career in politics or the stock market.  His favorite subject is Math and an intense physical training course (BUD).  He loves to work out and hike.  His most influential person is his father who has taught him how to be a (future) father.  His best advice is “Don’t look back; you’re not going that way”. 
We always enjoy our Students of the Month!  Remember to “Light Up Rotary” and join us next week.
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May 7, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – May 7, 2015
Tony M. ran the front desk while Max F. greeted and led The Pledge.  Pastor Phil offered a prayer heavily peppered with “thanksgiving”.  President Kat reminded members to attend the Installation dinner.  In her words, “where else can you get a fully catered meal for $10?”  Sounds like I finally don’t have to work the grill this year!  I have been confused by our District Membership motto (our members are our customers).  I have a hard time figuring out if I am a customer or if I am assigned to customer service.  So likewise, I don’t know if I am to be the cateree or caterer!  All will become clear.  Chris N. reminded the club we are working to collect food for use in Hilliard by folks who need some help.  Bring it to meetings!  (It says something about me/us that I can remember to bring in a bottle of wine, but can’t remember to bring in a can of tuna).  We are studying an opportunity to marshal the Hilliard July 4th parade.  We’ll need to move quickly!  Kat awarded a Coors beer sign to Greg R. for the Great Debate, as I understood it.  Greg reminded us that there will be Lucky’s after-party again and that Great Debate tables will be strictly assigned in order of purchase (purchase means cash in bank!). 
Sergeant-at-Arms Lynn R. solicited Happy Bucks and Announcement Bucks.  Carrie S-D decided to forego her normal birthday skiing trip for a local camping trip, instead and was not looking forward to camping in near 90 degree weather.  Andy M. said we had a full schedule next week, with 7-8 Students of the Month (kids going into the military according to Doug H.), with Interact Advisors, and featuring the President of Giant Eagle ready to share their vision for helping us with the Great Debate!  Be ready for an early start!  We may hear about some Great Debate changes but be ready to “lay some love” on Giant Eagle.  President Elect John L. encouraged committee heads and others to submit budget information for next year (2015-2016).   Kat shared some memories of members Fran B. and Barb G. who we lost in the last couple years and were instrumental in the early Great Debates and who were groundbreakers as women in Rotary. All of us lucky enough to serve with them miss them.  A few fines for “no guests” and “shameless advertising” filled the basket the rest of the way.
Bill R. managed to retain the winning 50-50 Raffle ticket among trading activity, and Carrie S-D won the Ace of Spade Raffle, but once again the Ace stayed in the deck!
Our speaker was Joe Chylik assisted by his partner James Lieu.  Joe is on the Board of Advisors for Columbus International, President Kat’s employer.  They have developed a remarkable new product which is business cards or promotional pamphlets with video screens included for showing short videos (7 minutes to 20 minutes).  He described the benefits of the technology (he is a marketing professional).  They are not for everyone or every application, but for certain higher-end users, they have been very effective. Business cards are $28/unit and brochures are up to $59/unit.  That sounds like a lot, but if you are raising capital for a real estate development (for example), they deliver the message and grab attention.  Yet, they are not static.  If you design the conventional print portion of the cardstock generally enough, you can load various messages on the memory card.  It was very interesting and it made me wish I had a reason to buy 100!  Some of you may!
Remember to “Light Up Rotary” and please join us next week.
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April 30, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – April 30, 2015
Tony M. managed the front desk while Mayor Don S. greeted and led The Pledge.  George H. offered a prayer.  President Kat invited Susan B. up and inducted her as a new member.  Her sponsor, Johnny D. was unable to be present.  She reminded us that we would have our 5th Thursday Social at Louis’ Fusion.  (we had about 14 people there).
Lynn R. introduced the Sergeant-at-Arms session.  Bev M. reminded us we’d be having our Great Debate Wine Raffle at the end of the meeting.  Chris A. said District Assembly the prior Saturday was worthwhile.  John L. told about the potential opportunity to have an “easy” fundraiser by arranging a Harlem Wizards basketball game.   The Mayor then told us of an opportunity for the club to provide 30-40 folks to marshal the July 4th parade for $5,000.  A quick and easy addition to our checkbook???  It was PDG George’s birthday and, with the help of Pastor Phil, we sang Happy Birthday.  Chris A. commended the downtown Rotary Club’s monthly mixer at the Athletic Club which was coming up the next day at noon.  Lynn R. was proud that our club was so well represented at the District Assembly. 
Bev M. won the 50-50 Raffle and President Kat won the Ace of Spades Raffle (but did not draw the Ace!). 
Our speaker was Jim Kaster who was following up on our speakers for the last few weeks educating us about Veterans’ issues.  Jim has many interests in the subject and works for Vets’ interests in various ways.  He works in the Franklin County Recorder’s office and runs a program that provides veterans with cards that verify their status as vets and entitles them to various benefits and incentives in the community.  Franklin County was the first to start this program and now 44 other counties have it and Jim is working with other counties to implement it.  Jim was with the infantry in Viet Nam.  Another of his initiatives is raising awareness of the damage and impact of Agent Orange.  He is also on our Veterans Hospital Board and says it is one of the best in the system.  Another effect of this group is to loan needed equipment to disabled vets.   He said that as a result of some poor provision of services to wounded vets and as a result of the Agent Orange issue, 60-70% of vets do not trust the government.   Their watchwords are “our generation of vets will never forget the next”.  There were lots and lots of questions for Jim, as well.
Please be sure and “Light Up Rotary” and join us next week!
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April 23, 2015
The Rotary Club of Hilliard meeting – April 23, 2015
Tony M. managed the front desk while Mark J. greeted and led The Pledge.  Chris N. offered a prayer.  President Kat called up Stephanie D. and sponsor Johnny D. in order to swap out her Red Badge for a Blue Badge.  She announced Doug H’s Rotary anniversary.  We then played a Heads/Tails Game (led by Carrie S-D) for Polio Plus.  On the very first round (for the first time in history), Frank D. won as the only person betting double tails.  He won a bottle of wine and donated it back to the Great Debate Wine Raffle.  Kat also circulated a card sending our best wishes to Pastor Bob in nursing care.  We also received a Thank-you from The Hilliard Education Foundation for our contribution to their Casino event.  We were reminded that our Fifth Thursday Social is next Thursday at 5:30 at Louis’ Fusion Grill.  Lynn R. won the 50-50 Raffle and Carrie S-D won the Ace of Spades Raffle but could not locate the Ace.
Lynn R. started the Sergeant-at-Arms session accepting Happy Bucks.  Frank D’s son received his Navy Commission and is off to Nuclear Power School.  John L. spoke for himself and Frank in noting that the Cardinals have started out strong at 9-4.  The always busy Chris N. said a) the Rails to Trails Clean-up when well with 50 Interact kids, b) he recommended a May 1 event at the McCoy Center regarding post-partem and pregnancy issues in women – Give Mom the Mike, c) and he announced the kick-off of our Food Drive.  Bev reminded us the Wine Raffle is at the meeting of the 30th.  James is in his final week of training to run a half-marathon!   Johnny D. said member Mike R. procured a $1,000 donation from Ohio Health for our Vets’ water skiing event!  Lynn R. had a grateful heart for the effectiveness of Mayor Don’s leadership in Hilliard. 
Special Guest, Paul Kulik was invited up and spoke for a moment.  He is our club’s new Assistant Governor.  His Rotary history starts at the Crestview Club, then to Tri-Village and now to Westerville AM.  He wants to be involved in our club and its events.
Our Speaker was Judy MacNamee who is a coach for ADHD and autistic learners.  She clearly brings lots of passion to her job.  She taught school as an Intervention Specialist and combined of working with kids that needed a special hand and a desire to own a business and created her company, ADHD Coach Connect.  I took a record amount of notes because it was so interesting but will be more brief here.  She gave us an interesting timeline on how we viewed this issue:
1902-It was about “an abnormal deficit of moral control in children” (lazy parents)
1952-First diagnosed as a mental disorder
1955-Introduced Ritalin
1980-Renamed it Hyperkinetic Impulse Disorder
2000-Came to understand that it included an Inattentive variant, a Hyperactive/Impulse variant and a Combined variant.
Now-It is regarded as a Self-regulation Deficit Disorder.
In a word many of these kids are very intelligent and talented right beside their disorder.  It takes a skilled and experienced hand to work better with these kids.  It is frequently genetic (75%).  It is often a “wiring issue” (13%).  These kids are 4x more likely to drop out of school, 42% more likely to be held back, 60% likelihood of being suspended from school one or more times, and only 5% graduate from college.  The talk gave a definite sense that there were techniques and methods to deal with these kids much more successfully than we have been in many cases.
Remember to “Light Up Rotary” and join us next week.  It’s so much better when you join us.
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April 16, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – April 16, 2015
Marty B. managed the front desk while Bev M. greeted and led The Pledge.  Linda B. offered a prayer.  President Kat shared a few observations starting with a “Business First” article featuring our own Greeter-Bev as a “People on the Move”.   Part of that accolade was recently being made partner in her law firm.  Congratulations (but if you know here, you are not surprised).  It was George H’s birthday.  Kat also noted that a previous day “Columbus Dispatch” article about hunger pointed out that 18% of Franklin County residents are “food insecure” (that can mean you may have eaten yesterday and you may have had breakfast, but you’re not sure what or where supper is).  Chris N. volunteered to spearhead a Club Food Drive, so think about that when grocery shopping.  Steve G, (sponsored by Chris N.) came up with Chris and had his Red Badge swapped out for a Blue Badge.  Then Foundation Chair, Lynn R. reminded folks that they were eligible for Foundation credit if they brought in new members and he gathered information so that records at RI could be adjusted. 
Then Lynn changed hats and became Sergeant-at-Arms Lynn.  James F. commented that the “Lend a Hand” day was well done and the club was well represented.  Chris N. announced the upcoming Interact Rails to Trails maintenance  project (which was a success with 50 kids working!).  Mayor Don’s graduating senior picked a college, The University of Georgia.  John Lowe had recently enjoyed a wedding in Mississippi for a 21 year-old niece, such youth explained by a late marriage of a younger brother.  Marty B. said Kim Emche of SON Ministries doesn’t sit still and is adding new programs to tutor kids.  Bev M. reminded all of us about the Wine Raffle in two weeks.  Bring in a bottle, get a chance to win three bottles, and the rest goes to The Great Debate.    She also reminded members that the Hilliard Environmental Sustainability Day is April 25th at the Community Center with lots of interesting hands-on activities.   Greg R. said Bev had helped design a new flier and Giant Eagle is reviewing it.  He is also a new board member of the Hilliard Education Foundation. 
Johnny won the 50-50 Raffle and Mark J. once again won the Ace of Spades Raffle but also again left the Ace in the deck. 
Our speaker was Robert Haas of the Amputee Recreational Support Group of Central Ohio.  We are working with them for the Veterans’ water skiing event in June.  We have sponsors for the food and five ski boats!  The group wants to aid all folks with needs for prosthetics to resume their self-confidence through ownership and effective use of devices, although they concentrate largely on veterans.  He is a busy guy and sits in several high-profile boards as a consultant and representative for folks with missing limbs and prosthetics.  That includes working with the Department of Veterans Affairs, even visiting the White House.  He is a 30-year Navy veteran although he did not talk about that much.  He was badly injured during his service, which injuries later cost him his leg.   He says career military personnel are treated pretty well in the VA System although he shares some concerns about that system which he is working hard to improve.  He has five prosthetic legs for various purposes, some costing as much as $25,000.   He also has some PTSD himself which he treats partially with his trusty therapy dog who visited us, too.  Bob does what he does because he continues to be gratified by events when veterans and others discover they can resume a more normal life and do things they believed they no longer could.  He regards each of these as a miracle.  It was a great talk by a guy who is putting his money where his mouth is.
Remember to Light Up Rotary and please join us next week.
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April 2, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – April 1, 2015
Marty B. managed the front desk.  Dave C. announced visitors and led The Pledge.  Lynn offered a prayer.  President Kat announced that it was Mark J’s birthday and that she and her husband were celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary (she later paid the S-A-A the requisite $18).  She reminded folks that the Installation Dinner was a mere $10/person (less than lunch on Thursday and probably tastier).  Pay your $10 (or $20) to Treasurer Bill anytime to be registered, since we do need a head count.
Then Sergeant-at-Arms Lynn took center stage.  Marty B. was happy that the Muzac serenaded Lynn’s prayer.  Doug H. introduced Chris, his latest valued employee, who happens to be Adrea E’s husband.  Andrea was happy Chris is working for Doug.  Bev M. had interesting news: the Great Debate Silent Auction Committee is sponsoring periodic “wine auctions”, to keep the Silent Auction in front of members.  Periodically, members will be asked to bring in a bottle of wine, and three of those will be raffled and the balance will go towards Great Debate baskets.  John L. attended the High School Basketball Tournament finals and noted that the High School Basketball tournament was called “March Madness” far before the NCAA Tournament.   Andy M. had “whine buck” since he was a victim of an April Fools joke perpetrated by Greg R. (a FAKE Email that Giant Eagle had pulled out as Great Debate sponsor).  Steve H. gave a final reminder of that same afternoon’s 4-Way Test Speech Contest (it was excellent!).  Mark J. specified that Happy Birthday was to be sung by Tricia H.  She continues to refuse a reprise of her Marilyn Monroe version, but if you did not look at her (I did not) and just listened, it was still that sultry Marilyn voice.  Tricia noted that her daughter’s volleyball team was in The Finals!  She was thrilled her Mom sold her condo in three days, and announced that the next 5th Thursday social (4/30) will be at Louis’ Fusion.  Greg R. updated us on the Great Debate Committee meeting focusing on getting in gear earlier and doing plenty of advance work.  Lynn R. introduced long-time fishing buddy Rick.  They were planning on fishing that day in the Maumee, but declared a “Rain Out”.   Our guest, Rick, won the 50-50 Raffle.  The Bill R/John consortium won the Ace of Spades Raffle but could not find the Ace.  The odds are starting to get good.
Then, Max F. introduced our speaker, John Stoner.  He is a Viet Nam Vet including as a helicopter pilot.  March/April are part of his personal Viet Nam history:  1)  He was there during the fall of the capital wondering how he would get out, as well as began and ended deployments in those months.  He told us some interesting facts about Viet Nam and the war, but was there mainly to talk about Agent Orange and other substance exposure illnesses that veterans are suffering from and not being properly treated for.  Interesting Facts:
  1.  It was originally a French colony along with Laos and Cambodia – the Vietnamese actually fought in WWI on the side of the French.
  2. It was lost to the Japanese in WWII which cost the allies important air bases and France reclaimed it after the war.
  3. Ho Chi Minh fought alongside US forces to free it from Japan
  4. The French were finally ousted in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954n after terrible numbers of casualties
  5. President Eisenhower opposed the communist regime in the Cold War along with successor, John Kennedy.
  6. The main part of the war was managed by a fabulous WWII general William Westmoreland who was trained in conventional warfare and was not able to adjust to jungle warfare.
John then said his only regret about his service was that he had been poisoned by his own country.  Agent Orange was sprayed over thousands of square miles to defoliate the jungle and take away hiding capacity of the enemy.  It settled on Vietnamese and US soldiers as well.  Told that it was safe, they ignored it, although it is basically Roundup at 1,000 times the strength used normally in agriculture!  It came back in spray planes that were never decontaminated as well, until the government finally understood the issue and scrapped and smelted the planes!  It causes many serious illnesses, is incorporated into the victims genetically, and affects their children, grandchildren and on.  John’s family is living testimony to that fact.  John is working hard to affect legislation and the VA, so that veterans not only of Vietnam, but also the Gulf and Afghan wars are properly treated for exposure illnesses.
Remember to “Light Up Rotary”.  See you next week!
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March 26, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – March 26, 2015
Mike B. managed the front desk.  James F. greeted and led The Pledge and Johnny D. offered a prayer.  What followed was a meeting with lots of laughing, and good-natured ribbing; even more than normal!  President Kat announced the birthdays of Nathan P, John V(a), and Christie C.  We also marked PDG George H’s 21st Rotary anniversary and Joe P’s 33rd!  The Great Debate seat pricing has changed a bit: tables of ten are still $500, ½ tables are now $275, and single seats are $60.  This policy makes single seats available but provides incentive to buy tables and half a table.
Members did all the work for Sergeant-at-Arms Lynn R. since announcement and Happy Bucks pretty much filled the basket with minimal actual fines.  Marty announced that daughter had obtained a job, and not only is it a job, it is a job with Full Benefits!  He also said that scholarship applications were in and ready for committee members to pick up and start evaluating.  Bill R. paid in $37 to mark his wedding anniversary and Keith paid in $30 marking his.  Congratulations to both!  Chris A. reported that our club’s District Grant request had been submitted successfully before the 4/30 deadline with help from Lynn, John L, Greg R, and John V(o).  We are placing Rotary benches on Hilliard park lands (Rails to Trails?).  Steve G. updated us on coworker Chris N’s absence.  He had rushed up to Youngstown where his Dad had very serious surgery with poor prospects.  The good news is that Dad is doing well!  Steve H. reminded the group that the 4-Way Test Speech Contest is next Thursday at Hilliard Bradley Commons at 3:00.  If you can possible come, we really need to show support for the kids.  We have ten speakers!  Linda Bryan was spurred by the recent Oklahoma tornado to recall her family that lived there and her memories of their tornado (storm) shelters.  Greg R. is back from his trip to visit his (new) employer’s head offices; it was pretty much all hard work and long days.  His wife took their daughter to Minneapolis for a choir event, so now Greg owes the boys a weekend in Cincinnati soon.  A justifiably bragging Doug H. said his son is returning from his year in Iceland to do graduate studies at (get this) Columbia.  President Kat was grateful none of her Arlington neighbors were hurt in last week’s house explosion.
Johnny won the 50-50 Raffle and Greg R. had the winning Ace of Spades Raffle but could not locate the Ace.
Our speaker was a very articulate Maureen Conoly who endeared herself by telling us what a great Rotary club we are, for starters.  She represents CASA which stands for “Court Appointed Special Advocates”.  Her organization is a 501c(3) (not a government agency) that trains advocates for children in various places in “the system”.  They are usually cases of abuse or neglect.  Her organization recruits and trains GAL’s (Guardian Ad Litems) who are appointed by the courts to advocate for these children, be familiar with their circumstances, and make recommendations to the court.  They receive a mandatory 40 hours of training annual training updates of 20 hours.  There were 30,000 cases managed by Franklin County Children’s Services last year of which 11,600 included neglect or abuse while 3,300 cases made Juvenile Court.  CASA was involved with 820 of these.  The cases can involve economics/poverty, hunger, mental abuse or illness, parental substance abuse, or general abuse of the child. Fifty-two percent of the kids are male yet they struggle to recruit male GAL’s.  Fifty-five percent of the kids are five years old or under.  She showed a short video featuring two kids who were beneficiaries of the program and answered lots of questions.  It is an amazing and important program.
Remember to “Light up Rotary” and join us next week!!
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March 12, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – March 12, 2015
Shreve J. managed the front desk while Chris N. greeted and led The Pledge.  Linda B. offered a prayer.  President Kat announced that Dave C. marked his 6th year as a Club member.  She also reminded us that we will participate in a Family Day at the Y on April 25 – volunteers needed.  Those of us attending District Assembly that day will be unable to help.  She also circulated a card for members to sign to send best wishes to our friend, George T.  She also announced that recent dynamic speaker, Hilliard School’s own Janet Monseur-Durr, had received a national teaching excellence award!  Then Marty B. and Andy M. came to the podium with a BIG announcement.  Giant Eagle has signed on as a long-term corporate sponsor of the Great Debate.  They have also recently signed agreements with OSU for access to trademarks, athletes, and coaches.  We need to keep details quiet right now, so Giant Eagle can structure and announce as they wish, but this could create an event on par with (what was) the Wendy’s Chili Open!  We will surely have to share some decisions and style choices with them, so be flexible.  This is simply amazing! 
Kinder and gentler Tony M. served as Sergeant-at-Arms.  Chris N. reminded us one final time that we really need to support two upcoming events:  Interact’s Carrabba’s Fundraiser this Saturday at the Hilliard Senior Center – 11:30-2:00 (tickets at Local Level).  He also reminded us that this weekend was the big Darby Choir event at the Rife Capitol Theater Friday and Saturday at 7:00.  This will be fabulous.  Andrea E. seconded this message.  She is enjoying her first year as an Interact advisor and confirmed the importance of supporting the events.  Joe P. offered a $5 donation if someone could name the location of the first Great Debate – Marty knew: Hamtramck, Michigan (wonder who won those debates?).  Max F. announced that he and Johnny D. are organizing a day out for vets with cooperation from Shreve J. which will take place at the Scioto Boat Club and offer wakeboarding, skiing, etc. for vets that may be partially disabled or just need a fun day out.  The event is June 27th and they received a $1,000 assistance with expenses from Park Financial.  Johhny D. also announced that his veterans’ Bible group at Cypress was already receiving notice as a magistrate assigned an arrested vet to study with the group rather than be jailed!   President Kat had a great time at the HEF’s fundraiser last week.  John L. reminded us of the Membership Mixer at Heritage that very evening.  Visitor Kim D. introduced her Grandfather who has just come to live with her and mentioned that he was a soldier in combat in the Big One – WWII. 
Johnny D. won the 50-50 Raffle and Tricia H. held the right ticket for the Ace of Spades Raffle, but left the Ace in the deck.
Doug H. was unable to moderate for Student of the Month so Marty B. managed it in his place.  Our students this month were:
Irene Zhu, Darby H.S. – Irene is a Panther Ambassador, in NHS, and volunteers at the Humane Society.  She plans to be alert for service opportunities in the future.  Her favorite subjects are Biology and Psychology.  She enjoys horseback riding.  She moved here from Canada in her Sophomore year and has learned from her brother who is med school to be independent and self-reliant.  Her Mom’s advice has been to “focus on what you can control”.  She plans to attend UNC Chapel Hill and study Biology. 
Ben Biddinger, Davidson H.S. – Ben volunteers with Davidson Youth Basketball Camp and with the Northwest Superstars Special Olympics baseball team.  He is also a Freshman Focus leader.  Interestingly, his Dad is a Social Studies teacher at Davidson and Mom is a Special Ed teacher (both present).  He is in marching and concert band, basketball and baseball.  He also likes to read.  His most influential person is his younger brother who can’t do some of the things Ben does, because of a medical condition.  His brother keeps him focused and hard-working.   His best advice received is: take advantage of every opportunity life presents you.  He plans to be an Athletic Trainer and will study at OSU or Purdue.  Robin inquired as to his favorite book and he is a Harry Potter fan.
Elizabeth Morris, Bradley H.S. – She is a Jaguar Spirit Ambassador, and a tutor.  She too is committed to seizing future opportunities to serve.  Her favorite subjects are Math and Science.  She plays trumpet in the Marching Band and is in the Musical.  Her most influential person is her Mom, who’s character Elizabeth has modeled herself after.  He best advice is well worn and ever-wise: “Pick your battles”.  She will be attending OSU and studying neuroscience and progressing on to become a pediatrician.
I hope you noticed two things: as, always these are great kids, but also read again the middle of the newsletter and see all the important work our members are doing, not just in the club but also in their service life outside the club.  This is just great stuff!
Remember – Light Up Rotary (and see you next week).
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March 5, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – March 5, 2015
Mike B. managed the front desk and John V(a) greeted and led The Pledge.  Lynn R. offered a prayer.  President Kat announced that it was Carrie S-D’s birthday (but she was not present).  Andrea E. was called up to swap out her Red Badge for a Blue Badge.  Once again we noted a recently admitted member has come in at a run, as Kat said, “jumped in with both feet”!  It was announced that PDG George H’s mother passed and we all signed a card.  Malik M. announced that April 25th is Healthy Kid Day at the Y.  It will be sort of a fair-style event with lots to do and the more the merrier.
Sergeant-at-Arms, Lynn R. got a reminder right away from Chris N. that the Interact Carrabba’s Fundraiser is Saturday, March 14th.  Buy tickets at Local Level.  As of this writing, four tickets have been sold which is just plain embarrassing.  He also noted that the renown Hilliard Darby Choir under the direction of our friend, Doctor Mike Martin, is presenting a “concert of hope” on March 13th and 14th at the Capitol Theater.  Buy tickets through the Hilliard Darby site.  It will be super!  The 5K run committee is meeting and is looking for folks to team up to provide “goodie bag” stuff.  Chris A. is spearheading the committee to write our Rotary Grant application.  Kat pointed out an article with picture of our very own Mayor Don in Business First.  Greg R. may miss a couple meetings as his new Belgian employer has him traveling to Belgium for a couple of weeks – how exciting!  He also included some griping about Cleveland Browns.  Marty B. reminded everyone that Red Badgers are 100% full Rotarians with a few chores to do to get a blue badge, but that the red badge was primarily to inform the rest of us to give them some TLC!  Lynn R. celebrated the new Girl Scout gluten-free cookie.  He disagreed with contentions that they were also likely flavor-free.  John L. is also out for a bit as he attends some accreditation courses in NYC. 
Steve G. won the 50-50 Raffle as well as the Ace of Spades Raffle; he got some money but not the Ace of Spades.
Andrea E. introduced her co-worker from Budros, Ruhlin, and Roe, Amy Weldele.  She is a CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst).   She helps people plan financially for divorce, but also helps couples and individuals in divorce figure out how to manage property settlements, sometimes in a collaborative style rather than adversarial based on a new 2013 law allowing this.  She is trained to work with the attorneys and accountants involved.  Her role includes planning, budgeting, identifying “layers of property”, health insurance strategies, understanding post-divorce credit status, child-support calculators, alimony calculators, Social Security planning, and complying with QDRO’s.  While the subject (divorce) seems distasteful, the information was interesting and very useful to folks in need.
Remember to “Light up Rotary” and join us next week.
March 5, 2015 John Vogelpohl 2015-03-05 00:00:00Z
February 19, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – February 19, 2015
Shreve J. managed the front desk while Andy M. greeted and led The Pledge.
The prayer was offered by Chris A.  Thanks to Keith J. for taking notes for this newsletter.
Guests included: Laurie Stevenson (our speaker) and Susan Bahr
President-elect John L. ran the meeting in place of President Kat.  He announced that Marty was celebrating 18 years in Rotary (it has to be longer than that as I have been in the club 20 years and Marty was already a member! - JLV).
President-elect John L allowed announcements for free before the Sergeant-at-Arms:
Greg reminded us of the Carrabba's lunch fundraiser for the Interact clubs on 3/14 from 11:30 - 2:00 at the community center.  Order tickets at Local Level including To-go orders.  Steve H. reminded us of the HEF Casino Night; tickets also on Local Level.
Linda shared a story about Mayor “Buck” Rinehart in memory of his recent passing.  She told a story of a fundraiser that she organized where the Zoo provided a boa constrictor.  Linda wore the snake around her neck, but Buck insisted that he wear it, so she gave it to him as a reminder to watch for snakes in the grass.  Dave added that when you are wearing a seven-foot boa constrictor around your neck, people give you plenty of space. The Strategic planning Committee met last Tuesday, the 17th.  It was a productive meeting.  Anyone with suggestions, feel free to email John V(a).
The Four Way Speech Contest is on April 2nd at Bradley H.S. and we need audience members!!!  Lastly, March 12, 5:30 - 7:30, there will be a social mixer to introduce potential members to the club at Heritage.  Attend if you can and share your story one on one.
Mayor Don S. did eventually get to do Sergeant-at-Arms duties and Happy Bucks were volunteered.  Greg R. was happy about the completion of his annual Presidents Day weekend trip to Ogilbay with six 11-year-old girls, six 9-year-old boys and two kindergartners.  It was a weekend of sledding, swimming and some beer drinking on Greg's part.  He also has a houseful of neighbor kids sleeping over because of snow days.  What a brave man!  Bill shared his annual Presidents Day weekend trip to Lansing, MI, to the Deer and Turkey Expo as Treasurer.  Andy M. was happy that his daughter graduated from Capital University and has a grown up job at Nationwide.
Carrie enjoyed her Colorado snowboarding trip.  There was a lack of snow the week they were there, and right on schedule it showed up the week after they returned to Ohio.  Since it was cold and it was a good idea to wear jeans; Don fined everyone who was not wearing jeans.  John L. was fined for his phone ringing.
Raffle: $12 went to Steve H. for a 50-50 winning ticket.   Christy C, won the Ace of Spades Raffle but no Ace of Spades showed up.
Our speaker was Laurie Stevenson of the Ohio EPA, Office of Compliance and Pollution Prevention (OCAPP).
Her office works with small businesses that need an advocate within the agency.
They hold workshops, conferences, produce publications, and provide web resources.  Her office is prohibited from sharing information with the compliance department if a small business contacts them about how to resolve an environmental issue they are working on.  That makes good sense!  They also provide grants for environmental education, recycling, and marketing efforts. 
Remember to “Light Up Rotary” and thanks again to Keith for helping with the newsletter!   
February 19, 2015 John Vogelpohl 2015-02-19 00:00:00Z
February 12, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – February 12, 2015
Shreve J. managed the front desk while Steve G. greeted and led The Pledge.  Johnny D. offered a prayer.  President Kat announced Doug and Sandy H’s 115th anniversary (per the website).  We found out later it is their 27th.  Mike B. married his lovely wife 28 years ago on Valentine’s Day.  Greeter Steve G. won the 50-50 Raffle and the Mayor won the Ace of Spades Raffle but his designated student drawer did not draw the Ace.
Mayor Don served as Sergeant-at-Arms.  Steve H. thanked those who worked the Youth Exchange weekend at the Y, which went very well as always.  The District Youth Exchange folks love our club!  He also announced that the 4-Way Test Speech Contest will be held at Bradley H.S. on April 3, 3:00-5:30.  If you can possibly arrange to be there, please do since it is important to support these kids.  Tony M. showed off the new 5-K logo and thanked Kim and Dennis G.  President Kat said that our speakers last week shared with her that after their talk, a Hilliard Rotarian came up and asked how much they needed to get all their female students the book “I am Malila”, and wrote a check for $200 to accomplish that.  It is that kind of action that continues to convince her that a room full of Hilliard Rotarians is a room full of good folks.  James F. also thanked Malik M. and the Y for the great hosting of the Youth Exchange weekend.  He also said that Valentine’s Day marks the 28th anniversary of his engagement.  Mike B. paid his $28 anniversary bucks.  Johnny D. has organized a Bible Study group at this church to help veterans deal with combat stress!  Kim G’s 22 year-old soldier/son is 22 on Valentine’s Day.  Then the Mayor pointed out that the chicken Caesar wraps were far less popular than the “Club” wraps and fined everyone who ate a Club wrap!
Then Doug H. came up to moderate Student of the Month as follows:
  1.  Jersey Dick, Bradley H.S. – She started with a commercial for the upcoming Interact Carrabba’s fundraiser at the Senior Center on March 14th.  Buy tickets at Local Level.  Her service activities include a group called Reach Out which is how she began working at a Veterans’ Home.   She also serves meals at a nursing home.   She has also helped raise money for charities in Turkey.   She plans to continue service through mission trips and as a hospital volunteer.  Her favorite subject in school is choir which rests on the “Pillars of Integrity, Passion, and Family”.  She attends the ILC for “Academy MD.   Then she sang a bit of Amazing Grace (on request).  She works at Target and is very active in Young Life.  Her most influential person is her Mother who is a selfless best friend.  The best advice is “Don’t worry; let it go”.   She plans to attend Kent State, University of Toledo, or Indiana Wesleyan to study Nursing. 
  2. Erica Custer, Darby H.S. – Her service includes NHS projects, most recently for Children’s Hospital.  She works TOP Soccer through HOSA.  She is active in her Youth Group and does mission trips.  Future service will include TOP and mission trips and a life in medical service.  Her favorite classes are anatomy, ceramics, and math.  The event that most affected her was a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  Her best advice comes from her parents as basically a distillation of the Golden Rule.  She will attend OU in the Honors Program and then go to Graduate School.
  3. Megan Earley, Davidson H.S. – Megan began by sharing her art; 3 very cool drawings.   She is busy in her church youth group and various USA mission trips, Student Council, and NHS projects.  A mission trip to Tennessee where they worked for a week helping repair a “grandma’s” house helped her understand how blessed she is.  She looks forward to future mission trips and perhaps The Peace Corps.  Her favorite subjects are anything other than Math and Science; things like English, Art, and Choir.  She has been also greatly impacted by an educational program, Mosaic run by Steve Shapiro (who spoke to the club last year).  Dad gave her the best advice (which he lives), “Spend life doing what you love; happiness and the money will follow”.    She will be attending an art school. 
Yay for Student of the Month – great as always!  Remember to “Light Up Rotary” and join us next week!
February 12, 2015 John Vogelpohl 2015-02-14 00:00:00Z
February 5, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – February 5, 2015
Shreve J. managed the front desk.  Mark J. greeted and led The Pledge.  Johnny D. offered a prayer.  President Kat welcomed John V(o) back after his hospital stay.  George H. is celebrating his 24th wedding anniversary and Jim M. and Dave S. are celebrating Rotary anniversaries.  President Kay called Johnny D. up to receive a pin for bringing in a new member.  She also asked Christie C. if she needed any help for the Youth Exchange weekend at the Hilliard Y that we were sponsoring and Christie said she was “all set”.  Great!  (Late breaking news - once again, we did a super job sponsoring the weekend!)
Mayor Don S. served as Sergeant-at-Arms.  Chris N. reminded us (and will continue to remind us) that the Interact Clubs are selling tickets for a Carrabba’s dinner at the Senior Center on March 14.  This is a simple way to support the clubs for the price of a good meal!  Johnny D. said he enjoyed a breakfast with the Mayor where he planted a seed for the development of an injured vet condo community in Hilliard.  John L. was proud of his son who spoke well to the community at the Metropolitan Club.  Mike B. announced he is expecting a grandchild!  James F. congratulated the mayor for the fine maintenance of the Rails to Trails.   The Mayor ended with a “blue jean” fine.   Bev M. won the 50-50 Raffle and Tricia H. won the Ace of Spades Raffle but did not pull the Ace!
President Kat introduced our speakers, Chastity and Melissa. They are with the United Nations Association we have worked with in the past in addition to sponsoring their recent UN Day: Impacting Gender Equality.  They are two very active young women putting their time where their mouth is working in various ways towards gender equality and opportunity, spearheaded through the United Nations Association.  That includes working with a group of high school women at Horizon Science Academy.  They are also working against human trafficking.  They shared their seven strategic goals which line up almost perfectly with the strategic areas that  Rotary International’s Foundation requires grants to  address.  It is nice to hear from young people so committed to making a difference (like Rotary).
Join us next week and remember to “Light Up Rotary”.
February 5, 2015 2015-02-05 00:00:00Z
January 22, 2015
The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – January 22, 2015
Carrie S-D managed the front desk and Malik M. did double duty as greeter and he offered a prayer.  President-elect John L. ran the meeting in President Kathy’s absence.  John announced birthdays for Josh T. and Tricia H., both of whom were at the meeting.  President-elect John also said we needed a few members to serve on a re-energized Strategic Planning Committee.  Let John know!   Robin N. let us know that we did not need to buy copies of the “A B C’s of Rotary” since she discovered that they are available online.  Carrie S-D told us that the club was supporting our friends at the Heinzerling Foundation at their “Off the Wall Gala”.  Let her know if you would like to use the club’s tickets to attend.   The Mayor wanted to update us on the status of the Bo Jackson Sports complex, as there is considerable public interest in it.  As of the moment, the Bo Jackson folks have not been able to raise the required financing and the city’s promise of various support and $1,000,000 in infrastructure improvements have expired.  If the Bo Jackson group came back to the City with sufficient financing, the City would be open to re-starting the conversation, but for now….  Thanks for the update Mr. Mayor.
Lynn R. conducted the Sergeant-at-Arms session.  Steve Hughes (welcome back prodigal son!) had several announcements.  He recommended the Hilliard Education Foundation Casino Night on March 7.  March 14 is our Interact Clubs’ Carrabba’s fundraiser (which we all need to support).  Lastly, our club has approved sending four Hilliard students to RYLA this year.  Shreve J. was happy his twin girls, as they enter high school, will be attending the same school for the first time.  Stephanie announced that she was joining the law firm of Willis & Willis, so indirectly we may have a Willis person back in the club.  John V(o) said that Wednesday evening, his wife saw the neighbor’s being robbed and called 911, and got the police there to arrest the burglars; she was a hero!  He also wondered what the Mayor planned to do with the $1,000,000 that had been earmarked for the Bo Jackson project.  Marty B. said that he bought his security system just after his house was robbed, as Doug H. had predicted.  He also said that Hilliard Rotary Club scholarship applications were ready for this year.  Chris A., a basketball official, said to watch out for Bradley’s basketball team this year.  Keith J. reminded us that we need snacks and workers for the Youth Exchange weekend we are sponsoring at the YMCA February 6-7.  Tony M. said there are a few bugs in the updated version of Club Runner that runs our club web site, so be patient.  Josh T. was a bit late because he has been very busy with his family’s latest business venture.  They bought the West Jefferson funeral home, Rader McDonald, and Josh is running it.  Congratulations!  And last but not least, Amy E. daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies.  The purchase sheet was passed around and it looked like daughter had a good day!  
Lynn R. won the 50-50 Raffle and once again Linda B. won the Ace of Spades Raffle but drew the Ae of Clubs!!
Then John L. introduced our program, which was Pastor Phil G. and son Martin (also a pastor) who was a music major as an undergraduate before he went to seminary.  Martin was raised in Mexico City and combines his talents as a musician with a reverence and appreciation of Mexican music (and guitars).  Phil and Martin shared some songs with us, including one that Mexicans sing for birthdays (for our birthday duo).  It was flat-out fun, and flat-out interesting.  Thanks to both of them!!
Remember to Light Up Rotary – and join us next week.
January 22, 2015 2015-01-22 00:00:00Z
Great Debate



Presented by Giant Eagle and The Rotary Club of Hilliard



Master of Ceremonies  DINO TRIPODIS from Sunny 95!

Funny Bone comedian Dan Swartwout

and the usual cast of characters!

FRIDAY, November 20th  

Festivities Kick-Off at 11:00am

The Makoy Center in Old Hilliard

Tickets are $500/table of 10

The Great Debate is a Columbus, Ohio tradition centering around an entertaining, no holds barred comedic debate on the great tradition of the Ohio State vs Michigan game.  The Great Debate is rounded out with food, beer and a silent auction.

All proceeds benefit the Hilliard Rotary Club, which supports a variety of service projects both locally and abroad.  Hope to see you there.

Click here for a preview of the event

Click here for video of Dan Swartout's performance

Click here for video of Nickey Winkelman's performance

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Member Profiles
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2012 4-Way Test Speech Contest

Congratulations to this year's winners:

1st - Nabeel Alauddin

2nd - Austen Reed-McFarland            

3rd - Roma Perry

Click on their name to watch the video

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29th Annual Great Debate
29th Annual Great Debate 2011-09-29 00:00:00Z
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