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Service Above Self Since 1916

We meet Wednesdays at 12:15 PM
Hs. Lordships Restaurant
199 Seawall Drive
Berkeley, CA  94710
United States
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Rotary International is one of—if not the—premier service organizations in the world. Rotary’s areas of focus include: Peace and Conflict Resolution, Disease Prevention, Water and Sanitation Initiatives, Maternal and Child Health, Basic Education and Literacy, and Economic and Community Development.
These services are delivered by 1.2 million Rotarians in 34,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide, including being “this close” to eliminating polio forever. The “fuel” to deliver these services is generated by financial donations to the Rotary Foundation from member Rotarians throughout the world.
The Foundation, founded in 1957, is one of the most respected charitable organizations in America. The rating organization American Institute of Philanthropy expects charitable organizations to devote 60% of their collections to charitable endeavors to be considered “satisfactory,” and 75% to be considered “highly efficient.” The Rotary Foundation devotes 92% of all collected donations to charitable projects. Your donations are well spent! . . .
The Berkeley Rotary Peace Grove, located in Tilden Park in the Berkeley hills, was created in 1955 to celebrate the conversion of a missile base to a public park.  At that point, 100 sequoia trees were planted, one of which is dedicated each year to an individual or group that has made a contribution to international peace and understanding.
The Berkeley Rotary Peace Committee is responsible both for the maintenance of the Grove and for the selection of its annual Peace Award.  Until this year, nominations and selection were made within the confines of our club and the committee.  Recently, however, the committee has created a Peace Grove website to advertise it to the entire international Rotary community with the intention of soliciting nominations of people around the world who are doing effective work with whom we might not, in the U.S., be familiar . . .

Rotary is a group of community, business, and professional leaders of all ages—busy people generally, even those who have "retired"—who come together to:

       o get to know each other better,

       o stay up to date on what's happening in the community and the world,

       o work together to make things happen to improve the community where we live and communities abroad, and

       o have fun while we're doing all this.

Our impact upon our local community is significant every year.  Being situated in a cosmopolitan town with a population that travels all over the world and is diverse in ethnicity and culture, Berkeley Rotary is also highly active in international service projects, working jointly with Rotary clubs in other countries.  

We're a club of 130 Rotarian members, 320 Rotaracters (college and post-college) and 40 Interacters (high school). As a club approaching its 100th birthday in 2016-17, we constantly work at reinventing ourselves so we can  serve our community and members better. It works: We were named the best club in our District, which covers much of northern California, a year back.  See more about our service work below in the areas of education, public health, youth programs and building future leaders, water and sanitation, vocational and economic development, and working for peace. . . .




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