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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays:
  • David Morgenson
    August 6
  • George Cook
    August 10
  • Jen Shade
    August 10
  • Steve Wilkinson
    August 17
  • Joseph Johnson
    August 18
  • Bush Lane
    August 21
  • Larry Winn
    August 22
  • Lathem Scott
    August 24
  • Katherine Howell
    August 30
Spouse Birthdays:
  • Tom Hill
    August 14
  • Carol Lynne Ellis
    August 15
  • Janeane Steiner
    August 28
  • Wayne Byrd
    Anne Byrd
    August 1
  • Steve Hechler
    Leigh Ann Hechler
    August 2
  • Joseph Johnson
    Kristin Johnson
    August 3
  • Bryan Biggs
    Lou Ann Biggs
    August 5
  • Daniel Durrie
    Anne Durrie
    August 5
  • Jeff Ellis
    Carol Lynne Ellis
    August 6
  • Janee' Hanzlick
    David Hanzlick
    August 9
  • Chad King
    Amanda King
    August 13
  • George Cook
    Nikki Cook
    August 17
  • Kate Allen
    Josh Allen
    August 17
  • Charles Horner
    Mary Kay Horner
    August 18
  • Henry Lee
    Linda Lee
    August 21
  • Donna Lauffer
    Russell Lauffer
    August 23
  • Lynn Smith
    August 23
  • Richard Bond
    Sue Bond
    August 23
  • Charles Carlsen
    Linda Carlsen
    August 26
Join Date:
  • Jennifer Carroll
    August 5, 2013
    3 years
  • Jerry Cook
    August 5, 1996
    20 years
  • Fredric Goodman
    August 10, 1998
    18 years
  • Brad Plumb
    August 17, 1987
    29 years
  • Larry Bigus
    August 17, 2015
    1 year
  • Katherine Howell
    August 24, 2009
    7 years
  • Mike Hockley
    August 25, 2003
    13 years
  • Terry Goodman
    August 26, 1985
    31 years
April RINC Event
Sights and Sounds of the recent RINC Event


Welcome to the Overland Park Rotary Club!

Overland Park

Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 11:30 AM
Doubletree Hotel
10100 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS  66210
United States
District Site
Venue Map
Honoring Ben Craig
Club members raised more than $5,000 and the Overland Park Rotary Club Foundation matched the $5,000 in Ben's honor. Funds will be given to Harvesters!


I am so honored to be the president of such a well-established, influential, and successful club. My time in Rotary has given me so much, I feel lucky to be able to give backMany people I talk to don’t really know what Rotary is, or why I choose to spend so much time and energy engaged with Rotary. In fact, there may be guests here today that don’t really know what Rotary is. Some say we are a service club. Some say we are a group of business people who meet for lunch and some say we raise money for several causes.
I think of Rotary as a leadership accelerator. A place where successful leaders join other successful leaders to maximize the good we can do in our community. A place where you can grow, both personally and professionally. A way to become a part of a global initiative to increase peace, goodwill and impact around the world.
I particularly found this to be true attending the Rotary International convention in Korea in May. We were 50,000 Rotarians from all around the world – Russia, Japan, Canada, Africa, and Australia. We were all there with the same goals. In a time where there’s so much to worry about, you see it every time you turn on the news or read your twitter feed, it is rewarding to be a part of something so GOOD.
One of my goals for the coming year is for our club to evaluate many of our practices, in a way – question everything – and explore new ways and possibilities to strengthen our club. I admire and respect our past club leaders and how they engrained the values of service and integrity here. I am not afraid to make more changes to prepare us for the best possible future. I want to be sure that we are adapting enough to improve Overland Park, for another 55 years.
I’d like to share what your board of directors would like to accomplish together this year.
  1. Grow our club 25 new members – while maintaining the highest quality to which we are accustomed.
    1. We’ll succeed with your help to introduce Rotary to your friends, neighbors, children and grandchildren. The more Rotarians in our club, the greater our impact on our community. It is not just about reaching a certain ‘quota’ but it will allow us to do more good.
  2. Increase community awareness of Overland Park Rotary.
    1. We have several initiatives planned, including social media – yes, we want you to like us on facebook! – and we will need your help to accomplish this! Are you proud of being a Rotarian? Then, let’s show the world!
  3. Increase “offline activity” including social, service, leadership and “friendraising” activities
    1. I want you to have the guilt-free goal of getting more out of Rotary… not just giving your time and money, but getting friendships, mentors and a sense of family out of our fellow Rotarians.
  4. The board wants to be sure that you are getting out of Rotary what you want… if there is something we can do to make your experience better, please come talk with us!

President, Overland Park Rotary Club


In 1970 a neighbor who became a very close friend invited me to join the Downtown Rotary Club in Topeka. I  was then a professor of law [and Dean] at Washburn Law School [after retiring from the Air Force]. Rotary was to me at that time mainly just a place to meet new friends and h ar interesting speeches. Four months after I retired from Washburn Law School at the end of the 1983 school year my first wife died.  Two years later I remarried, moved to Overland Park and became a member of this club.
I have always enjoyed volunteer activities but the confining job of teaching law got in the way when I was a member of the Topeka Club.   I didn't dare let he students discover a wrinkle in the law before I did.  The thing I appreciate most in this club is the emphasis on volunteering.  At my very first meeting I was given the opportunity to serve as assistant to Gene Troehler in the annual fund raising auction.  The next year Harvey McCray asked me to assist him in the same capacity.  Having learned the ropes, the club entrusted the chairmanship to me for two years.  Lee Seybert was in charge of operating the auction receiving station.  After I served my time as chairman, Lee and I managed the receiving station for the remaining year so the annual auction. 
Lee Seybert had become my best friend.  For many years we sold newspapers on Kansas City Day and attended the Royals opener together.  After the games we could enjoy libations at our house while my wife, Joned [sic], prepared dinner.  I really miss that guy.  On his passing I inherited to title of being our oldest member at the age of 88. 
I love Rotary for many reasons but the main ones are our emphasis on supporting local charities, the Youth Leadership Institute and world betterment through Rotary International.  This club gave a significant grant to HopeBUILDERS Home Repair on whose board I serve[d] as trustee.  For that I am most thankful.  I have slowed down [a] bit and no longer work at the Spectacular, limiting my energies mostly to serving on the board of HopeBUILDERS and chairing the Kingswood Senior Living Community Foundation. 
As you oldest member, may I suggest a way in which you can contribute painlessly to Rotary International beyond our requested annual contribution.  As I have for years, make your credit card purchases on a Rotary Mastercard.  I called Rotary International on October 27th and was informed that since the Rotary MasterCard came into existence in the year 2000 more than $700,000.00 has been contributed through purchases on the Rotary Card, all of which goes to the Polio Plus PROJECT.  Thanks for listening [reading]. 

Rotary Club of Leavenworth has started an initiative to raise funds and help Rotarians promote rotary by purchasing a Rotary License Plate. The state requires a commitment of at least 500 plates prior to beginning production. The cost is approximately $90.50, which includes $50 tax deductible royalty payment to the Rotary Foundation and a state fee of $40.50. A signup sheet will be placed at the entry table for your commitment to order a plate when they become available.


Support our Foundation

Your business can sponsor the OP Rotary website and e-Spoke. A one-year sponsorship will display your company logo and link to your own website. Sponsor logos rotate every eight seconds on our homepage and are published within each internal page of the OP Rotary website and e-Spoke.

All revenue from website sponsorship is donated to the Overland Park Rotary Foundation.

For details, contact Patrick Euston.


Many of you have been asking about the grant application for the 2016 Star Spangled Spectacular. The link below will take you to the application. If you have any question please see Chuck Gasser or email
Grant Application:

A few weeks ago, Mike Lundgren from Tedx KC visited our club. We had requested that he provide information on a few of his favorite business oriented playlists. Please find the titles and links below.
Talks and Playlists:

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Aug 29, 2016
John Black
Kiewit Engineering
Sep 05, 2016
Labor Day, celebrating our Nation's Greatest Resource (Human Capital)
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Star Spangled Spectacular
Star Spangled Spectacular
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Speaker Coordinator


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