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Intense summer program gives Israeli and Palestinian teens new perspectives
Students from Israel and Palestine sat together at a local art studio in Encinitas, California, USA, one day last summer, drawing portraits of one another and learning how to live in peace. Kelly Mellos, an organizer of the project from the Rotary Club of Encinitas Coastal, says that drawing someone who is sitting so close helps break down social barriers between the young people. "They see how many similarities there are between them," she says. "And they begin to understand we are all just people. There is a respect and trust that builds." The students were participating in a program run by...
Rotary releases $34.8 million for polio immunization activities worldwide
Rotary International released an additional $34.8 million in grants to support polio immunization activities in 10 countries, including Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan, the three countries where the disease has never been stopped. The funds, whose release was announced 20 January, will be used by the World Health Organization and UNICEF for polio immunization and surveillance activities in the 10 countries, as well as to provide technical assistance in several other countries in Africa. The grants include $8.1 million for Nigeria to support its final push to eradicate the disease. Nigeria...
President-elect urges Rotary members to ‘Be a Gift to the World’
Using their talents, expertise, and leadership, Rotary members worldwide are asked to be gifts to the world this upcoming 2015-16 Rotary year. Rotary International President-elect K.R. "Ravi" Ravindran called Sunday's address to incoming district governors the "most significant moment of my life." "All of you have been given so many gifts. And you have now been given this great gift: one year to take all your talents, all your gifts, everything that you are and can become -- and Be a Gift to the World," said Ravindran, revealing his presidential theme at the annual five-day training meeting...
Man in iron lung discovers Rotary
One might think a man living with polio in an iron lung would know about Rotary. But it wasn't until Paul Alexander had a business meeting with a member in Duncanville, Texas, earlier this year that he learned Rotary fights to eradicate the very disease that left him almost completely paralyzed. "I was completely blown away by the idea. For all these years, I didn't know the work they were doing," says Alexander, a practicing attorney in Dallas. "It's such a perfect fit for me." Alexander contracted polio during a major U.S. outbreak of the disease in the late 1950s when he was six years old...
Alumni recognized for expanding mental health services and supporting Rotary’s work
Dr. Geetha Jayaram has dedicated her life to helping people in her native India and the United States overcome the torment of severe depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, and other mental illnesses. Jayaram is a psychiatrist and associate professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. Her work expanding access to mental health services is much needed. Depression affects at least 350 million people and is the leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. "In India, there is no mental...

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Welcome to Our Club, Proud Member of District 5450

Rotary Club of Summit County

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 7:10 AM
Summit County Community & Senior Center
83 Nancy's Place
PO Box 415
Frisco, CO  80443
United States
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Summit Rotary News

Dear everyone!
Life is crazy. Sometimes you think you know exactly how things will go for next couple of years but then you make one little random decision that completely changes your life.
Since I left you guys my life has been kind of busy. In the beginning all my friends were extremely exited to see me and I was too. In the first week I felt like I was a king because people loved being around me! I could life my whole life like that. On the second day I ran my half marathon with no problem because of the low altitude but my mussels were SO sore after! Shortly after that Kristy and Joe, Gabe and Ani came to visit which was very cool! I loved to show them around in the community and I’m pretty sure they did too. After two weeks at home we went back to Summit with the whole family and they got to see all my host families, the soccer guys and some other high schoolers and some Rotary people! My family felt blessed to see everything and they loved how welcoming you all were! I cannot describe what a gift it has been to have someone to share my experiences with after my exchange. We when ATVing in Vail and downhill mountainbiking in Breck and we loved it all!
We took our rented Suburban and drove to Aspen to see Maroon Bells and the town before we headed east to Kansas and Texas to see all the farming. It didn’t sound like anybody in Summit County understood why we wanted to go there, but we find it very interesting. We saw a lot of cattle farms and one huge dairy farm and a lot of corn, soya, wheat and cotton farms. After four days on the flat land we ended up in Dallas, Texas and took a plane to New Orleans where we had two nights. We enjoyed the French Quarter a lot and went in the swamp to see alligators! Last stop was Florida. We started in Miami where we rented a new Suburban and hung out at the beach bars one night before we drove to Key West which was amazing! SO BEAUTIFUL! We drove up to Everglades to go out on an air boat tour where we saw a lot more alligators and their alligator farms with ton of em! We stayed two nights in Ft Myers where we just relaxed at the beach and enjoyed the weather. We ended up with one day in Universal Studios in Orlando and had a blast!
As soon as we got home we started harvesting. Two days later Parker came to visit. We went to a music festival and had so much fun! I showed him around in the county and for the last day we went to Copenhagen.
These days I play handball for my hometown. We have lost all our games but we are still having so much fun together. School is pretty easy so far. The first semester of the three years that I just started is always the easiest, but after Christmas it’ll be harder. I also do lectures at different schools about my year, and people love to hear about it!
My exchange year seems like a dream sometimes. When I tell people about all the things that I’ve done in one year and all the places I’ve been it seems unrealistic. I want to thank you all for opening your homes and hearts for me. The way that you have shared your life with me will always be something I’ll look back on and smile.
I have realized that there is two ways you can live your life: Like nothing is a miracle. And like everything is a miracle. I’ve picked the second one.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
 Greetings Rasmus.

Our February Board Meeting will be held on February 17th at 9am. All members are welcome to attend!

Days getting longer, the sun shining a bit more, it's time to get ready for: 
The 2015 District 5450 Conference
May 1- May 3, 2015
Keystone, Colorado
Keystone Resort & Spa
 It is so full of great Rotary news and projects, amazing speakers, fascinating panel discussions and fun, fun, fun, I can’t put it all in one e-mail. Here are some highlights: 
·         The World Health Organization’s Chris Maher & Global Consultant Carl Tinstman are giving us the history and current situation on Polio Eradication around the globe.
·         Chuck Kutscher from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is speaking to us about What We Know and What We Don’t About Climate Change
·         Super exciting, Carrie Hessler-Radelet, Director of Peace Corp, will tell us about Peace Corps’ experience working with Rotary for the last year!
·         Denver’s going Green! One of the most ambitious programs in the country, Denver’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Jerry Tinianow, will share the Path To Green! 
Want to sing along with Peter Yarrow while cooking s’mores? You can at the conference! Get ready to laugh yourself silly with Dr. Kevin Fitgerald, veterinarian, animal rights advocate, star of radio and TV, Rolling Stones’ bouncer and one of the funniest comedians you’ll ever hear. And after a wonderful dinner on Saturday, you’ll want to dance the night away with FACE, one of Boulder’s best bands. 
All of this, fabulous food, family friendly fun and much more in one of Colorado’s most beautiful small towns- Keystone. 
Are you ready to register? If you are one of the first 50 to register for the full conference, you’ll get a great Conference Survival Bag! We’ll give it to you at the registration desk. Here’s the link to get information and REGISTER.  
Book your room by April 1, 2015 and get great discounts. Give Keystone resort a call at 800-328-1323 and make sure to use code CK2RID to let them know you’re with Rotary. 
I look forward to seeing you there! 
Dr. Peter Ewing, District Governor 


Last Week in Rotary

Marylin led us off with the inspiration last week at Rotary.

We then heard from Larry Stone who was the sponsor of January's Summit Daily Rotary page. Bill Sanders conducted a mini auction for the next year's monthly SDN sponsors. There are a few spots left for the year coming up, so if you are interested get in touch with Bill to get you name on the list. Thanks to our partnership with the Summit Daily News and Matt Sandbers, the cost to sponsor the monthly page is just $165 and tells the community about all of the great works we have been up to over the month.

Thanks to all who helped out last weekend at the Exchange Ski Weekend. Eric Fischer shared some thank you posters the students made, and shared that the weekend was a great success. No medical visits and no students were lost (at least not for too long). A good time was had by all.

We almost have enough to purchase a shelter box. Bernie passed around the hat again this week to collect enough to purchase a Shelter Box. It is a great program and if you want to learn more, I am sure Bernie would be happy to tell you more!

Thanks to the hard work of Dave Matthews and Art Burger our ICE MELT tickets can now be purchased online!

Our very own Sergeant at Arms, Lee Edwards, will be recruiting other Sergeant at Arms volunteers for the district conference this year, held in Keystone... Interested? talk to the guy wearing shorts

Jim Brook channeled Paul Harris again this week, sharing that if Paul had the benefit of someone like Bill Sanders helping with fundraising, he would have moved Rotary forward much quicker.

Blake Davis won the little pot, but the big pot of over $1,000 is still out there for the lucky winner.

President Peggy was serenaded with Birthday wishes in three languages at the meeting, and  we got to play with fire!

The meeting was wrapped up with a presentation about Project Healing Waters. They are having a fundraising event on February 12th, more information can be found later in the bulletin.

Smile, we live in a great place!



Our Satellite meetings are held from 6:00 - 7:15  pm on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Mondays of every month in a private room in the Backcountry Brewery, corner of Main St and Hwy 9 / Summit Blvd in Frisco. All Rotarians are welcome and we hope that you'll invite your friends and colleagues to check us out as well!  No advance notice needed.


If you would like to present your passion at one of our meetings, please contact Jim Brook at 970-409-8995 or at   



Every second Wednesday of the month, Rotarians have been gathering for Happy Hour from 5:00 to 6:30.  If you haven't checked it out, pencil it in and come by and socialize, on one or any of the following dates... SEE YOU THERE!  


Our next Happy Hour will be:

February 11, 2015, Location TBA
Note: December and January will not have a scheduled happy hour, but will start again in February

The Happy Hour Committee members are:  


Judy Irwin, Julieanne Gilchrist, David Matthews, Aleda Kresge, Lynn Myers and Ann Clement. Some of us will be at each of the Happy Hours to welcome everyone. If you would like to be on the Happy Hour Committee, please contact Judy Irwin and/or Julieanne Gilchrist.




We want to thank all of those sponsors who are identifying community leaders/business professionals and bringing them to our meetings.  Remember, a Prospective Member should attend 3 meetings before turning in their application, sponsor form, a short bio and $100 application fee to JULIEANNE GILCHRIST or any one on the Membership Committee.  The application will then be presented to the Membership Committee for approval and then the Board of Directors.  Once approved their name and bio will be posted in our bulletin for 3 weeks.  If there are no questions about the Prospective Member the induction will be scheduled. 

If you would like to be a Mentor to a new member please see Ann Clement.  We encourage new members to interact with Prospective/New Members as much as possible.  One of the Red Badge requirements is to be a Greeter 3 times.  Because our club is growing and we are experiencing so many guests, greeters are so very important.  You don't have to be a new member to be a greeter.  It is just one more way of participating in Club Service.

Membership Committee Members are: Tom Marmins, Sandy Mortensen, Ann Clement, Susan Juergensmeier, Rolando Cuadrado, Peggy Beeler, Doug Berg, Celia Johnson.






When you do business with a Corporate Partner, thank them for being a Rotary Sponsor!

Upcoming Events



Feb 03, 2015
Bill Sanders
Rotary Awareness and Sponsor Recognition
Feb 10, 2015
Julie Phares
Your Rotary Foundation Giving at Work in District 5440
Feb 17, 2015
Rebecca Espina
The Deep Space Telescope
Feb 24, 2015
Patsy Barnes
Dementia, Mother's Story
Mar 03, 2015
Molly Fiore
Suicide Prevention
Mar 10, 2015
Lee Zimmerman
The Summit Foundation
Mar 24, 2015
Steve Synder
An Overview of Denver Water
Mar 31, 2015
Edwin Asturias
Global Health in Guatemala
Apr 07, 2015
Joni Ellis
Joni's Upcoming Peace Corps Service
Apr 14, 2015
Howard Brown
Forest Ecology in Summit County
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