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March 2015

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Edmonton Strathcona

"The Friendly Club"

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
German Canadian Cultural Assoc.
8310 Roper Road NW
Edmonton, AB  T6E 6E3
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Welcome JPP Interact in our Communication Loop.
With the assistance of our Interact coordinator, Eric Germain, we have added the members and school counselors in our 'Other Users List'. This enables us to include the Interactors in our communication loop, e.g. e-Strathconian, email notices, etc.
We are also in the process of building a site page off our ClubRunner website.
This is the dedicated URL or link to their site page:
It is still in the construction stages, but when completed, it will enable dedicated Interact member(s) to post and maintain the page, including creating their own photo album(s) with slide shows, posting documents for general distribution to their members.
Tip #8: 2015/03/17
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Coming Up …
How to look up club documents, board minutes, financial statements, club by-laws and constitution…

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Ashleigh Pardy and Caitlin Fleming From Edmonton Meals On Wheels
receive thanks for their informative and enlightening organization.
-45 Volunteers a day plus the staff of this organization make sure that affordable meals in the home are available.
-Clients average age is 84, but folks 17-100+ are being offered the door delivered, healthy meal.
-5 Depots around Edmonton
-Mondays and Fridays are the most volunteer available days.
For more info:

This 'hands-on' project has now been fully subscribed. If you have not already done so, please download the three page PDF instructions, complete page 3 and return to Vincent Campbell at your earliest convenience.
Our Club has secured Tuesday May 19 as a Community Project day and a good number of our members have signed up to work on a house construction in the 'Neufeld Landing' area of the city's south west.
For that reason, the regular lunch meeting has been canceled. For those of you who are physically unable to volunteer to work on the project, you will not be required to make up the meeting.
We still need a few volunteers though. Go to the Event on our website from this link:
Get all the details. The Event contact is Vincent Campbell, c: 780-271-2660
Need technical assistance: Hans Granholm, c: 780-466-5566

WANTED – Flag planters, sales & marketing personnel
This important club fund raising initiative needs your help! We currently generate close to $19,000 per year (less expenses) from our “Canadian Flag Program”. Your ideas about how to retain current clients and grow the business would be welcomed.

If all our “able bodied” members were to generate or continue to maintain a small  manageable customer base close to home, it would enable us to continue this program. Existing large customer client routes also  need to be maintained as best we can and your help would be appreciated for these accounts.

Maintenance of existing physical  inventory is ongoing and new flags, poles & holders have been ordered. A reasonably accurate list of current clients has been produced. Your thoughts & offers of assistance, where needed, can be communicated via e-mail to our chairperson Dennis. email: He is looking forward to hearing from you soon.

President Stephan has secured Tuesday April 21, 2015 to supply/prepare/serve an evening meal at the Mustard Seed.
Thank you for volunteering already.
For more details, contact the event organizer, Nicolle Germain. email:

If you would like to make regular contributions to the Rotary Foundation more easily, click on THIS LINK and print the page.
You can choose the amount and frequency of your donations.

Some interesting Kiva facts
Congratulations are in order!!
The Heartland Oklahoma Team (H.O.T.) is a local-area Kiva team of 340 members, with total lending near $900,000. Today H.O.T. reached an impressive and fairly rare Kiva benchmark of 100 loans per member! 

There are some big lending teams on Kiva but the size of the teams and their impact can be deceiving, browsing through Kiva's stats the other day I was impressed to see some of the milestones some lending teams have achieved, teams like Paying It Forward with 60.1 loans per member, Wind Power Now with 30.1 per member, Team Australia with 30.4 per member and even Team Canada with 7500 members registering 22.1 loans per member. 

The team that is disappointing is HP, with vastly more members than any other team (121,000!), but still only 1.6 loans per member. Almost all of the loans were given by the company, and it seems very few employees have carried on the idea, what a missed opportunity.

So I am thrilled with our little 21 member team that currently has made 21 loans per member, tiny but mighty, keep up the great work.
Open RCES Kiva site page:
Patrick Gibson

We are down to the last 30 prizes for the Wheel of Fortune. Wine, $100. Bills and Dozen Roses Coupons are plentiful.
If you have something that would look better in someone else's home, donate it for possible inclussion as a Wheel of Fortune Prize!
Just when you thought you'd seen everything!
Wheelmasters:Ken and Eric
Needle Little Help Here!

Do you know of an interesting speaker that can make our weekly meetings educational and fun?
Let Brenda McCullough know (780-929-6065). She's looking for BRILLIANT IDEAS!
Please contact her directly should you have contacts at,

Our Rotary club's Kiva team continues to move our loan portfolio ahead.  To date we have made 162 loans and to date we have 32 loans that have been successfully paid back.
The average lender on Kiva has an outstanding loan portfolio of just $38.30 while we have an outstanding loan portfolio of $1942.33 the average lender on Kiva has a delinquency rate of 5.77% while we have a delinquency rate of just 2.05% and the average lender on Kiva experiences a default rate of 1.11% while we have a default rate of 0.00%.
Our Kiva lending team now consists of 21 individual Kiva lenders and one other Rotary club as well as the J. Percy Page Interactors, as well some team members are members of our Rotary club, some are members of other Rotary clubs and some are not Rotarians at all, this small group of committed lenders has now cumulatively made 448 loans totaling $12,400.  
The ongoing good work by everyone involved in this positive, immediate solution helps us connect one on one with real people around the world.
Keep up the great work!
Open RCES Kiva site page:

RI link: 4-Way Test

Privacy laws were recently implemented in Canada...


With the number of members in this club either owning or operating a business, we are getting a very poor interest in this nice little generator of funds for the club.
Are the rates too steep? I don't think so, but if you do, please let us know.
If you have any bright ideas on how to promote this little initiative, please speak up.

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President 2014-15


     Upcoming Speakers
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Mar 31, 2015
Apr 07, 2015
Dr. James Adams
"Serving Overseas". Challenges and benefits of serving overseas.
Apr 14, 2015
Apr 21, 2015
Barb Spence, CEO
Every person has a story.
Apr 29, 2015
May 05, 2015
Bob Hassel
ZEBRA Child Protection
May 12, 2015
May 19, 2015
Habitat for Humanity Project

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Club Member
Weekly Responsibilities
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Speaker Responsibilities
Duty Roster
Mar 31, Setup & Greeter
Onieu, Mike
Mar 31, Setup & Greeter
Reuscher, Bernd
Mar 31, Door Duty
Morley, Rob
Mar 31, Door Duty
Basaraba, Rose Marie
Apr 7, Setup & Greeter
Germain, Ken
Apr 7, Setup & Greeter
Sandercock, Bob
Apr 7, Door Duty
Pilz, Hans
Apr 7, Door Duty
Granholm, Hans
Apr 14, Setup & Greeter
Papanicolas, Dimitri
Apr 14, Setup & Greeter
Freeman, Dennis
Apr 14, Door Duty
Jansen van Vuuren, Carin
Apr 14, Door Duty
Solash, Eric
Apr 21, Setup & Greeter
Annicchiarico, Augie
Apr 21, Setup & Greeter
Dobbin, Ron
Apr 21, Door Duty
Basaraba, Rose Marie
Apr 21, Door Duty
Morley, Rob
Apr 28, Setup & Greeter
Harcourt, Rick
Apr 28, Setup & Greeter
Germain, Eric
Apr 28, Door Duty
Pilz, Hans
Apr 28, Door Duty
Campbell, Vincent
May 5, Setup & Greeter
Gierach, Len
May 5, Setup & Greeter
Henry, Don
May 5, Door Duty
Jansen van Vuuren, Carin
May 5, Door Duty
Solash, Eric
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