August 2016
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Speaker August 16
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Before our featured speaker arrived, Patrick Gibson brought us up to date with the club's micro finance endeavor featuring Kiva.
Since late in 2014 the club has lent more than $22,800 in 856 loans. The loans went to borrowers in 59 countries and Agriculture and Education topped the categories. The gender split is 60% female and 40% male.
watch the details on Kiva's website
Our speaker on Tuesday was Sim Senol, External relations Co-ordinator, and also present was Zafer Koprulu, from the Turkish Canadian Society. They had been invited to give us some insight into the recent events that have been taking place in Turkey.
The Turkish Canadian Society in Edmonton is the oldest Turkish Canadian Society in Canada. They have over four hundred members in Edmonton, made up of Turkish people from all ethnic and religious groups, and is primarily a social group that promotes all kinds of cultural events. Sim had just returned from Turkey, where she was in Istanbul the night that the military coup took place. She said that Turkey has a short history of democracy that has been interrupted by military coups several times, and that although, in each instance, it may have solved some short term problem, in the end, a democratically elected government always did a better job of governing the country.
She described how, late in the evening, a small group of military officers tried to take over the communications networks in the country, along with several key government ministry offices. Fortunately, the modern internet and cell phone systems of communication were able to prevent the blockade of news and within minutes, many thousands of people were aware of what was happening. The elected President, Erdogan gave a short speech using Face Time and called for the people to take to the streets to oppose the coup. He also called the parliament into session, and shortly after, the parliamentary members assembled together in the Parliament building for an emergency meeting. The streets also began to fill with people. The military and police loyal to the elected government also began to mobilise. Before the coup ended several bombs had exploded, some of them in the Parliament while it was in session.
There are known to be several underground groups operating in Turkey and abroad that have tried in the past to take over Turkey. In Turkey itself, it is suspected that some of these cult-like groups have infiltrated the civil service and the military with many of their followers. One of these groups is headed by Fetullah Gulan, a muslim cleric who is currently living in the US, in order to avoid being put on trial in Turkey. He and his followers have founded many religious boarding schools both in Turkey and in the US and profess to be only interested in education. However, their organisation has a very opaque hierarchy, which is almost impossible to discern, and the actions of some of their followers do not mesh with their professed beliefs.  They also form a very strong political lobby both in Canada and the US.  She ended by asking us, what would we do here in Canada if a break off military group bombed our Parliament while it was in session, and how would we go about cleaning up a civil service and military that had been infiltrated over the years by all kinds of secret followers of various cults. This would be a very difficult task for any government to take on.

Ron Brown (middle)


On Tuesday we introduced Ron Brown, a former member of the Edmonton (downtown) Rotary Club into our club.

Ron is the President of Shipper’s Supply, an Edmonton based company with ten locations across Canada, and one hundred sixty employees. He has been awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Alberta Centennial Medal. He loves to fly, and holds a commercial pilot’s license. He also loves to ride his Goldwing trike whenever possible. He is married to Judy Harcourt Brown, who is also a Rotarian and a Past District Governor.

Welcome Ron!



The Hawaiian Party, sponsored by Skip and Caren Kerr, was a great success. The food was wonderful, the weather was sunny and warm, and the entertainment took us all on a short trip to the islands of Hawaii.

WATCH THE SLIDE SHOW (pictures by Eric Germain)

There were eighty people in attendance, and along with the treasure hunt, we raised four thousand dollars for Bridges to Prosperity. A cheque was presented from our club to Rob Richardson, the President of the board for Bridges to Prosperity. Rob said that it would most likely go towards building a bridge to be installed in Columbia next year.

The lucky winners of the treasure chest key challenge were Lorraine Skelly, Vira Hughes, Stewart McKinley and Patrick Gibson. The winner for best lady’s costume was Deneen Schmidt, and for the men’s it was Harald Kukertz. We all had a great time and look forward to being able to do a similar event again next year.

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Membership fee in the club covers District dues, CN$80.00 annually and Rotary International dues, US$55.00 semi annually or US$110.00 annually.
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The policy provides that all involved Rotarians and non-Rotarians complete a vulnerable persons police check.  See below or click 'Read more...'
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With the number of members in this club either owning or operating a business, we are getting a very poor interest in this nice little generator of funds for the club.
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Myron Keehn, VP Commercial Development EIA
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Sep 06, 2016
Dr. Mark Boyce, Dept of Biological Sciences,U of A
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Sep 13, 2016
Ron Kustra and Dr. Ed Papp
Kermit the Frog and the Medicare Monopoly
Sep 20, 2016
Ken Germain and Pres-Elect Ed
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Oct 04, 2016
Wayne Kauffman & Wayne McCutcheon
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Oct 18, 2016
Terri Duncan, Child. Autism Services of Edmonton
Children's Autism Services expands to South Edmonton
Oct 25, 2016
Don Henry and Pres. Dimitri
Classification Talk and Board Meeting Report

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