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Welcome to "The Friendly Club" and our Web Site.

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Thanks for visiting our site! The first ClubRunner site in District 5370

Edmonton Strathcona

"The Friendly Club"

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
German Canadian Cultural Assoc.
8310 Roper Road NW
Edmonton, AB  T6E 6E3

(780) 466-5566
(780) 665-7011
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Greetings.  On behalf of the Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona, we’d like to extend an invitation to a free lunch/prospective member’s meeting on Tuesday November 1st 2016!
If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Rotary, we’d love to tell you about what we’re doing to help support the community.
If you’re interested please RSVP by replying by email before October 30th, 2016We hope to see you there!
Kindest regards,
Eric Germain
Director Club Membership
Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona
P: 780-991-0417
Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona Website
Rotary International
Read more... for personal invitation
On Tuesday, Oct 11, our executive reported on results of the recent Membership Survey and also on their plans for the upcoming year. President Dimitri Papanicolas presented the results from the membership survey. It showed that nearly all members are happy with the current meeting times, format and cost. We will try to work in a few meeting at other venues in the spring or summer months to change things up a little. Our membership also preferred electronic communications over paper. We also approved of the current membership initiatives and the projects that we support financially and are willing to put in sweat equity and time to support our current projects. We are not interested in taking on more projects that require sweat equity. We are interested in partnering with another rotary group to support common projects.
Hans Granholm encouraged all of us to use the ClubRunner website more, especially the more computer challenged among us, as it is a great resource for Rotary information in many ways. He said that he will gladly help anyone interested that needs some guidance on how to sign in and use the web site.
Graham Gilchrist spoke to us about how Rotary International is encouraging clubs to come up with clear guidelines on which types of projects they are going to fund, which groups of people to fund, issues to address, and clear long term goals for outcomes, so that they ensure continuity. This would also help our present and future executives with strategic planning when deciding how to apportion our efforts.
Donna Hutton gave us a financial report which showed that we made just over seventy-five thousand dollars from the casino this spring, which must be used up within the next two years. The budget for this year has been set and was done conservatively as we did not have the final number of casino funds at the time it was set. It follows previous year’s budgets pretty closely in terms of funding allocations.
Dimitri Papanicolas added an update on the now defunct wheelchair procurement and assembly project and a breakdown of the remaining funds and we discussed ways to deal with remaining funds received from other groups. We did send a letter to all donors stating that the project is no longer going forward and asked them to reply if they would like their funds returned. Only one group responded and their funds have been returned. Some others said that they were happy leaving the funds with us to be used in some other type of project.
Rick Harcourt gave an update on the Community Services and Allocation Committee projects which we have funded and there are no major changes planned for these.  
Eric Germain reported on our Membership Recruitment efforts, which seems to be working successfully. We have gained twelve new members since January last year.
Carin Van Vuuren reported on the Youth Services Committee. She told us that we have funded six scholarships and three district awards for youth leadership.
Patrick Gibson gave a report on the International Services committee. We plan to continue to support the same groups we have in the recent past, such as AMARAK, Hearts 4 Children, Shelter Box, KIVA microfinance and the New Hope School in South Africa.  We are also looking for ideas for new international projects.
Hans Granholm reported on our public relations efforts and said that he has submitted several reports on our club and district activities to Rotary International.
Hal Quilliam reported on behalf of Campbell Chow for the Rotary Foundation committee. He encouraged everyone to make their contribution to the foundation this fall if possible. He also said that both he and Campbell would be happy to help anyone who would like guidance on making a contribution to the Rotary Foundation.
Ken Germain reported on behalf of Vince Campbell on the Wheelchair Program. His report repeated the statements made previously by Dimitri, that the procurement and assembly project is now defunct.  
Dennis Freeman reported on the Canadian Flag project, which has been a good fundraiser for our club in the past. We do need someone to come forward to help him with marketing and sales for this project. We could also use some new ideas on other ways to market this project.
There were some good discussions on many of the issues that were brought up. Although the meeting was a little longer than normal, it was a good way for club members who are not involved with the work of a particular committee, aware of the issues at hand, as well as how and where their funds are being used.

There have been a number of improvements and new features introduced recently:
  • ClubRunner has launched a mobile app featuring Story List overview;  quick member contact info, clubs meeting in your immediate area (GPS driven); and more. Download for iPhone and Android from app stores or google 'Clubrunner mobile'. Your login is identical to your club login.
  • At the recent Zone Institute in Winnipeg, we were introduced to doinggood.io, a Digital Marketing company located in California. The presenter, Rotarian Mitty Chang pledged a landing page would be available to any Rotary club or district, free of charge. This template landing page, also sometimes referred to as a splash page, can be accessed from Candeavor's Project Doing Good site.
  • I have already initiated this attractive and informative page as our opening page. This week, I sent out a teaser to members under the subject heading: Brand new look. I deliberately did not provide a direct link to our new splash page hoping that users would find it themselves by opening www.EdmontonStrathcona.Rotary5370.org . This is our official web address and it, and only it, should be used anytime to promote and advertise our internet presence. This is also the address you should bookmark or save as a favourite in your browser.
    Hovering the cursor over the 'CLUB HOME PAGE' in the menu bar, and clicking, will open the club's traditional home page.
  • Some of the wording in the notice going out to all Setup & Greeter and Door Duty teams every Saturday has changed. I am aware that it is not realistic that every recipient reads the whole script as they receive it, so henceforth, changes to the script will be highlighted in teal. 
Your communication and website team is constantly responding to new innovative features that will make your web experience more enjoyable. Please reward us by using them.


Bring your family and friends to this year's CNIB Night Steps, a 5 km fundraising walk under the stars. Funds raised will help CNIB provide life-changing support to community members who are blind or partially sighted. Find an event near you and register today at cnibnightsteps.ca


The 2016-17 membership dues are due. An electronic invoice was emailed on July 21, 2016. The due date is August 31, 2016.
You can pay online from the link in the invoice or you can always open and click the link in the My Billing Account Balance link in the My ClubRunner box on the Admin page after login.
If you wish to pay by cash or cheque, give the $225.00 made out to "Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona" to Donna Hutton at your earliest convenience.
Membership fee in the club covers District dues, CN$80.00 annually and Rotary International dues, US$55.00 semi annually or US$110.00 annually.
Thank you for your prompt attention.
If you have any questions, please contact Donna Hutton, Treasurer, e: donnahut@telus.net

Members are reminded about the District Volunteer Security Policy, DOWNLOAD HERE.
This policy was generated from the requirement of our insurance company providing liability coverage in case of issues arising from members and non-Rotarians working with youth and other vulnerable members of our society.
The policy provides that all involved Rotarians and non-Rotarians complete a vulnerable persons police check.  See below or click 'Read more...'
Contact Hans Granholm, 780-466-5566 for more information.


The Rotary Foundation, celebrating 100 years of doing good in the world.


RI link: 4-Way Test

Privacy laws were recently implemented in Canada...


With the number of members in this club either owning or operating a business, we are getting a very poor interest in this nice little generator of funds for the club.
Are the rates too steep? I don't think so, but if you do, please let us know.
If you have any bright ideas on how to promote this little initiative, please speak up.

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Nov 1, Setup & Greeter
Docker, Ivan
Nov 1, Setup & Greeter
Jansen van Vuuren, Stephan
Nov 1, Door Duty
Pilz, Hans
Nov 1, Door Duty
Solash, Eric
Nov 8, Setup & Greeter
Stefanyk, Don
Nov 8, Setup & Greeter
Romaniuk, Wally
Nov 8, Door Duty
Granholm, Hans
Nov 8, Door Duty
Sutley, Ken
Nov 15, Setup & Greeter
Sekora, Gene
Nov 15, Setup & Greeter
Freeman, Dennis
Nov 15, Door Duty
Jansen van Vuuren, Carin
Nov 15, Door Duty
Solash, Eric
Nov 22, Setup & Greeter
Rayner, David
Nov 22, Setup & Greeter
Germain, Ken
Nov 22, Door Duty
Campbell, Vince
Nov 22, Door Duty
Fernando, Des
Nov 29, Setup & Greeter
Sandercock, Bob
Nov 29, Setup & Greeter
Germain, Eric
Nov 29, Door Duty
Granholm, Hans
Nov 29, Door Duty
Pilz, Hans
Dec 6, Setup & Greeter
Dass, Pradeep
Dec 6, Setup & Greeter
Pilz, Conor
Dec 6, Door Duty
Chow, Campbell
Dec 6, Door Duty
Sutley, Ken
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