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Thanks for visiting our site! The first ClubRunner site in District 5370

Edmonton Strathcona

"The Friendly Club"

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
German Canadian Cultural Assoc.
8310 Roper Road NW
Edmonton, AB  T6E 6E3
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Welcome to "The Friendly Club" and our Web Site.

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Hans Granholm; phone: +1-780-466-5566 any time.

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Upcoming Events
We have all watched and heard the horrific flash fire emergency unfolding in Fort McMurray, and many of you may be wondering how you may help. So here is a run down on ways to do just that.
Please note the text and links have been updated.
A member of the Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona, who wishes to remain anonymous, has pledged to match any of our members' donations dollar for dollar up to $1,000. As of the time of this writing we have no deadline for the matching grants, but we suggest you submit your pledge on or before Friday May 13th. After you have finished the pledge form, please advise Rick Harcourt , cell or text: 780-965-4453 of the amount pledged in order to coordinate our anonymous member's pledge.

In the short term most of their needs are being taken care of by The Red Cross and similar emergency response organizations.  They are aware of the offers of help from throughout the district and have shared that with all of their club members.  They will be sure to direct anyone in need of help either to a local Rotary club or the District office where we will make sure their needs are taken care of.
What we have heard is that the biggest need will be in the medium to long term once they are back in their homes and can assess what is needed.  That's where Rotary comes in!  What we do best is stay in for the long term and help through projects and donations once the needs are determined.  I promised all Rotarians from Fort McMurray that Rotary International will be there to help them as long as it takes to get them going again.  That is where we need your support.  If you are planning to make a cash donation please do so through the Rotary District 5370 Charitable Foundation “Fort McMurray Fire Relief Fund”.  Donations are eligible for a Canadian tax-deductible receipt and will be disbursed in accordance with the wishes of an advisory committee made up of Fort McMurray residents (including Rotarians). You can make your donation by mailing a cheque to:
The Rotary District 5370 Charitable Foundation has established the “Fort McMurray Fire Relief Fund” to assist in the rebuilding of that city following this tragic fire.  The Charitable Foundation is now ready to accept donations, for which tax receipts will be issued.  The Foundation will rely on an independent committee of Fort McMurray stakeholders (including the Rotary clubs and the municipality) for advice on disbursal of the funds. 
Donations may be from individuals or corporations.  Rotary clubs may wish to facilitate this process by collecting donations, and then forwarding either the individual cheques or a cheque drawn on the club’s account for the total amount, along with a list of the donors and their addresses and postal codes.
Please make cheques payable to:  "Rotary District 5370 Charitable Foundation" and forward to:
Rotary District 5370 Charitable Foundation
c/o Rotary District 5370 Office
16030 – 104 Ave.. NW
Edmonton AB    T5P 0S3
Please annotate cheques “Fort McMurray Fire Relief Fund”
If you wish to make a donation using a charge card, you may do so using ATB Cares.  ATB matches donations with an additional 15%.  Here’s the link:
All donations made through ATB cares flow through to the Rotary District 5370 Charitable Foundation's Fort McMurray Fire Relief Fund. Many thanks! 
Julius Buski, President, Rotary District 5370 Charitable Foundation

P.S. Do not forget to check Facebook posting and tweets: 
May 17 Speaker
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On Tuesday we received a demonstration and a big thank you from Laura Larsan (pictured), of the CNIB Children's Program Development, for our donation towards the purchase of a 3D printer.
She explained some of the many ways this printer can be used in their classroom environment to help vision impaired children to understand the world around them. It allows them to print objects that they can touch and feel, so that they have a better understanding of shapes and relative sizes of the things around them, when they are spoken about.
It can also be used by the Mobility  program to print 3D maps of the an area to help them understand what their neighbourhood looks like. They do not use it to print objects for which good models are readily available.
It can be used to explain concepts in science, math and art. They also hope to be able to use it to print custom fitted glasses for children who have difficulty with normal glasses, and are also looking forward to being able to use it for other things that they have not even thought of yet.
The 2015 Group of Golfers
Join us Tuesday, March 31 following a quick Rotary meeting. 2:15 tee off times begin.
Best Ball, 2 person teams will compete for fun, glory and prizes. 2 or 3 clubs is all you'll need.
Kinsmen Pitch and Putt is a very short but beautiful course in Edmonton's River Valley.
About 2 1/2 hours completes the round, then it's off to the Kinsmen Clubhouse, beneath the High Level Bridge for fun and Bar B-Q.
There will be some beer and wine and juice included.
Please register on line or tell us that you'll be there for either or both events.

President Harald reminded members on Tuesday about the District Volunteer Security Policy, DOWNLOAD HERE.
This policy was generated from the requirement of our insurance company providing liability coverage in case of issues arising from members and non-Rotarians working with youth and other vulnerable members of our society.
The policy provides that all involved Rotarians and non-Rotarians complete a vulnerable persons police check.  See below or click 'Read more...'
Contact Hans Granholm, 780-466-5566 for more information.
We received an enthusiastic thank you from Emmy Steubing, Director of Edmonton Public Library Fund Development, for our donation towards their Welcome Baby Kit program.
This program encourages young parents to engage with their children though singing and reading by distributing a Welcome Baby Kit to new parents at their child's second month immunization visit to an Alberta Health public health clinic.
The kit contains a children's music CD, a story book, a brochure explaining the program and a letter letting them know which person or group donated the funds for their kit.
The program has raised enough funds to continue into 2018, at which time the City of Edmonton council has pledged to continue with ongoing funding of the program.  

On Tuesday, we received a generous donation from Marge MacLean, Bob Sandercock's sister, of five hundred dollars from the sale of a car that he recently sold for her.
She felt that she could support us in our donations that we have made to the Fort McMurray Fire Relief Fund
The buyer of the car also kindly donated another one hundred to our club, when they heard what the money was to go towards.

Caren and Skip Kerr hosted a great many members and guests in their home at Oktober Fest last year. View photo album from last year's fest.
This year they are graciously opening their door and their hearts again in hosting a Hawaiian Feast with all the trimmings provided.
The date is Saturday, August 13, 2016 from 4:00 pm (1600) till 9:00 pm (2100).
Like last year, the Kerr's are putting on the whole show by providing food, entertainment and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), Cocktails are $5 extra.
There will be prizes for best theme dressed couple or person.
All revenue from ticket sales will be destined to a project to be determined by the club.
This year we will have an Early Bird and a late purchase option:
From now till midnight (EDT) June 30, the ticket price is $40/ea
From May 1 till midnight (EDT) June 15, the ticket price is $45/ea
From June 16 till midnight (EDT) August 12, the ticket price is $50/ea
If you have any questions, contact Stephan, the event organizer, 780-977-9327
Technical assistance, contact Hans G. 780-466-5566

WANTED – Flag planters, sales & marketing personnel
Bob Sandercock is bringing 500 miniature Canadian Flags to our meeting on Tuesday. Bob says he generated 11 new flag customers last year from the miniature flag planting, Sounds like a win win to me!
For information about the miniature lawn flag and its purpose, contact Bob Sandercock
The 2016 updated brochure is now posted in the files section of the Canada Flag site page.
An online registration/payment feature is now in place. You can register yourself and direct friends and neighbours to this form:

This important club fund raising initiative needs your help! We currently generate close to $19,000 per year (less expenses) from our “Canadian Flag Program”. Your ideas about how to retain current clients and grow the business would be welcomed.

If all our “able bodied” members were to generate or continue to maintain a small  manageable customer base close to home, it would enable us to continue this program. Existing large customer client routes also  need to be maintained as best we can and your help would be appreciated for these accounts.

Maintenance of existing physical  inventory is ongoing and new flags, poles & holders have been ordered. A reasonably accurate list of current clients has been produced. Your thoughts & offers of assistance, where needed, can be communicated via e-mail to our chairperson Dennis. email: He is looking forward to hearing from you soon.



The Rotary Foundation, celebrating 100 years of doing good in the world.


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Privacy laws were recently implemented in Canada...


With the number of members in this club either owning or operating a business, we are getting a very poor interest in this nice little generator of funds for the club.
Are the rates too steep? I don't think so, but if you do, please let us know.
If you have any bright ideas on how to promote this little initiative, please speak up.

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