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April 2015

 KIVA Micro Finance


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Edmonton Strathcona

"The Friendly Club"

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
German Canadian Cultural Assoc.
8310 Roper Road NW
Edmonton, AB  T6E 6E3
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Bonita Lehmann; Former Rotary, Klondike Booth Volunteer!
A heartfelt, emotional introduction from her proud father and
Club Charter Member, Hugo;  was followed by a demonstration
of human strength being lead with passion, and achieving remarkable results.
Through personal experiences (some of the toughest anyone can
be required to handle) Bonita included us through her story.
She then released her 20 year in the writing, book:
"Saving You, Saving Me".
Audreys Sunday; 2 P.M. Big Release!
Also available fro Hugo, Amazon and Kindle.
Remember that the following meetings
- Apr 28; will NOT BE at the usual place, but at theYellowhead Brewery 105 Street and 104 Avenue;
microbrewerey/microfinance evening. EVENT
- May 19; Habitat Building Day. Meeting will be on site. EVENT
- Jun 16; Pitch 'n Put. More to come...
- Jun 23; Annual Turnover Dinner. More to come...

President Stephan has secured Tuesday April 21, 2015 to supply/prepare/serve an evening meal at the Mustard Seed.
Thank you for volunteering already.
For more details, contact the event organizer, Nicolle Germain. email:

DON'T FORGET -- April 29th.
 The Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona is re-scheduling their weekly noon meeting on April 28, 2015, to hosting an information and discussion evening on Wednesday April 29 at the Yellowhead [micro] Brewing Co., in conjunction with April being the world wide "Micro Finance" month. The focus is on Kiva, the pricinpal online micro lending institution. - See more at:

Our Rotary club's Kiva team continues to move our loan portfolio ahead.  To date we have made 162 loans and to date we have 32 loans that have been successfully paid back.
The average lender on Kiva has an outstanding loan portfolio of just $38.30 while we have an outstanding loan portfolio of $1942.33 the average lender on Kiva has a delinquency rate of 5.77% while we have a delinquency rate of just 2.05% and the average lender on Kiva experiences a default rate of 1.11% while we have a default rate of 0.00%.
Our Kiva lending team now consists of 21 individual Kiva lenders and one other Rotary club as well as the J. Percy Page Interactors, as well some team members are members of our Rotary club, some are members of other Rotary clubs and some are not Rotarians at all, this small group of committed lenders has now cumulatively made 448 loans totaling $12,400.  
The ongoing good work by everyone involved in this positive, immediate solution helps us connect one on one with real people around the world.
Keep up the great work!
Open RCES Kiva site page:

This 'hands-on' project has now been fully subscribed. If you have not already done so, please download the three page PDF instructions, complete page 3 and return to Vincent Campbell at your earliest convenience.
Our Club has secured Tuesday May 19 as a Community Project day and a good number of our members have signed up to work on a house construction in the 'Neufeld Landing' area of the city's south west.
For that reason, the regular lunch meeting has been canceled. For those of you who are physically unable to volunteer to work on the project, you will not be required to make up the meeting.
We still need a few volunteers though. Go to the Event on our website from this link:
Get all the details. The Event contact is Vincent Campbell, c: 780-271-2660
Need technical assistance: Hans Granholm, c: 780-466-5566

Fun Times Ahead!
WANTED – Flag planters, sales & marketing personnel
This important club fund raising initiative needs your help! We currently generate close to $19,000 per year (less expenses) from our “Canadian Flag Program”. Your ideas about how to retain current clients and grow the business would be welcomed.

If all our “able bodied” members were to generate or continue to maintain a small  manageable customer base close to home, it would enable us to continue this program. Existing large customer client routes also  need to be maintained as best we can and your help would be appreciated for these accounts.

Maintenance of existing physical  inventory is ongoing and new flags, poles & holders have been ordered. A reasonably accurate list of current clients has been produced. Your thoughts & offers of assistance, where needed, can be communicated via e-mail to our chairperson Dennis. email: He is looking forward to hearing from you soon.

If you would like to make regular contributions to the Rotary Foundation more easily, click on THIS LINK and print the page.
You can choose the amount and frequency of your donations.

RI link: 4-Way Test

Privacy laws were recently implemented in Canada...


With the number of members in this club either owning or operating a business, we are getting a very poor interest in this nice little generator of funds for the club.
Are the rates too steep? I don't think so, but if you do, please let us know.
If you have any bright ideas on how to promote this little initiative, please speak up.

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President 2014-15


     Upcoming Speakers
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Apr 29, 2015
May 05, 2015
Bob Hassel
ZEBRA Child Protection
May 12, 2015
May 19, 2015
Habitat for Humanity Project
May 26, 2015
Gem Munro, Amarok Society
Gem Munro will discuss the ambitious and dangerous work of his organization, Amarok Society.
Jun 02, 2015
Carl Amrhein, Administrator for AHS
Alberta Health Services new direction.
Jun 09, 2015
Jun 16, 2015

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Duty Roster
Apr 29, Setup & Greeter
Harcourt, Rick
Apr 29, Setup & Greeter
Germain, Eric
Apr 29, Door Duty
Pilz, Hans
Apr 29, Door Duty
Campbell, Vince
May 5, Setup & Greeter
Gierach, Len
May 5, Setup & Greeter
Henry, Don
May 5, Door Duty
Jansen van Vuuren, Carin
May 5, Door Duty
Solash, Eric
May 12, Setup & Greeter
Papanicolas, Dimitri
May 12, Setup & Greeter
Lehmann, Hugo
May 12, Door Duty
Basaraba, Rose Marie
May 12, Door Duty
Morley, Rob
May 19, Setup & Greeter
Sutley, Ken
May 19, Setup & Greeter
Milne, Doug
May 19, Door Duty
Pilz, Hans
May 19, Door Duty
Granholm, Hans
May 26, Setup & Greeter
Mulholland, Doug
May 26, Setup & Greeter
Onieu, Mike
May 26, Door Duty
Jansen van Vuuren, Carin
May 26, Door Duty
Solash, Eric
Jun 2, 2015, Setup & Greeter
Papanicolas, Dimitri
Jun 2, 2015 Setup & Greeter
Quilliam, Hal
Jun 2, 2015, Door Duty
Basaraba, Rose Marie
Jun 2, 2015, Door Duty
Morley, Rob
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