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We meet each Wednesday from 11:45am-1:00pm
Wayzata Country Club
200 Wayzata Blvd West
Wayzata, MN
Weekly Speakers
David Plummer and Jaime Sherwood
Jan 25, 2017
Scott Gengler, Host
Feb 01, 2017
Beth Warner, Host
Feb 08, 2017
Cindy Leines, Host
Feb 15, 2017
Nate Lilleodden, Host
The West Metro Rotaract Club is a highly motivated young professionals group with a service twist,  meeting in the west Metro. Club members have a passion to make a difference within them and in the world that surrounds them.
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Author Duke Pieper and Host Andy Fazendin

"I’m Alive: Courage, Hope and a Miracle" Duke was a hockey player at Shattuck St. Mary's and in 2008. He had a cavernous hemangioma and came close to death multiple times. During the first surgery he had a 5% chance to live and on another occasion was only hours away from dying . He also had multiple brain infections and the last one landed on his spinal cord paralyzing me from head to toe. From this point on he had to re-learn everything from walking to talking, eating to breathing.  He believes the true reason I made it though those nine months in the hospital was to help other people! He truly believes that with the things that he had to experience and had overcome in his recovery that it all was to share his story and help other people. So in his book along with telling his story on how he got through everything, he put 15 bullet points in the back pertaining to how he overcame those challenges and adversaries in his recovery. He made it real general though so anyone can relate to it no matter what the situation is or no matter what they are trying to overcome.

Duke started a Foundation "The Pieper Hope and Courage Foundation".  All the proceeds from the book go to the Foundation and the Foundation is looking to buy books for people who can not afford them or who are not in a position to buy one. His goal is then to go in to hospitals and hand his book out and talk with them about whatever it is that they are trying to overcome. 

Guests are welcome!

Speaker Mark Kretschmar

Host Paul Boettner

Mark Kretschmar is a communications specialist who works with businesses and individuals to more effectively use communication toward better business outcomes. His talk was titled "When Worlds Collide" and began with his observation that we all communicate, but rarely think about talking, and even more rarely analyze our communication to determine if it is effective for us.  We began by creating a working definition of communication as "a process which uses symbols to share internal worlds. As humans, our thoughts are not tangible-we live in our heads, interpreting the physical world around us. In order to create effective relationships in business and personal lives, we must understand others' worlds; in order to understand others' worlds, we must learn to listen.  Analysis shows that our comunication comprises 30% talking, 9% reading, 16% writing, and 45% listening. We spend a great deal of time in school learning to read, write, and speak effectively, yet almost no time on the listening which is literally the most used communication tool and arguably the most important. He used a series of demonstrations with member Adam Thompson to show the power of listening as a tool, and the importance of setting aside our own assumptions and biases to create effective dialogue. Mark left us with a thought from Aristotle: "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." Thank you to Mark Kretschmar and Paul Boettner for an interesting program.

Congratulations to Tyler Frederickson, the newest member of Wayzata Rotary.  Tyler was inducted at our December 21st meeting by General Bob Shadley. Tyler lives in Lakeville and works nearby at the Ridgedale YMCA. Tyler loves to serve others and build relationships, and seeing others treated well regardless of divsersity of background is very important to him. He is looking forward to growing as a leader and serving others through Rotary. Tyler is especially interested in working on our annual fund raisers, the membership committee, and is looking forward to local service. Welcome, Tyler, we look forward getting to know you!  


The Wayzata Rotary Grants Committee has chosen the recipients of our 2016 Fall Grants, who were honored at our November 23rd meeting. The grants total $9500 for the following local organizations doing great work in our community:
  • The local Alzheimers Association, for interactive alert bracelets/necklaces to prevent wandering.
  • Bloom Early Childhood, for scholarships for early childhood education so that students are prepared for kindergarten.
  • Hammer Residence, for its Quality of Life Program 
  • IOCP, towards a much needed van for its Neighborhood Program

"Wayzata Rotary 'drives' support for community change

by guest columnist Kelly Sater

Many of you wandered through or maybe just glanced at the beautiful cars on display last month in Wayzata during James J. Hill Days. But what may not have been clear from looking at the shiny paint and clean interiors is that these cars serve a higher purpose in our community.

The Wayzata Rotary began organizing the car show in 2008. At that time, the exhibition was located in the small old Muni parking lot. This past year marked the eighth year for the car show, which has grown to host more than 116 eclectic vehicles. Our local automotive businesses and even personal enthusiasts sponsor the show to raise money for the community.

Specifically, Wayzata Rotary proudly supports projects and community organizations by funding grants twice a year, in May and in November. Typically, awards from $100 to $2,000 are made to selected applicants and are each sponsored by a club member.

The community service grants fund a variety of purposes and causes, but prefer to fund nonprofit or charitable organizations with specific needs, rather than general operations. Strong preference is also given to locally initiated and managed groups serving our area.

Recent recipients of community service grants include:

Wayzata Rotarians have begun a new and exciting service project mentoring students at Wayzata High School. Learn more about how you can join this project at an upcoming meeting. Onward and upward!

Making a Difference!

The Wayzata Rotary international service project has become a reality! The long-awaited dental clinic in the Dominican Republic is open and serving the public! We have received a terrific YouTube video showing the brand new clinic in San Cristobal, Domican Republic. Click HERE to view the video. Our Wayzata Rotary international grant donations have built this clinic, allowing people from San Cristobal and surrounding villages to receive dental care for the first time ever, leading to better overall health! Well done, Wayata Rotary, with special thanks to Dr. Arne Kolbjornsen, Chris Pierson, and Tom Vettel for their leadership.

Wayzata Rotary Scholarships Honor 16 Outstanding Students

One of Wayzata Rotary Club's best traditions is to present scholarships to exemplary seniors from Wayzata High School. These scholarships are made possible through the endowment of the club's Wayzata Memorial Education Foundation, along with member donations and fundraising. This year we were pleased to announce 16 scholarships for $1,000 each to deserving seniors Emma Baldry, John Barbella, Liz Benson, Kathleen Butler, Gina Carter, Seri Choi, Emma Johnson, Pooja Kandikonda, Jake Marsh, Connor Moen, Reece Smith, Jennifer Radermacher, D.J. Thapa, Jessica Weng, Tristan Wilkes, and AJ Yablonsky. Winners were introduced by WRC members, and each senior shared fun facts about themselves. Our winners include mentors and youth ministers, have logged countless service hours, were team captains, showed off bruises and battle scars, care for disabled siblings and friends, are multi-lingual, are musicians and thespians and artists and drum majors, are representatives to international Science Fairs and Business Conferences, are entrepreneurs, are members of the NHS and almost every club in the school, and have even been voted "most gullible".  Above all, this group of 16 outstanding seniors are full of gratitude and looking forward to making their marks on college and the broader world beyond. Congratulations!

Early Registration Discount ends 12/15

The 2017 Rotary convention, June 10-14 2017, is both convenient and unique.  It will be the 100th year celebration for the Rotary Foundation and the location is Atlanta, an easy-to-get to and fun-to-visit city.  For details and registration here is the link.  Our district already has 69 Rotarians  signed up to attend and we are looking to reach 100.  Come join us for what will be a memorable and fun occasion.  The convention is already packed with activities but there will be a District 5050 cocktail hour at a location and time to be determined.