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Kentucky Derby Party!
St. Helena Rotary Club Invites You To Our Kentucky Derby Party!
Please join us on Saturday, May 7, 2016 for a very fun event.
Our celebration benefits the St. Helena Preschool For All.
What: A good ol Kentucky Derby Race party
When: Saturday, May 7, 2016 - 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Where: Masonic Lodge - 1335 Main Street, St. Helena, CA 94574
Mint Juleps
Southern Food
Chinese Auction
Best Hat Contest
Best Male Derby Style Contest
Price: $65 per person ($85 at the door)
John Muhlner - 707.963.6166 or
Roxann Schaubhut - 707.965.9131 or
Fellow Rotarians,
On behalf of Christine Hayne in her Director's role with the UpValley Family Centers, attached is a flyer on the Frog's Leap Peach Festival scheduled for Saturday, July 25.  It's a great summer family party and the peaches in the organic orchards will be juicy and ripe.  There will be loads of food, wine, music and games and plenty of places to just sit in the garden and relax.   100% of ticket sales from this event benefit the UpValley Family Centers - BUT - only if you mention UpValley Family Centers when buying tickets, either on-line or by phone.  
Info is attached – and kids go free.  Any questions call me (968-9594) or Norma Ferriz at the St. Helena Center at 963-1919.
Enjoy the Festival and thank you for your support.
Wendell L for Christine
The meeting will be at noon in the Fireside Room on the PUC campus in Angwin - See more at:
The meeting will be at noon in the Fireside Room on the PUC campus in Angwin - See more at:
Heather Knight, Ph.D., Pres, Pacific Union College Apr 21, 2015
The meeting will be at noon in the Fireside Room on the PUC campus in Angwin

Don't miss this!  Directions to the Fireside Room will be available at our 4/14 meeting and will be posted on the PUC Campus on 4/21.

- See more at:
Heather Knight, Ph.D., Pres, Pacific Union College Apr 21, 2015
The meeting will be at noon in the Fireside Room on the PUC campus in Angwin

Don't miss this!  Directions to the Fireside Room will be available at our 4/14 meeting and will be posted on the PUC Campus on 4/21.

- See more at:
Heather Knight, Ph.D., Pres, Pacific Union College Apr 21, 2015
The meeting will be at noon in the Fireside Room on the PUC campus in Angwin

Don't miss this!  Directions to the Fireside Room will be available at our 4/14 meeting and will be posted on the PUC Campus on 4/21.

- See more at:

Club Information

Welcome to the Heart of the Napa Valley!

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Native Sons' Hall
1313 Spring Street
St.Helena, CA  94574
United States
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Home Page Stories

Reporter: Cindy Warren

Program: Rotarian Ancestry

  • Donn Black shared his family's history going back to the 1700's. The family was originally from Scotland and gradually moved to the US- Philedelphia and then Mississippi. His ancestors, George and Mary Black took off for Salt Lake City to become Mormon Missionaries. Donn was raised in Oregon and was a member of the JAG core in the Air Force. 
  • Jordan Bentley's family goes back to Sweden, Belgium and Italy. She shared some of her family stories. She has descended from a line of Havemeyers, an East coast wing of the family. The Havemeyers were large art collectors and donated their art collection to the Havemeyer Wing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Visiting Rotarians: Dale Knight, Rohnert Park. Peter Kalabalah, Uganda, 

Guests: Victoria Wastborn, former Rotary Exchange student, Eleanor Wastborn, her mother and a Rotarian in Sweden, Toni Allegra, Jack and Donna Morgan, guests of Donn Black. Victoria filled us in on her life since her year in St Helena. Her mother Eleanor presented our club with a decorative wooden horse from Sweden. Peter Kalabalah told us about his program in Uganda that provides scholarships for children to go to school. Only a primary education is free in Uganda. The program is TOFTA Educational Trust. It's only $750 to sponsor a child for a year.

Birthdays: John Sales, Wendell Laidley, Polly Keegan, Don Thomas

Wedding Anniversaries: Diane Dillon- 30 yrs., Jim Smith- 19 yrs.

Club Anniversary: Wendell Laidley- 14 yrs. 


  • Suzan Rada has fresh eggs available
  • Joice Beatty announced that Jennifer Lamb will match any donations to Pre-School for All, up to $5,000
  • Roxanne Schaubhut updated us on the Kentucky Derby Event. More that 70 people attended and the club raised in excess of $10,000
  • Andy Bartlett needs Rotarians to help the Interact Class with breakfast serving this Friday at 8:am in the high school culinary building

Raffle: Rod Ellison, Natalie Klug, Charlotte Williamson

Finemaster: Wendell Laidley " Famous Quotes"

Bellringers: Jack Neal announced that the 18th annual Cinco de Mayo golf tournament raised around $50,000


Reported by Alan Galbraith
Speaker of the Day :  Ben Hill drew from the “rock star” resume of our guest speaker, Dr. Gan Dunnington, a cardiothoracic surgeon at St. Helena Hospital.  Ben noted that Dr. Dunnington received his medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia, completed his residency at Stanford University, and was an assistant professor at Stanford as well as assistant director of cardiothoracic surgery at El Camino Hospital, a Stanford affiliate.  Dr. Dunnington, further noted that he was drawn to St. Helena Hospital after becoming familiar with the Napa Valley from weekend stays at a home in Yountville.  Dr. Dunnington specializes in minimally invasive cardiac and thoracic surgery, with emphasis on treating patients with arrhythmias (such as atrial fibrillation).  Dr. Dunnington illustrated through slides the fast moving changes in cardiac surgery as it has moved from open-heart procedures to minimally invasive procedures.  He spent much of his time describing new treatments for atrial fibrillation, the most common form of heard disease, with significant risk of stroke and bleeding.  He performs and advises on the Hybrid Maze Procedure, which is performed more often at St. Helena Hospital than any other hospital, with 95% success.   This treatment not only ends the risk of stroke from atrial fibrillation but also ends the need for various medications.  He is especially pleased with the quality of life difference in patients who have had the procedure.  The Hybrid Operating Room, combining a high-level operating room with a catheter lab, including great imaging, will be a great addition to the St. Helena Arrhythmia Center at the Hospital.
Thought for the Day:  Ben Hill provided the thought for the day, drawing upon Nikola Tesla, a scientist and engineer: “The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly.  One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.”
Special Presentation:  Rene Cohen, with Nationwide Private Client Services, presented a $5,000 check to the Rotary Foundation for the benefit of the Hybrid Operating Room (see above), which was graciously acknowledged by Steve Lundin, president of the St. Helena Hospital Foundation.  Ms. Cohen in her remarks noted that Nationwide works with independent insurance brokers, including Malloy Imrie & Vasconi.  Ted Bystrowski (of MIV) was on hand to celebrate the gift from Nationwide.
Visiting Rotarians: 
  • Cap Lyons, from the Oakland 3 Club
  • Kathi Polachek, from Donora, PA (outside Pittburgh)
  • Jean Aldinger (real estate), guest of Jordan Bentley.
  • Steve Lundin, president of the St. Helena Hospital Foundation, Club guest
  • Sara Cakebread (on behalf of Proposition Y), guest of Kelly Crane
  • Rene Cohen, Nationwide Private Client Services, guest of Ted Bystrowski
  • David Stoneberg, St. Helena Star editor, guest of Kathleen Patterson
Wedding Anniversary: Norm Mitroff (16 years)
Rotary Anniversaries: Jack Neal (6 years) and Jim Smith (10 years)
Birthdays: Ted Bystrowski, Michael Lane and Paul Dean
  • President Joice Beatty, with reminder for the Saturday singers at the Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa, 3425 Solano Avenue, Napa.  She also noted that there would be a Board meeting before next Tuesday’s luncheon.
  • Roxann Schaubhut, with last minute details on Saturday’s Kentucky Derby Party at the Masonic Lodge (above the former Goodman’s downtown store)
  • Suzan Rada, again hawking cartons of brown eggs.                     
Bell Ringers:
  • Charlotte Williamson, in thanks for being in medical recovery.
  • Natalie Klug, in thanks for being in medical recovery.
  • Kathi Polachek, in appreciation for a concert two weeks ago.
  • Lester Hoel, in celebration of his wife’s medical recovery.
  • Suzan Rada, in anticipation of another trip to Cuba.
  • Ben Hill, in happy surprise that Jim Smith returned from Hawaii.          
FineMaster: Mike Thomas, with diverse stumpers from the interaction of men and women (some not fit to print).   E.g., “The problem with life is, by the time you can read women like a book, your library card has expired”; “Here’s the only thing you  need to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid, and the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.”  Of course, Mike could not resist one from Yogi Berra: “Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours.”
Raffle: Ron McGowan (no black marble), Lester Hoel and Kelly Crane

Reported by Jonathan Hollister
Speaker of the Day:  Marylou K. Wilson gave a talk. Wilson has a doctorate in organizational leadership from the University of La Verne in southern California, as well as a master’s in curriculum and instruction and a bachelor’s in liberal studies from San Diego State University.  Before joining St. Helena last year, Superintendent Wilson held various positions in education throughout the state of California. She taught elementary and middle school in Cajon Valley; served for ten years as a principal in various school districts throughout Southern California; and served as the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District, where she was also a member of the Superintendent’s Executive Cabinet.
St. Helena Unified School District is comprised of a primary school (238 students) and elementary school (236 students), both with alternative programs, a middle school (288 students) and a high school (507 students). Students from two nearby elementary districts also attend.  The staff is comprised of 91 certificated teachers, 5 counselors and 85 classified employees. There are 4 principals, 2 vice principals, a CBO, Director of Student Support Services and the Superintendent serving as the District's Administrative Council.  The District is a Basic Aid District with a yearly budget of approximately $22 million.  Through parent groups, the St. Helena Public Schools Foundation and unmatched gifting, the local community augments the athletic and fine arts programs, enriches classrooms and provides an impressive number of scholarships to high school graduates. There is strong community support for the schools, including a tremendous volunteer support program.
Visiting Rotarians: Kathi Polacheck of Donora, Pennsylvania.
Guests: Kelly Denny, daughter of Jim Smith from the California Cadet Academy encouraged members of the Club to attend the Napa Valley Comedy Experience on April 30, 2016 hosted by Castello di Amorosa.  To reserve a table or for tickets call (707) 429-2800.
Club Anniversary:  Club anniversaries include:  Alan Galbraith (6 years), John Sales (17 years plus additional years in other clubs)
  • The Rianda House is sponsoring the “Rally4Rianda”.  Join your friends, family and neighbors and rally for Rianda House Senior Activity Center.  Donate now throughout the month of May to enrich the lives of UpValley older adults.  You can rally by donating directly, celebrating at the open house Wednesday May 4th from 4 to 6 pm, or attending the Velo Vino party on Thursday, May 12 from 12 to 4 pm. 
  • Rotary Scholarships are going to given out after an interview process by committee led by Cindy Warren.  There will be five scholarships awarded. 
  • Dr. Heather Knight described a new initiative at PUC College called “Live Local, Learn Local” which gives scholarship money to local Napa County residents to attend PUC College. 
  • Dr. Roxanne Schaubhut needs additional help and volunteers to help with the Kentucky Derby Party!  Please join us on Saturday, May 7, 2016 for a very fun event.  Our celebration benefits the St. Helena Preschool For All. Saturday, May 7, 2016 - 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, at the Masonic Lodge - 1335 Main Street, St. Helena, CA 94574.  Cost is $65 per person ($85 at the door).  Contact John Muhlner - 707.963.6166 or; or Roxann Schaubhut - 707.965.9131 or
Raffle Winners:  Dave Brotemarkle, Jack Neal, and Ted Bystrowski were all raffle winners.
  • Bell Ringers:  John Muhlner told of his son running the Boston Marathon in 3 hours 10 minutes. 
  • Dave Moreland gave us an update on his bees which have traveled from California to Mississippi and then to North Dakota multiplying in numbers. 
  • Jim Smith is officially retired from the innkeeper business and went to Hawaii for a month on vacation to celebrate with Lorinda.
Finemaster:  Cindy Warren humored the club with trivia about the Kentucky Derby.  Victims of her “horsing around” questions included Jordan Bentley, Kelly Crane, David Brotemarkle, Judd Howell, Ted Bystrowski, Wendell Laidley, and Dave Moreland.

Reported by Alan Galbraith
Speaker of the Day:  Without ado, President Joice Beatty introduced our Speaker, Father Mac, who spoke on how the labyrinth t Grace Cathedral Church, a long cherished dream, came to fruition.   A labyrinth (so unlike a maze) is for meditation.  It is a step-by-step walk from the outside to the center, and then the return on the same path.  The labyrinth walker stays focused on the path; the walker is not worried about getting lost, or confused or scared.  It is an opportunity to discard immediate concerns.  It opens a pathway into the mind and heart.  It helps to pause upon reaching the center.  The expectation is that a good thought will stay with the walker during the return, and also beyond, incorporated into daily life.  Father Mac noted that the Grace Cathedral labyrinth is an exact replica of the labyrinth on the floor of the most magnificent of European cathedrals, the Great Cathedral at Chartres, France.   Father Mac stressed that meditation is hard.  A labyrinth assists the meditative process, especially for those who cannot stay still.  Father Mac thought about a Rotarian group walk but rejected the idea as not conducive to personal meditation.  He urged all Rotarians to make time for the walk.
Thought for the Day:  Bryan Remer, quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Finish every day and be done with it.  You have done what you could.  Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can.  Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense.  This is all that is good and fair.  It is too dear, with its hopes and invitations, to waste a moment on yesterdays.”
Visiting Rotarian:  Kathi Polachek
Wedding Anniversary:  John Muhlner (48 years)
Rotary Anniversary:  Suzan Rada (20 years)
  • Suzan Rada, hawking cartons of brown eggs.
  • Suzan Rada, strongly urging tomato plant purchases (40 varieties) on Saturday, April 23, in the parking lot next to the Napa Central Valley on Soscol Avenue and across Soscol from the Napa Valley Car Wash.
  • Jordan Bentley and Norm Mitroff, discussing the nonprofit fair to be held on the grounds of the Catholic Church on April 21 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., with Ted Bystrowski and Jordan Bentley manning the Rotary Booth.
  • Roxanne Schaubhut, with a strong plea for volunteers for Kentucky Derby Day (Saturday, May 7), coupled with Derby trivia: the winner’s trophy is 14 carrot gold, weighing four pounds.
  • Bryan Remer, noting that our singers open (sharply at 9:00 a.m.) the Annual District Conference at the Napa Marriott Hotel (3425 Solano Avenue).  The Conference features Youth Exchange Day.  Attendees can stay for brunch.          
Bell Ringers:
  • Suzan Rada, in promotion of her talk on Cuba at Rianda House on Wednesday, April 20, at 3:00 p.m.
  • Ben Hill, in appreciation for Roxanne Schaubhut’s work on the Kentucky Derby fundraiser.
  • lan Galbraith, strongly seconding Ben Hill.     
FineMaster: Alan Galbraith, drawing on past presidential races, including invective from the 1884 Cleveland-Blaine race (Blaine supporters: “Ma, Ma, where is my Pa?”  Cleveland supporters: “Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine, the continental liar from the State of Maine.” )
Raffle:  Mike Thomas (no black marble), Ben Hill and David Moreland

Reported by Alan Galbraith
Open Meeting (No Speaker of the Day)
            President Joice Beatty conducted an open meeting that started with a report from Club members (Matt Endriss, Justin Meyer, and John Muhlner) who attended the District Assembly in Ukiah.  John and Justin stressed the importance of proper youth certification of Club members to minimize legal risk in “one-on-one” situations.    Matt reflected on Rotary’s larger sense of purpose, as addressed by the District Governor during the assembly.  His overall theme was peace, including in the local community.  Matt noted that common concerns were expressed in the breakout sessions: how do we bring energy to our Club?  How do we make outsiders feel welcomed in the Club?  What is next?  Dick Gourley reported on the updating of Clubrunner, with Joice remarking that it looks “modern.”  Roxann Schaubhut reported on the status of monies in the several scholarship funds.   The open meeting closed with a detailed review of Triple Crown History by Roxann and the state of current planning for the Club’s Kentucky Derby Day fundraiser.  A fun statistic: 4180 horses have run in Triple Crown races, 289 have won one race, 52 two races, and 12 the Triple Crown, with 10 0f 12 Triple Crown winners owned by people who bred them. 
Thought for the Day:  Ben Hill: “If everyone is happy with you, surely you have been making compromises in life.  If you are happy with everyone, you have ignored the faults of others.”
Visiting Rotarian: Kathi Polachek
            David Hollister, guest (and father) of Jon Hollister
            Chuck Nile, guest of John Muhlner
            Jennifer Muhlner, guest (and wife) of John Muhlner
            Gemma Youst, guest (daughter) of Steve Yost
Birthday: Joice Beatty
Wedding Anniversaries: 
            Donn Black
            Alan Galbraith
            Andy Bartlett, reciting current travel exploits of former Youth Exchange student Christina Ericson.  He also introduced Interact student (St. Helena High junior) Marieli Rubio who, in turn, advised that she had recently received a $500 award from the Soroptimists which she is evenly dividing between the Interact Club and Project Hope.
Bell Ringers:
            Justin Meyer, in a plea for a host family for a Belgium exchange student.
            Judd Howell, in appreciation for Mike Thomas’s recent letter in the St. Helena Star.
FineMaster: Ben Hill, with tough (and arguably tricky) questions from the world of rock and roll.  E.g., what is Paul McCartney’s middle name?  Answer: Paul!  What was the birth year of David Lee Roth?  Answer: 1954.
            Rod Ellison (no black marble)
            Jordan Bentley
            Richard Hyde


Reporter: Cindy Warren

John Sales served as acting President for Joice Beatty

Speaker: Jeanie Kerr, Julio Olguin " St. Helena Preschool for All"

Julio Olguin, executive director of St. Helena Preschool for all, gave us a brief history of the non-profit program. The program is devoted to giving all St. Helena children a preschool opportunity. Studies have shown the benefits of preschool for children entering kindergarten. The average cost per year/child is $4,000, which is a hardship for many families. 

The program participates with five local preschools and day care facilities. The facilities provide spots for students who qualify for scholarships through the program. Parents are required to participate through fundraising, parent education and participation in events. The program is supported/ funded by grants, and foundations, the community and SHUSD. The goal is to provide scholarships for 20-25 children per year. 

Guests: None

Visiting Rotarians: Kathy Polachek

Birthdays: Jack Neal

Club Anniversaries: Tim Doran- 31 years, Mike Cleaver -1 year, Paul Dean- 9 years, Donn Black-12 years


  • President Joice Beatty was hospitalized again and is back home recovering. 
  • Name badges are missing. Please return yours if you have it.
  • Roxanne Schaubhut gave us a quick update on the Kentucky Derby Fundraiser on May 7th.  Please RSVP on Club Runner. Tickets are $65 per person and $80 at the door. All money raised goes to " St. Helena Preschool for all".

Raffle Winners:  Tim Doran, Michelle Holman, Dave Moreland

Finemaster: Justin Meyer  " Rotary History"

Bell Ringers:  Wendell Laidley informed us that his wife Inger had a successful surgery last week and the prognosis is good. 


Reported by Alan Galbraith
Speaker of the Day:  Our speaker of the day, vigorously introduced by Donn Black, was Concord Club Rotarian and former Catholic Missionary Priest Michael Barrington.  He regaled us with vivid tales from his ten years in the Diocese of Makurdi, Nigeria.  He was there in the late 1960s and 1970s during a period of exceptional violence, as Biafra Province sought to separate from the rest of Nigeria.  Oil was at the root of the conflict in a federal/state confrontation, won by the State.  His posting was in the war zone.  He was fortunate to survive – and much aided by his language skills, especially in the Hausa dialect.  His experiences are brought together in his book, The Bishop Wears No Drawers.  The title is a metaphor for taking the reader behind the scenes. 
Thought for the Day:  Kelly Crane, taking inspiration from the baseball season soon upon us:  E.g., Babe Ruth: “Every strike brings you closer to the next homerun; Ted Williams: “Baseball is the only endeavor where you succeed three out of ten times and your performance is good.”
Birthday: Justin Meyer
Anniversary:  Tim Doran (Rotary)
  • Justin Meyer, back from ten days in the Amazon, with 60 or so water filtrations systems installed.
  • Roxann Schaubhut, reminding members of the Kentucky Derby fundraiser (May 7).
  • Suzan Rada, hawking eight dozen eggs.
  • Donn Black, seeking a rental room for an architect
  • Margo Kennedy, putting the membership on alert for forthcoming assignments.
  • Kathleen Patterson, looking for a naming sponsor for the golf tournament.             
Bell Ringers:
  • Kelly Crane, in celebration of the marriage of his oldest son.
  • Judd Howell, in appreciation for support for the work of Wildlife Animal Rescue.          
FineMaster:  Joice Beatty, generally stumping the members with questions about the forthcoming Kentucky Derby Fundraiser (e.g., who is the beneficiary ((answer: ”Pre-School for All”)) and also the Golf Fundraiser( same question (answer: Hybrid Cardiac Operating Room at St. Helena Hosptical)).
Raffle: Mike Thomas (no black marble), Alan Galbraith and Michele Neumann

Reported by Alan Galbraith
Speakers of the Day: 
Our speaker of the day was Calistoga Rotarian Dr. Frank Leake, enthusiastically introduced by Donn Black.  Dr. Leake spoke about the Rotaplast program, which though its own entity has had a long affiliation with Rotary, not just from financial support but also in Rotarian involvement.  Today, it runs fourteen trips a year, each of about two-weeks duration.  Its principal goal is to fix cleft lips and palates in children in some of the poorest countries in the world (e.g., in Central America and Bangladesh).  Each trip consists not just of surgeons and nurses but also of other volunteers who are trained to perform various needed tasks (e.g., managing medical records, sterilizing instruments, and so forth).   The lives of children, often ostracized, undergoing the surgeries are changed forever.  The concentrated effort brought immediate results, apparent in the appreciation of parents.  Dr. Leake illustrated the work of a team through a remarkable series of photographs that highlighted the appearance of children before and the after their operations.  The overall theme: “Saving smiles, changing lives.”
Thought for the Day: Father Mac:  He reminded us of the approach of Easter Sunday, giving thanks for living in paradise and blessing homes, families, friends, and the Club.
Visiting Rotarians: Frank Leake, Calistoga Club and Richard Testa, Calistoga Club
Birthdays:  Orville Hammer, Steve Yost
  • Kathleen Patterson (substituting for Joice Beatty) urged members to review the redesigned web page, praising the work of Dick Gourley.
  • Jordan Bentley advised that today was the last day for InterAct food collection.
  • John Muhlner advised that Jon Hollister and Joice Beatty would join him at the District Assembly meeting on April 9 in Ukiah.  He urged further attendance.
  • Mike Thomas sought support for the Rebuild St. Helena vision at this evening’s City Council meeting.
  • Roxann Schaubhut continued her outreach for the May 7 Kentucky Derby Party at the Masonic Lodge.  She seeks a 50” TV screen for one day’s use at the Party.
  • Suzan Rada stressed she had colored eggs for sale (brown).
  • Joice Beatty advised that she had committed the Club to a $37 monthly fee for internet service at Native Son’s Hall.
RaffleWendell Dinwiddie (no black marble), Ted Bystrowski, and Father Mac.
Bell Ringers: Ben Hill, in appreciation for the return of Joice Beatty.
FineMaster:  Ben Hill, with such teasers as what was the first domesticated bird (a goose), why does a duck’s quack not echo (“no one knows”), and what is the only metal not solid at room temperature (mercury).

Reported by Alan Galbraith
Speakers of the Day:  Our speakers were Andy Bartlett, Oliver Caldwell, and Mike Thomas.  They presented their plan entitled “Rebuild St. Helena” Plan.  The Plan entails the sale of the City-owned Adams Street property to a hotel developer for a five-star hotel.  They propose that the City-owned Lyman Park and City Hall be redeveloped with a small recreation center (“Lyman Hall”) toward the back of Lyman Park and a Community Center with second-floor City offices on the City Hall site.  The details for their plan can be found at  The site features a video illustrating their vision/plan.
Thought for the Day:  Rod Ellison: “Don’t give up; the last key on the ring opens the door.”
            Scott Anderson, guest of Tim Doran
            Oliver Caldwell, Shannon Kuleto, and Anne Thomas, guests of Mike Thomas
Birthdays: Charles Bell, Helen Hendrick, Orville Hammer
  • John Muhlner and Roxann Schaubhut discussed the planning for the May 7 Kentucky Derby Fundraiser (1:00 to 5:00 p.m.) at the Masonic Lodge (courtesy of members of the Lodge).  The beneficiary is the St. Helena Preschool Program for All Program.  John and Roxann encouraged Rotarians to sign up as soon as possible to facilitate planning for the event.  They stressed that there were significant remaining manpower needs, and sought volunteers for various tasks.  They stressed that there was a strong array of prizes.
  • Ben Hill reviewed the planning for the June 24 Golf Event, a joint sponsorship of the Rotary Club and the St. Helena Hospital.
  • John Muhlner (substituting for Joice Beatty) reminded the membership of the District meeting in Ukiah next month.  He also advised that Joice was on the mend.
Bell Ringers:  Justin Meyer, in anticipation of his forthcoming service trip to Brazil.
FineMaster:  Jordan Bentley, with widely divergent trivia, mostly stumped her victims.  She did begin with an easy one: “Which State is closes to Russia?”  Sarah Palin would have no problem with that!


Reporter: Cindy Warren

Program: St. Helena Boy Scout Troop 1

Former Scoutmaster, Dewitt Garlock, introduced current scoutmaster Jodie Hunt. The meeting was also attend by Stu Smith, chairman and parents of the "Scout of the Year" awards. Jodie gave us a brief update on all the trips and community service projects the troop has been involved in.

Ryan Stice, who has graduated to asst. scoutmaster put together a slide show highlighting the past year, which included: Boy Scout camp, Eagle Scout Projects, Whitewater raft trip, Ski Trip, Wilderness Survival, Snow Camp Scout of the year recipients were introduced and highlighted their best moments of scouting. 

Guests: Norma Hayes, guest of Steve Yost

Visiting Rotarians: none

Birthdays: Steve Yost, Orville Hammer

Club Anniversaries: Steve Ebersole- 12 years, Jon Hollister- 4 years


  • Update on Joice Beatty's health. She will be released from the hospital and is looking at 60 days or recovery.
  • Charlotte Williamson is having major surgery April 11 at UCSF.
  • Polly Keegan brought back Rotary banners from Delhi from her trip to India distributing polio vaccines.
  • Roxanne Schaubhut announced a Derby Day committee meeting for next Tuesday @3:30
  • Jordan Bentley announced the board is putting together programs ti increase communication between members.
  • Andy Bartlett and Mike Thomas will be sharing their thoughts on the Adams Street property project and prosed City Hall development at next Tuesday's meeting. Make sure you attend this important discussion. 

Raffle: Judd Howell, Norma Hayes, Mike Thomas

Bell Ringers:

  • Kelly Crane didn't make it in time to share his political Thoughts for the Day and gave them to us.
  •  "One should  be able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them better." -F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • "Stand up, look 'em in the eye and tell them what you know"- Dan Rather
  • "Say as little as possible while appearing to be awake" - Will Rogers
  • Judd Howell will be doing a slide show July 19th about his recent trip to Antarctica.
  • Alyssa Samrick said her daughter has switched form softball to Lacrosse. She assisted with the Vichy school auction and won the Golden Ticket- A set of Braces!

Finemaster: Ted Bystrowski quizzed us on the "Guiding Principles of Rotary"


Reported by Jonathan Hollister
Speaker of the Day:  Ben Hill gave a talk about a fundraising effort at the St. Helena Hospital in order to become a destination for patients suffering from atrial fibrillation.  Outside of St. Helena, the closest medical center offering this specialized surgery is in Sacramento.  St. Helena Hospital Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Gan Dunnington is one of few surgeons specializing in the treatment of atrial fibrillation through a minimally invasive surgical procedure — called vats maze.  Atrial fibrillation is an electrical disorder of the heart that causes an irregular and often rapid heart rate. The condition can be caused by high blood pressure or abnormal heart valves, while some patients have no apparent causes. Symptoms of atrial fibrillation include heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and weakness.  Among doctors, atrial fibrillation is often described as an “irregularly irregular heartbeat.”  During the vats maze, a thoracoscopic surgery, four tiny incisions are made on each side of the chest. Small, lighted instruments are then used to create lesions on the heart, which makes scar tissue that blocks the electrical short-circuits causing the irregular heart rhythm.  The operation takes about two and a half hours and is followed by a hospital stay of three to four days. The majority of patients immediately notice a difference in their mental clarity and energy level. It can take patients “a couple weeks” to “a couple months” after surgery to resume their normal activities.  Left untreated, atrial fibrillation can lead to stroke and heart failure.  Please support the efforts of St. Helena hospital to expand their cardiac unit to offer this important medical treatment option.
Visiting Rotarians: Kathi Polacheck of Donora, Pennsylvania and also Lynn Cederquist of the Calistoga Rotary Club.
Guests: Joel Dickerson of Madrone Engineering.
Birthdays / Anniversary: 
Club anniversaries include:  Steve Ebersole (12 years), Jon Hollister (4 years)
  • President Joice Beatty is at home recovering and doing a lot better. 
  • Suzanne Rada is offering eggs for sale a $5 per dozen. 
  • Paul Dean encourages all club members to attend CabFest of Napa Valley talking place March 4-6 in Yountville.  More information can be found at
  • Ben Hill reminds club members to bring in raffle prizes.  Many members have not brought in raffle prizes and we are running low. 
  • Jim Smith reminds members that we are participating in the Interact Club food drive starting next week.  Please go through your pantry and pull out a few of those items that have been clogging it up!! Please help our Interact group in having an awesome food drive. 
  • Polly Keegan just returned from India where she helped with polio vaccinations.  Polly impressed the club by describing the efforts of the rotary team and how she personally dispensed oral polio medication to over 200 children!  Way to go Polly! 
  • Don Thomas reminded members to check their options when selecting between Marin Clean Energy and PGE because there is variation in the rates and you may be overpaying for electricity.
Raffle Winners:  Dave Brotemarkle, Kelly Crane, and Norm Mitroff were all raffle winners.
Bell Ringers:  Suzanne Rada encourages members to join her and Dr. Richard Hyde for a five day tour of Washington D.C. led by Dr. Richard Hyde April 4-9.  The tour will highlight many historical sites and will be timed perfectly with the cherry blossom scenery.  Please talk to Suzanne if you are interested in joining this fabulous tour of D.C.
Finemaster:  Don Thomas, Paul Dean, Norm Mitroff, Father Mac and Ted Bystrowski were all struck by Margo Kennedy’s shillelagh as she demanded answers and handed out fines amounting to hundreds of Irish pounds for failure to give correct answers as to Irish trivia.

Reported by Jonathan Hollister
Speaker of the Day:  Suzanne Rada gave the club a firsthand account and slideshow of her November 2015 trip to Cuba.  She traveled with her former husband and her two daughters to the island via Mexico City.  Clearance was obtained by the State Department as a family visit.  Her visit was primarily centered in Havana but also included a trip to the city of Trinidad.  Suzanne had a fabulous time and showed the club many slides of Havana showing the people and events taking place there. Suzanne encourages club members who are interested in traveling to Cuba to consult with her beforehand to plan the best times of year to visit and the best ways to obtain travel and lodging.
Thought of the Day: Matt Endriss gave thanks to have President Joice Beatty return to the club and referenced an inspiring thought from St. Bernard.
Visiting Rotarians: Tom Stimpert, Assistant Governor, from the Calistoga Rotary Club
Guests: None
Birthdays / Anniversary: 
Club anniversaries include:  Dewitt GARLOCK (9 years), Justin Meyer (1 year) and Gary Jaffee (13 years)
  • Suzanne Rada is offering eggs for sale a $5 per dozen. 
  • John Muhlner announced that here will be a Rotary Meeting in San Francisco on Saturday April 9, and that we need 9-12 members to attend.  It would be great if new members would come and participate. 
  • Jim Smith announced that the club will be sponsoring an aid/water station for the Napa Valley Marathon near Bale Lane and Silverado Trail on March 6 between 6:30 and 8:30 am.  We need six volunteers to work the marathon at that time.
Raffle Winners:  Paul Dean, Christine Hayne, and Jon Hollister were all raffle winners.
Bell Ringers:  None
Finemaster:  None

Reporter: Cindy Warren
Program: RYLA Leadership Camp 2015 at Westminster WoodsSophie Bunge and Marieli Rubio
Sophie and Marieli showed a slide show and told us about their experience at the RYLA Leadership camp last summer. Camp leaders are all former attendees. The girls had a wonderful experience getting to know other RYLA members. Activities included: Keynote Speakers, Talent Show, Career Night,,Hiking and Tournaments. 
There was a session on Social Media Awareness, which helped the young people understand the advantages and disadvantages of what they "share" on social media sites. 
They also participated in a session of "Tearing away the Words" which  focused on not judging people by their outside appearances. 
Guests: John Hendrick, guest of Helen Hendrick. Ann Thomas, guest of Mike Thomas. April Duge, guest of Michele Neumann. Jennifer Phillips and Chris Patrick, guests of Andy Bartlett
Visiting Rotarians: Kathi Polacheck
John Muhlner served as acting President for Joice Beatty 
  • Steve Yost offered pictures from a SF Giants outing.
  • Suzan Rada- Eggs are available again for $5 per dozen.
  • Norm Mitroff gave a big thank you to Suzan Rada for the Valentines Day decor.J
  • Jim Smith and John Muhlner gave an update on Joice's condition. She's not ready for visitors. A card was passed for members to sign. 

Raffle: Winners were Helen Hendrick, Jack Neal, Rob Andreae, Ben Hill, April Duge

Finemaster: Ben Hill " Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?"

Bell Ringers: Ben Hill donated $25 to Suzan Rada's Paul Harris for the Valentine's Day decor


Welcome Joice Beatty!
St. Helena Rotary Club is very pleased to announce that our new President for FY 2015-2016 is Joice Beatty.
Joice is a long-time Rotarian and leader in our St. Helena Community, and we are excited to have her leading the Club.
Stay tuned for a fun and productive year!
Congratulations Joice!
Farmer's Market Celebrates 30th Anniversary!
The St Helena Farmer's Market is celebrating it's 30th Anniversary during April 2016!
In honor of the great work this organization does, The Cameo Cinema is hosting a month-long festival called CINEMA-BITES to raise money for this worthy cause.
Event dates are April 4th, April 11th, April 18th and April 25th!
For details please go to:
St Helena Rotary has long been a supporter of the Farmer's Market and we encourage you to attend and tell others about this fun event!
Thanks for your continued support!