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Reported by Alan Galbraith
Speaker of the Day:  There was no speaker of the day.  Instead, there was Club discussion centering on three topics:  (1) the May 7 Derby party (coinciding with the Kentucky Derby), likely at the Masonic Lodge, to raise scholarship funds (with a target of at least $5,000) for preschool children to attend one of several participating preschools through the Preschool for All program; (2) the June 24 Golf Tournament and picnic at Aetna Springs Resort, with the tournament consisting of 56 players (fourteen foursomes) for the benefit of the Hybrid Operating Room at St. Helena Hospital, with other service clubs also participating as co-sponsors; (3) new speaker ideas, with suggestions ranging from an update from the CIA (as it proceeds with its Oxbow plans in Napa), professors at Napa Valley College, and younger members of the St. Helena business community.  President Joice Beatty advised that the next meeting focused on Club matters was set for March 15.
Thought for the Day: Ben Hill, citing Donald Miller “When you stop expecting people to be perfect  -- You can like them for who they are.”
Guest: Mechele Manno, Interim Associate Dean, UpValley Campus, Napa Valley College, guest of Doug Ernst.
Birthdays:  Andy Bartlett
Rotary Anniversaries: Helen Hendrick, Dick Gourley, Roxanne Schaubhut and Judd Howell
  • President Joice BeattyNatalie Klug recovering from a skiing accident and Charlotte Williamson from pneumonia.  Jim Smith noted that former Rotarian Lisa Marie Anderson is also recovering from a severe skiing accident.  The President encouraged members to contribute to the Hayne scholarship through the sign-up sheet.   She also circulated a letter of appreciation from dictionary recipients.
  • Suzan Rada announced that she has black copper eggs – highly prized literally and figuratively.
  • Andy Bartlett reported on Interact Club activities.        
Bell Ringers:
  • Mike Thomas, in recognition of a memorable trip in the Far East.
  • Jordan Bentley, in celebration of the opening of her business office  (top floor, Baldwin Building).
  • Doug Ernst, in appreciation for his part-time (and hopefully soon full-time) position at Napa Valley College.
  • Ted Bystrowski, in honor of Doug Ernst (who is taking a leave from Rotary)      
Raffle: Winners were David Moreland (no black marble), Jim Smith, and DeWitt Garlock.
FineMaster: Mike Thomas: Mike developed a series of tough questions from his recent travels in the Far East.  E.g., what is the name of the currency in Vietnam.  Your reporter got it right (the “dong”).

Reported by Jonathan Hollister
Speaker of the Day:  Gopal Shanker.  Récolte Energy is a Napa Valley based renewable energy consulting firm, founded in 2004 by Gopal Shanker.  The firm develops turn-key renewable energy projects, using solar photovoltaic, fuel cell, and energy storage systems, for private and public sector clients. The firm also does feasibility studies, develop Request for Proposals, evaluates proposals, negotiates terms with vendors, provides project management support and vendor oversight during construction, and manages utility rebate, interconnection, and billing tasks. The firm uses data, assumptions and evaluation criteria provided by the client to identify the most suitable project, technology, financing method, and vendor to maximize the client’s return on investment and reduce energy bills. The projects of Récolte Energy have achieved many technical, financial, and regulatory “firsts” including: 
  • Far Niente Winery  – first “floatovoltaic” system in the world Sutter Home Winery – first large scale fuel cell installation in the wine industry
  • Gasser Foundation – first solar power purchase agreement for a small non-profit
  • Saintsbury Winery – first solar installation in PG&E’s right-of-way
  • United Cerebral Palsy – among the first general market virtual net metering projects
  • Napa Education Center – among the first meter aggregation projects
  • You can learn more about Récolte Energy at
Visiting Rotarians:  Kathy Polichek of Donora, Pennsylvania, Mike Hartwick of Eugene, Oregon, and Gopal Shanker from the Calistoga Rotary Club.
Club Anniversaries:  Lester Hoel – 6 years.
  • Jim Smith will do an Author Talk at the Rianda House on January 27 at 3:00 pm on his new book “40 Years as an Inn Keeper”.
  • Polly Keegan announced that Kal Edwards will be giving a seminar series at the Rianda House called “Renewal is the New Retirement.”  The four part workshop takes place from 6:00 – 7:30 pm on February 4, 11, 18, and 25
  • A new Rotary scholarship will be established in the name of W. Alston “Otty” Hayne for a high school student with international interests.  Donations will be given by club members.
  • Suzanne Rada would like all members to attend the Calistoga Theatre Company’s new play, “The Other Place” which will be performed at the St. Helena Presbyterian Church, 1428 Spring St., St. Helena. Ticket price is $25 for adults and $15 for students. On Jan. 21, preview night, tickets are $15. The show runs Jan. 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, 31, and Feb. 4, 5, 6 and 7. All shows begin at 7 p.m. except Sunday matinees, which begin at 5 p.m. For ticket reservations, call 707-341-3278 or go to Online ticket-holders have priority seating. There will be a post-show discussion with the director and cast.
  • Christine Hayne would like to thank the club members and community for attending the memorial service for Alston Hayne that was held on January 16 at Grace Episcopal Church.
  • Ron McGowan read a letter from July 15, 1981 written by Stan McGaffrey to Ron’s parents which shed light on the past activities and accomplishments of these important St. Helena Rotarians.
  • President Joice Beatty would like all members to log on to Clubrunner and update all of their contact and personal information.  This is necessary to accurately report birthdays, anniversaries, addresses and phone numbers.
  • Polly Keegan would like all Rotary members to buy tickets for “Bookmark Napa Valley” which is a big fundraising event for the St. Helena Public Library.  The event is Sunday, January 31 at 5:30 pm at the Charles Krug Winery.
Raffle Winners:  Kathleen Patterson, Ben Hill, Alan Galbraith
Bell Ringers: Ben Hill donated 25.00 to Christine Hayne’s Paul Harris in memory of Alston Hayne
FinemasterTed Bystrowski, Donn Black, Christine Hayne, Jon Hollister, Kathleen Patterson, Justin Meyer, Wendell Laidley and Ron McGowan were all victims of Finemaster Cynthia Warren’s football trivia questions.

Reported by Alan Galbraith
Speaker of the Day:  Donn Black introduced our speaker of the day, Laura Rafaty, in her capacity as Founder, Producer and Artistic Director of NapaShakes.   Donn reviewed Laura’s amazingly diverse background: attorney, theatrical producer, “Up the Valley” column for the St. Helena Star, Executive Director of the Friends of the Cameo, and County appointee to the Napa Arts & Culture Advisory Committee.    Donn noted that 2016 was the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death (April 23, 1616).  NapaShakes brings world-class professional Shakespeare and classical theatre to the Napa Valley.  Laura entitled her presentation “The Bard means business for Napa Valley.”  But what came across was her contagious joy in fine Shakespeare productions – and the delightful Shakespeare experience that NapaShakes has brought to audiences in the Napa Valley.   NapaShakes launched in December 2014 with a production by the Globe Theater of King Lear.  It fielded a production of Much Ado About Nothing in the CIA’s Barrel Room.  Laura noted the seating was less than ideal but after an initial twenty minutes or so (with the audience encouraged to move around) the complaints were forgotten and the audience was deeply into the performance.  Laura gave a preview of the 2016 season with screenings at the Cameo Theatre and potential live performance venues at the Napa Valley Opera House and Copia.  Check out the website for NapaShakes, www.NapaShakes.Org.  Laura also noted the spin effects: a well-established Shakespeare reading group in St. Helena, youth involvement, and educational programs.   She concluded: “The fun stuff is coming.”  It was a most spirited talk.
Thought for the Day: Ben Hill, citing Tyre Banks: “Don’t make excuses; make improvements.”
Visiting Rotarian: Kathi Polache (Donora, PA).
Guest: Michelle McMillan, Jewelry Designer from Albuquerque, NM, guest and sister of Christine Hayne
Birthdays:  David Brotemarkle and Steve Carbone
Rotary Anniversaries: Don Thomas and Mike Thomas
  • President Joice Beatty:  1.  The Club would schedule sessions in February and March to discuss Club issues.  2.  She continued her plea for the return of the cabinet keys (on a key ring with a monkey).  3.  She continued her plea for the return of tablecloths.  4.  Members should bring in raffle prizes.
  • Justin Meyer advised that there remained openings in a humanitarian trip to Brazil in March.
  • Alyssa Samrick expressed her opposition to a private helicopter landing-pad close to her home in east Napa (near the Napa Country Club)
  • Christine Hayne reminded that the service for Alston was Saturday at 3:00 at Grace Church.  Rotarians should wear their pins.
Bell Ringers: Jim Smith, contributing to Joice Beatty’s Paul Harris, in recognition of her leadership at today’s Board meeting.
Raffle: Winners were Jordan Bentley, Norm Mitroff, and Roxanne Schaubhut (no black marble)
FineMaster: Justin Meyer: As a Minnesota Vikings fan, he focused on the meaning of “cold.”  E.g., how cold must it become in Minnesota before public schools are shut down.  Answer: 35 degrees below.  A more benign question: is it quieter when it snows?  Yes: falling snow absorbs noise.  

Reporter: Cindy  Warren
Program: State of our Club
President Joice Beatty filled us in on our upcoming fundraisers and membership:
  • June 24, Golf Tournament at Aetna Springs. This event will be hosted by our club, other local service clubs and SH Hospital. The fund will go toward a Hybrid Operating Room at the hospital. Fee is $250 per person. A lunch will follow and tickets just for the lunch will be offered. 
  • May 7-Kentucky Derby event. The club will host a reception, betting and viewing of the Kentucky Derby. Location to be determined.
  • Today's attendance was 27, out of 68 members. The club pays for 50 lunches every week. 
    Please make attending the meetings part of your New Years Resolutions.

Ted Bystrowski recapped our membership. In 2015 we gained 3 new members, and 4 people left the club. Ideas for increasing membership were discussed, which included:

  • Having daycare at meetings to encourage younger members to join.
  • Have 3 regular meetings with a speaker and 1 meeting that is social.
  • Members are encouraged to bring prospective members to meetings. 
  • Ted has done an amazing job and needs your help in recruiting new members. 
Guests: Jennifer Muhlner, guest of John Muhlner
  • Joice Beatty- 
    • Lester Hoel's wife, Uni, fell and broke her back. A get-well card was passedLester will be handling her care and any help would be appreciated.
    • Joice is looking for the key ring that opens our Rotary area.
    • Please return any red tablecloths you may have taken to launder.
  • Christine HayneAlston Hayne's service is on Sat. Jan. 16th at 3:00, Grace Episcopel Church. Thank you to those Rotarians who have volunteered to bar tenders
  • Mary Sikes passed around a SH Star article about our Kenyan water tank project.
  • Polly Keegan announced that the SH Library is having a Book Author's Dinner at Charles Krug on Jan. 31. tickets are $150 each. Four authors will attend the event. 
  • Norm Mitroff just closed escrow on a hone in town, which is available for rent. 
Raffle: Winners were Father Mac, Roxanne Schaubhut, Suzan Rada
  • Matt Endriss let us know that Central Valley has been selected as the 2015 Business of the Year. Congrats!
  • Margo Kennedy just came back from a People to People trip to Cuba. 

Reported by Alan Galbraith
Speakers of the Day
            Three Rotarians, Jack Neal, Mary Sikes, and David Brotemarkle, spoke on their early ancestries.  Jack on his mother’s side traces his ancestry back to William Bradford, a passenger on the Mayflower (1620), who became the first Governor of Plymouth Colony.  On his father’s side, James Jackman, with two brothers, came to Newberry MA in 1635.  Jack is a tenth generation Jackman.  Jack is also a Cooke on his father’s side. The Jackmans and the Cookes, following the Treaty of Paris (1763), migrated to Vermont, with one Jackman to (Jackman) Maine.  Jack’s father left Vermont in 1946 for Los Angeles. Jack’s family makes a point of keeping the Jackman name (Jack’s middle name – and hence his name “Jack”) in subsequent generations.  Mary started out as a Ginther.  Her ancestor Peter Ginther came to America from the Black Forest area of Germany in 1713.   The family liked the name Peter, keeping it going in early generations.  They were potters and master builders. An ancestor (Peter G. Ginther) was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  The Ginthers started out in Lancaster, PA, migrating to Ohio, Nebraska, and Montana.  David in research found that, on his mother’s side, he was not a direct descendant of John Adams, as he had thought.  But, even better, he is a direct descendant of Samuel Adams, a cousin of John Adams (though they are often though of as brothers).   On his father’s side, the initial family name was Brodmerkel (likely for bread merchant).  In research, he learned that an ancestor had not served as Hessian fighter for the British.  Rather, the father of the bride of the first Brodmerkel who came to America (in 1782) fought in the Revolutionary War.  The first Brodmerkels had five children, with one changing his name to Brotemarkle (apparently thought to be less Germanic).  The Brotemarkles prospered and proliferated in Cumberland, MD.  David’s grandparents would move to Kansas City and then to Los Angeles, where David’s father was born in 1912.  A John Brotemarkle, passing through St. Helena, recognized a business sign carrying David’s name.   He was of course an extended family member.
Veterans Day Recognition:  President Joice Beatty led the Club in remembering members who had served in past wars.
Thought of the Day: Norm Mitroff built on the motto of Rotary: “I believe a person can never read the story of Rotary, its four-way test, and the objects of Rotary without realizing that there is a greatness, a goodness and an excellence in Rotary and not be concerned about there part in promoting these ideals.
Guests: Ursala Clement, St. Helena resident (and Swiss born), guest of Polly Keegan.  Lorne and Duncan Watermeyer (from Cape Town, South Africa), inlaws of Jordan Bentley
Club Anniversary: Margo Kennedy (24 years)
  • President Joice Beatty advised that District Governor Erin Aaron was requesting our singers at the District Conference.
  • Steve Yost advised that Otty Hayne was in deteriorating health.
  • Warren Warner advised that September and October billings were delayed due to a computer breakdown, now straightened out, with the bills arriving soon.
  • Morm Mitroff passed out raffle tickets for sale by members, with a deadline of December 15.  More than 200 remain to be sold.
  • President Joice Beatty reminded that the annual Christmas Party would be on December 8 at Merryvale Vineyards.
  • Rod Andreae announced that Alyssa Samrick was replacing him on the Vine Trail Board.  Alyssa will represent the Napa County Rotary Clubs.
  • President Joice Beatty sought volunteers for Christmas wreath hanging on Main Street, Thanksgiving morning, 6:00 a.m.
  • Wendell Laidley announced that Cindy Warren had earned her second Paul Harris award.
  • Polly Keegan announced the second TG Turkey Trot on TG morning, 10:00 a.m. at Rianda House (sponsored by Rianda House and Friends and Foundation of the St. Helena Library).           
Raffle Winners: Joel Toller, Norm Mitroff, and Mike Thomas
Bell Ringers:
  • Kathleen Patterson, in celebration of Central Valley’s sixtieth birthday (with many Rotarians in attendance) and St. Helena Hospital fundraising for new imaging equipment.
  • Joel Toller, in thanks for a listing reference from David Brotemarkle.
  • Jordan Bentley, in thanks for the two-week visit of her son’s paternal grandparents (as the son turns two).
  • Rob Andreae, in celebration of daughter Caitlan’s recent creative accomplishments, including a Cleo Award.
  • Alyssa Samrick, in appreciation of the soccer accomplishments of her daughter and the entire, awesome team.
  • Alan Galbraith, in appreciation for daughter Kate’s recent employment by Politico.                       
FineMaster:  David Brotemarkle constructed stumpers around the ancestry theme.  E.g., what actress is a descendant of the Rev. Jonathon Witherspoon, a signer of the Declaration of Independence?  Answer: Reese Witherspoon. Good going Natalie Klug for getting this right!   How many descendants does Thomas Jefferson have?  Answer: over 5000.  Good guess, Mike Thomas.  Very current: Dr. Ben Carson recently stated in defense of his lack of political experience that none of the signers of the Declaration of Independence had ever held political office.  Was he correct?  Answer: no (28 out of 56 had held elected office).   Your reporter had no difficulty with this one.            

Reported by Alan Galbraith
Speaker of the Day
Gary Lieberstein, Napa County District Attorney, introduced by Donn Black who briefly reviewed Gary’s long record of service, now totaling 30 years in the District Attorney’s Office, as well as noting that Gary, among other positions, has served as President of the California District Attorney’s Association.   Gary provided an overview of the significant impacts that State “realignment” has visited on Napa County – beyond just moving significant cost from the State to the County.  In particular, inmates at the County Jail are much more prone to violence, as evidenced by the sharp increase in assaults on correctional officers.  Further, the County Jail was built for persons serving one year or less, and not for persons serving sentences of some length.  In this regard, the Jail lacks any meaningful recreational facility, essential for inmates serving significant time. The Jail also suffered significant damage in the August 2014 earthquake, not only materially reducing the number of beds but severely curtailing rehabilitative programs that were conducted in the earthquake damaged part of the facility.  The County must now transfer a significant number of inmates to Solano County.  A significant percentage of inmates have serious mental health issues; the County Jail lacks staff and expertise to provide appropriate treatment.  Gary noted that the County was considering a bond issue in June 2016 to underwrite the construction of a new facility (475 beds) on land owned by the County.  The alternative is a severe shrinking of services currently offered by the County.  Gary traced most crime to drugs, alcohol, and mental illness.  He stressed the importance of preventive programs, including their cost effectiveness in the long run.  Gary also discussed at some length the effect of Proposition 47, which renders possession of less than $950 in stolen goods a misdemeanor (“petty theft,” as opposed to a felony).  For example, an unintended consequence is that possession of most stolen firearms can be charged only as a misdemeanor; the same is also true of drug possession, unless a sale is involved.   This also means that most household burglaries can be charged only as a misdemeanor, with little or even no jail time at this point.  Overview: Napa County prosecutes about 1500 felonies and 5000 misdemeanors per year.
Thought of the Day: Orville Hammer, making note of the holidays, expressed thanks for what we have, for good health, and for a good meal.
Visiting Rotarian: Gary Lieberstein, Napa Sunrise Club.
  • President Joice Beatty advised that the Club had received notes of thanks for its fire relief contribution and also for its contribution toward roof repairs at Native Sons Hall.  She continued her plea for contributions for Napa State Hospital.  Joice is in her 22nd year of fund raising for the Hospital’s holiday fund.  She also made a strong plea for the prompt return of missing blue table clothes.
  • Suzan Rada reminded that today was the last day for signing up for the Christmas Party on December 8 at Merryvale Winery.  It is a dressed up affair, with dancing shoes a must.
Raffle: The winners were Orville Hammer, Jordan Bentley, and Tim Doran.  No black marble.
Bell Ringer: President Joice Beatty rang the bell for Cynthia Kee, proud new owner of Cash, a Burmese Mountain dog.
Finemaster: Suzan Rada drew her questions from the Trivia Today website.  Samples: Who was the only person to be governor of two states? (A: Sam Houston).  Where is located the longest cave? (A: Mammoth Cave National Park, in central Kentucky, with over 400 miles of connected caves).

Reporter: Cindy Warren
Speaker: Justin Meyer, "Project Hope along the Amazon"
Project Hope Int'l is a non-profit that is dedicated to providing clean drinking water, medical care and the basic necessities of life to those in need across the globe.  Justin and his family have been involved in projects in Baja- (house and school building) and  the Amazon river- (dispensing water filters to those living on the river.) 
Nearly 90% of all diseases world-wide are caused b dirty water. 750 million people have no access to clean water. Justin showed us a brief video of the Amazon River area and the needs of the people who are dependent on the river for all their needs. Justin and his family have led several trips, with volunteers, to the remote areas of the Amazon. Their job is to deliver life saving water filtration systems to those who have never had clean water. One filter can process up to 500 gallons or clean water per day. The $50 filters will last a lifetime with proper flushing.
You can help in the following ways:
  1. Donate money for filters- $50 per filter.
  2. Go on as trip as a volunteer. Cost is $3,500 per person and includes airfare, all food and lodging.
  3. Help someone else pay for their volunteer trip.

The next trip to the Amazon is March 18-25. Details can be found at

Guests: Virginia Meyer and son, guests of speaker. Michael Schwitalia, guest of Cynthia Kee
Visiting Rotarians. Bob Beck, Calistoga.  Dr. Ron Light, Concord
Birthdays: Our exchange student is spending her 17th birthday with friends. 
Wedding anniversary: Ted Bystrowski, 7 years.
Club Anniversaries: Wendell Dinwiddie- 44 years.  Polly Keegan, 12 years. Gene Armstead- lots of years on and off. Norm MItroff (who tried to jump the gun a week early)- 12 years.
  • Suzan Rada told us about the Rotary Pot Luck held on Sunday at the Pestonis. Lots of Calistogans showed up for food and games.
  • We are not dark on Nov. 17th
  • Matt Endriss invited everyone to the Central Valley 60th Anniversary Celebration this Sat. Nov. 7, 10:00-5:00. Event is open to the public. Highlights include a car show, food, raffle, BBQ and music. Matt could use some fellow Rotarians as helpers on Saturday. Contact John Muhlner if you are able to help for a few hours. 
  • Suzan Rada announced the club Xmas party for Tuesday Dec. 8th at Merryvale. There will be live music and a delicious dinner prepared by the Culinary students. Members are encouraged to bring family and friends to this fun event. RSVP on Club Runner 
  • Mary Sykes is putting together inscriptions for those who purchased water tanks. If you have purchased a tank, pleas let her know what you would like for the inscription. 
  • Norm Mitroff hocked raffle tickets for our December drawing. You can win big!
  • Mary Sykes said dictionaries are labeled and ready to be distributed. If you would like to help distribute them up valley, contact Mary.

RaffleRon Magowan, Steve Yost, Dave Moreland

Bell Ringers:  Suzan Rada is headed to Cuba this week with her daughter. 

Finemaster: Mike Thomas quizzed us on Political Quotes.


Reported by Alan Galbraith
Speakers of the Day: Doug Ernst and Jordan Bently
Justin Meyer presented our two craft-talk speakers of the day, Doug Ernst and Jordan Bentley.   Amazingly, their working lives would intersect, as noted below.
Doug led off.   He shed early shyness by selling soda pop door-to-door in Menlo Park.  As a freshman in high school, he was a reporter for the school newspaper.  This commanded the attention of even otherwise disdainful seniors.  He continued his newspaper career at Community College; his paper called for the resignation of President Nixon ahead of the New York Times.  He then landed a job in Amador County, taking on the local water company over leaky pipes.  His next position was on the police and school beat for the Napa Register, which would lead to a career of many years as he worked his way up to City Editor (who decides what is newsworthy), followed by becoming publisher of the Calistoga and St. Helena papers.  At 59, he started a new career in public relations.  He asks prospective clients what they are doing for the community; he can then develop a publishable story for them.  In sum: two careers over 40 years, one wife, four daughters, and seven grandchildren.
Jordan (named after her mother’s gynecologist) was given a name that seemed to fluctuate between one for a boy or one for a girl.  She grew up as Michael Jordan was achieving great fame, and was known in her maturing years as “MJ.” She followed two sayings: “Do what you love” and “live within your means.”   Her sport was soccer, which she played at St. Helena High.  At 15, she was a Rotary exchange student, in Finland.  There, “silence is beautiful,” meaning that Finns appreciate the beauty of silence (Finns themselves are great fun).  She went to Colorado College –immersing herself in photography, one of its “block program” offerings.  Then, in 2004, she was interning at the St. Helena Star (Doug was now there), when she covered a murder – and photographed the scene.  This was enough to dissuade her from a career as a war correspondent.  She went back to College, now in the creative writing block program.  She would spend significant time in the Boston area, including post-graduate work at Tufts University, where she would also meet her future husband, a student from South Africa.  California beckoned, and she and her soon-to-be husband returned to St. Helena.   She worked for her mother’s real estate business, photographing properties and becoming head of marketing.  The specialty of the business is vineyards and wineries.  She has now taken the exam to become a real estate agent, and hopes to be licensed soon.  She has one child, a boy. 
Thought of the Day: Ben Hill found his thought in Mahatma Gandi:  “Keep your thoughts positive because thoughts become your words.  Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviors.  Keep you behaviors positive because your behaviors become your habits.  Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values.  Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”
Visiting Rotarians: Maureen Considine, Olympic Club (Washington State)
Guests: David Greene, guest of Steven Ebersole.
Birthdays (BD), Wedding Anniversaries (WA), and Club Anniversaries (CA):  Father Mac (BD), Alyssa Samrick (BD), DeWitt Garlock (WA), Michael Lane (CA), and Ted Bystrowski (CA).
  • Matt Endriss announced the details of Central Valley’s 60 Anniversary celebrating on Saturday, November 7, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., including a vintage car show, food (Charlie’s BBQ), music, and an ATV raffle prize (Honda 4x4).  The venue is Central Valley, 1100 Vintage Avenue, St. Helena.
  • Norm Mitroff touted $800 in Lotto Tickets,
  • President Joice Beatty sought more attendees for the October 25 Polio Dinner with the Calistoga Club.  She reminded members that we were “black” next Tuesday (October 27).
Raffle Winners: David Brotemarkle, Alan Galbraith, and Tim Duran
Bell Ringers:
  • Suzan Rada, in appreciation for first and second prizes for her tomatoes that stood out among 100 entrants in this year’s tomato tasting contest.
  • Ben Hill and Norm Mitroff, designating Matt Endress and Kathleen Patterson as beneficiaries, in appreciation for the substantial charitable contribution to be made by Central Valley in connection with its 60th celebration.
Finemaster: Doug Ernsts theme centered on Visiting Rotarian Maureen Considine.  What was her first name (multiple choice)?  What was her last name?  How many members in her Club?  – and so on.   The best part was the self-inflicted wound of the Finemaster: he had no correct alternative for the last name.            

Reporter: Cindy Warren
Guest Speaker: Holly Hughson, Civil Military Trainer- Humanitarian Aid Worker
Holly moved to the Napa Valley in 1989 as a teenager. She spent six years as a student in the U.K. , spent, worked as a humanitarian aid and has worked with the military for the past six years. Humanitarian Aid workers are non-governmental  agenciesThe workers are on the ground in communities and must keep a low profile. Their job is to provide aid, not judgement. The code of Conduct is adopted form the Red Cross: Neutral, Impartial, Independent.
Holly holds a "top secret" military clearance and has worked in humanitarian programming and post military conflict coordination and training. She has worked in Kosovo, Sudan, Iraq, Russia and Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, Holly was recruited by the US Government. Her job was to gain the trust of the community by living among them.Currently she spends time training the military on how to access communities before they go to worn torn areas. Holly is writing a personal history of war from the perspective of a western female living and working in Muslim countries.
Guests: John Houghson, guest of our speaker, Holly Hughson
Anniversaries: Rob Andraea is celebrating his 37th wedding anniversary.
  • The Harvest Festival is this Sat. October17th. Rotary will be selling margaritas and raffle tickets. 
  • ON Oct. 25th  we will partner with the Calistoga Rotary Club to celebrate the eradication of Polio. Pot luck is at 4:00 at Rutherford Grove Winery.
  • Kathleen Patterson announced the St. Helena Hospital Auction Gala. Proceeds will go towards a breast cancer machine. Auction items go online October 20th. 
  • Mary Sikes needs some burly men after the meeting next Tuesday,  to help transfer dictionaries  from storage to the Wine Country Inn for personalizing.
  • Rotary Foundation Dinner is October 24th in Rohnert Park. The Club will pay for you if you choose to go.

Raffle Winners: Lester Hoel, Steve Yost and Margo Kennedy

Bell Ringers: Jim Smith will have a Reading and Book Signing on Thursday Oct. 17 at 7pm. at the St. Helena Library. 

Finemaster: Dave Brotemarkle stepped in and quizzed us on Hawaii facts.


Reported by Jonathan Hollister
Speaker of the Day:  JUSTIN MEYER is going on a trip to Brazil to promote the filtration of clean water.  He will be donating a Sawyer Products water filter to various remote communities in the Amazon who have a lack of potable water.  These communities use the river water for sewers, transportation and dumping and the river water becomes filled with bacteria and toxins.  Justin travels to these communities in a boat and gives out approximately 200 filters per trip.  The cost of each filter and bucket is approximately 40 dollars.  Each filter can be used to provide clean water for up to 15 people per day and the filters can last for a decade or more.  Justin would like others in our community to join him in his fundraising efforts and there may be an opportunity for people in Napa Valley to join him on his next trip to the Amazon.
Guests:  Katherine Gaffey, rebound exchange student to Denmark; and her mother, Karen Gafffey.
Visiting Rotarians:  None.
Birthdays:  Cindy Warren
Wedding Anniversaries:  Gene Armstead
Club Anniversaries:  Charlotte Williamson
  • Volunteers are needed to staff the Rotary Booth for the Harvest Festival October 17.  The club will sell raffle tickets and margaritas.  Please volunteer to take a shift at our table sometime between 10 am and 4 pm.
  • All members are invited to attend a picnic with Calistoga Rotary Club to celebrate the end of polio.  The picnic will be held at the Rutherford Grove Winery at 3:30 on Sunday, October 25th.  We need club volunteers to set up, tear down, and cook the main course of tri-tip steak.  Members should bring side dishes to share in a pot-luck style family get-together.
  • There will be no Rotary meeting on Tuesday October 27.  We will be dark that day.
  • Central Valley will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary at the St. Helena store on November 7, 2015 starting at 9:00 am.  Our Rotary Club will be selling raffle tickets for a free ATV vehicle as the winning prize.  The Club will be entitled to the proceeds from the raffle and members will need to help with selling $20 raffle tickets.  If anyone has a classic car or tractor, or access to one, please talk to John Muhlner about possibly parking the vehicle at the store that day as a theme prop.
  • Our club will be sponsoring a Christmas Party on Tuesday, December 8th in the evening.  The location has not been selected.  Please stay tuned for more details.
  • Father Mac announced that the Labyrinth being constructed on the Grace Episcopal Church grounds is nearly complete and will be dedicated on November 15th at 10:00 AM. All are welcome as they dedicate this beautiful resource to the spiritual health of the Napa Valley community and all who visit here. See the church website for more information.
  • Andy Bartlett, Suzanne Rada, John Muhlner and Jim Smith announced that the St. Helena High School Interact Club is working on raising funds for the What If Foundation.  Their goal is to raise another $1,500 for a concrete building in Haiti.  Some students will be asking for donations on Halloween night.
Bell Ringers:
  • Norm Mitroff returned from a wonderful trip to Washing D.C. to visit his new grandson and immediately upon his return had dental work done by Dr. Rod Ellison.  Norm donated $25 to Rod’s Paul Harris and Rod in turn matched this amount.
  • Polly Keegan spoke well of Dr. Michael Cleaver and donated $25 to Dr. Cleaver’s Paul Harris.
  • Ben Hill was impressed by Father Mac and Grace Church’s work with the Labyrinth and donated $25 to Father Mac’s Paul Harris.
FinemasterJustin Meyer quizzed the club about world health problems caused by the lack of clean drinking water.  Warren Warner, Charlotte Williamson, Jim Smith, Polly Keegan and Jon Hollister did their best to come up with the correct answers.

Reporter: Alyssa Samrick
Speaker: Erin Dunn District Governor, District 5130 
Erin gave a lighthearted and fun presentation on her background as theater major and graduate of University of Oregon “ Go Ducks”!! Erin shared about her background after college and working in Washington DC and New York City as a Theatrical Press Agent.  She has worked on over 100+ Broadway Productions and absolutely loves theater, music and entertainment.  After spending years in the big cities Erin realized her deep desire to move back to her home town of Fortuna. Erin loved living in a small town and soon after moving back to Fortuna Erin decided to join Rotary. She became a Rotarian in 2006 and has never looked back, she loves Rotary.  In fact, Erin loves Rotary so much, she had buttons made that say   I love My Rotary Club and she left them for our group.
The theme for the 2015-2016 year is Explore Rotary. Erin talked about her invaluable experiences throughout her years as a Rotarian and her trips to India and Uganda and several District Conferences where she has met so many great Rotarians.  She also shared with the group a very candid story about how she never had a desire to be a parent and so she and her partner do not have kids but a few years ago as the club President for Fortuna Rotary, she offered to take their exchange student shopping for shoes for an upcoming school event. Erin went on to say how this experience changed her forever and she realized how taking in an exchange student and getting involved can make all the difference as a Rotarian, she has since housed 5 exchanged students. 
  • Erin announced a Polio update for District 5130, our district is #1 in Giving for Polio in the 2014 year. *October 24th is Day of Polio around the World.
  • Erin is urging our District to partner with other local clubs to form a Rotoract Club for 18-30 year olds, she feels Rotoplast trip and that Rotoplast is a great vehicle for the next Rotoract club.
  • Friendship exchange coming up with India, a team of 10 will head to India ( Airfare is at your cost) all other expenses paid by the District.
  • Rotary’s International Conference 05/28/16- 6/1/2016 in Soul Korea, open to all Rotarians.
 Guests:   Paul Bystrowski ( Ted’s father), Jeff Stone ( Ted’s uncle),  Paul Stone ( Ted’s grandfather)  & Carol Gruetzner ( Rianda House)
No Birthdays or Anniversaries
  • Carol Gruetzner – Rianda House , announced the Rally4Rianda ( Annual Fundraiser)  Saturday October 24thNoon to 3pm. It’s a classic, vintage & luxury car show with Grand Marshall: Elaine Hudson.  Local food trucks will be there for yummy snacks, silent auction items with adventures and exciting opportunities and the Dixieland & Jazz music provided by the St Helena Community Band.  FREE Admission.
  •  10/17/15  St Helena Harvest Festival,  Look out for volunteer opportunities to assist with our Rotary table, serving refreshing spirits.  
  • Rotary District 5130 Club Conference Save the Date… May 6-8 2016, Napa Ca, at the Napa Valley Marriott for reservations call 707-253-8600 
  • Saturday….10/10/15 Calistoga Rotary Club Hoedown starts at 5:30 pm, for tickets $75.00 Per. call 942-4179
Wendell Laidley awarded Paul Harris Awards to several Rotarians including Polly Keegan, Cindy Warren ( 2nd Paul Harris), Lester Howell, Mike Thomas (4th Paul Harris) Alyssa Samrick & Andy Bartlett ( 5th Paul Harris)

Reported by Alan Galbraith
Speaker of the Day: Land Trust of Napa County CEO Doug Parker was introduced by Rob Andreae  Rob, having served on the Land Trust search committee that recommended Mr. Parker, described in some detail his impressive background in conservation.  Mr. Parker then provided an extensive review of the Land Trust History and current activities.
Key highlights: the Land Trust, approaching its fortieth year, is one of the oldest land trusts in the country.  Its mission statement is short and to the point: preserve the character of Napa County by permanently protecting the land.  Today, the Land Trust protects about 11% of the County through a combination of fee ownership (about 8,000 acres) and conservation easements (about 47,000 acres).     As strategic goals, the Land Trust seeks to increase the pace of land conservation, manage the lands it owns, and ensure the long-term sustainability of its organization.   It seeks to acquire easements, precluding housing and vineyards, on agricultural and grazing lands, it seeks to promote bio-diversity (we are in a bio-diverse hot spot), and it seeks to protect areas of scenic value.
Mr. Parker presented a series of slides illustrating current Land Trust holdings.  This includes the Dunn-Wildlake and Duff Preserves (west of Angwin), the single largest holding.   Most interesting, Land Trust holdings include lands that support the most easternmost grove of redwoods – a subject of study as they have survived in drier conditions and may provide insights into the preservation of coastal redwoods in a drier and warmer climate.  Mr. Parker advised that the Land Trust has about 20 projects in the pipeline, with the hope of closing on 10 of them by the end of this year.  The Land Trust has about 1200 members and operates with a staff of 10.  His conclusion: “we should all be members.”
Thought for the Day: Ben Hill recited from Lewis Carroll: “And how do you know that you’re mad?”  “To begin with,” said the Cat, ‘a dog’s not mad.  You grant that?”  “I suppose so,” said Alice.  “Well then,” the Cat went on, “you see a dog growls when it’s angry, and wags its tail when it’s pleased.  Now I growl when I’m pleased, and wag my tail when I’m angry.  Therefore I’m mad.”
Guest:  Chuck Griffin, guest of Steve Yost (and significant other of Kathleen Patterson)
Birthdays: Mike Thomas (in absentia)
  • President Joice Beatty advised that the Lakeport Rotary would be distributing contributions for Valley Fire victims raised through various Rotary Clubs.  She also noted that the District Governor would be in attendance next week, starting with the Board meeting at 10:30 at Grace Church.
  • Doug Ernst provided an update on the Valley Fire, including that the current count of lost homes stands at 1,238.
  • Margo Kennedy, noting that Angwin had a close call, cited three sources of up-to-date information: the CDF Incident Site, the Angwin FD (through its tweets), and Nixle (which provides emergency information).
Bell Ringers:
  • Kelly Crane, in appreciation for his recently completed trip to Hawaii (with of course Cynthia Kee)
  • Ben Hill, in gratitude for a win in the golf tournament.
Raffle: Lester Hoel selected the Black Marble.  Natalie Klug and Jim Smith were also winners.

Reported by Jonathan Hollister
Speaker of the Day:  VI BOTTARO is a photographic Artist living in the Napa Valley. With a passion for people and nature photography, she has been capturing the pulse of vineyard life as well as the California landscapes. Her photographic Art includes Napa Valley, Death Valley, the California Coast, Italy and Viet Nam. Vi teaches photography at the Napa Valley College and conducts a yearly travel and photographic workshop in VietNam.  Vi’s work has been acquired by some prominent individuals in and out of the Valley. Her work is in the permanent collections of Robert Mondavi Winery, Domaine Chandon, Napa Valley Lodge, Bardessono Inn and Spa, Newton Vineyards among other venues. Her images “Napa Valley: the People and the Landscapes” was exhibited at the Napa Valley Museum. Her Napa landscapes as well as work of “Farm workers in the Napa Valley” was exhibited at the University of San Francisco School of Law.  Please visit her website a
Visiting Rotarian:  Ritchie Fernandez of Elk Grove, CA.
Birthdays:  Suzanne Rada, Gene Armstead and David Moreland
  • The club has sent $1,000 to the Rotary organization in charge of the Valley Fire relief effort for evacuees. There will likely be more donations going towards this effort.  Watch for emails regarding the Rotary effort to help these people.
  • The Redwood Credit Union is offering special unsecured loans of up to $5,000 at 0% for 60 days for people displaced by the Valley Fire.
  • Eggs can be purchased for $5.00 per dozen.
  • Please take a moment to read the letter from the St. Helena High School student who won the Mark Terrell Scholarship.
  • The Meru, Kenya water tank project will not be funded by Rotary International so the club is seeking support from District 5130 and may seek out other clubs in the District to join this effort.
  • Volunteers are needed to staff the Rotary Booth for the Harvest Festival October 17.  The club will sell raffle tickets and margaritas.
Bell Ringers:  
  • Byran Remer is happy to announce that he purchased a new house in the Silverado Country Club. 
  • Cyndi Warren announced the birth of a new grandson, and the wedding of her daughter.
FinemasterJordan Bentley quizzed the club about some statistics regarding the history of women in business in the United States.  Mary Sikes, Rod Ellison, and Doug Ernst did their best to come up with the correct answers.

Reported by Jonathan Hollister
Speaker of the Day:  Audrey Ward, Pastor of the St. Helena United Methodist Church spoke the to club.  She is the author of “Hidden Biscuits: Tales of Deep South Revivals Told by Heart.” “Hidden Biscuits” tells the stories of William Serge Skondeen, his wife, Doris, and their two daughters, Althea and Audrey, who is the narrator of the book. The family traveled together in an 18-foot trailer from town to town in the Deep South from 1945 to 1956. Audrey was very young, about 5, when they started. Her sister was 10.  Many adventures are detailed of how the family spread the word of Christ in the rural south.  Audrey finished her talk with some music joined by musicians Susan Wheeler on guitar and Ann Gillerman playing the fiddle.
Thought of the Day:  Given by Matt Endriss.
Visiting Rotarian:  Bob Clark visiting from the Sonoma Rotary Club.
Special Guests:  Sara Zeigler, Sam Ward, Susan Wheeler, and Ann Gillerman, all members of the St. Helena Methodist Church and guests of Donn Black. 
Rachael Poer, guest of Kathleen Patterson.
Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Matt Endriss celebrated a birthday, and Alan Fowler celebrated his 46 year wedding anniversary.
Special Announcement:  Rachael Poer of the St. Helena Hospital Foundation wants the Club to get the word out to attend and sponsor a very special and very needed endeavor – the annual Foundation Gala – to help with the Napa Valley Breast Health Center.  The Gala is November 7 at Charles Krug Winery. The Hospital is expanding their breast health center services to elevate the patient experience with the advancement in technology to help detect and diagnose cancer more quickly and in earlier stages, creating a unique and comprehensive breast health program in Napa County.  The Gala promises an unparalleled celebration to help raise funds for St. Helena Hospital’s ever-changing and expanding medical needs. An evening of remarkable generosity within the community, the Gala raises approximately $2.3 million dollars each year for patient-focused programs, technology, and services.  Please join us by becoming a Gala Sponsor. We invite you to contact us to find out about specific benefits. For further information on the Foundation Gala, such as to reserve a dinner seat, or to become a sponsor, please contact or call 707.967.5604.
  • Ben Hill is asking for volunteers for the service club team.  Last year the club won an award for its service team and this year we need more volunteers to help out.  Contact Ben Hill to find out more. 
  • President Joice Beatty is going to have the service roster re-written and updated to reflect actual available volunteers. 
  • Linda Andreae’s mother passed away recently and we need to give some support to Rob during this difficult time.  The Native Son’s Hall is getting a new roof and the club is going to contribute $400 towards the roofing cost.
Raffle WinnersSara Zeigler, Sam Ward and Paul Dean.
Bell Ringers:  Norm Mitroff returned from a wonderful European excursion facilitated by Suzanne Rada of St. Helena TravelNorm was so pleased he is going to pay the club fines for Suzanne for the entire year.
FinemasterBen Hill quizzed the club about medical transplants and Gene Armstead, Michael Layne, and Donn Black tried, but failed to come up with the correct answers.

Reporter: Cindy Warren
Speaker: Dr. Ronald Kraft, Supt,/ President of Napa Valley Community College
Dr. Craft gave us a brief history of education from the 1700's to the present. Until the late 1800's education was only for the elites. Public colleges started in the 1940's. Since then colleges and community colleges have exploded. 
Napa Valley College was recently named the best community college in CA. Their budget is financed primarily by local taxes and grants. Unlike our public colleges and universities,  CA community colleges are not allowed to raise tuition, which is currently $43 per unit. Due to the limited funds available, it is difficult to attract quality staff. 
NVCC is focused on the following:
  • Building Career tech
  • Preparing a STEM workforce ( Science, Tech, Engineering, Math)
  • Expansion of Culinary and Viticulture classes
  • Interest in creating the only " Hops to Beer" courses in CA

We are blessed to have this wonderful asset in our community.

Guests: Dan Digardi, guest of speaker  Dr. Ronald Kraft
Visiting Rotarians: None
Anniversaries: Michael Layne- 115 years, according to the ClubRunner
BirthdaysCharlotte Williamson
  • Jordan Bentley gave us an update on exchange student Gabby. She left for Switzerland and is doing well.  Lina is arriving this weekend and will be hosted by Jon Hollister and his family.
  • President Joice Beatty announced our $530 donation to the Salvation Army Wi-Fi project for their Canteen truck. The truck goes to remote areas and enables people to come in and use the wi-fi and internet. 
  • The Tooth Fairy dollars that were collected went towards a man's dentures and a woman who had not been cared for properly in 3 weeks. A caregiver came in and helped her bathe. 
  • Suzan Rada said there are no eggs as the egg supplier lives in the  area of the devastating fire. Did someone say "fried eggs"!

Raffle WinnersBen Hill, Margo Kennedy, Richard Hyde

FinemasterDavid Brotemarkle, "My Tour of France"   Dave quizzed us on interesting facts from his recent trip to France. 


  • Natalie Klug  rode in a bike race through Sebastopol and met Joanie McQuiddy's daughter at a fruit stand.
  • Suzan Rada gave Mike Thomas $5 for his job as finemaster last week.

Speaker of the Day:  LESLIE STANTON, Librarian. The City of St. Helena has a long history of public support for library service. As early as 1875 there was movement underway to establish a library. The current building at 1492 Library Lane was constructed in 1979 and named for a much loved local physician, Dr. George Wood, who was also a major donor and long time supporter of the library.  The library currently houses some 96,000 books, videos, DVD’s, books on CD and tape, CDs, newspapers, magazines, microfilm and other media. Also part of the library collection is the Napa Valley Wine Library, consisting of some 3,500 titles and over 6,000 items. The world famous Silverado Museum is housed in a wing of the Library Building.
Thought of the Day:  It came from Bryan Remer.
Special Guests:  Gabby Gomez, current outbound exchange student; Anne Damoe, former inbound exchange student; Antonia Allegra, wife of Donn Black; Charles Bell, Sr. Active Member.
Anniversaries and BirthdaysKathleen Patterson celebrated her birthday.
  • David Moreland announced that he has 20 cases of wine to sell at $12 per bottle, proceeds will go to the Rotary Foundation.  Contact him if you are interested. 
  • President Joice Beatty announced each member is required to bring two raffle prizes to the club valued at approximately 25 dollars each.  Deadline is September 31 to bring your prizes or be fined. 
  • Suzanne Rada announced she has fresh eggs for sale at $5 per dozen. 
FinemasterCindy Warren quizzed the club about baseball lingo.  Rob Andrade; Ben Hill; Natalie Klug; John Sales; Jim Smith; Richard Hyde; Bryan Remer; Orville Hammer; Tim Doran; Joice Beatty; and Dave Moreland all were put to the test and fined appropriately.

Reporter: Cindy Warren
Speaker: Yvonne Baginski, " Born to Age" A Directory for older adults.
How many of us have a plan for our senior years?  Who will oversee our health and welfare? . As our population ages, how will we transport seniors who can no longer drive? 

Yvonne has been involved with the well-being of seniors for a long time. Fifteen years ago she started the  magazine/ directory  " Born to Age" as a resource for older adults and their caregivers. Topics include: Estate planning; end-of-life issues; dementia; long-term care, hoarding, medical cannibis, etc. 
Yvonne developed a program in Napa County " Share the Care", funded by the Gasser Foundation.  Safety nets for seniors are easily broken and seniors need an informed voice when an emergency strikes. Through the use of volunteers, seniors are assessed, cared for and have an advocate. Currently, volunteers are needed in St. Helena. 
Yvonne started " My Front Porch" to recycle medical equipment ( hearing aids, walkers, canes, hospital beds, linens, etc) . Donations are dropped off at her house in Napa, where they are recycled and donated back to those in need. 
Medical equipment donations can be dropped off at : 3205 Montclair Ave, Napa  (across form Queen of the Valley hospital)
​Guests: Anne ( from Denmark), Ford Griswald, guests of Natalie Klug.  Katherine Gaffey, Gabby Gomez, David Jen- Youth Exchange students, guests of Andy Bartlett. David introduced his host family, Dawn and Mave. 
​Visiting Rotarians: None
Anniversary: Wendell Dinwiddie is celebrating his 50th Anniversary.
Joice introduced her Club Board for 2015/2016
Raffle Winners: Margo Kennedy, Mike Thomas, Ford Griswald, Charlotte Williamson, Jack Neal
No Finemaster today.
Bell ringers:
Natalie Klug got hacked and asked us not to open any documents from her. 
Cindy Warren donated to her Paul Harris in honor of Kate Steinle, who was murdered in SF at Pier 14. Kate was the godmother of Cindy's grandson. 
Please consider signing the Kate's Law petition, which will help keep deported felons off the streets. 

Meeting Report for July 7, 2015
Reported by Alan Galbraith
Speaker of the Day:
President Joice Beatty discussed Club happenings.   She foresaw four fundraisers this year: the Raffle, a golf tournament with the Hospital, an event in association with the sixtieth anniversary of Central Valley Builders Supply, and a Kentucky Derby Day event (ending with the Derby in real time at the Cameo Theater).  She advised that the District Assembly, a three-day affair, will be in Napa, and our Club will be providing assistance (not yet defined).  We will try to win a president’s and a governor’s award.  She reviewed the positions of new Board members: Mary Sikes (international), Jordan Bentley (secretary), Justin Meyer (specific Board duty not yet decided), Wendell Laidley (Foundation Chair), and Ben Hill (sergeant-at-arms).   She will recommend that the Club adopt St. Helena Preschool as its designated charity.  She advised that there will be a joint picnic with the Calistoga Club on October 25 at Rutherford Grove Winery.
President Beatty then showed two short films.   The first was “The Boys of 1905” starring the early founders of Rotary Club (in Chicago).  The Chicago Club would remain in its initial suite at The Sherman Hotel for 61 years.  It developed a round table tradition {“where everyone talks and non listens”).  There was charming footage of Jean Harris, a Scot, who married Paul after a whirlwind courtship.   The second film, narrated by Rotary International President Ravi Ravidran dwelled on Rotary’s objectives abroad.  He promoted his theme, “Be a gift to the world.”  He stressed that Rotary’s number one worldwide objective remained the eradication of polio.
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Tom Stumpert, Calistoga Club (and a past president)
  • Michelle Locsin, San Jose Club
  • Tessi Hanson of Napa, guest of Michelle Locsin
  • Queen Ann Damoe of Denmark (past exchange student), guest of Natalie Klug   
Thought for the Day: Wendell Laidley: an anonymous saying: “ Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  Be kind.  Always.”
Birthdays: Donn Black, Alan Galbraith and Judd Howell
Wedding Anniversaries: Tim Doran and Cindy Warren
Club Anniversaries:
            David Brotemarkle (25 years)
            Kelly Crane (22 years – 10 with a prior Club)
            Cindy Warren (10 years)
  • President Joice Beatty advised that good tickets were for sale for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera on September 17, which is being promoted at least in part by Napa Rotary.  Contact Karen Hunt:
  • Wendell Laidley asked that members attend the Frog’s Leap Peach Festival on July 25, with proceeds from ticket sales going to the UpValley Family Centers – but only if they are mentioned when buying tickets.  Contact Wendell (968-9594) with any inquiries.
Bell Ringers:
  • Norm Mitroff in appreciation for member support during his presidency.
  • Mike Thomas in atonement for a hacked email (a plea for money to depart the Philippines)
Finemaster: Justin Meyer covered a wide expanse: which two presidents also signed the Declaration of Independence, the origin of “hotdog,” the date the 5oth star was added to the American flag.      


Welcome Joice Beatty!

St. Helena Rotary Club is very pleased to announce that our new President for FY 2015-2016 is Joice Beatty.
Joice is a long-time Rotarian and leader in our St. Helena Community, and we are excited to have her leading the Club.
Stay tuned for a fun and productive year!
Congratulations Joice!