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We had a light turnout last week, however, that didn’t stop us from having a great meeting! Our guest speakers were Younhee Shin and Kyung from the Korean Spirit and Culture Promotions Project. Younhee and Kyung presented a fantastic video about the history of South Korea which brought us to the advancements of today. This is fitting considering the Rotary International Convention will be held in Korea this year. The presentation was very educational. They also had books available for us to take.
Speaking of conventions, on February 18th District Governor Nominee, Karen Gaffney will talk briefly about the upcoming District Conference May 20 – 22 in Plymouth MA.  
Last Thursday evening the Worcester School Committee recognized the Rotary Club of Worcester for its contribution of $50,000 to the Myra Hiatt Kraft Footbridge project. In attendance was President Bob Mangan, Past President Dr. Satya Mitra and Club Photographer Dr. Rich Prager.
We have a potential member as Maureen Harrington invited Tony Marini, Manager at TD Bank to come to a meeting. Tony was greeted with an application and information about our club.
Our meeting this week will be at Leo’s, our guest speaker will be Dr. Satya Mitra. Satya will talk about his trip to India and the progress at the school our club helped to fund with a Global Grant. He will also talk about some of the other clubs he visited as well as the importance of giving to the Rotary Foundation. Your donations do make a difference in the lives of others here and around the world! Thank you for your generosity!
There were no winners in the 50/50 however the deck of cards is getting smaller and the pot is up to (I think) $425.00…
Please make every effort to attend. Your attendance makes a difference to your fellow Rotarians, Guest Speaker and our Guests. Who knows you may learn something or win the 50/50 raffle!
Following our regular meeting will be a Celebrate Community Meeting. Barbara is away and left me in charge… I hope to have an agenda soon…
Next week 2/18/16 we will be meeting at El Basha on Park Ave Worcester. This is a location we will be trying out as a possible meeting place. There will also be a Board of Directors meeting at El Basha prior to our regular club meeting.
Thank you for all you do to help those in need here and around the world. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others. Thank you for being Rotarians.

We had a great meeting last week,
Click HERE for picture from the Jan 28th Meeting with Keynote speaker Judy Shea, "Embrace a Family'
We inducted our newest member Bill Moore. Please join me in welcoming Bill (and his dog Freedom) to the Rotary Club of Worcester. Let’s keep up the good work by bring in new members! We also saw Chris Gates. Chris is doing much better but will be on the DL for 6 more weeks... I guess he saw his shadow...
Our guest speaker was a fellow Rotarian from the Natick Club, Judy Shea. Judy is the co-founder of a group called Embrace – A – Family. Embrace – A – Family is a nonprofit volunteer organization that is dedicated to providing families struggling with cancer direct access to support and information. They rely solely on generous public donations. Embrace – a – Family provides financial support for non-medical expenses, offer preventative care and share support and resource information.
Barbara Guthrie discussed an e-mail she received from a friend who is helping an individual at his church look for a liver transplant. By now you should have received that information from Brad Wyatt.
Barbara had a Celebrate Community meeting, Amy had a very productive Service Projects Committee meeting and Frank held a Service Fund committee meeting.
Last week we also had 6 Rotarians volunteer at Kids Café. We served French Bread Pizza to 300 hungry kids.
We had 2 drawings looking for the 10 of diamonds and there were no winners. The deck is getting smaller and your chances are getting better to win the $395.00 plus this week!
Thank you for all you do for the community and the world! Thank you for being a Gift to the world! Thank you for being Rotarians!
See you Thursday at Leo’s
Please note on 2/18/2016 we will be meeting at El Basha on Park Ave. To try out the location and food.

We had a great meeting Thursday. There was no guest speaker as we had a club meeting or what I like to call the State of The Club Address.
We had visiting Rotarian Carl Gomes on hand.
AnnouncementsKids Café is this Tuesday 1/26 at the Boys and Girls club – we need volunteers, please contact Amy Berry or reply to this e-mail. 
Service Projects Committee meeting 1/27 at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Worcester begins at 5:00.
Service Fund Committee meeting Thursday 11:00 at Leo’s, 
Celebrate Community meeting at 1:30 following our regular meeting on Thursday.
During our meeting the club voted to nominate Satya Mitra as District Treasurer for a term of 2016 – 2018. We wish Satya well!
Club Meeting:
Service Fund Committee: Frank Doherty discussed the list of organizations we supported so far this year as well as outlining our commitments to the city for the Opioid prevention project and our commitment in Haiti.
Global Grant: Mark Fuller has been working on the Haiti project. He mentioned there has been political unrest in Haiti for the past 4 months and it has been difficult getting anything done. However things seem to be moving forward with the project and the Hudson Club will participate with a donation of $5,000.
Fundraising: Barbara gave a presentation on the Celebrate Community fundraiser on June 4th at the DCU Center. We are looking for sponsors, auction items, attendees and nominees for the Service Above Self Award.
Rotaract: Emily and Rod gave a brief status of the Rotaract club and that they are looking forward to having their first fundraiser this spring. They have 10 members. Carl Gomes was in attendance as he is the Rotaract Chair for the district.
Membership: Ron Fraser gave an update on the number of new members. We have 7 which includes Corporate members. Ron has a few more in the pipeline.
Service Projects Committee: Amy Berry asked me to let everyone know about the upcoming meeting and Kids Café mentioned earlier.
The Rotary Foundation: Val asked that I send out a reminder to the club as she has mailed notices to each member asking for donations to the TRF. Please give what you can so we can make this an “Every Rotarian Every Year”.
This is a great example of Service Above Self. None of this would be possible without YOU! We as a club help many people here and around the world! You should be proud to be a member of this club and proud to be a Rotarian.
We had 2 drawings of the 50/50 raffle – there were no winners so the pot has grown to $360.00!
Thank you for all you do to serve those in need. Thank you for being members of this club!
Bob Mangan, President
Rotary club of Worcester


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