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The Rotary Club of Needham - Welcome

Welcome to Needham! We are a great group of 30 members strong and growing. Men and Women, young and old – we meet for lunch every Tuesday. Our projects focus on giving back to both our community here and beyond.

Tuesdays, 12:00-1:30pm
Needham Sheraton: 100 Cabot Street

With interesting speakers and an energized group
every week, you will come away inspired.



Home Page Stories
Tuesday: January 3, 2017
Pledge of Allegiance: Ted Shaughnessy
Song: God Bless America; Accompanied by Bob Cocks on the ukulele
Prayer: Led by: Rev. Stuart Tucker, speaker
Guest: Rev. Stuart Tucker, speaker
Congratulations to birthday boys: Chuck Buyer, Glen Davis and Stuart Tucker!
All for me???
. Ted reminded us about our Food Packing project on January 31st at 12:30 at Needham High cafeteria – NO LUNCH/MEETING AT SHERATON – Honor Society students will be joining us.  They were able to raise $3,700 for this project; we will add $1,000, so we will be able to package about 16,000 meals.  Trucks with supplies are due to arrive at 11:30. Ted will need 3-4 able bodied members to help him unload.  We will start packaging at 12:30 and need to be finished and cleaned up by 2:30 when another group will need the room.
. NO MEETING on Jan. 24 because of dinner at RFK Kitchen restaurant that night at 6:30.  Fee will be $35 for Rotarian and $55 for guest – cash bar. Check should be payable to Needham Rotary by next week. Louise will get menu by then. 
. John McQuillan, a long time Rotarian, passed away last week from Parkinson’s disease at 87.  We sent flowers to the wake.
. Ted told us about 2 more children who are coming into Maine Medical Center in Portland, ME for heart surgery.
. There will be a Board of Directors meeting tomorrow night (1/4) at 5:00 at Ryan’s office.  All are welcome.
. The nominating committee will be contacting all members about possibly being on the board.  If you volunteer, the term will be 1 year. Greg asked why we need anyone else since we have Ted.
. Watertown Rotary will join us next week since their meeting location is not available.  We hope to have Jim Boyd as our speaker.
.Kathy W. gave Ted some smoke detectors that came from Needham Community Council.  Ted gave them to Dan for safe keeping.  Needham Fire Department had a meeting at Needham Council at the Heights but didn’t have many in attendance.  They will try again in the future and we will be included.
.Ted read us a delightful Thank You note from a Mitchell Student for all we do as Rotarians in town.
Happy dollars: Ken, Bill, Ryan, Jim and Charles wished us a happy new year and welcomed Louise back; Marty was happy for a great Christmas holiday in the snow in Washington state; Stuart glad he is going to be a grandfather; Bob happy his grandson visited and they could enjoy Needham’s First Night; Chuck wished the Pats good luck; Kath and Libby had a wonderful holiday and Greg is happy to be a Rotarian.
50/50 drawing: Our guest, Stuart Tucker pulled the ticket; Marty had the magic number but no luck. $316 in the pot for next time.
Humor: Louise is back and had a great bit of humor for us from the book “Old Jokes for Old Folks”.
Presidential minute: None today
Guest speaker:  Karen introduced Rev. Stuart Tucker, the retired pastor of Needham’s Carter Memorial Methodist Church.  He spoke to us about Paws to Read where volunteers bring their therapy dogs into libraries to help children read out loud to the dogs. Dogs just make the children feel more comfortable and easy to relate to.  He goes to 3 local libraries, Millis, Norfolk and Franklin.  Each child has a chance to read out loud to the dogs for 15 minutes – the dogs are non-judgmental. 
Next meeting: Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 12:00 at Needham Sheraton
Rotary Club of Needham
Tuesday: November 29, 2016
Pledge of Allegiance: Ted Shaughnessy
Song: God Bless America; Led by: Bob Cocks
Prayer: Led by: Karen Wetmore
Guests: - Brad White – new to Needham and Carol Toomey-speaker and past District Governor
. Ted reported our India solar project was completed in time for District Governor visit.  Photos were passed around.  Ted will also try to complete forms for district grant; there is also a possibility of applying for a global grant of $10,000-$200,000.
. Jim Brown getting us set up to ring the bell for the Salvation Army on Sat. Dec. 3rd at Sudbury Farms.  Half of the funds raised stay in Needham.  Let Jim know if you can help.
. Karen is collecting gift cards or cash for Needham Community Council.  The Council is looking for $20-25 in check or cash.
. Thank you notes were passed around from Needham 3rd graders for their Dictionaries.
. On Jan. 31, 2017 there will be no luncheon meeting at the Sheraton.  We will be packing food with Needham High School Honor students at the high school.
. Needham-Wellesley annual football dinner on 11/22 went very well.  Word has it that this was the best dinner ever – good work Ted! Thank you Bill for arranging for the speaker system. The 22 minute video from Fox TV has been nominated for an Emmy.
. THANK YOU Dan for great work on the Thanksgiving dinner – it was a huge success, a great time was had by all.  We delivered 72 meals, had 75 attendees; 18 families delivered food; THANK YOU Chuck for the fliers; Roche Bros provided most of the food-Needham Bank picked up the balance of the cost; North Hill provided 40 pies; Doug Robinson played the piano; Briarwood donated the beautiful centerpieces; Boy Scouts baked 400 chocolate cookies.  Louise also provided her wonderful cookies on Wednesday for a very thankful group of volunteers. 
.Paul Dumouchel has been elected District Trustee.  Good work and Congratulations Paul!
. Carol Toomey told us about a revised program “Rotary Means Business”.  Rotary will be going back to roots with members meeting to talk about their business.  Next meeting will be at Sheraton, Framingham on Dec. 7, 2016.  Remember to bring your Business Cards if you attend.
. Razia’s Ray of Hope will be our topic next week with Karen Gaffney giving the update.
. There will be no luncheon meeting on December 13th because we will have our holiday party that night at Erica Bond’s house, 159 Warren St., Needham.  It’s a Yankee Swap to bring a wrapped gift to swap.
. Bob Cocks will be our entertainment at the Dec. 20th meeting.  Warm up your voice on your way in – we will have a holiday sing-along.  Happy dollars that day will go to the Sheraton staff for all their good works – remember to bring your wallets.
. There will not be any meeting on December 27th.
. Next week will be December birthday cake.
. Karen brought some holiday cards for veterans.  We should take a card, envelope and address labels and drop them in the mailbox (1 stamp).
Happy dollars: Charles, Ken and Tom thankful for football and Thanksgiving dinners; many glad to be here; Karen welcomed her friend, Carol Toomey; Libby thankful for Thanksgiving guests; Erica, Lois and Ryan for Thanksgiving dinner; Scott thanked Ted for a great Needham-Wellesley football dinner; Brad White for Ohio State beating Michigan; Kathy for Louise’s recovery and Paul happy to be selected as a District Trustee.
50/50 drawing: Our guest, Brad White had lucky ticket but did not draw the lucky joker.  Looks like he’ll have to come back next week.
Humor: none today
Presidential minute: none today
Guest speaker:  Karen introduced Carol Toomey to speak about Polio Plus.  Needham Rotary donated $795 last year and $200 so far the first quarter of this year.  Carol told us that anyone can get polio but shots are usually given to children under 5 years of age.  Polio has been around since the beginning of time and many people have had polio and don’t know it. It is a devastating disease that can affect your throat.  There is no polio in the US at this time but can be found in only 3 countries – 12 cases in Afghanistan; 17 in Pakistan and 4 in Nigeria.  Type 2 polio is completely wiped out.  Polio will be only the second disease eliminated after smallpox.  We can eliminate polio by supporting Polio Plus.  Carol created a Father’s Day card to make donating easier, especially for someone who has everything.
Next meeting: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 12:00 at Needham Sheraton
Rotary Club of Needham
Tuesday, October 26, 2016
Location: Needham Sheraton
Ted Shaughnessy presiding for, well, Ted Shaughnessy
Pledge of Allegiance: Ted Shaughnessy
Song: God Bless America led by Ron
Invocation: Karen Wetmore
Ryan delegated the welcome song to Marty for our guests from BID Needham and Briarwood
  • Next Board of Directors meeting is Nov 2, 5pm at Ryan’s office. All are welcome, but you have to be on the board to vote
  • Monday was World Polio Day. There is a Rotary district in India that is doing a big immunization push. There was a flyer going around at the meeting. Contact Ted if you are interested in travelling to India
  • Ted encouraged us to DONATE NOW to the Polio effort on the Rotary website. It’s never a bad time to donate to the Rotary Foundation
  • Jan 31st will be our food packing project with the high school. We’ll be packing 10,000 meals.
  • Stop by the Webster Street side of Needham High School to admire the 187 plants we planted on the hillside with help from the honors club and the principal of the high school, and the town of Needham. There are some trees that are still to be planted that will happen once the trees go dormant for the winter
  • Ted mentioned that all the cool projects we’re doing this year are thanks to the President’s Circle. It’s not too late to join. Contact Ted for details.
  • Pancake Breakfast is 11/5. SELL TICKETS. Set up is 4pm-6pm on Friday 11/4 and 6am on Sat 11/5. The breakfast itself goes from 7 to 11am
  • Thanks to everyone who put out lawn signs for the pancake breakfast (and thanks to Erica for coordinating it so effectively!). Remember that if you put them out you’ll have to pick them up on Saturday 11/5
  • Dec 13 NO NOON MEETING. We will be partying (I mean having our holiday gathering) at Erica’s house that evening instead.
  • Dec 20 Holiday treat of vocal stylings / sing-along with Bob Cocks and happy dollars to Needham Sheraton Wait Staff
  • Dec 27 NO MEETING
  • Karen let us know that that Gloria at the Needham Historical Society is doing a program on Rotary. If you have any historical Rotary items please get them to Karen
  • Erica gave a plug for the Needham Craft Fair. It’s the major fundraiser for the Needham High School PTC. And one place we heard about this week that is good for last minute gifts
  • Amanda Glidwell, Briarwood Healthcare and Rehabilitation
  • John Fogarty, President and CEO of BID Needham
  • Michael Raciti, Marketing Specialist at BID Needham
Happy $$$: 
Marty for visiting is 103 year old dad, Jim Brown for voting early for himself (write-in!), Kathy Reilly for our guests and the BID Needham Gala, Kathy looking forward to BID Needham gala, Andy for Halloween, Erica for PTC craft fair, Lois for the Autism walk, Bill for fun day with daughter Sarah seeing Hillary Clinton in NH, Paul for election being over in two weeks, Ken for our guests, Libby for our guests, Chuck, Charles, Louise happy to be here
50:50: Marty had 038, which apparently he had offered to Ryan, but Ryan refused, so Marty drew the 8 of clubs, which is not the Joker, so the $173 pot rolls over to next week.
Joke of the day: No joking today.
Presidential Moment: None
Guest Speaker:
John Fogarty talked about the BID Needham community hospital. It has been several decades of transformation (for the good). The idea is to provide access to Boston doctors in a community setting.
They have specialty clinics like hand surgery, the sleep center, and chronic pain management. They also just opened a BreastCare center.
He talked about their culture of safety. He believes that this is more important for his job security than keeping the financials strong.
Their gala is Saturday and is sold out (900 people!). He thanked the Rotarians for all they do for the hospital, and for being on the gala committee.
He also gave a shout out to his gift shop person. He got a last-minute gift for his wife and was the hero!
In 2017 they are going to electronic records and building a new ambulatory building.
The hospital loves community outreach. Any ideas for working together contact Alyssa Kence at 781.453.5460.
Rotary Club of Needham
Tuesday: October 18, 2016
Pledge of Allegiance: Ted Shaughnessy
Song: God Bless America; Led by: Ron Sockol
Prayer: Led by: Karen Wetmore
Guests: - Speakers: Vicky Krupp and Matt Howard, Needham Steps Up
. Ted reported that the funds finally got to India thanks to Ryan, Paula and her staff.  There was a problem with wiring the funds overseas but Salem Five resolved the issue.
. Andy thanked everyone for their help delivering the Dictionaries.  Buyer Advertising created 570 labels for the students in all the schools.  Andy will arrange for some extras next year to go to the sponsors.  Marty requested any pictures be sent to him.
. Ted announced will be doing the food packing on January 31, 2017 at noon at Needham High School..
. Ryan is gearing up for the Pancake Breakfast on November 5th at Needham High.  Ryan asked for our help delivering the yard signs – Erica coordinating this.  Donations are under control and Bill Paulson sent out requests for cakes for the cake walk.  We were also reminded that we need to SELL SELL SELL the breakfast tickets. The Shelter Box tent will arrive at 6:00 am and need to be set up.  Ted will need 5-6 people on Friday evening to help bring in the supplies.
. High School principal, Aaron Sicotte, thanked us for the gardening work we did the past two Saturdays.   The high school hill looks great thank you for all who participated and planted 187 plants with the help of Joe Quinnan of Hillcrest Gardens.  He gave planting lessons to everyone.  Ted has ordered Paul Harris fellowship for him when he comes to our November 8th meeting.
. Thank you Marty for great job on last week’s bulletin!!
. Bunko evening has been postponed until spring.  Our next social event will be dinner at the new RFK Kitchen in January.
. Our holiday party will be Tuesday, December 13th at Erica’s.
. On December 6th Karen Gaffney will give a presentation on Razia Ray of Hope which will be repeated on October 27th in Concord.
. Amadu called Monday to say ‘Hi” to “Grandpa” and reported he is doing well.
. Dan is chairing the Thanksgiving Dinner this year and will set up a meeting with committee members and Sandy Robinson of the Community Council. 
. Louise has 2 tickets to Dedham Rotary “Taste of Dedham” this Thursday night at 6:30, Kathy will use one is anyone else interested?
. NBA invited members to join them Wednesday morning at 7:30am at Wingate Residences to hear Angela Pitter from Livewire Collaborative give a presentation on how to build you brand by using Linkedin.
Happy dollars: Many happy to be here; Bill happy for 25th anniversary tomorrow; Andy happy for successful dictionary deliveries; happy for magnificent foliage; Libby happy for her grandchildren; Marty gave “Atta boys” to Ted for wonderful landscape project and Andy and Bill for great dictionary deliveries; Ken appreciated great job to all who planted at the high school; Erica happy for great weekend at her alma mater (Colgate) and Kathy was happy to see Louise at this week’s meeting.
50/50 drawing: Ryan matched the number this week but did not pull the joker so the $141 stayed in the pot for next week.
Humor: none today
Presidential minute: none today
Guest speaker:  Vicky Krupp and Matt Howard spoke today about Needham Steps Up.  The club started in 2000 as a grass root effort funded by 2 grants from the Needham Congregational Church. Members must be Needham resident, income eligible and ready to make a commitment for 4 years.  Students are matched with a mentor who is not their teacher and stays with them.  Students and mentor get small stipend and upon graduation student get $250. They are having their Seventh Annual fundraiser on Wednesday, November 7th at 6:30 at Trip Advisor, cost $85 each.
Next meeting: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 12:00 at Needham Sheraton
Needham High School Honor Society
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