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The Rotary Club of Needham - Welcome

Welcome to Needham! We are a great group of 40 members strong and growing. Men and Women, young and old – we meet for lunch every Tuesday. Our projects focus on giving back to both our community here and beyond.

Tuesdays, 12:00-1:30pm
Needham Sheraton: 100 Cabot Street

With interesting speakers and an energized group
every week, you will come away inspired.



Home Page Stories

**Rotary Notes for Meeting Held on July 21, 2015**
The meeting was opened by President Rich Forte with the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’,  Bob Cocks led us in ‘God Bless America’ , and  Rev. Darrell led us in the Blessing.
GUESTS: Our guests today included: the speaker, Emily Spencer of, our guest speaker, and Anthony Guardia (Does he need a diversion after being married for only 15 days?).  George Hoffmeister led us in the Welcome song.  Welcome back George!!
-Dues are going up by $25 per year.  Look for the increase on the next billing.
-During the month of October, look up on Chapel St. and see 5 Rotary banners overhead.  Thanks Bill Paulson.
-The reality fair has two dates upcoming.  October 5, 2015 for the current seniors and May 23, 2016 for the current Juniors.
-We are looking for local businesses to underwrite the cost of some of our projects.
PRESIDENTAL MOMENT: Lois ran out of presidents born in July so she tried to trick us with Amelia Erheart.  Good try!  She also had a bit of humor:  A police officer called in an unusual situation.  A lady had just shot her husband for walking on her newly cleaned and still wet kitchen floor.  The officer was asked by the station if entered the premises and was she was placed under arrest.  He replied no.  The floor was still wet.
50/50:  Winning ticket was held by Dan Tibma but didn’t pick the ten of spades.
HAPP DOLLARS:  for our guests, vacations, love for the victims and their families of the Tennessee violence, our vets, our speaker, Anthony’s and Theresa’s  marriage, and the ever popular HTBH.
DOUG’S HUMOR:  A man died and went to St. Peter.  He was asked about his record, which wasn’t particularly good or bad.  St. Peter then asked if there was any way the soul could help with the decision.
He replied: “Yeah, once I was driving along and came upon a person who was being harassed by a group of thugs. So I pulled over, got out a bat, and went up to the leader of the thugs.  He was a big, muscular man with a ring pierced through his lip.  Well, I tore out the ring and told him he and his gang had better stop bothering this guy or they would have to deal with me!”
Wow that’s impressive replied St. Peter.  But it’s not on your record.  When did this happen?
The soul replied: “About three minutes ago.”
Emily Spencer, a newlywed and military spouse whose husband was recently deployed.  She spoke about her charity to send cards to the thousands of military personnel overseas to let them know of our appreciation for their efforts.  In a year and a half she has sent over 300,000 cards in addition to “Care” packages.  She can be contacted at or by mail to PO Box 612 in Norwood, MA 02062

July 14, 2024
We started this Tuesday's meeting with Pres. Rich leading us in the Pledge of Alegiance, Bob Cocks leading us in 'God Bless America', and Darrell providing the invocation.
GUESTS: Our guests were Mike Dowling, Brian Ashmankas and Thisha Morse (a Cohasset Rotarian), all from Boston Olympics 2024, and Ross Atkin, a Needham resident who is a retired sports writer from The Christian Science Monitor, and guest of Jim Brown, who was attracted to this week's Rotary meeting through an article in the newspaper. Ryan led us in a our 'Welcoming Song', which everyone enjoyed.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Louise passed around a picture of the Condon Realty float, which won the Grand Prize at the 4th of July parade! Congratulation Louise!!
JOKE: Louise also shared a jok entitled: "Speak Lord, for your servant is listening" (1 Sam 3:(): Jerry was very concerned about his wife as he thought she was loosing her hearing due to aging. So, one day he stood behind her and said "Mary, can I get you anything?" Noticing no reaction from her, he moved a little closer and repeated a little louder "Mary, can I get you anything?" Still no answer. so, Jerry moved mush closer and said in a much louder voice "Mary, can I get you anything?" Turning towards Jerry and looking annoyed, Mary replied "Jerry, I've said NO three times!!".
PRESIDENTIAL MINUTE: Lois told us about the only President who was born on July 14th, and was the only President who had served as VP and President without the benefit of election by the Electoral College. Who was it? The 38th President of the United States, Gerald Ford!
HAPPY DOLLARS: Erica was delighted to drop off two of her children at camp, and can't wait for the third child to go to camp in several weeks! Ryan gave a Happy Dollar for Mike Dowling, who was his bowling partner at a benefit one time.
BOSTON OLYMPICS 2024: Brian Mike and Trish all addressed the club about the upcoming Boston 2024 Olympics. This has been a very exciting time for Boston and the Olympics, but, if there is not more support, then the Olympic Organizing Committee here in Boston will not go forward with their bid. So, they are out drumming up support for the games. Mike delivered a wonderful slide show (which can be seen at ), detailing the changes which will occur.
Mike said this is now known as the 'Transit Games' versus 'The Waling Games' when first presented. There will be venues all over the state, but the majority in Boston and close suburbs. The basketball event will be held in New York City.
They also noted that the Paralympics will follow the Olympics by some 2 weeks, using the same facilities as the Olympics.
Boston Olympics 2024 is really working to raise public awareness and if your group wants representatives to speak, just contact them.

Rotary Club  of Needham
Sheraton Hotel
Tuesday: June 23, 2015
Pledge of Allegiance:  Glen Davis
Song:  God Bless America; Led By: Karen Wetmore
Prayer: Led by Darrell Minnich
Welcome Karin Gaffney, Governor Nominee Designate from the Nashoba Valley Rotary Club
Guests: -
  • Chaz Everly
  • Anthony Guardia, prospective Rotarian
  • Paula Jacobsen – new Executive Director of Needham YMCA, and a A Providence RI Rotarian
  • Nate O’Connor and Sara Castiztia, 2014 scholarship recipients
Happy dollars: Summer; upcoming wedding in 12 days; congratulations to incoming officers and Rich’s next 3 years as president; congratulations to Glen for his 2 years of service to us; son, James, wedding last Saturday; HTBH; see you in August – down east sailing in July; welcome Karin Gaffney; welcome scholarship guests and 2 weeks vacation.
. Thank you Ken Davis for going to Eagle Scout ceremony. He made the presentation representing Needham Rotary.
. REMINDER – there will be no lunch meeting at the Sheraton next Tuesday.  We will have a picnic at Rich Forte’s house in Dover at 6:00 pm.  Please let him know if you will be attending.
. Greg needs people for the 4th of July float in the Needham parade.  Contact Rachel if you are available.
. Chaz returned from Rotary Exchange in Russia.
. Sara and Nate told about their first year in school.  Nate attended Providence College; declared finance and math as his majors and recently ran a marathon in honor of his dad suffering from Parkinson’s disease.  Sara completed her first year at Georgetown with a major in government and 2 minors.  She interned on Capitol Hill and plays the flute.
Glen has started a new tradition at Needham Rotary by selecting one member who he awarded the 'Rotarian Of The Year' to. This first year, it is Bill Paulson, who we all know totally deserves! Bill is one of the most creative people we know, and is a 'doer' instead of a 'talker'.
Congratulations Bill: well deserved!!!
Glen had a few words before he was presented with a 'Past President's Pin' and Celebratory Gavel. He wanted to thank all Rotarians for their help and assistance during his 2 years as President. The changes he instituted wil help guide the Club forward. Glen said he is donating $250 to the scholarship fund in honor of his parents 50th anniversary and as a thank you for the past 104 weeks.
Finally, Glen was presented with his Paul Harris pin today, for his contribution during this past year.
Glen was thanked with a standing ovation from all members and guests for his great contribution and guidance to Rotary over the last 2 year. Great job Glen!!!.
We were fortunate to have with us Karin Gaffney, District Governor Designate for the 2017/2018 Rotary year, to perform our inductions. Most important is Rich Forte, who is our incoming President:
Karin then installed the new 2015-2016 Board of Directors:
The new BOD members are as folows:
President: Rich Forte
Treasurer: Ryan Damaso
Secretary: Kathy Whitney
Director: Charles Nelson
Director: Ted Shaughnessy
Director: Jim Brown
Director: Libby Pero
Director: Marty Lindeman
Sergeant at Arms: Greg Cronin
Immediate Past President: Glen Davis
(Not all were present).
Rich started by thanking the retiring BOD members Karen Wetmore, Ken Davis and Dan Tibma. They had helped bring the club to where it is today: in very good shape!
Rich has 2 focuses for his year:
1. To try to build a realistic budget for the year, which will maximize our efficiency in doing good.
2. to establish some 'branding' for the club in an effort to publicize the club more which will create more new members.
So, our club is off to a great start! New President, new BOD, and a direction which can only help us to grow!!!
NOTE: Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 6:00 pm at Rich Forte’s house, Dover, MA. Directions to follow.....

Rotary Club of Needham
Sheraton Needham Hotel
June 9, 2015
The meeting was opened by President Glen Davis with the Pledge of Allegiance,  Bob Cocks led us in God Bless America and Darrell led us in the Blessing
Guests: Today, we welcomed our guests including the 2015 Needham High School Scholarship winners Regina Longley and Liam Walsh!  Their parents were present as well as the  Acting Principal of Needham High, John Bourne.
50/50 Drawing: The 50/50 pot is $132.  Liam got the winning ticket but picked the 9 of clubs, not the ten of spades as needed.
-We will have our cookout on June 30th at Rich Forte’s home in Dover.
-Our next meeting is a breakfast affair at 7:30 am tomorrow at the Sheraton
Ted updated us on the Gift of Life’s latest child, a 2 ½ year old from Panama who is at MGH facing open heart surgery.  All the best.
-We have a slot approved for the fourth of July parade.
Happy Dollars:  For the scholarship winners, Needham Cable for always being there for us, Bob Cocks for his daughter getting a job, Andy for all his recitals (and that they are over with).
Guest Speakers: Lois introduced Regina Longley and Liam Walsh, this year’s scholarship winners. Lois detailed how these students are the finest out of 50 applicants, and all applicants were really great. It made for a difficult decision but these winners just naturally rose to the top of the bunch!
Each of the two recipients gave us a brief overview of which activities they had been involved with as seniors, and what their aspirations are going forward.
Acting Principal John Bourne thanked the club for its continuous support of the High School and its students for more than 60 years!
Tom Savino then gave each of them an initial check for $2500 for the first of 4 checks, for each year of college. Over 4 years, this is a total of $10,000 for each student.
With recipients like this, we have nothing to worry about for the future of this country!

Bulletin of Kerry Healey's visit to Needham Rotary



The Needham Rotary volunteers gathered Saturday morning (April 11th) at the Needham Community Farm (NCF) to build new raised garden beds and to repair damaged beds just ahead of planting season!  Located at the site of the former Nike anti-aircraft missile battery next to the new Needham dog park, the NCF provides fresh produce for the Needham and area food banks.   Staffed entirely by volunteers, NCF is helping provide fresh food for the "food insecure" population of our town!

Led by Jim Brown, a team of a dozen Rotarians got busy cutting wood, laying out new beddings and screwing boards together.
Needham Rotarians showed up with drills, saws, an electric generator, shovels and wheelbarrows and with the skills and focus required to build out five new beddings for the Needham Community Farm!
Finally resting on their "laurels," the work crew celebrated three hours of time well-spent in helping feed those in need in Needham!  We could have built even more bedding boxes if we hadn't run out of lumber!  Great teamwork!
Even 88 year old Ron Sokol and his child bride, Lois, got involved in moving compost and soil into the new beddings!

Let the Music Flow in Needham!

The wonderful sounds of music in Needham surrounded us at our meeting of March 3rd as we welcomed the winners of the Rotary Music Competition held in January of 2015 at Powers Concert Hall in Needham!  The Needham High School male a capella group, The Subway Dwarfs, and twelve year old singer and keyboardist, Mackenzie Clement, serenaded us.  Our weekly singing of "America the Beautiful" and our "Welcome Song" for guests has NEVER sounded so melodious!
Image Image

As winners of our Music Competition, The Subway Dwarfs and Mackenzie Clement, each received a cash prize presented by Rachel, Greg and Bill, and were treated to a great luncheon at the Sheraton.  We also got to hear a little about the future plans of the graduating senior singers from Needham High School. 


Mackenzie was joined by her father, who is also her manager, photographer and sound technician!   As a bonus, Needham Rotarian Bob Dunning, who is a life-long friend of Mackenzie's family, enthusiastically joined in the music and celebration!  Thanks to Greg, Rachel and Bill for their leadership in the Music Competition Program!

Image Image

Bill also presented a check to Ms. Kate Findlen of the Needham "Friends of Music" to help support music education and performance programs at Needham High School.




Image Image

Student Category:  Subway Dwarves - Needham High School's male A Capella group.


Professional Category - Mackenzie Clement, 12 year old singer-songwriter who has performed in Gillette Stadium.





Now available for your review, by Walter G. Patterson.  You can download the 90 page booklet online here on the Needham Rotary Club web site by clicking the link above or by going to the Club History page and clicking on the link on the left.



Aug 04, 2015
Aug 25, 2015
Dr. Mary Burke, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
New England Regional Economic Conditions: The Way Forward....

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