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Feb 09, 2016
Feb 16, 2016
Chad Bowdre
Classic Air Medical
Feb 23, 2016
Prescription Drugs: The Dangerous Truth
Panel of Experts - Sheraton
Mar 01, 2016
Mar 08, 2016
Club Assembly
Meeting location - Vaqueros 730 Lincoln
Mar 15, 2016
Rotary Ski Day
Quick lunch and then meet for skiing.
Mar 22, 2016
David Talbot
Crutches 4 Africa
Mar 29, 2016
Mark Fitzgerald & Steve Sehnert
Apr 05, 2016
Jack Black Awards & Rotary Foundation
Grant Fenton & Scott Marr
Apr 12, 2016
Apr 19, 2016
Apr 26, 2016
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Home Page Stories

GREETERS:  Thanks to Sharon Mensing for serving as greeter and for doing our introductions of guests.   
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Thanks to Past President Scott Marr, who acknowledged he had not done “Thought for the Day” in a very long time!  With the Super Bowl on Sunday, he shared thoughts from who else but Vince Lombardi?
T-SHIRT ORDERS:  “Rotarians at Work” T-shirts were again distributed.   Shirts will be ordered shortly. Contact Ellen if you want one on the next order. 
More details from Steve Hitchcock next week.
MEALS ON WHEELS:   Randy Rudasics, asked for volunteers to fill a critical need for the Routt County Council on Aging’s Meals on Wheels program.  This organization fits in with our focus on seniors, so please consider offering your time.  Contact Jackie Brown for more info.
STEAMBOAT MINUTE:   Lynaia South, Assistant County Attorney,  Routt County.  Represents county’s legal needs to help continue making our community a great place to live.  Dan Hagney, Owner, BMarked Promotions, Inc.  Supplying all your promotion merchandise and uniforms.  National buying power with local service.  May even do tattoos?  Mark Fitzgerald, Owner, Butcherknife Brewery.  Northwest Colorado’s first production brewery, with rotating specialties and season offerings.  Drink local and responsibly! 
FEBRUARY BIRTHDAY ROTARIANS:  Back to our traditional birthday song for Jim Moylan – 3rd; Tara Weaver – 16th,   Erik Griepentrog – 22nd, Jonathan Bishop – 24th.     
STUDENT OF THE MONTH:  Congratulations to Logan Sankey from Steamboat High – an accomplished student and amazing athlete (future Olympian!)  She proclaimed she prefers ski jumping to soccer, as “how can you beat the feeling of flying!”  She is also this year’s Winter Carnival Queen!  She has, indeed, a bright future ahead and we will be watching and routing for her.
Thanks to Eric Rabesa for finding and introducing our guest speaker,  Jo Ivester, author of The Outskirts of Hope.  Jo shared her personal memories of her family’s move (when she was only 10) from a suburb of Boston to an all black town in the heart of the Mississippi cotton fields.  Her stories and insights of a time during the height of the Civil Rights Movement were vivid, profound and moving.  She reminded us that what was true then, still merits our reflection today.    Thank you, Jo.  We hope to see you again after you complete your next book! 
GOOD NEWS ($231)   Thanks to Board Member, Erik Griepentrog, for doing a well-done Good News.  How many times were the Broncos mentioned this week?
NEXT WEEK’S PROGRAM:  Agua Prieta Presentation, from 10 Rotarians and 8 Interact students.   “Why we went, what we did and how it impacted us?”
Enjoy an event packed weekend!  
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall, Club President

A very full and valuable meeting of recognition with an impactful program speaker.
GREETERS:  Thanks to Coleman Cook and Steve Hitchcock for serving as greeters and to Coleman for doing our introductions of guests.   
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Thanks to Rex Brice for his reminder to think about how the Four Way Test can be applied to our lives every day.   He does owe us a longer story for Thought for the Day, as he was asked to be quick for this meeting.  You are not off the hook, Rex!
SAM HASLEM 4H CLUB SCHOLARSHIP:  In case you haven’t heard, we raised $1,178 in the  “Good News” dedicated to Sam last week.  I know our contribution will be greatly appreciated by Sam’s family.
T-SHIRT ORDERS:  “Rotarians at Work” T-shirts were again distributed.  If you would like to order a short or long sleeve shirt, let Ellen know.  Also, a promise to our women members:  1) These shirts, while men’s cut, are just fine for our work days.  They run small.  2) We have a way now to order women’s cut shirts (for nicer than our “Rotarian At Work” shirts) in the future.  Thanks to Julie Taulman for the “way” and to Liz Finnegan for taking on this responsibility.  So give Liz your fashion thoughts.
OFFICIAL VOTE FOR NEXT YEAR’S SLATE OF OFFICERS.  Past President, Jim Moylan, presented the slate.   Motion to accept the slate as listed by Winnie Delliquadre, Seconded by Scott Marr.   Unanimous vote of approval.  Thanks to all who will serve in these leadership positions next year!
Officers for 2016-17
Immediate Past President:  Ellen Kendall
President:  Steve Hitchcock
President Elect:  Steve Sehnert
Treasurer:  Randy Rudasics
Secretary:  Holly Rogers
Board of Directors:  Eric Rabesa, Tara Weaver, Carol Parish, John Kuhn, Todd Hayes, Kerry Shea, Jackie Brown, Gillian Morris (to be vacant)
3RD GRADE DICTIONARY DELIVERY:  Cam Boyd, Committee Chair, recognized the 20 Rotarians who delivered dictionaries to 7 Routt County elementary schools.  He also read one of the many “thank you” notes we receive from the students.  Thanks Cam and Rotarians for another year - well done and well received! 
HIGH SCHOOL CAREER DAY:  Marci Valicenti, Committee Chair, thanked the 11 Rotarians who participated in this worthy endeavor with our high school students.   Mock interviews and feedback from Rotarians help students be more prepared for the real thing!  Thanks to Marci and all who volunteered.
CLUB ANNIVERSARIES (in years of membership)   December – David Scully-3,  Dave Zabel -23,  Angela Catterson -12,  Scott Marr-12,  Tony Counts-1,  Dillon Fulcher-1   January- Jeff Swoyer-31,  Holly Rogers-11,  Larry Carlson-1,  Jim Clark-1,  Bobby Davis-2,  Julie Taulman-2,   John Centner-18,  Todd Hayes, - 5,  Ashley Kane-6,  David Wittlinger-5,  Jonathan Bishop -1,  Grant Fenton-7,  Scott Wither-1.   We congratulated these members with a rousing (?)  Hip Hip Horray! 
STEAMBOAT MINUTE:  Skipped for last few meetings. Be prepared for several next week.
PAUL HARRIS FELLOWSScott Marr, Foundation Chair, recognized two Paul Harris Fellows for their contributions to Rotary International – Paul Hebert, first time recipient and Coleman Cook for a “plus one” pin.   Scott reminded us of the good we are able to do in the world, because of our support of the Rotary International Foundation.  Congratulations to Paul and Coleman.
Rotarians of the Month for December:  Ian Engle and Dillon Fulcher for their co-chairmanship of the Holiday Tubing Party.  Another great success due to the blood, sweat and tears of Ian and Dillon and their core committee of Lori Livingston, Raymond Martinez, Ian Wagner, Melissa Gibson, and Ellen Kendall plus the many Rotarians who helped the day of the event.
INDUCTIONS OF NEW MEMBERS:  A hearty welcome to Susie Wilkinson, Meg Morse and Celina Taylor for membership induction to our club.  We are delighted to have each of you join us and look forward to getting to know you even better in days to come.
Thanks to Winnie Delliquadre for introducing our guest speaker, City of Steamboat Springs Police Chief, Cory Christensen.  Cory shared how his policing philosophy was shaped by his father, a police officer of 42 years, as well as through his 26 years of police experience, most recently as Asst. Chief of Police in Fort Collins.   He described his vision and hopes for the future of the Police Department of Steamboat Springs and strongly offered his commitment to our community.  Thank you, Cory, for an enlightening presentation and for providing us with a sense that “our city is in good hands!”
GOOD NEWS ($521)   Sharon Mensing, didn’t mess around (you had to be there ) and did a fast and successful Good News.  Thanks Sharon!
NEXT WEEK’S PROGRAM:  Jo Ivester, author of Outskirts of Hope. 
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall, Club President

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Home Page News
This was our special meeting devoted to honoring and celebrating the life of Sam Haslem.  It was a cold day outside but many warm hearts inside.
GREETERS:  Thanks to John Kuhn and Matt Lieven for serving as greeters and to John for doing our many introductions of guests.   
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Thanks to Alice Klauzer for her appropriate thoughts relating to life and service, and a question “from Sam”:  “Where’s the beef?”  And thanks to the Grand who supplied, at our request, a delicious beef entre!
T-shirt Orders:  “Rotarians at Work” T-shirts were distributed.  If you would like to order a short or long sleeve shirt, let Ellen know. 
STEAMBOAT MINUTE:  Sharon Mensing, Head of Emerald Mountain School, an independent K – 8 school which educates the whole student in a positive and constructive environment.    Todd Hayes, Owner, Steamboat Select Insurance Group.   Committed to helping you save through accessing relationships with dozens of insurance companies.  Specializing in commercial health benefits and personal lines. 
PROGRAM:  Our program began with a unique opportunity to witness an historical moment:  The honoring of several local Korean Veterans through the receipt of a medal of honor from the Korean government presented by Korean consul, Jim McGibney.  Medals were presented to:  Louise Haslem (for Sam’s Air Force service), Harmon O. Buckland (Air Force), Ramon V. Fletcher (Air Force), John E. Davis (Coast Guard), Walter L. Florquist (Navy), Melvin R. Compestine (Army), James L. Compestine (Army),and Sam Brooks (Army.)  Our thanks to Steve Sehnert, Jim Stanko, Post Commander, Am. Legion Post 44 and Natalie Breitung, Veterans Service Officer for Routt County and Jim McGibney for making this presentation possible.
Next, Jim McGibney presented a very enlightening history of Korea, of the creation of the North and South division and the hand that the Korean War played in all of it.   He also shared some interesting photos and stories about his visits to Korea.  Thank you, Jim, for being with us and sharing your experiences and especially for the presentation to our Korean Vets!
Service Above Self Award.  Ellen presented to Louise Haslem, “with great respect and love” on behalf of our club, one of our highest awards – the Service Above Self Award.   The plaque read  “Presented to Sam Haslem in appreciation of his 34 years of dedicated and loyal service.”
GOOD NEWS ($1,178 – highest ever!)  A time to reflect upon the life of our dear Rotarian Sam Haslem .   As you know, the contributions to Good News for this meeting will be contributed to the 4H Club Scholarship in Sam’s name.  If anyone was not at the meeting and would like to contribute to the scholarship, let Angela know.  
We shared wonderful stories, Sam’s words of wisdom, reflected on the impact he had on our lives and declared our love and admiration for this great man and Rotarian.  He will be so missed!  Thank you, Kris Hammond, for conducting this heartfelt remembrance of Sam. 
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall, Club President
With apologies, looks like I never sent this to our members.  So for the record, here are the notes from January 5th!  And it has a lot of "thank you's'' and don't want to miss sharing those! 
We met at Vaqueros and enjoyed a different “entrance” to the New Year!
GREETERS:  Thanks to Jeremy Behling and Lori Livingston for serving as greeters and to Jeremy for doing our introductions!  Many guests and a welcome back to Kristal Eckley who has been on leave in Arizona and another special welcome back to returning exchange student, Eva Vulovic, our exchange student from Serbia in 2002.  
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Thanks to Kristal Eckley for her appropriate thought about retirement!  Must be nice! 
Agua Prieta Trip Fundraiser:  Interact students, Amanda Walker and Jordyn Hetrick, invited us to their trip fundraiser on Monday, January 11th, Chief Theatre at 6:00 pm.  Beer and wine (thank you Central Park Liquor and Butcherknife Brewery!) and a special movie.   $10 donation to help with students expenses.    Auction donation items are still appreciated!
T-shirt Orders:  “Rotarians at Work”  T-shirts ordered and on the way here!   If you were not at meeting and want to order, let Ellen know.  Short or long sleeve – navy. 
Thank you to many Rotarians for several service contributions – and isn’t it great to have make-ups?
Casey’s Pond:  Special thanks to the many who sang at Casey’s Pond for a holiday sing along – 22 Rotarians, about 8 students and other miscellaneous guests.  We sounded and looked better than ever – thanks to Debbie Aragon for providing us with festive hats and headbands (best hat award goes to Steve Sehnert- see photos on website,) Sharon Mensing for bringing her lively students (who provided a fun rendition of “Rudolph”), Jim Clark for his masterful song leading and Jim Nowak for his fantastic  - made all the difference in how we sounded - accordion accompaniment!   All your practicing paid off, Jim!
Holiday Tubing Party:  Thanks to the Holiday Tubing Party Committee (Ian Engle, Dillon Fulcher, Erik Griepentrog, Ian Wagner, Lori Livingston, Melissa Gibson, Raymond Martinez , and David Lamb) and everyone who volunteered for an event with many moving parts.   Plus, a hearty round of applause went to Ian Engle and Dillon Fulcher for co-chairing another successful community event! Great fun and kids seem to have a blast!
Social Happy Hour:  We had a fun social event at McKnights during holiday week.  Small attendance but large enjoyment…thanks to Kerry Shea and his crew for great food and service.
STEAMBOAT MINUTE:  Karen McRight – Senior Director, Marketing and  Business Development,  Yampa Valley Medical Center, an award winning hospital which heals bruises and something about robotic surgery or was it surgery on robotics?!
And Jeff Swoyer, Owner, NW Graphics – for all your printing needs! And as we like to say, “Businessman by day; rock star by night” -  ala Loose Change and Legal Tender.
PROGRAM:    Jim Clark presented his classification talk.  It was not only very interesting, but Jim wove in his personal wisdom which he gained from his experiences in many “worlds” – from small towns to big cities.   We’re glad to have you, Jim, as an official non-new member!     
GOOD NEWS ($449)  Thanks to Scott Marr who did a very lucrative “Good News”…was it Scott’s charm or all those birthdays?  
NEXT WEEKS PROGRAM:  Very Special Meeting – you won’t want to miss it!
Come prepared to share in your remembrances of Sam Haslem.   “Good News” will be in his honor (proceeds to go to scholarship in his name for his cherished 4H Club.)  If you regretfully won’t be there and want to share thoughts or Good News contributions for Sam, let another Rotarian know and they will do it for you! 
Also, Jim McGibney, our speaker, will talk briefly about the Rotary International Convention in Seoul Korea and because he is a consul for the Korean Government,  he will honor Sam and several other Korean vets from our community during this program.  
It’s going to be a great year!!   See you next week!     
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall, Club President
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