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Home Page Stories

GREETERS:  Thanks to Rich Gloor and Otis Wragg for helping with our random seating chips!  Thank you to Erik Griepentrog and Karen McRight  for being greeters and to Karen for introducing our several guests today.   And no Visiting Rotarians – summer is over?!   And a special welcome to Anna Heidler, our exchange student from Germany!  Her first host family – Kathy & Brian Elliott, Abby and Connor.   Thank you Elliott Family!  We all look forward to getting to know Anna.   
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY   Thank you, Alice Klauzer for delivering the “Dear Polio’” message from the cover of Rotarian Magazine:  A very clever way of announcing that we are truly “this close” to eradicating polio on this earth!  And if you have read your magazine and would like to donate it for PR and recruiting, please bring and give to Ellen or a membership committee member.    
Anniversaries for July and August announced (ranged from 1 year to 9 years) and celebrated with a rendition of “So they are jolly good Rotarians” Actually quite good singing!  
More dedication thank you’s to Scott Marr and David Wittlinger who contributed greatly to our dedication committee!  And to Glen and Steph Traylor who did the schlepping of chairs and keeping a huge garbage can in their van all night to prevent bears feasting upon it! 
Mike Forney invited Rotarians to consider becoming Spellbinders – the storytellers that further literacy in our schools.  A training session is coming up next week.  Contact:  Sherry Holland for more information.
Interact Chair, Lynaia South:  First meeting for Interact is Wed. Sept. 2 at 11:40 am at the high school.   Lynaia encouraged members to attend and promised we would be hearing from our Interact students, as they have many projects planned.
STEAMBOAT MINUTE:   Dan Callahan of Callahan Capital Management – a fee only independent financial advisory firm to help clients manage their investments like a business.
Jeremy Behling, owner of Yampa Valley Tire Pros  Express Lube - your one stop for auto care in Steamboat - Automotive mechanic work, oil changes, tires, car wash and gas. 
ROTARIAN OF THE MONTH:  For this month only “The Not to be Forgotten Rotarian” went to Scott Marr for his work on the Ski Town Golf Classic, and the Peace Pavilion.   Thank you Scott for ALL you do!
PROGRAM:   Project Schoolhouse – presented by Heather Martyn and Tab Barker, Executive Director
Heather, a former member of our club, took a very impactful trip last spring, along with her son, Ryan, to see Tab’s work in a region of Nicaragua; a region where there is no water, roads, or electricity.  Tab’s work through his organization, Project Schoolhouse, is nothing short of extraordinary! Through his very unique model of using access to clean water to drive other community chosen projects, plus a system of fair exchange (labor hours and/or money) to engage the entire community, Tab has created an impressive list of life changing projects.   Tab’s own life absolutely epitomizes a life of  “Service Above Self.”  We were very inspired by his passion, commitment and success!  Because our policy to not allow speakers to ask for financial support  “from the front of the room,” we did not, at this point, state the interest of several of our members in helping Tab with Project Schoolhouse.  But you will likely be hearing more about Tab’s work and the possibility of collaborating with other Rotary clubs through Global Grants in the future.  In the meantime, should you want to contact Tab directly (per requests at the meeting) Thank you Tab and Heather!
GOOD NEWS:  Thank you to Eric Rabesa, Board Member, who did a fun Good News!  
Good News: $96.00
Attendance: 56%
Second Reading for Michael VanVliet
Program Next Week:  Classification Talks and School Bond Issue  (Oops, not what was announced! )
Program Sept. 8thThe Wilkinsons: Hear about their unique and impressive approach to family vacation planning!  Not your typical vacation!   
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall, Club President

GREETERS:  Thank you to Otis Wragg and Dan Shields for being greeters and to Dan for introducing our guests.    A final good-by to Mike and Dona Drew from Fredricksburg Morning Club, Texas who have been with us for several weeks! 
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Per our table discussions a few weeks ago, we promised to do shorter thoughts (1- 2 min. max) in which the intro is not longer than the thought.  Dan Shields ably kept to our new “rules” with a perfect thought for us – reflecting his admiration for our being a “doing” club – with passionate action.  Thank you, Dan. 
Found items:  Sunglasses – reconnected with owner
                          Black umbrella – unclaimed from Dedication
Peace Pavilion Dedication:  Ellen reviewed the pieces of the Dedication in order to give proper thanks to:  
Marion Kahn, Dedication Committee Chair and committee of John Holloway, Tara Weaver, Coleman Cook,, Chris Stillwell, John Kuhn, Ian Wagner, Paula Cooper Black,  and “How could I possibly leave out SCOTT MARR AND DAVID WITTLINGER? – WHICH I DID!    All contributed a great deal of time and effort to make the Dedication (that had many moving parts) such a success!   Add to this list the many Rotarians who showed up to help from set-up to break-down.   As usual we delivered our time and support to make this a truly exceptional event. 
Thanks also to Holly Rogers who donated the Peace Pole (Says “Let Peace Prevail” in 4 languages) and led us in a Peace Pole Ceremony
Thank you Paula Cooper Black for expressing so well the gratitude I know we all have for the Peace Pavilion and the Dedication:  “This project represents the very best in our community and in our Rotary Club.   Michael was surely there with us sharing his vision completed and gifted to our community.  The Park, the Boardwalk and now the Pavilion will serve as a reminder of all that can be accomplished when we refuse to see limits.”
Kirkau, Kenya Project:  Paul Hebert updated us on our project in Kirkau, Kenya  (funded by over $50,000 of global and matching grants) which though had a late start, is now underway.   This project will assist the Kirkau Primary School in providing students with adequate WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.)  
August Board Meeting Report:  
Michael VanVliet application approved, reading next two meetings.   
Budget showed Good News is way down.  Reminder:  Club asked that Good News be placed at end of meeting in order to respect our program speaker’s time. This means it is sometimes a bit rushed and some have already left early. 
Please remember to be brief but also give generously, as Good News funds our scholarship program.  Also, a reminder, that it is customary if you are leaving early to give the person next to you a contribution to put in Good News, “with apologies to the speaker for leaving early.”  
Polio Free Africa!  August 11th marked the one year anniversary of no polio virus in Africa.   Only Pakistan and Afghanistan to go for eradication of Polio on earth.   How can words describe what that will mean and how proud we can be as Rotarians!  
Board Retreat – August 7th.  Thanks to Board Members who gave 5 hrs. of their time for thoughtful and productive discussion.  Stay tuned for the implementation of many great ideas! 
Pick Up Your Peace Pin And Pavilion Sticker (Thank you to Jeff Swoyer who contributed the stickers) These will be available for a few weeks at check-in table. 
STEAMBOAT MINUTE:   Debbie Aragon, State Farm Insurance & Financial Services with a team of 7, can help with any type of insurance request, large or small and with financial goals as well. 
Tracy Barnett – MainStreet, soon to be retired, but who has made a huge impact by putting MainStreet, Steamboat Springs on the map!
Our very own Mike Schlichtman shared his experiences doing the Continental Divide Bike Tour.  What does that mean?   2,754 miles, from Canada to Mexico, 21 days, 9 hrs. and 11 min, 10,000 calories burned a day, 16 lbs lost on a “diet” of M & M’s and burritos and many other fascinating facts.    He even brought in his bike for a real “show and tell” to go with his photos.   I think it is fair to say “we were in awe” of his accomplishment and delighted that he shared it with us!   
Thank you, Mike, for a super program! 
GOOD NEWS:  Thank you to Brian Harvey, who is always so good at “Good News” 
Good News: $183
Attendance: 54% plus many make-ups for Dedication committee and volunteers.
First Reading for Michael VanVliet
Program Next Week:  Tab Barker and Heather Martyn  “How Water Builds Schools”  A unique and impactful project in Nicaraqua.  
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall, Club President

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Marion Kahn's necklace made for Peace Scholar Cornelia Weiss


Home Page News

GREETERS:  Thank you to new members, Otis Wragg and Bob Weinman who served as greeters.   Otis introduced several Visiting Rotarians and guests, including several potential new members. 
AUGUST BIRTHDAYS:  Happy Birthday to Diane Johnson (6th) Karen McRight (7th) Kris Hammond (13th) Geneva Taylor (15th) Dave Zabel (27th) and Ron Thom (28th)
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY consisted of a practice song (Let There Be Peace on Earth) for the Pavilion Dedication.   Thank you to Brian Harrington who did his best to lead us without proper instrumentation and how we wish he could be at the Dedication!   However, we will be led in song at the dedication by Chamberlain and Birch ,who are providing music before and after the program.   We can do it! 
Ian Wagner asked for a few more volunteers for next week’s Peace Pavilion Dedication.   We added “bike attendants” and need a couple more people for that.  Also, please stay for the tear down/ clean-up if at all possible.    I have attached the most recent sign up list so everyone can remember where/when to show up!   Yes, it is against my quest to use VolunteerSpot for all sign ups, but for this one, okay!  Thanks everyone for your volunteer commitments!
John Holloway – Pavilion Parking  John explained the parking arrangements for the Dedication, encouraging people to ride bikes, carpool and walk or use our parking shuttle from the “upper lot” which is at the intersection of Walton Creek Rd. and Rte 40.  The City is providing a people mover, driven by David Wittlinger,  from that lot for those who prefer not to walk the distance to the Pavilion.  John also thanked Steve Frasier for his offer of vans from Mountain Resorts to shuttle from the Meadows parking lot, but with it being the week of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, the Meadows is unavailable.   Kerry Shea also mentioned we could use the Wild Horse parking area.
Also, please note:  EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED TO HELP US KEEP THE CORE TRAIL OPEN so that the community is not adversely affected by our event.  Blocking the trail would not promote peace!   So please be aware and help others be aware too! 
STEAMBOAT MINUTE:   Rex Brice, owner of the Rex’s Family of Restaurants (5 of them) and Angela Catterson, who has an accounting firm, in partnership with her husband, Chris, called Catterson & Company shared 30 sec. each for their quick overview of their classifications.   Be ready when your turn comes around…
Thank you to Tom Tudor, Past President  (5 times!) from Colorado Springs Rotary and President of the Society of Honor Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.   Tom presented another riveting and fact filled presentation:  “Who’s Buried at Arlington National Cemetery?”   There were many surprises about who is buried there, as well as who is not!   Tom’s knowledge is amazing and we were fortunate to have him with us once again for an informative and enriching presentation.      
GOOD NEWS:  Thank you to Jim Moylan who did Good News    Not only was our “good news” extra interesting, but so was Jim, as we tried to figure out just what he was “up to.”  
Good News: $244
Attendance: 52%
Program Next Week:   Peace Pavilion Dedication at 5:30.  No noon meeting.   You won’t want to miss this one, unless you really must!   See you there!
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall, Club President

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