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Welcome back to Bill Leeson who has been on leave.


GREETERS: Thanks to Eric Rabesa and Tony Counts for serving as greeters and to Eric for doing our introductions.


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:   No one to replace Matt Lievan who had a sick child, so Ellen did a quick “warm up” activity.   


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  May 9th Board Meeting:  Ellen gave a brief report 1) A resignation with regret from Lynna Broyles was accepted 2) We are in good financial shape. 3) We have 3 outbound summer exchange students - Jackie Brown to Mexico, Olivia Hobson to Thailand and Amy Speer to Spain.4) There are some changes to the RI Constitution and Bylaws that will be addressed at some point. 5)Our club endowment is up to $465,497.   Our items covered in following announcements. 


Crutches4Africa Drive –  Rachelle Summers and Ian Engle, Co-Chairs reported on a very successful event and thanked all who volunteered.   Stay tuned for the numbers of items collected – Dave Talbot was very pleased!  And thank you Rachelle and Ian for taking on the leadership for this event – congratulations for a job well done!


Day of Caring on May 18th and Community Clean up Day on May 21st.   Tara  Weaver  passed around sign up sheets for both these service projects.   Our intended participation is looking very good.  Tara will send detailed instructions to those who signed up.   Find you can participate at last minute?  Call, text or email Tara!


Ski Town Classic:  Celina Taylor reminded us that raffle tickets ($50/each) are on sale NOW until event.  Cash prizes are:  1 @ $5,000; 1 @ $2500; 2 @ $1000; 5 @ $500; and 5 @$100 and you don’t have to be present to win.   AND you can sell to friends, family and colleagues.   So pick up a stack from any committee member and help get all the printed tickets sold!   


Flower Barrels:  Eric Rabesa asked for help transferring the empty barrels from Howelsen to CMC - trucks, and helpers needed.   As of this writing, all went well.  Thanks to those who showed up to help. 


Vocation-Rotation:  Steve Sehnert passed around the sign up sheet and reminded us we could sign up online too.   See instructions at end of this write-up.


Barn Dance:  Melissa Gibson announced that she and Ashley Kane will be co-chairs for the event - October 1, and called a meeting of the current Barn Dance Committee and anyone else who wanted to join after the meeting.   If you do want to join this committee, let Melissa know. 


 Important Dates: Day of Caring (w/ United Way) – May 18

                                     Clean Up Day – May 21

                                      June 13th – Board Meeting at Rex’s- Noon

                                    Ski Town Classic – June 10 – 11

                                    Flower Barrels – June 14 (no meeting)


PROGRAM:  Part I.  Classification Talk from Jonathan Bishop.   What a delightful and witty description of Jonathan’s journey to Steamboat and High Country Dentistry – beginning with an imagination filled childhood followed by the twists and turns of college, marriage, international travels, and a family of 3 children with wife, Kristen.   We are fortunate to have you in our club, Jonathan!

 Part II.  Ellen shared the “interesting but not all that definitive results” from our survey and table discussions on March 8th.    If anyone would like a copy of the table discussion write-ups, just ask.   In general, our members were pretty pleased with the changes we have made this year to our meeting format, as well as our efforts to provide diverse and interesting programs.   The survey also showed that members come to our meetings primarily for the fellowship and staying in contact with each other and because “meeting attendance is part of our commitment to Rotary.”   Ellen promised to share our many ideas from the discussions with the appropriate committee – Membership, Program, or Board.


GOOD NEWS:  Thanks to Steve Sehnert who did Good News, with our usual moments of appreciation and laughter. 


See you in two weeks and enjoy our “Vocation Rotation in Different Locations” for next week’s meeting.    Contact Steve Sehnert if you did not sign up or go online to:  Then see Upcoming Events (way down on left) – click on Vocation Rotation and click to register and pick your spot.


Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Kendall, Club President


Welcome back Geneva Taylor and Glen Traylor who have been on leave.



Thanks to Winnie Delilquadre and Steve Hitchcock for serving as greeters and to Winnie for doing our introductions.    


THOUGHT FOR THE DAYThank you John Kuhn for giving  us a very interesting historical perspective on Mother’s Day – how it all began during the Civil War by Anna Jarvis who sought to unite the two sides, Union and Confederacy,  via mothers  of sons (both killed or in danger of being killed in battle) Became law under Woodrow Wilson in 1914.  


MAY BIRTHDAYS:  Happy Birthday to:  Marion Kahn & Jim Steinburg  (2nd) Ellen Kendall (4th)  Paul Hebert (15th) Dan Callahan (21st) Julie Taulman (25th)




Crutches4Africa Drive –   Ian Engle, Co-Chair reported that we had great volunteer sign-up – only had one empty spot for  Crutches4Africa Drive May 6, 7 & 8.  This promises to be a fantastic success – thanks to Ian, Rachelle and committee!  Remember to get your mobility devices to one of the drop off sites even if you will be gone for the weekend!  Debbie Aragon’s goal is to not need hers by then so she can give them to the drive – just in time!


Day of Caring on May 18th and Community Clean up Day on May 21st.   Tara  Weaver  passed around sign up sheets for both these service projects.    Here’s hoping that we have huge participation for these two days too!     


Ski Town Classic:  Karl Gills, Raffle Meister, explained the raffle portion of the event and that raffle tickets will be available for sale shortly!   Stay tuned for this one!


Club Directory:  Thanks Jeff Swoyer for publishing another of our coveted “yellow sheets!”    He will have them ready next week and attached to this newsletter is an electronic version!  


Important Dates:  Crutches4Africa Drive – May 6, 7, 8

                                Day of Caring (with United Way) – May 18

                                Clean Up Day – May 21

                                Ski Town Classic – June 10 – 11

                                Flower Barrels – June 14 (no meeting)_


PROGRAM:  Paul Hebert presented an update on our Kirkau School Project in Kenya.  Paul and his District 5440 team have been involved for several years in bringing this impactful project to life.  It is a part of the WASH initiative (Water,and Sanitation and Hygiene) for Rotary International.    Nearly 300 students have received the benefits of potable water, toilet facilities and hygiene education.   One goal for this project is to serve as a model for other projects, with the constant focus of sustainability through local community led efforts


This is a perfect example of not only “doing good in our world” but of leveraging our $6,000 from our club to the $52,000 that enabled this project to happen.  We very much appreciate the work and dedication of Paul and his wife, Mayling, and look forward to future updates!


GOOD NEWS:  Marci Valicenti and John Kuhn “tagged team” for Good News, having A Mother’s Day theme.  Thank you for a very nice round of news about mom’s and other things….and a special mom message from Glen Traylor, as this is “the last mother’s day for Steph without being a mom!”   Congratulations on this great news!  


See you next week for a Classification Talk from Jonathan Bishop and a summary report of our input at our Vaqueros meeting from Ellen.


Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Kendall, Club President


Home Page News


Spring Break – which meant more Rotarians missed the meeting than were at the meeting!   Thanks to those who did come – it was a nice gathering! 



Thanks to Celina Taylor and Steve Sehnert for serving as greeters.  There were no guests to introduce! 


THOUGHT FOR THE DAYEllen shared a “Four Way Test” Story.  There was quite a pause after the punch line!  




Ski Town Classic:  Jackie Brown, Chair of Ski Town Classic Committee, asked us to Save the Dates:  June 10 – 11th and explained the new aspects (one day of golf, reception on Saturday at Strings with a live auction and cash raffle. Legal Tender will be entertainment.)   Next week’s meeting will be all about this event.  And it sounds like the $300 hole sponsorships are going fast!  


Crutches4Africa Drive – Ian Engle, Co-Chair asked us to Save the Date for the first weekend in May (5,6,7) for this very important service project.   And to be prepared to sign up to volunteer at collection locations.  ALL mobility devices are greatly appreciated! And Celina Taylor reminded us that we can drop off items at the Boys and Girls Club even before the event.   Posters and flyers will be available soon.


Vocation-Rotation  - June 7 – Steve Sehnert, Program Chair, reminded us that if we want to be a host location for this meeting, let him know.  We can handle a couple more locations. 


Day of Caring on May 18th and Community Clean up Day on May 21st.   Tara Weaver invited us to participate in these two very important volunteer service days.  She will be asking for volunteer sign-ups soon.   These are opportunities to “do good” in our community, as well as a great way to better get to know your fellow Rotarians!  And kids seem to really enjoy helping with the Clean up Day….so bring them along!


Host Families NeededKaren McRight announced that we will be needing more host families (for a 3 month time slot) for our two  exchange students who will arrive this summer:   A girl from Italy and a boy from Chili.    We need a total of 6 slots and currently have 3.   If you are interested, let Karen know.  So far, none of the committed host families are Rotarians – which means the awareness of the value of these experiences to the host families has spread beyond Rotarians. That's a good thing.


District Conference:  It’s not too late to register for the conference in Jackson Hole – 5 Rotarians going so far.   May 19-21. 


PROGRAMSince we knew this would be a meeting of very low attendance, and because those present were not on vacations, we opted to do a discussion/sharing activity that talked about vacationsWe are definitely not lacking in vacation/travel adventures!   


GOOD NEWSThank you to John Centner for doing Good News.  There seemed to be some blackmail going on and we’ll see how that turned out.  And thank goodness, Dan Bonner, eventually remembered he and Kim’s anniversary!    


See you next week!


Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Kendall, Club President

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