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Club news….


While we all enjoy the Fall weather there are some important Rotary items I want to be sure everyone is aware of:

  1. THE BARN DANCE!  This Saturday is the annual Barn Dance event and fund raiser.  More than any other event in our year, this event puts our club front and center in the community attracting crowd of about 500 for and evening of fun.  This event also raises a significant amount of money for our club service projects as well as for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  1. Our political forums:  This coming week is big news:  For the first time we have both the US House and US Senate campaigns represented for a Rotary Forum.  Please remember to RSVP to Steve S if you are bringing guests.  We need to give the Steamboat Grand a head’s up on how many to expect for lunch.

We had a great forum with our Colorado House and Senate candidates yesterday and we are looking forward to two more weeks of informative presentations.


Our Flower Barrels team led by Eric R and Gillian M did an outstanding job this year.  They not only oversaw the entire project from beginning to end raising about $9,000 for our club service projects they got the entire inventory of barrels refinished and dozens of new barrels built to increase the total number and to retire some older ones that needed to go.


Our Rotarian of the month for September is long time member Paula Black.  Paula has been a leader in our club serving on key committees (Rotary Park since its inception and Barn Dance now for 9 years) and giving her time and effort to many other club projects.  She was also instrumental in the creation of our club foundation as well as being a generous contributor to both our club foundation and to the RI (Paul Harris) foundation.


See you all Saturday at Wandering Creek Ranch!

Co-Chairs Melissa Gibson and Ashley Kane introduce Raffle Packages for the Oct 1 Barn Dance . . .


New Member Reception at Eric & Samantha Rabesa's home.

l-r - Diane Moore, Kathy Niewoehner, Kathleen Dunnigan, Otis Wragg, Meg Morse, Jody Corey, Susie Wilkinson

Home Page News

We had a great turnout again for a very interesting meeting program about Amendment 69.  At least, for my part, I did not know a lot about this proposed amendment to the Colorado Constitution and I found both of the presenters informative.


We inducted two new members:


Dianne Moore who was previously a member of our club and Kathy Niewoehner.


I would like to include here comments I made at the meeting regarding the upcoming political season and how our club will work with programs that have political content as well as a request to members about political topics over the next several months:


(these are the notes I wrote for myself in advance about what I wanted to say.  It came out a bit differently but I think I covered the same points)



Politics.... it’s the most interesting show around right now.  I know it is something that many of those in this room care deeply about and give their time to promoting their views.


In the last three national elections about 55% of people of voting age participated.  My guess would be that the percentage in our club is much higher…. And that is good.  We are an organization of engaged and intelligent people and it is no surprise that many of us are active participants in the political process and are advocates of strongly held positions.


Today we will be beginning our club’s presentations of issues and candidates in the upcoming November elections.  We will have this event and a couple of others as we approach the election.  So, how do politics and our Rotary Club co-exist?


Rotary is a service organization.  We exist to improve our community and our world.  Rotary is apolitical.  Can bringing information to our members be accomplished in a non-partisan way be accomplished so that it is a service to our membership and our community?  I think so.


I want to talk briefly about how we will handle political events this season and what is expected of our members.

  1. We will only present issues or candidates where both sides of the subject or both candidates can be represented at the same time.
  2. Ballot issue advocates and candidates will be told that they can not solicit contributions or sign-ups… the purpose is to inform.
  3. One might think that the first of the 4-way tests Is it the Truth? would justify some political comments… but I think that the 3rd is more important to our mission:  Will it build good-will and better friendships.
  1. Not only today, but over the next 14 weeks please refrain from comments at meetings whether at Good News or elsewhere that tend to support one candidate or position or disparage another.  We will be more effective as a service organization if we leave political advocacy whether direct or implied at the door.

Thanks, Steve Hitchcock, President


It has been a busy couple of weeks.  Our last two meetings were certainly different.  


Two weeks ago the CC4E group attend our meeting to solicit members feedback on school issues.  I hope what they gathered is useful to them!


Last week our meeting was held at the Peace Pavilion.  We heard from John Holloway about the origins of Rotary Park, the Boardwalk and the Peace Pavilion.  Ellen K let us know that it is still possible to buy a paver which will be installed in the Pavilion.  New funds will be used for upgrades to the landscape plan. 


The Routt 4H kids presented information about what they do and the upcoming livestock auction in Hayden on August 20th.


We had an impromptu motion from membership which was seconded and passed for the club to purchase an animal at the auction to benefit 4H.  Paula B, John H, and Rex B were designated the committee to explore options in that initiative and make a recommendation.  Here is the plan:


1.  At tomorrow's meeting there will be a sign-up sheet for member contributions to assist with the cost of purchasing and processing an animal as this was not a budgeted item.  John H and Rex B have each already pledged $100 each!


2.  I will attend the auction on Saturday.  Anyone who wishes to join me in selection of an animal to bid on or purchase through private treaty from a 4H kid is welcome.  I expect to arrive at the auction about 4:30.


3.  Our plan is to buy a pig.  Rex has provided recommendations for what size animal is best and where to have the animal processed under USDA supervision so that it can be served to the public.


4.  The pig will be served at the Barn Dance on October 1 as a part of the BBQ dinner.  Rex is crediting the club $900 of the catering bill for the event in recognition of cost savings.  This savings will translate dollar for dollar into a greater fund raising result which will benefit the Boy's & Girl's Club.


At the most recent board meeting the results of the Golf Classic were announced.  The event raised about $38,000 of which about 28,000 directly supports our club's service projects and grants.  The balance of the funds raised will be given to the event beneficiary which is United Way in a check presentation soon.  It was also announced that Alpine Bank has committed to be the title sponsor of next year's Golf Classic which is an important step in getting that event underway.


Marci V. was named Rotarian of the Month for July and will receive 100 Paul Harris points in recognition of her contributions to our club projects.


Steve S received his pin for Paul Harris +3 in recognition of $4,000 of contributions to the Rotary Foundation over his years in Rotary.


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