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Aug 04, 2015
>> Tom Tudor <<
Who is Buried at Arlington National Cemetery?
Aug 11, 2015
Aug 18, 2015
>> Mike Schlichtman <<
Biking the Continental Divide Trail
Aug 25, 2015
>> Tab Barker <<
Project Schoolhouse - How Water Builds Schools
Sep 01, 2015
Sep 15, 2015
Barn Dance
Raffle Tickets, assignments, and other details
Sep 22, 2015
Sep 29, 2015
Storm Peak Laboratory
Storm Peak Weather Research
Oct 06, 2015
Oct 13, 2015
Oct 20, 2015
Nov 03, 2015
Nov 10, 2015
In Bound Youth Exchange Presentation
and Rotary International Foundation
Dec 01, 2015
Jan 05, 2016

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Home Page Stories

Our first meeting – ever – at the Peace Pavilion!  What a glorious day and setting!  General consensus was that meetings at the Peace Pavilion should become a regular thing (once a month?) during warm weather.  What do you think?  Thanks everyone for your extra fun and flexible energy and for making a club dream come true.   Yes, we could all feel Michael Roberts smiling!
GREETER:  Thank you to Marion Kahn, who introduced several Rotarian guests who came to participate in our special meeting location.
Julie Taulman, our Summer Exchange Student Chair, introduced Zava Zupan from Steamboat and her exchange partner, Vera Bohnenblust from Bern, Switzerland who completed a 3 week exchange with each other’s families this summer.  Both found the beauty of their surroundings to be the highlights of their exchanges and thanked Rotary for providing them with this opportunity.  Once again, we were able to take heart in knowing our exchange programs are creating wonderful experiences for the youth in our community.    
Ellen thanked Winnie Delliquadre for serving so tirelessly as Program Chair for the past 3 years and mentioned that Winnie even did the programming during her year as President.  How did she ever manage that!   Thank you Winnie for your extraordinary contribution to our club.   
John Holloway confirmed that Cornelia Weiss, a current Rotary Peace Fellow  will be our Keynote Speaker for the Peace Pavilion Dedication.  Wait until you hear her background, her accomplishments and what we know will be a very inspirational speech.
Dedication (8/11) Volunteers are needed.  Thank you to the many who signed up and more are needed.  Ian Wagner will send around lists again next week.
Holly Rogers did the honor of inducting our newest member, Liz Finegan.   Liz actually had three sponsors, Scott Marr, Alice Klauzer and Jim Moylan.   Liz is the Executive Director of the Healthcare Foundation of the Yampa Valley, is a former Rotarian in both the Ski Town Rotary (morning club) and in her former community of Jackson, WY.   Many of us already know Liz and we are very happy to welcome her into our club.
We had a special program to match our spectacular setting:  A “back by popular demand” concert by our very own talented Rotarians, Jeff Swoyer, Rick Bear, and Steve Hitchcock.   Thank you for adding greatly to the uplifting energy of our first Pavilion meeting.   And for helping us realize the Pavilion floor just may be made for dancing!
GOOD NEWS:  Thank you Steve Sehnert for doing Good News.  Ellen announced that she will ask our current Board Members to take on this weekly position and Steve graciously took on the task.
Good News: $210
Attendance: 50%
Program Next Week:  Tom Tudor  - who you heard in the spring speak about his experience as a sentry at the Tomb of the Unknowns.  His topic is “Who’s buried in Arlington National Cemetery." If he is half as interesting and knowledgeable on this subject as he was for his last talk, we are in for a treat!
And a reminder that next week is our new member lunch drawing – bring dollars!  See you then! 
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall, Club President


GREETERS:  Thank you to Jim Clark & Mark Fitzgerald for serving as our greeters.   We used a new method for introducing our Visiting Rotarians and Guests and it seemed to work better…will take a little getting used to.
Jim Moylan gave the last of his year-end awards:  Rotarian of the Month (June) to Lisa Schlictman for her exemplary work on our Rotary Action.  Thank you, Lisa!
Program Committee:  Steve Sehnert invited people to join the Program Committee meeting directly after today’s meeting.   With the help of Steve and the committee we are looking forward to an exciting, informative, inspirational and entertaining year of programs!  (Did I miss any important adjectives?)  
Membership Committee: The committee met last night (9 members) for a lively and productive meeting.  Best news:  Jim Nowak will be the Membership Chair for this year! Appreciation to Jim!
Peace Pavilion:  Ta-da!  We're done!  We have completed all the necessary work to be ready for the Dedication - August 11.  Thank you to John Holloway, who absolutely made our final push (and so much else) happen and to all who helped out on Sunday and during the past year to see this project to successful completion.   Come see for yourself at next week’s meeting (July 28th) Noon.   And, of course, we hope everyone can join us for the Dedication.  It promises to be all that we have envisioned!
New And Special Activity:  Eric Rabesa explained a new activity to be done each week.  It’s called a Steamboat Minute and the purpose is to help us get to know each other better.  Here’s how it will work:
Every week, two Rotarians (to be called upon in alphabetical order) will have their opportunity to give a 30 sec. “ad” about themselves.  This can be unabashedly about their business or personal activities or whatever that person wants to tell our club in 30 SECONDS.  When the 30 sec. timer goes off, speaker will have to stop!  Eric Rabesa and Alice Klauzer provided us with our first Steamboat Minute – divided by 30 sec. each.  It worked!!   So look forward to these each week!  
Lynaia South introduced our speaker:  Kelly Borgerding who recently returned from her exchange year in Mercedes, Argentina.   Kelly captivated us by her enthusiasm,  cultural insights and her gratitude for an amazing year.  We look forward to hearing about her future with Rotary and her quest for more international experiences.  Welcome home and thanks so much, Kelly! 
GOOD NEWS:  Thanks to Alice Klauzer for a fine job within the allotted time frame!
Lift up:  $34
Good News: $141
Attendance: Corrected to 50%
Second Reading:  Liz Finegan
Next Week:   Meeting at Peace Pavilion – noon; Box lunches
                        Special Concert
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall, Club President


Home Page News

GREETERS:  Thank you to Larry Carlson & Otis Wragg.    Otis introduced several visiting Rotarians and several guests who promised to return. 
ANNOUNCEMENTS:    Jim Moylan gave out a few additional awards to members not present for the Changing of the Guard:  Rotarians of the Month (June) to Tara Weaver for Ski Town Golf Classic and Kathy Elliott for Flower Barrels plus a Service Above Self plaque to Kathy for her 2014-15 Board service.     Thanks to Tara and Kathy for their contributions!  
Peace Pavilion:  John Holloway asked to have a final (or almost) work day on Sunday, July 19, stating at 9:00 and continuing throughout day.  Coffee and donuts in am; beer and beer, per John, in afternoon.  Come when you can!   
Greeters Sign-up:  Chris Stillwell announced he was passing around the sign-up for Greeters for next quarter.   We WILL figure out how to better transition to VolunteerSpot any day now…  
Ski Town Leftover Wine:  Tara Weaver sold two bottles of wine from Ski Town Golf Classic for a total of $200.  Well known wine connoisseur, Scott Marr, was the purchaser.  Thank you, Scott.   
Outgoing Exchange Student:  Maggie Larson thanked our club for sponsoring her forthcoming exchange to Argentina.  
Ellen Kendall introduced the 2015-16 Board of Directors, Jim Moylan, Steve Hitchcock, Jackie Brown, Randy Rudasics, Sharon Mensing, Erik Griepentrog, Brian Harvey, Steve Sehnert, Tara Weaver, Lynaia South, John Kuhn, and Eric Rabesa 
Ellen also described her goals and four areas of focus for the coming year.  Membership (100 members and 50% women; 50% men) Engagement, Programs and Technology.  More specifics to follow, based on data gathered at the meeting. She also dedicated her year as President to dear friend and “True Blue Rotarian,Michael Roberts.   
Ellen also facilitated some table discussions around the topics of Good News and Thought for the Day.   Thoughts and ideas were recorded and will be compiled and shared.  
GOOD NEWS:  Rushed but smoothly conducted by Dan BonnerThanks Dan! 
Good News: $105  
Attendance: 61 
First Reading:  Liz Finegan 
Respectfully submitted, 
Ellen Kendall, Club President 
GREETERS:  Thank you to John Holloway and Kristal Eckley.    Kristal introduced several visiting Rotarians and guests and we exchanged flags with the  Mariposa, CA club.  
JULY BIRTHDAYS:  A new birthday song was offered to:  Suzie Hawkins (11th), Cam Boyd (12th) Melissa Gibson and Bob Weinman (18th), Jeremy Behling and Mark Fitzgerald (24th) Steve Hitchcock (27th) David Lamb (29th) Kerry Shea (30th)
ANNOUNCEMENTS:    Jim Moylan gave out a few awards to members who were not at the Changing of the Guard last week:  Service Above Self  - Kristal Eckley ,Special Award -Angela Catterson  and a  A Special Recognition Rotary jacket to Tara Weaver.  Thanks to all for your great service this past year!
John Holloway updated us on the Peace Pavilion’s newest addition – a Zen Garden!   Thanks especially to the Wittlinger family whose garden was a model and to Caroline and Gavin (David’s children) who were exceptional workers!
Ski Town Golf Classic:  Jackie Brown announced final figures:  Net $28,000!
Congrats and thanks to the many who helped make this even a success! 
Thanks also went to:  Grant Fenton and John Centner for pulling together our Rotary 4th of July parade float – a great time was had by the many Rotarians and their families who joined us on the float or on the street distributing Powerice    (also thanks to Grant for that contribution!)  
Classification talk from Cheryl Krumrie.   Though she began by saying “she was sorry we had to listen to her life’s story,”  there was no need to apologize!  We enjoyed hearing about the history and incredible accomplishments of both Cheryl and her family.  We are happy to have you as our newest “official badge” member!
Year End Presentation by Exchange Student Seba Camargo.  Seba shared his experiences and photos from his year in Steamboat and across the country! He thanked the many Rotarians and host families who made his year so special and rewarding.   The club presented him with a Rod Hanna book, containing all our personal good-bye messages.  Seba was an outstanding exchange student who will be greatly missed!  
GOOD NEWS:  Thank you Scott Marr.  And a speedy recovery to PJ Wharton who lost his “fight” with a black angus yearling during a recent bike ride!   
Good News: $317.00
Attendance: 55%
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall,  Club President

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