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Dec 22, 2015
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Dec 29, 2015
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Korea and Rotary Int'l Conf in Seoul
Jan 26, 2016
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Home Page Stories
GREETERS:  Thanks to Rich Gloor and Liz Finegan for serving as greeters and to Liz for doing our introductions.  
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Ian Engle gave another of his usual meaningful TFD’s on “Gratitude.”  Steve Sehnert commented later he wished he had written them down.  Stayed tuned.
Holiday Community Tubing Party – Dec. 13th  4:00 – 7:00 pm:   Ian Engle, co-chair with Dillon Fulcher.    Ian announced the sign up sheet for volunteers will be passed around next week.   Again, need lots of folks for this one!
Agua Prieta:   Are you planning to go?   Let Kris Hammond know right away!  Plane flights being reserved but not too late to commit!  Dates are January 15 – 19th.
Holiday Club Party – December 15th at 5:00 pm at Vaquero’s (downstairs.)  Alice Klauzer passed around the sign-up sheet.   No noon meeting on the 15th!
Holly Rogers – Owner, Healthy Springs Colonics - Provides colon hydro-therapy for increased energy and to promote and maintain optimum health.  
Steve Hitchcock – Owner, Mountain States Business Brokers, specializing in main street and middle market business sales, leasing and business valuation and owner of Soda Creek Pizza and Zirkel Trading.    
ROTARY INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION  PRESENTATIONS  Congratulations to Cam Boyd for his Paul Harris + 3 award!  Cam reminded us of the impact of giving to the Foundation – and how little by little we can make something really impactful happen.
Congratulations to Dixie Coyle for receipt of a Benefactor award from the Rotary International Foundation’s Endowment.   Through her generous financial gift, Dixie honored her late husband, Chan Coyle who was one of our club's Past Presidents and a Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient.    Thank you, Dixie, for providing this meaningful legacy and for continuing to be a part of our Rotary family!
“Thanksgiving Rotary Soup” – To prepare:  Mix together a variety of Rotarians and stir in answers to several questions.   This fellowship program definitely enabled us to get to know each other better!   
Good News ($272) Thanks to Past President John Centner, who led us in a “Good News” full of gratitude, laughter and good cheer! 
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall, Club President


GREETERS:  Thanks to Tara Weaver and Paula Cooper Black for serving as greeters and to Tara for doing our introductions.  
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Mike Forney for doing a unique “Thought for the Day.”  It was all about us and the great things we have achieved.   Nice to be reminded:  We can all be inspired by the good our very own club does!
Holiday Community Tubing Party – Dec. 13th  4:00 – 7:00 pm:   Ian Engle, co-chair with Dillon Fulcher, announced that the first planning meeting had taken place.   This event has lots of moving parts and we will need many volunteers.   So please mark your calendars and give this date a priority.  We will need everyone who can possibly volunteer!  Remember, this is not a fundraiser but definitely a FUNraiser for our community!
Agua Prieta:  Cam Boyd urged members to consider going on this wonderful project trip to Agua Prieta, Mexico, January 15 – 19.  It looks like we have about 6 -10 Rotarians thinking about going.  And not too late to add yourself to the list.  Our goal is to need 3 vans! 
Holiday Club Party:  Alice Klauzer asked us to stay tuned.  Party first or second week in December; likely a Tuesday but no guarantee! 
PJ Wharton, President and CEO of Yampa Valley Bank, a locally owned bank, 2015  “Best of the Boat”  and known for “Genuine Hometown Banking” for people of Routt and Moffat counties.  And  Randy Rudasics,  Manager of Yampa Valley Entrepreneurship Center at CMC.  Mentoring for entrepreneurs, seminars and leasing office space for start-ups. 
Part One:  The 8th Annual Community Barbecue & Barn Dance raised nearly $25,000 with $5,000 going to our club charities, $1,000 to an international beneficiary and $18,627 going to our primary beneficiary, the Steamboat Boys and Girls Club.    Co-chairs, Carol Parish and Steve Sehnert thanked the Barn Dance Committee, our many sponsors and presented the beneficiary check to Dana Duran, Executive Director of the NW Colorado Boys and Girls Club.   Dana expressed her appreciation and reminded us of how the funds are used primarily for Boys and Girls Club leadership programs and how Rotary values are an integral part of that program.  Congratulations Carol, Steve and Barn Dance Committee!
Part Two:  Bill Cousins spoke on his most recent trip to India.  Bill stepped in to replace our scheduled speaker, who was unable to travel from Denver due to adverse weather conditions.  We thank Bill for his very interesting and informative talk.   He spoke about his experiences traveling on a cargo ship to Singapore and teaching English to students from the lowest social caste in India, the Dalits, in Hyderabad, a city of 3 – 4 million.  Though the caste system is now illegal in India, from Bill’s experience, it is still very much in evidence.  We ran short of time for adequate questions, so we shall have to have Bill back again.  Thank you for being our last minute hero, Bill!
Good News: Thanks to Board Member, Eric Rabesa  who did a very fast and good Good News!  Especially important to thank Steve Hitchcock who organized the Café Diva dinner (a great event!) and to congratulate Carol Parish on her engagement to Ken Johnson.
Good News:  $245   
Attendance:  58%
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall, Club President

GREETERS:  Thanks to Raymond Martinez, Eric Rabesa and Lynaia South  for being greeters and to Lynaia for doing our introductions - several guests, prospective members  and our “not really a guest anymore,” Visiting Rotarian, Lloyd Waldron, from Winter Park.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Marci Valicenti for her history of Veterans Day, for the honoring of our club Veterans and for her request that we each honor the Veterans in our lives during Good News.  What an important and impactful request  (see Good News below!)
BIRTHDAYS:   Our many November Birthday Rotarians:  Rich Gloor (3rd) Dillon Fulcher (4th), Marci Valicenti (5th), Steve Frasier (12th), Paula Cooper Black (13th) Lynaia South (14th) Karl Gills (20th) ,Scott Marr (20th) Rod Hanna (23rd), Grant Fenton (24th) Brad Price (25th) Debbie Aragon (29th) We were reminded by Kris Hammond as to why so many November birthdays  - Valentine’s Day!
Four Way Test:  A thank you for all those who participated in the “Four Way Test” in the Middle School, especially Gillian Morris who chaired this program (lots of behind the scenes work on this one) and Brian Harvey who did the “stage work” to engage the middle schoolers in this program.  A worthy program for sure!
Home HospitalityJackie Brown thanked our hosts for this new fellowship opportunity - Ray Martinez and Lynaia South, Karl Bunker, Kris Hammond, Jim Nowak, Jonathan Bishop, and Jim Steinberg.  Absolutely a great time was had and appreciated by all in each of the hosted homes.   “Let’s do it again” was the constant response!   So let’s!
Interact Club:  Lynaia South encouraged us to continue our support of the Interact Club by attending their meetings and especially to consider going on or financially supporting the Agua Prieta trip.
Community Holiday Tubing Party on Dec. 13th (4 – 7:00pm):  Ian Engle announced the first planning meeting – next Tuesday (17th) prior to the noon meeting  at 10:30.   This is a wonderful event and we need everyone’s participation.   Please mark your calendars for the event and come to the committee meeting to help with the organizing.
Program Committee Meeting:  Steve Sehnert asked,  “If you are interested in continuing our great programs for the upcoming year, come to a planning meeting after next week’s noon meeting –  Nov. 17th 1:30 – 2:30.
David Wittlinger, Steamboat Digital, Full service digital marketing agency and Erik Griepentrog, Founder, Landmark Consultants – a civil engineering firm for projects and investments, large and small.  
OCTOBER  STUDENT OF THE MONTH:  Dan Callahan introduced Noah Zedeck from Steamboat Mountain School as our Student of the Month.   Noah’s list of accomplishments and contributions to our community and the world clearly make him very deserving of this honor.  We congratulate Noah and his mother, Gina Zedeck and teacher, Joanne (Doc) Lasko,  who were able to attend the presentation to Noah.
Part one was a presentation by Anna Heidler, our exchange student from Dresden, Germany.   We learned about Anna’s country, city and family,  plus all the wonderful intentions she has for learning and growing during her time in Steamboat.   Thanks to Kathy and Brian Elliott for hosting Anna during her first 3 months!  Rotarians are continually encouraged to include Anna in any plans you may have - near or far.   She is an impressive and sweet young woman!
Part two, on the Rotary International Foundation, was presented by Scott Marr, Mike Forney and Grant Fenton.  Some highlights:
  • The Rotary Foundation is second in size only to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with a Top Rating Charity Navigator Award (2% administrative charges)
  • 50% of our member contributions are returned to the district and then our club for projects   (Peace Pavilion, Agua Prieta, Rotary Trail.  )  50% goes to a World Fund for matching grants for projects (Kenya water/school project)
  • Over the lifetime of our club we have given a total of $377,842.  This year’s goal is $9,090 plus the Presidential Citation (every member gives – no matter how large or small)
Most importantly, we recognized Jeff Swoyer for his Paul Harris plus 3 award and Jeff spoke very eloquently about the importance of contributing to the Foundation and what it has meant to him.  Thank you Jeff!   
And thanks to all who are currently contributing and those who will contribute or up their pledge.  Each club member in attendance received their own Rotary Foundation giving status.   That information will be available to other members who missed the meeting through Foundation Committee chairs, Scott Marr and Grant Fenton. As Rotarians we are highly encouraged to make annual contributions to the Rotary Foundation. The Foundation is, indeed, a unique and rewarding opportunity for each of us “to do good in the world” and to honor the legacy of Paul Harris.
Good News: Thanks to John Kuhn who did Good News, and because of many generous birthday contributions and Marci’s wonderful suggestion to honor our Veterans, “Good News”  was the highest for the year at $629!! 
Program Next Week:  Jim McGibney on Seoul Korea and International Convention.  Jim has a reputation for being a very interesting and dynamic speaker!
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall, Club President

Home Page News
           Click on the photo for more images . . .
        Click on picture to see more photos.
(Thanks to Steve Hitchcock, President Elect, for running the meeting last week.  And to all those who attended and participated!)  
GREETERS: Thanks to Dan Shields and Jim Steinberg for being greeters and to Jim for doing our introductions.   Sorry Jim, we are simply incapable of not clapping for each guest!
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Thanks John Kuhn for sharing some meaningful quotes from one of the first motivational speakers to gain national fame: Zig Ziglar! 
Thought for the Day:   Alice Klauzer passed around a sign-up sheet for members to volunteer for “Thought for the Day” and encouraged new members to do this item on their Good Beginnings Checklist.   We will try to use the new Club Runner method soon!   
Four Way Test in Middle School:  Gillian Morris reminded us that next week (Tues. Nov. 3 10:00 – 11:30) is our 4 – Way Test program for 8th graders at Steamboat Middle School.  This is a great opportunity to share Rotary with our youth in a very fun and enlightening way.  If you have never done this, you are missing out on something good!
Home HospitalityJackie Brown mentioned there are several openings for our Home Hospitality night on Wednesday – hopefully, everyone participated who wanted to.  Thanks to Jackie for organizing this.
Grants Committee:  Jeremy Behling announced a committee meeting and encouraged members to join this committee.   The meeting is Thursday (29th) 3:30 – 4:30 at Alpine Bank.  If you can’t attend, and want to join this committee, let Jeremy know.
Interact Club’s Visit to Denver Homeless Shelters:  Margaret Lichtenfels, Interact Club President,  thanked our club for our financial support ($300) and shared a few words on a successful Interact trip to a couple of Denver’s Homeless Shelters.   What Margaret didn’t say is that she gave up her spot so that some younger Interact students could participate on the trip.  Very “leader-like”, Margaret!  And thank you to Steve Frasier’s wife, Mischael, who stepped in and drove several students.  
The SituationJim Moylan announced the end of it.   And encouraged us to see his message sent by Club Runner and speak with him if any questions.   There was hearty applause upon his announcement!   Thank you for bringing us to the finish line, Jim!   
STEAMBOAT MINUTE:    (Actually 1 ½ minutes this time)
Ashley Kane,  Western Paper Distributors, sells not just toilet paper, but all cleaning and janitorial supplies.  Brian Harrington, Family Physician, Yampa Valley Medical Associates, specializing in family and internal medicine, and most proud of 4 children,  Tony Counts,  sells PowerICE and gave 30 second “rap” about the wonders of powerICE!  Thanks all!
ROTARIANS OF THE MONTH:  Congratulations to Carol Parish and Steve Sehnert, Co-chairs for the Barn Dance!   So much work and such a success!  Highest attendance and revenue numbers look outstanding too!  Thank you both for your excellent leadership and contributions.  
PROGRAM:  Thank you to Sharon Mensing for organizing a presentation by our RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) and Young RYLA students.  
Margaret Lichtenfels, Charlie Harrington (son of Brian Harrington) and Emi Constantini shared an overview of their week last summer at RYLA in Estes Park and their insightful learning's, praise and gratitude for their experiences.  
Elise Barbier and Allison Schlict (daughter of Suzanne Schlict) also shared their learning's and experiences with Young RYLA.  We learned that both RYLA and YRLA “change lives” and that clearly these students are wonderful ambassadors for Rotary and they are, indeed, our future leaders!  Thanks also to parents who attended our meeting: Tom Lichtenfels, Brian Harrington, and Mark Anderson (Mark’s son, Ben Anderson was not able to attend the meeting)  Congratulations on raising such amazing teenagers!
Good News: Thanks to Alice Klauzer who did her usual fun Good News!
Program Next Week:   Four Way Test at Middle School – 10:00 – 11:30   For questions, contact Gillian.  
Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Kendall, Club President
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