Welcome to the Rotary Club of Killeen Heights!

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Killeen Heights!

Killeen Heights

One Profits Most Who Serves Best

We meet Fridays at 7:00 AM
Courtyard Marriott
1721 E. Central Texas Expressway
Killeen, TX  76541
United States
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“What we do is touch other people . . . open the horizon to them . . . say ‘You matter.’  You see, the five men who chose me to become a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar are gone, but they’re not.  They never will be.  Because along the way, I will in my own way share with others - and have - what those five men and the 60 members of the Rotary Club of Marshall (Texas) and the tens of thousands of other members of Rotary did in 1956 when they said to me, ‘Bill Moyers, you can make a difference.’”
Bill Moyers, TV journalist and commentator, and former Deputy Director of the Peace Corps.

 Our first month of the new Rotary year is now behind us and we are moving quickly towards achieving our goals for the year!  A quick update on the Service projects committee…
 As you know we completed our first Ramp Project for a Killeen resident in need last month.  If you have not read the article written by the Killeen Daily Herald, please take a few minutes to do so—it is a powerful piece that truly shows how we made a difference in Mr. Garcia’s life by a simple gesture and giving a few hours on a Saturday.  Please feel free to share the article on social media to let others know what we are doing in the community.  This month we are building two ramps on August 27th and look forward to seeing you join us for a few hours and making an impact in someone’s life.  If you’re concerned about now knowing how to use a drill or hammer, there are other ways you can participate or you can even come out for the fellowship with great people.
Along with the two ramps being built this month, the Service Projects Committee will be finalizing the DAP Grant, signing an agreement to adopt a road/highway, and will be discussing volunteer efforts with the City of Killeen’s Community Services department.  We are looking for ways to continue making an impact in the Killeen Heights area and after meeting with the Community Services department, there are several opportunities to do just that.
If anyone is interested in joining me, I will be attending the City of Killeen’s Nonprofit Network Luncheon on Friday, August 19th from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  The luncheon will be held at the Killeen Community Center located at 2201 E. Veteran’s Memorial Blvd.
I greatly appreciate everyone’s help and support. Service Above Self! 

The good news is that there have only been 19 cases of wild poliovirus paralysis publicly reported this calendar year.  But with polio, for every two steps forward there seems to be one back.
In Nigeria, wild poliovirus type one has been detected from Borno state. Virus was isolated from two local government areas of Borno. Both cases are reported as ‘advanced notification’ this week and will be reflected in the official data next week. 
It is the first cases of wild poliovirus detected in Nigeria since July 2014. Genetic sequencing of the viruses suggest they are most closely linked to the strain of poliovirus last detected in Nigeria in 2011, indicating the strain has been circulating without detection since that time.
An outbreak response plan is currently being finalized, consisting of three large-scale supplementary immunization activities, the first one beginning within two weeks and subsequent rounds being conducted at short intervals (of between two to three weeks).
This is why RCKH is committed to supporting polio eradication until the job is done.

Rotarians have helped immunize more than 2.5 billion children against polio in 122 countries. For as little as $0.60, a child can be protected against this crippling disease for life.


End Polio Now


Rotary Foundation Centennial
To a young set of parents in Afghanistan, it was a life-saving immunization for their five-month-old son. To a woman with seven children in Malaysia, it was a loan to start a sewing business that enabled her to feed her children. To North Koreans, it was an ambulance that equipped a hospital to be able to take care of them. To thousands of college students in almost every country on earth, it was the chance to study abroad, with all expenses paid, and learn their educational specialty up close and personal.
Ask anyone who has been touched by The Rotary Foundation what it is and every answer will be different. Ask anyone who has been touched by The Rotary Foundation just how important it is, and every answer will be identical.
If you have an idea for a program, speak up! The calendar is filling fast:
StorybookAug. 5 - Nancy Phillips: Women's Storybook Project of Texas
It is an unfortunate fact that Texas has the nation's largest prison population. The unavoidable fallout is women and mothers of young children are a growing portion of the ranks. The problem is close to home with at least 1,600 members of Texas' female prison population  housed in Gatesville, alone.
Founded in 2003, speaker Nancy Phillips will outline how the Women's Storybook Project of Texas is attempting to mitigate the repercussions for the children.
With the motto "Turning Pages, Turning Lives," the project builds relationships between incarcerated mothers and their children via recorded readings by the mothers that are then presented by volunteers to the children and their caregivers. The goal is simple: Reassure the children that they have a loving mother despite the separation, maintain the bonding process - and yes, perhaps make one small step to ensure the family's prison cycle is not repeated.
Our speaker's presentation will end with a short, but powerful video showing its impact on the mothers, their children, the caregivers - and the volunteers.
Aug. 12 - KISD Coaches: 2016 Pigskin Preview
The district's four coaches return to the Killeen Heights Rotary Club to offer a preview into what they have in store for this year's district and Highway 190 corridor quest for pigskin triumph!
Aug. 19 - U.S. Rep. Roger Williams, R-Austin: 25th District Congressional Update
Representing Texas District 25 in Washington, Mr. Williams also serves on the House Financial Services Committee, which has jurisdiction over issues pertaining to the economy, the banking system, housing, insurance and securities and exchanges. Additionally, the Committee has jurisdiction over monetary policy, international finance, international monetary organizations and efforts to combat terrorist financing.
Simply put, if you are in banking, have a 401(k) or waded through the mortgage market since 2008, you will have encountered the era of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Enacted in the wake of the financial and housing meltdown, the measure has led to a whole new world. It doesn't get any closer to home than the roof over your head and the security of the country in which it is housed. Please join us for a truly important congressional update.
Aug. 26 - Maj. Gen. John C Thomson III: First Cavalry Division
The colors will have been cased the previous day and once again the famed First Cavalry is set to deploy to Bagram Airfield in eastern Afghanistan where it will replace the 10th Mountain Division headquarters, which has served as the planning leader for U.S. Forces-Afghanistan since November. The latest First Cavalry deployment is expected to last about 12 months, with the Fort Hood troop presence growing to about 1,500. Maj. Gen. John C. Thomson III, who assumed the division helm in January, will take on the role of U.S. deputy commanding general for support in Afghanistan. The rotation follows an announcement last month by the White House that it will leave 8,400 American troops in Afghanistan, essentially halting its draw down of the 14-year war that the president had pledged to end on his watch.
September program lineup:
Retired Gen. JD Thurman; KISD Superintendent John Craft, Killeen Interim City Manager Ann Farris.

The concept of giving to others or “Service Above  Self” greatly appealed to me as a new member.  This is not a new concept as growing up in a military family we were taught to give back to those less fortunate or going through hard times!  No finer truth was ever told as it was evident  during our first wheel chair ramp build a few weeks ago! 
During the construction of the ramp the Killeen Daily Herald was on site writing an article on this project.  The reporter was intrigued to learn that the ramp was being built through the efforts of several groups not exclusively related to Rotary!!!   This in itself is a rewarding feeling to know many can come together and give back in a great way!  As the reporter was finishing her interview she had one last question to ask and that was WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!  Believe it or not the question took me by surprise!  I don’t know why but I never gave it much thought as to why we would be working on a Saturday!   I responded back saying God has blessed each one of us here today and due to his blessing we MUST give back! 
I guess now days there is always a gimmick or alternative reason for being nice or giving someone something for no other reason than it is the right thing to do!  But the more I gave it thought we do receive something as I tell my daughter don’t give until it hurts but GIVE UNTIL YOU CAN’T FEEL ANY BETTER!   I believe this is the tradition that inspired the founders of ROTARY!  
So yes we lived in real time that day “Services Above Self”
Thank You For Your Service!!!
Bill Webster

In the early 20th century, polio was one of the most feared diseases in industrialized countries, paralysing hundreds of thousands of children every year. Soon after the introduction of effective vaccines in the 1950s and 1960s however, polio was brought under control and practically eliminated as a public health problem in these countries. 

It took somewhat longer for polio to be recognized as a major problem in developing countries. Lameness surveys during the 1970s revealed that the disease was also prevalent in developing countries. As a result, during the 1970s routine immunization was introduced worldwide as part of national immunization programmes, helping to control the disease in many developing countries. 
Rotary night at the ballpark
Don't miss this chance to watch a little baseball and socialize with Rotarians around the district! 
Round Rock Express vs. Nashville Sounds
Monday, August 8, 2016
Game Time @ 7:05pm
$1 Hot Dogs & $1 Soda Night
Order Deadline: Monday, August 1, 2016
Contact Leah McGee for more information!

Most of the time, we raise money for The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund because that’s the vehicle by which, three years later, we get back a substantial amount of money to do amazing projects in our local community.  We are going to do that again this year.
But, in honor of The Rotary Foundation’s 100th Anniversary, we want you to also consider leaving a permanent legacy by becoming a Bequest Society member.  The neat thing is that it does not require that you send in any money now.


The 30th Birthday Celebration of the Rotary Club of Killeen Heights was held at the Marriott Courtyard and attended by members, family, and friends.  Ron Burton, Rotary International President from 2013-2014, joined in the celebration and encouraged all members to continue to meet the challenges of helping those less fortunate throughout the world.
The celebration was a wonderful opportunity for fun and fellowship in addition to conducting some Rotary business.  The 2015-2016 new officers and directors who were in attendance were installed.  Out-going president Jose Segarra smiled on knowing he was turning over the reigns and his last duty as President was done.  New major donors Jim and Ikuko Bondi, and Pete Taylor, LTG, U.S.Army (Ret), were recognized.  Joe Maines received the 2014-2015 Rotarian of the Year.
In-coming President Mike Keefe was enthusiastic about the upcoming year.  He shared his experience in Mexico with the club’s water project that moved him from being a member of Rotary to a true Rotarian.  It looks to be another great year as we move forward to the next 30 years. 
For more pictures of the celebration, visit: https://www.facebook.com/killeen.heightsrotary?ref=hl
The Rotary Club of Killeen Heights presented scholarships to six outstanding local high school seniors on May 28. 2015/16 Scholarship RecipientsPictured, left to right, are: Rutha Miller, Ellison High School, recipient of the Dan Bray scholarship of $2,500. Rutha will attend Central Texas College for two years and transfer to University of Mary Hardin Baylor; Hannah Duke, Pathways High School, recipient of a $1,000 scholarship, will attend Central Texas College; Jesse Ranthum, Harker Heights High School, recipient of a $500 scholarship, will attend Hardin-Simmons University; Yarixza River, Shoemaker High School, recipient of the $1,500 Jerry Johnson scholarship, will attend Sam Houston State University on a track scholarship; and Juniper LeValley, Harker Heights High School, recipient of a $500 scholarship, will attend Texas A&M University. Not pictured, Veronica Dessus, Ellison High School, recipient of a $500 scholarship, will attend Central Texas College.


Thirteen members of our club enjoyed all or part of last weekend at the District 5870 District Conference at La Torretta Resort on Lake Conroe. In addition to great food, fellowship and location several of your fellow members were honored.  Stu McLennan was presented the 2013-2014 District Foundation  Service Award and James Bondi was awarded the District 5870 RI Roll of Fame. Maureen Adams and Hilde Arnold reprised their roles in a lunchtime murder mystery, this time joined by Dave Hall. Your CTC Rotaract Club received a Rotaract Presidential Citation, and oiur club received 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club Award, and a Rotary Club Presidential Citation with Distinction.

Two members of our Killeen neighbor clubs also received recognition, including Ken Adams of the noon club received the Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service and Tom Mahlowski of the Killeen Evening club received the Rotary Vocational Service Award.

Several of your fellow club members worked behind the scenes or gave presentations at the event, including John Crutchfield, Ann Farris and Gene Silverblatt. And of course, our District Governor Rich Kaye was the mastermind behind it all!



The Do’s and Don’t of Attendance and Make-ups

Do come to our regularly scheduled meetings at the Shilo because that is the fastest and best way to be marked ‘present’ on the attendance.

Don’t be afraid that the world will come to an end if you miss a meeting because we allow you to make-up a missing meeting 14 days and 14 days after. You can plan to take a vacation and not miss a beat with Rotary!

Do strive for perfect attendance because there are many great Rotarians you will join.

Don’t think the world will come to an end if you don’t have perfect attendance by the end of the year because there are many great Rotarians you will join.

Do state your name as you walk by me to be absolutely positive that I have marked present.

Don’t just walk in and assume that someone noticed you because that may not be the case.

Do pick up the right name badge unless of course you want to be known as someone else for the day but you must make sure the other person takes your name badge so you can both be marked present.

Don’t assume that I know your complete name because there are 120 of you and only one of me so I sometimes get confused. The husband and wife teams, Passman, Browning, Kaye are not bad but the Griffins, Taylors, 4 Richards and 2 Jones sometimes can be a challenge.   I never get confused with Bubba because he always stands in front of my face and announces, “Hello, my name is Bubba”.

Do check Club Runner at least twice per month to make sure your attendance is where it needs to be and look around while you are there. There are many interesting projects happening.

Don’t stress if you receive the ‘we missed you at the meeting’ email because I send those out to everyone, not picking on anyone specifically.

And finally, Do know that there are many, many ways to make up a missed meeting. A Rotary activity such as RI Convention, Committee Meeting, Board Meeting, New Member Orientation Meeting, Rotaract Meeting, Monthly Socials are just some examples of how you can bring balance back into your world and maintain your perfect attendance.

If all else fails and you run out of time, you can always sit back in the comfort of your home and log into Club Runner, go to Club Links and then to Online Meeting Make-Ups-Rotary, eClub Online. Spend 30 minutes reading or watching a video and then click to submit a make-up. It’s that simple! 

See ya at the next meeting!

Your Secretary



This weekend (24-25 August), Jose Segarra, Michael Keefe, and Jim Bondi traveled to Brownsville, TX and teamed up with our partner club, Rotary Club of Matamoros Profesional. It was an amazing visit! With everyone's support, it was truly a wonderful example of "Peace Through Service" and one that we will never forget.



You can now view your account balance and pay your bill online.  Statements/invoices will still only be sent out on a monthly basis, but online balances will be updated weekly by end of day Friday.  Instructions are below.  If you have any questions, please contact the treasurer at khrdues@yahoo.com.

The week of September 5th brought a great deal of destruction to Bell County. Unexpected storms wrecked homes, private property, and local businesses. Steve and Mary Hanik were personally affected when flood waters filled their Salado home up to their second floor.
Every Friday we get together for breakfast and fellowship with people in our community. For Rotarians new and seasoned, it is easy to forget that we are also part of an international organization.

We ask you to consider a gift to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International to honor or remember someone special and let your gift build a bridge of hope for those less fortunate all around the world. Your generosity will also provide food for a hungry child, clean water for an entire village, medicines for the sick, and thousands of other good works in our global community.