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H.E. Mr. Gholam Ali Khoshroo

Ambassador Khoshroor is the highest-ranking Iranian government official in the United States. Furthermore, that this may be the first time that such a high-level Iranian government official met with Rotarians.

The Ambassador's visit is a very significant event because Rotarians believe that an open and free society welcomes and encourages civic-minded individuals to pool their talents in improving their local community, their country, and even the world. There are no Rotary Clubs in Iran. However, for the Ambassador to accept our invitation, the Iranian government is recognizing the value of organizations similar to that of Rotary's role in civic society.

There are more than 1.3 million Rotarians, in more than 200 countries and territories, Yet there are a few countries where civic-society organizations are not encouraged, and may even be illegal. There are no Rotary Clubs, for example, in North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Syria, Saudi Arabia, to name a few. In contrast, the United States has over 7,000 clubs, India has over 2,000 clubs, and The Philippines has over 700 clubs, for example. Even the Russian Federation has allowed the chartering of a number of Rotary Clubs* since the 1990's.

We assured our guest speaker that our meetings are off-the-record, so keeping that in mind, here is only a brief summary of the issues that were discussed:
  • The pain caused to the Iranian people of the recently lifted, world-wide sanctions. The sanctions are something that many Iranians are still angry about, especially when many could not get medicine or life-saving medical equipment because of these sanctions.
  • A detailed analysis of U.S. and Iranian relations especially with the one year old "Nuclear Agreement" and he stated that Iran is in full-compliance with the agreement, and many U.S. and Israeli analysts also agree.
  • The relationship between Iran and Western countries should be strengthened in order to work together on some of our common problems, such as Syria, Yemen, extreme Islamic terrorism, and ISIS.
  • The recent lifting of sanctions enables Iran to become an active member of the international business community once again. Since his country is the second largest producer of oil, Iran's oil will be once again sold on the world market. Iran has more students earning engineering degrees than the United States does and his country is very much prepared to produce this oil.
Ambassador Khoshroo answered many of the questions submitted to him in a thoughtful, and often times humorous way. He gave many of the attendees a lot to think about, and he made many friends. One thing we can conclude is that no one left the meeting thinking the same about Iran / U.S. relations. Perhaps that is why he accepted our invitation and to have a dialog with private citizens, and find areas of agreement!
Matts Ingemanson was honored with a certificate for his outstanding work in connection with this event and the International Breakfasts in general. A very special thanks goes out to our fine member Kay Ghachem for initiating this connection with the Iranian Ambassador.
Summer Holiday - July 28 - no Meeting
The Rotary Club of New York will not hold it's regular meeting on Jul 28 so we can all enjoy a summer break.



Connect with Others - Create Relationships
Isaac Rodriguez, CEO of Provident Loan Society, will be our speaker this day. He will share with us insights from his presentation "What Business People Can Learn From Improv."
Summer Holiday - Aug 11- no Meeting
The Rotary Club of New York will not be holding it's regular meeting on Aug 11 so we can all enjoy a summer break.

Installation Begins a New Year
During our Jul 14 Luncheon, which also marked the beginning of RCNY's 107th year, the Board of Officers, Directors and Trustees honored the Installation of President Can Erbilgin as well as it's own mandate to serve.

Rotary Club of New York Honored
Rotary International has awarded RCNY (as only 1 of 2 of the 44 District 7230 Clubs) a Presidential Citation for 2016. The award is presented to Clubs whose activities make Rotary measureably and demonstrably stronger, more effective at delivering service, and more widely known and respected by the general public. Shown with the citation are President Jan Brown and PDG David DelMonte.

Our respected member and guest speaker was presented with his Paul Harris Pin during the May 5 luncheon for a most generous donation of $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation. Thanks for all you do, Larry. A true Rotarian.

Check out the video of Larry's talk, "Bridges to Prosperity."

Annual Entries Now Available
As our members may recall from past years, RCNY has once again obtained guaranteed entries to the Nov 6, 2011 NYC Marathon. If you know anyone that is interested in running the Marathon under the Team NY Rotary colors please refer them to our now-open website www.teamnyrotary.org where four entries are still available. Fundraising will be done through Crowdrise but the steps are listed on the site. For questions kindly contact Andreas Runggatscher at ny.rotary@verizon.net or 212.633.1311.

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