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Welcome to our Club!


Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 6:15 PM
Milos Restaurant
5877 Main Street
Williamsville, NY  14221
United States
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4 Way Test:  
Invocation :  
Fine Master:  
50/50 Ticket Sales  
Visiting Rotarians:  
Gary Skalyo  
Steve Dyson  
Joseph Catherine  
Paul Banas / Mike Prinzback  
Kevin O'Donnel  
50/50 Ace of Hearts Ticket Sales and Balance: Starting Balance: $1918.00 Today's Collection: $114.00 Ending Balance: $ 2032.00. Roger Gross pulled the 8 of diamonds and donated it back to the club.
Greg Berwick of Beach Tuyn Funeral Home gave his classification talk today. He shared with the club his experiences in this profession, how he got involved and what life in this business is all about. While our view of a family in this business may somewhat be tainted by HBO's six feet under series, Greg's talk focused on what truly is the essence of being part of such a service oriented industry and its impact on the individuals and families that at some point in their life interact with Greg and his team.
Announcements and other Business:
  • Speaker schedule is filling up and we have some spots in September still so please keep the speakers coming.
  • Wings Flight of Hope is doing their annual fund raiser on August 1. Please attend if you can. Gary has two tickets available if anybody would like use them.
  • Ed's team has done a great job on Glen Park clean up. We need to find some donations (either through the town or others) for some materials for filling parts of areas where the gravel has deteriorated. There is also the issue of getting some color into rotary park as it more green now then colorful. Vicky provided some thoughts on that.
  • Golf tournament committee is still looking for golfers. Please contact Joe Fiorella for this. If you cannot golf and just want to join for the dinner, then please do so. Please provide some baskets for the raffle and give aways.
  • Richard gave an update on the car show preparations. A roster of duty will be coming out shortly. Several hundreds of flyers have been distributed by Ron and his team of volunteers from the Boys and Girls Club of Buffalo.
  • Richard will need help with transporting the food. Tony volunteered with his truck and time to help out with the transportation needs.
  • Next week the District Governor is coming. Please try to attend.
The meeting concluded at 7:30 p.m.
Next Week's Speaker: Kevin Crosby. District Governor's Visit.
We Missed You: Ronald Axelrod,  Mary Biddle-Wildman, Mike Burns, Bob Chur, John Crawford, Tim Henderson, Doug Littlewood, Bruce Lucsok, Jim Rumsey, Michael Sirianno.
4 Way Test:  
Invocation :  
Fine Master:  
50/50 Ticket Sales  
Visiting Rotarians:  
Gary Skalyo  
Vern Anderson  
Joe Fiorella  
Paul Banas  
Kevin O'Donnel  
50/50 Ace of Hearts Ticket Sales and Balance: Starting Balance: $1834.00 Today's Collection: $84.00 Ending Balance: $ 1918.00. Ron Prazmark pulled the 10 of spades and donated it back to the club.
Anne Harvey, an Attorney from Australia was today's speaker. Anne was sponsored as an Inbound Exchange Student by our Club in 1970. She is visiting Buffalo to attend the 45th School Reunion of the 1970 Class in Amherst CHS. It is also the 85th Anniversary of Amherst High School's Opening. Anne spoke about her experiences as a rotary youth exchange student coming to America from Australia.  The trip through memory lane and the emotional journey she had living with the hosting families had the audience riveted. She shared some of the experiences during 1960's and 1970's as seen through the eyes of a young student coming to America from Australia and reminisced about the relationships developed as part of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.
Ana Belloso a Rotary Youth Exchange student from Spain gave a short synopsis of her experiences about her first visit as part of our clubs youth exchange student 3 years ago.
Announcements and other Business:
  • Roger requested all club members to bring in calendars for our speaker on August 21. The speaker will be from Peace Prints who help prisoners resume their lives in communities and provide re-entry services.
  • Vern shared the flag sent to our club by a visiting rotarian from Keuruu, Finland
  • There were several happy, missed pins, name tags and phone ringing fines.
  • Ed gave an update on the rotary park cleanup for the upcoming events at the park.
  • Gary encouraged all club members to attend the meeting on August 3rd when the district governor will be visiting our club.
The meeting concluded at 7:40 p.m.
Next Week's Speaker: Greg Berwick will give his classification talk.
We Missed You: Ronald Axelrod, Kathy Behan, , Mary Biddle-Wildman, Mike Burns, Joseph Catherine, John Crawford, Kevin Flint, Tim Henderson, Bob Klien, Carrie Leed, Bruce Lucsok, Norman Mattar, Mike Prinzbach, Ed Rath, Jim Rumsey.
4 Way Test:  
Invocation :  
Fine Master:  
50/50 Ticket Sales  
Visiting Rotarians:  
Gary Skalyo  
Kevin O'Donnel  
Roger Gross  
Joe Fiorella / Mike Prinzbach  
Saira Hasnain  
Harold R.  
Peter and Teresa (RYLA participants)  
50/50 Ace of Hearts Ticket Sales and Balance: Starting Balance: $1733.00 Today's Collection: $101.00 Ending Balance: $ 1834.00. Mike Burns pulled the 3 of clubs and donated it back to the club.
Lynn Tranchell, Life Mastery Consultant,  was the speaker for this evening . She has been a member of Unity of Buffalo for more than 15 years. She is a former Board president, has served on the Board for eight years, and been an important steadying influence for Unity of Buffalo during times of transition. Lynn talk focused on techniques and strategies for taking action in the pursuit of ones dreams.
Peter and Teresa spoke of their experiences in the RYLA program and how it has impacted them going forward.
  • Ron Axelrod spoke about how the Rochester Rotary Club sponsors visits to the Sunshine Camp for kids and recommended that the Williamsville club look at similar opportunities and also visit the camp to see its merits.
  • Marlene asked if club members could connect her up with other club members. She is looking for increasing the donation for her grant from $3000 to $10000. This will allow the grant to have the potential of getting $30000 for the school project that she is championing.
  • Kevin O'Donnell has accepted the treasurer position on the board.
  • All club members are encouraged to participate in Every Rotarian Every Year.
  • Richard gave an update on the car show preparation
  • Doug mentioned that we are short on speakers and all members are encouraged to participate. Schedule is empty September onwards.
  • District Governor's visit is on August 3rd. All members are encouraged to attend the meeting that day.
The meeting concluded at 7:40 p.m.
We Missed You: Paul Banas, Greg Berwick, Mary Biddle-Wildman, Tony Cangialosi, John Crawford, Stehen Dyson, Tim Henderson, Bob Klien, Carrie Leed, Ron Prazmark, Ed Rath, Jim Rumsey.

Ron Papa is President of National Fire Adjusters,Inc. He earned the prestigious designation of Senior Professional Public Adjuster. He is accredited by the National Association Of Public Adjusters ( NAPIA), of which he is Past President.  He was named Person of the Year by NAPIA in 1996 for outstanding leadership. He is a 1974 graduate of Niagara University.

Ron Papa spoke about his company, National Fire Adjusters, Inc. NFA  adjusters represent those who have sustained an insured loss. They handle every detail of the claim.working closely with the insured to provide the most equitable and prompt settlement possible. NFA inspects the loss site immediately, analyzes damages, assembles claim support data, reviews the insureds coverage, determines current replacement costs and exclusively serves the client. They work for the insured, not the insurance company.



This week’s speaker (March 16, 2015) was Phyllis DePronio of the Buffalo & Erie County Workforce Development, Inc.

Phyllis DePronio began her career at the Buffalo & Erie County Workforce Development Consortium in 1999 as a Support Aide, moving into an IT position and most recently into the Business Service Department, marketing WDC services to local businesses.

The Business Services Division of the Buffalo and Erie County Workforce Development Consortium (WDC) offers a wide range of employer services designed to assist you in developing and maintaining a highly skilled and competitive workforce. These services are funded through your tax dollars and are made available to you at no cost.

She is a retiree of the New York Air Force Air National Guard located in Niagara Falls, and is a graduate from Buffalo State College with a Masters in Adult Education.



  As America's Premier Health Advocate Dr. Derek Alessi's core belief is that health and fitness are not a result of gimmicks, hype or the latest butt buster. Instead they are achieved by understanding the physiological complexities of the body and the synergistic role that the right kinds of exercise along with supportive nutrition can play in unlocking the healthy body that is inside every one of us. Concerned with the shape of today's youth, Dr. Alessi is now conducting seminars for concerned parents who would like to know more about the complexities of helping their children lead a healthy life in today's challengeing environment. He has also opened a private practiced called Alessi Fitness for Kids that works with children between the ages of 5-13 and their parents.



Cecilie is the  Williamsville Rotary Club's Exchange student from Denmark and she covered several topics during her PowerPoint presentation: 

·         Denmark’s geography and population

·         The four seasons in Denmark

·         Typical Danish foods

·         Her family, house, and neighborhood

·         Denmark as a welfare state—many services; taxes at 50+%

·         Her spare time activities: soccer and handball

·         Danish Christmas

·         Her first four weeks in the US 





Program: Mr. Joel Kanick, President & CEO of Kanick And Company. Mr. Joe Raymond, VP of Sales, Kanick and Company.

Joel Kanick was one of the first HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) certified professionals in the eastern U.S.   He is the primary architect and developer of interfaceMD Custom EMR Solutions (electronic medical records), which was built to match the present and future framework of the Federal and State health care legislation.

Mr. Kanick is a graduate of Canisius College with a B.A. in Information Systems. He has a 20-year professional career in the computing services industry, having held positions in project management, network administration, application development, and business consulting.   Mr. Kanick has also been active as volunteer coach for the Southline Little League (baseball).

 Medical records belong to patients. They must be given to patients at a nominal charge in a timely fashion.  Healthy-Link, funded by NY State and Federal grants along with insurance companies, is building a network that will allow doctors, facilities, etc. to share patient information electronically. This will help doctors using different electronic medical record (“EMR”) systems to communicate.

 Dentists, long-term care facilities, and private practitioners use different EMR systems. Same for the various federal agencies. For example, the VA has a system that cover veterans only, and that system is over 20 years old.

 Many doctors rushed out to purchase EMR’s when the requirement to move to electronic records was first established because there was a financial incentive, in the form of reimbursement grants, to do so. Many are unhappy with those systems and are replacing them. 20% of doctors have no EMR system.



Guest Speaker  Mr. Kevin Crouse, District Governor 7090, 2013-14


Kevin was a charter member of the Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club, where he served As Club President in 1995-96. He is currently a member of the Brantford Sunrise Rotary Club.

At the District level, Kevin served for six years as the New Generations Director of Youth Services and Chair of the SLAPSHOT Committee. A four- time Paul Harris Fellow, Kevin created, administered and conducted the SLAPSHOT program, a program for 14 — 18 year-olds that has been sold out every year since its inception 8 years ago.

Kevin has served as a teacher, coach and administrator at the elementary and secondary levels for 35 years, developed a variety of teacher resources as Resource Development Director for two provincial organizations, won the Mr. Ontario and Mr. Canada titles, wrote a book on Food and Fitness for the Forty Plus, and currently lives in Brantford with the love of his wife, Rebecca. They have four children and five grandchildren.

Kevin has three university degrees — a Bachelor of Arts in English and Math from Wilfred Laurier University, a Bachelor of Physical Education, and a Master of Science in Teaching from McMaster University.

In his remarks, Governor Crouse emphasized youth and the many Rotary activities directed at them. The District Conference will dedicate a significant portion of its agenda to youth. He discussed his vision for “Engage Rotary/ Change Lives” and what it means. He offered his plan of action as outlined in a bookmark that he distributed. The challenges of maintaining and growing membership were acknowledged.

Michael Sirianno summed up last year’s fundraising effort and presented to District Governor Crouse one check in the amount of $2,000 toward Polio Plus and another check in the amount of $1,500 for Rotary International Foundation .


Tonight's (07.15.2013) speaker, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, came to the U.S. in 1985 to work at the Somalia Embassy in Washington, DC.  When civil war broke out in Somalia in 1991, Mr. Mohamed remained in the U.S. and earned a BA in History and an MA in Political Science from the State University of New York at Buffalo.  After serving in various government jobs in WNY, including as the Civil Rights Compliance Specialist with the NYS Department of Transportation, Mr. Mohamed was recruited by then Somali President Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed as Prime Minister of Somalia on October 14, 2010.  What happened next is an up-lifting story of national devotion, the harsh reality of poverty and drought on the African continent, and the politics of rebuilding a severed nation-state


 Tonight's (07.22.2013) speaker is motivational speaker Nancy Rizzo.

Nancy Rizzo works with clients who are ready to start living the life they create in their heads but never take any action to get there. We take all those ideas, plans, best intentions, & endless conversations & finally get there more effectively, faster, & with fewer struggles than if you go it alone. It's time to stop that tug-of-war! You don't have to get stuck or settle, you just have to make another choice

Honors & Awards: Book: Contributing Author in Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women Vol III launched August 28, 2012 on Amazon. Awarded Best Sellers Listings in Eight (8) Categories including Hot New Releases, Motivational Self Help, and Personal Transformation. Nancy's Contribution: Trust: A New Way To Navigate shares her journey in paralyzing fear and leaping faith as she launched her coaching practice when everyone was asking, "What's a life coach?!?" You will learn the formula she created to keep her going and how to bring trust into your life. ABWA Ambassador Award 2012 (American Business Women's Association)

Organizations: New York State Women , Inc. Secretary 2012-2014 - ABWA American Business Women's Association - Canisius College Women In Business WIN - NAWBO National Association of Women Business Owners - Women in Business in Buffalo Mixers - The Heartlink Group, Lockport Chapter - Women On The Rise in WNY



Guest Speaker:  Our speaker tonight was former New Englander Dr. Stephen L. Dyson. Dr. Dyson is the Park Professor and Distinguished Professor of Roman History and Archeology, Roman Italy and Western Empire Archeological History and Theory at the State University of New York at Buffalo.


Dr. Dyson has a Diploma in Classical Archeology from Oxford and both an M.A. and a Ph.D. from Yale. From Middlefield, Conn., he taught at Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT) from 1963 to 1991 and has been on faculty at SUNY-AB ever since.


He and his wife, Pauline, live in a late Federal period style 1840’s home in the Village of Williamsville, which was built by a carpenter for his family.


Dr. Dyson spoke on "Age, Sex and Status: The View from the Roman Rotary Club." He provided a picture of entrepreneurial activity and small business that largely supported the entire Roman economy. Dr. Dyson also gave examples of how slaves were able to obtain their freedom and become prosperous and, often, citizens of Rome.


The Comptroller is the independent fiscal watchdog, elected by the residents of Erie County. The comptroller does not report to either the County Executive or the Legislature. However, the Comptroller does provide an independent source of financial information to all branches of government and the public . 

The Office of Comptroller is comprised of 3 divisions: Administration, Accounting, and Audit and Control.

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Iwan Mychajliw (“Me-Hi-Lou”) is the son of Polish and Ukrainian immigrants, the youngest of 7children, who grew up in blue-collar beginnings near the corner of William and Fillmore on the east side of Buffalo.

Comptroller Mychajliw’s father and paternal grandparents were born in the Ukraine and came to America in 1965.  They settled in the Broadway-Fillmore section of the city.  The nucleus of the neighborhood is the Broadway Market and numerous Catholic churches, including Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church (Fillmore and Oneida) where Mychajliw was baptized.

While attending Buffalo Public School Bilingual Academy #33 and the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts High School, Mychajliw spent his youth at the Babcock Boys and Girls Club and Seneca-Babcock Community Center.

He has a lengthy career looking into the interests of taxpayers, following his education at Syracuse University, in his role as an investigative journalist at WKBW-TV and WGRZ-TV in Buffalo.  His award-winning investigative reports uncovered cases of fraud, waste, and abuse in Erie County government that led to government reforms that better served taxpayers.

To lead by example, Comptroller Mychajliw’s 1st hard hitting review was of his own department: the Office of Erie County Comptroller.  The top to bottom review revealed troubling inefficiencies.  Numerous reforms were implemented to re-organize and create effective efficiencies, which included hiring a CPA to lead the Audit Division for the first time since 1986.

Mychajliw was elected Erie County Comptroller in November 2012.  He is the proud father of a 7-year-old daughter, a 2nd-grade student.  Mychajliw is 39-years old.


Amherst Town Justice Geoffrey Klien shared his career experiences with the group. Judge Klein progress walked the audience through his journey into Marine Corps, State Trooper, Law School and eventually in the role as Amherst Town judge. The audience asked various questions about the type and volume of cases handled by the department through its drug court, veterans court, gambling and other court cases. Judge Klien indicated that his success relied heavily on the team of excellent staff that worked with him.



This week’s speaker was Saira Hasnain from University at Buffalo. The focus of her presentation was Information Technology Infrastructure specifically as it pertains to higher education. The presentation included some facts and figures about UB’s computing infrastructure and services supported by the infrastructure team of the Computing and Information Technology division at UB. As an introduction Saira summarized her education and career journey both prior to and since migrating to USA. Informational video clips about the role of technology in our life and the challenges facing IT leaders in higher education included the following:

Did you know?

Did you know with a higher education slant:

Educause Top 10 IT issues 2014:



Scott Hunt, President of Jack Hunt Coin Brokers, Inc.    Scott explained that the  Family business was started in 1968 in his parents second floor office. “Through 1979, our business was primarily a wholesale numismatic operation. In 1980, emphasis shifted to bullion, coins and scrap precious metals. Since then, Jack Hunt Coin Broker, Inc. has bought and sold over 35 million troy ounces of silver, gold and platinum. We have developed our reputation in the scrap and bullion business through an emphasis on fast and honest service. This diligent effort has enabled us to become one of the top scrap purchasers and bullion wholesale distributors in the United States. Since the spring of 1987, Jack Hunt Coins has been a United States Mint authorized purchaser of US Silver Eagle Coins. One of the major building blocks in the development of our reputation is our financial strength. Years of successful business have allowed us to develop a strong financial base. Jack Hunt Coin Broker, Inc. is a member of The American Numismatic Association (ANA) , Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA), and several other national and regional industry organizations.”   [This paragraph copied from the About US section of the Jack Hunt website. ].



Bob Klein was inducted into the Williamsville Rotary Club on Monday November 14, 2014. Bob is a Sales (Associate Broker) at Hunt Real Estate. Some of his past experience in service clubs and organizations are:

  •  Variety Club of Buffalo; Past board member, Treasurer.
  • Jewish Center of Greater Buffalo, Board Member.
  • Institute of Management Accounts board member, Past President.
  • Solar Liberty Foundation, Treasurer.

We welcome Bob to our club.



  • Wings-Flights of Hope was founded by Joe DeMarco
  • Joe was a co-pilot with Dr. D’Angelo and mason contractor by profession. Once he saw the impact of these flights it was a turnaround moment for him and he gave up his contracting business to focus on wings.
  • Wings is run by donations and volunteer pilots.
  • Wings has two planes (one courtesy of Ingram Micro) and some of the pilots have their own planes.
Service is the lifeblood of any organization. Everything flows from it, and is nourished by it.


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