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The Littleton Sunrise Rotary Club responded to a citizen in need by helping him comply with local fire and health department requirements.  Our citizen needed help moving the contents of his former video store into a storage facility.  Five members of the Sunrise club and the Littleton noon club assisted in moving a large inventory of video store materials and shelving from a one room apartment into storage.  The job took 5 hours of hard work, but allowed our citizen to safely remain in his home.  


Several members and friends of the Littleton Sunrise Rotary club helped delivery Christmas gift baskets of food and essentials to elderly residents in need this weekend as part of Interfaith's annual program.  Gift baskets were very appreciated by the recipients and it was a great opportunity for us to volunteer and help out our less fortunate neighbors.  


We successfully completed the 7th Annual Brad Bradford Rubber Duck race in August as part of Western Welcome Week in Littleton.  Over 300 kids and adults attended the race and numerous cash and local sponsor prizes were awarded.  This year we teamed with three chapters of Beta Sigma Phi to broaden our ticket sales.  Once again we would like to recognize our generous sponsors for their donations:

Arapahoe Community College

Bradford Auto Body

Key Bank

Ben Bridge Jewelers

Wright Group

American Family Insurance

Ann Mather Realtor

Mogg Associates


 The Rotary Club of Highlands Ranch Satellite (formerly Littleton Sunrise) will be Selling Peaches and Pears again from the Western Slope for delivery on Saturday, August 23, 2013  Please mark your calendars. The checks for the entire total must be received by August 16, 2014. The new order flyer will be available by July 23, 2014.

Delivery will be Saturday, August 23, 2014 between 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM in the south parking lot of Arapahoe Community College just north of the gas station.

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 Membership Questions please call the Membership Co-Chairperson, Earl Hasz, at 303-908-7285

Program Questions please email the Program Chairperson, Linda Blackstone, at

 The Littleton Sunrise Rotary Club dropped off more than 1,250 books to Damon Runyon Elementary School in Littleton last week as part of a combined effort with parents to provide more availability of reading materials for the 3rd grade classes. Our club was able to obtain copyrights to the books and raise funds to cover the printing costs.  A special thanks to Bryan Mogg for his leadership on this project!
In memory of former member Jim Brammer's dedication to international service, the Littleton Sunrise Rotary Club has participated in nine micro finance loans through Kiva.  These loans are designed to provide financing to small businesses throughout the world that would not otherwise be able to receive loans and grow their businesses.  Our loans support entrepreneurs in countries including Bolivia, Ecuador, Togo, Congo and Iraq.  With additional funding from other Kiva members throughout the world, we have been able to create significant business opportunities in these countries.  Our Rotary club expects to continue funding these and other businesses for years to come.
Bryan Mogg has been working for several months to help Runyon Elementary School in Littleton improve its access to more school books.  For a small annual fee, Runyon is able to print its own copies of school books for its teachers and students use.  This is a very cost effective way of providing more reading material when the printing cost is shared by parents and our Rotary club.  The printing project will cost a total of $1200+.   Our club has committed to provide $500 in matching funds to the elementary school to complete the project.  The books, when printed and ready for distribution, will carry the 4-Way Test and the Club's name and web address inside the front cover.  Good job Bryan!
Linda Blackstone was recently inducted by District Governor Mike Klingbiel as the newest member of the Littleton Sunrise Rotary Club.  Linda has been a Rotarian in Casper, WY for 17 years and has transferred to Littleton.  She currently works as a Director, Network Services, with  Century Link in Littleton.  She is responsible for Engineering and Construction for Denver/Northern Colorado.  Linda has been active in various projects and looks forward to being a member of the Sunrise club.  Linda’s husband Robert is a geologist with Cameco Resources.  They have  two sons.  Michael is a geologist for Ultra Petroleum, and Brian is a geologist for Chevron.
Many compassionate Rotarians have asked how they can help with the High Park Fire.  


Our experience with the Conifer fire a few months ago showed us the best way we can be of immediate help is with funds that can go to those that have just lost everything. The monetary donations can go for clothes, food, all essentials, and food for their animals.

 IT IS a year since the last case of polio was diagnosed in India.
Recent successes in India’s relentless effort to eradicate polio are raising hopes that the goal is in sight. The incidence of the disease is at a record low, with only one case reported in 2011, as of 1 March, and just 42 in all of 2010. That compares with 741 cases the year before.
On September 28, 2010, we partnered with a charity and Rotary Club to donate $8,400 worth of books to the Columbine Public Library.

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Alumni award winners turn heads with unique accomplishments
Maya Ajmera founded the Global Fund for Children in 1993 to provide seed money to community-based organizations that help at-risk children across the world. Since then, GFC has awarded more than $32 million in grants to over 600 organizations in 80 countries, improving the lives of millions of children – from educating AIDS orphans in Uganda to conducting so-called curbside classrooms for waste pickers in Cambodia. "Education is the key to getting human beings out of poverty," says Ajmera, whose studies at St. Xavier's College in Mumbai were sponsored by the Rotary Club of China Lake in...
Paralympian Dennis Ogbe defying paralysis
Dennis Ogbe grips the discus in his right hand. He swings his arm and twists at the waist as far to the right as he can. With one move he snaps back, letting the saucer fly. Upper-body strength is important for any discus thrower, but for Ogbe, a Paralympian, it’s everything. At age three, Ogbe contracted malaria, and while receiving treatment at a clinic near his home in rural Nigeria, he became infected with the poliovirus. Paralyzed from the waist down, he was sent home in the arms of his mother. He credits his physical rehabilitation to a harsh form of therapy – the taunts of the other...
Moving doctor’s office rescues women from breast cancer
In Tamil Nadu, India, two doctors, both members of the Rotary Club of Srirangam, discovered an alarming trend in the remote city outskirts of Trichy, women dying of breast cancer. Drs. K. Govindaraj and K.N. Srinivasan knew that much of the death and suffering could be avoided, and both were motivated by their personal experiences with the disease. Govindaraj watched his mother die of breast cancer a decade earlier, and helped found the Dr. K. Shantha Breast Cancer Foundation in her memory.  Srinivasan, an oncologist, witnessed unprecedented growth in the number of younger patients coming to...
Writer and war widow Artis Henderson finds peace through Rotary
In the first month of my stay in Dakar, Senegal, as a Rotary Scholar, a friend gave me a piece of helpful advice. “Buy a wedding ring,” she said. I had already learned that as a young American woman in a Muslim country, I attracted a certain kind of attention. But a ring? My friend nodded. “That way everyone will leave you alone.” With my thumb I felt for the empty space on my left ring finger -- a place that, even now, I sometimes touch and worry where my ring has gone. I removed my wedding band on the one-year anniversary of my marriage, eight months after my husband, Miles, was killed in...
Peace fellow Ali Reza Eshraghi on today’s Iran
Iranian-born journalist Ali Reza Eshraghi, 35, is the Iran project manager at the Institute for War and Peace Reporting and a teaching fellow in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After working as an editor at several Tehran newspapers – all of which were eventually banned or shut down by the government – he became a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, and met Pate Thomson and Mary Alice Rathbun, of the Rotary Club of Berkeley. In 2012, he completed his studies as a Rotary Peace Fellow at the Duke-UNC Rotary...

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Today, there are only three countries where the poliovirus still exists: Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Fewer than 250 polio cases were reported worldwide in 2012, which is a 99% reduction since the 1980s, when the world saw about 1,000 cases per day. If we don't stay the course, experts say polio could rebound 



It’s now been a full year since we launched Challenge21’s first expedition – the Rwenzori. In that time, through climbs on Stanley, Orizaba, Everest, and Kenya, we’ve raised nearly $210,000, or 10%, of our $2.1 million goal for Water For People. And, we’ve impassioned hundreds of thousands worldwide, making them aware of the global water and sanitation crises, and the innovative, long-lasting solutions of Water For People. 
Since the March earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Rotary Youth Exchange officers around the world have worked tirelessly with their partners to ensure the safety of exchange students in the affected regions.
Beginning in July, The Rotarian will bring you the same print content you’ve enjoyed for years -- in paperless form. If you switch to digital, a link to the new issue will be delivered to your e-mail inbox each month from Zinio , the world’s largest digital newsstand.


It is very easy to give to the Rotary International Foundation. Whether you want to give to the Annual Programs Fund, or the Polio Plus fund, it is a click away. You can make a contribution to the Rotary International Foundation by clicking here.
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To celebrate "100 Years of Rotary in Colorado," the Rotary Club of Denver, Colorado, USA, working with other Rotary clubs in the state, helped obtain a $100 million stimulus grant from the U.S. government to bring low-cost, high-speed Internet to the entire state.
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