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Welcome to our Club Website!

Our motto is "Service Above Self"

We meet Tuesdays at 6:30 AM
Ponderosa Restaurant
715 Railroad Avenue
Dolores, CO  81323
United States
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Rotary Meeting Notes

January 10, 2017


Pledge: Denis Boon

Prayer: Dan Jones

Question of the Day: Snow Driving Stories


Attendees:  Paul Bilger, Charley Miller, Lloyd Calvert, Denis Boon, Mark Tucker, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Chris Trussler, Tom Seymour, Dan Jones, Ed Merritt, and Levi Brown;


Guests: Rebecca Goslin and Shannon Wells, SWOS Health Services; John Tavera, and Susan Lisak newly located prospective members - Susan was pre-med, then a resort manager in Sedona

Jon has a lot of family here in the Dolores area.  He retired out of the power plant industry.  He has subbed in Dolores Schools!! :); and Cameron Elder, Dolores HS Junior.


Commodities Report: Was wonderful… Not a big turn out, b/c of weather.  Have leftovers that we are trying to give away.  


All wreaths haven been taken down and stored by Larry A.


Pistol Raffle Discussion:  CA resident does not qualify to receive gun raffle… Denis and Charley will research the new laws and find an answer and report back.  We still need to track down beneficiaries of the raffle.  Folks believe that RYLA, Imagination Library, and Scholarships are the beneficiaries ($1,550 ea.), and that confirmation is likely in one of the May 2016 meeting notes.


Dolores Rotary Foundation Secretary of State Renewal



Shannon Wells and Rebecca Goslin: School Based Health Care:

Clinic in place for 19 yrs @ SWOS; 5 employees providing integrated health care.

Collaboration with Dolores Schools

Grant funded

Planning on a clinic up here in Dolores.

SWOS needs to grow their student service base.

Service ages 2-21 for free

Provide well child checks; clinic has 1,500 visits annually; really fills a community need via health care, but also early intervention for other problems

Applying for a planning grant (feasibility study, including facilty needs) that would include Dolores ($25,000)

Asking Rotary for a letter of support.

Scott will draft a letter of support for Rotary and Chamber

It passes!


Cameron Elder, Dolores HS:

Hugh O’Brian Leadership Camp -  a summer camp that grows youth leadership skills.  She is asking for $500 donation to help fund her attendance at the June 22-25, 2017 camp to be held at the DU campus in  Denver.  “JOY” i.e. Just Own You is a program developed by Cameron to promote student self confidence.  She will need to receive the funds by the end of the month.  


Cameron is involved in volleyball, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and many other sports and clubs on campus.


The Club will make a decision next month.

Chamber Announcements:

Today at 9:00am, ribbon cutting with the Yoga House

We have partnering with Cortez and Mancos Chambers to collaborate on tourism.  Join all three and receive 25% off.


9:00am today at the Courthouse all Montezuma County elected officials will be sworn in.  


BINGO: 1/31/17 at 6:30pm at the Community Center. Destination Imagination is the beneficiary.


Chris Trussler: Student of the QTR:  1st and 2nd QTR students will come to future mtgs.

Present: David Johnson VFW, Bob Sanders DAV, Cody Gregory, Mrs. Gregory, Chris Trusler, Scott Cooper, Darwin Cooper, Rocky Moss, Lou Ann Jacobsen, Ed Merritt Jr., Deanna Truelsen, Vic Vieira, Dennis Boone, Paul Bilger, Andrew Schaffer, Dave Sanford, Allan Burnside, Mark Tucker, Elijah Brown, Tom Seymour, Charley Miller, and Larry Archibeque.
Pledge: Chris Trusler
Prayer: Dave Sanford
1) Thanks to all who helped the commodity distribution a success.
2) Question of the day was to identify the most important event in American History?
3) Chamber Banquet to be held on April 16, 2016.
4) The DAV received a check from Rotary in the amount of $1070.00.
5) A discussion will be held in an upcoming meeting on the possibility of raffling half a beef or a pistol or both.
6) Chris reminded everyone that the bike race this year has been changed to include a 5K fun run, a 50 mile endurance ride, in conjunction with our normal bike race. Members were also informed that prize money had been cut in half to approximately twelve hundred dollars.
7) Bob Sanders and David Johnson gave a short presentation.
8) Bingo on March 29. 1970 is for Dolores Greater Action, which will assist Dolores Riverfest.
9) March 29, 2016 will also include a bike race committee meeting at 6:30 a.m. @ the Ponderosa.
10) Meeting adjourned by Chris Trusler. 
Present: Darwin Cooper, Scott Cooper, Dave Sanford, Ed Merritt Jr., Melinda Green, Lou Ann Jacobsen, Andrew Schafer, Elijah Brown, Dennis Boon, Ruby Gonzalez, Vic Veiera, Allan Burnside, Deanna Truelsen, Dana Hill, Shawna Valdez, Mark Tucker, Dan Jones, Shannon Livick, Chris Trusler, Rocky Moss, and Larry Archibeque.
Pledge: Chris Trusler
Prayer: Dave Sanford
1) Question of the day, "In what sports did you participate in high school?"
2) Commodities this Saturday at the Dolores Fire Station, approximately 74 cases of product.
3) Bingo was able to raise for the Disabled American Veterans approximately $1070.00 and approximately sixty people attended.
4) Dave Sanford has commenced the RYLA process for this year.
5) Andrew Schafer and Elijah Brown were formally initiated into Dolores Rotary, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
6) The following were recommendations directed towards the Escalante Bike Race for 2016. Motions were made, seconded, and passed.
    a. Escalante activities for 2016 will have it's normal bike race with the additions of a 5k fun run, and 50 mile endurance bike ride.
    b. Registration fees will be the following for the fun run ten dollars per individual, twenty dollars per family, bike race registration, pre-registration forty dollars per individual, and day of     registration will be fifty dollars per individual. 
    c. Prize money will be cut in half i.e. this year twenty four hundred dollars was awarded and next year only twelve hundred dollars would be awarded.
7) Other bike discussion items were: recruiting volunteers, bandannas for 5k runners, course development for both bike races and fun run, a realignment of categories for participants in the     bike races. 
8) Meeting adjourned by Chris Trusler. 
Present: Elijah Brown, Rocky Moss, Mark Tucker, Chris Trusler, Scott Cooper, Lou Ann Jacobsen Ball, Deanna Truelsen, Steve Maxwell, Dennis Boone, Dave Sanford, Allan Burnside, Paul Bilger, Ed Merritt Jr., and Larry Archibeque.
Pledge: Chris Trusler
Prayer: Dave Sanford
1) Question of the day, "What was the favorite gift of this past Christmas Season."
2) Commodities this weekend, product should be at the fire house hopefully by 6:45 a.m. Lights will be taken down next week sometime arranging with Empire Electric. District dues are being paid this month.
3) Thank you letters were received from the Dolores Fire Department and Galloping Goose.
4. Eddie Chung from Durango will be making a report to the club on March 8, 2016.
5) Recipient of the bingo raffle on January 26, 2016 will be Dolores PTO.
6) Recipient of the bingo raffle on February 23, 2016 will be Disabled American Veterans.
7) Our games manager had his license expire, process underway to renew and hopefully everything moves forward as best we can. 
8) Pistol raffle recipients were Dolores Spirit Club, Dolores Football, and Rotary Foundation (RYLA) and each recipient received $1,849.00, AWESOME!!!!!!!!
9) Dolores Schools would like recognize Dolores Rotary for all their contributions at a home basketball game.
10) Angela Horvath would like to speak at a future meeting about Teen Maze.
11) Dani Gregory will be invited to speak about this summer's run and bike race.
12) Meeting adjourned by Chris Trusler.
Present: Andrew Schaeffer, Chris Trusler, Tom Seymour, Val Truelsen, Charlley Miller, Deanna Truelsen, Mark Tucker, Paul Bilger, Mike Frazier, Elijah Brown, and Larry Archibeque.
Pledge: Chris Trusler
Prayer: Larry Archibeque
1) Question of the day by Tom Seymour was to identify most famous movie star male and female, athlete, dancer, singer, etc. 
3) We would like to introduce a new member joining our merry group, WELCOME ANDREW SCHAEFFER, WATCH OUT FOR ED MERRITT JR.!!!
4) Mike Frazier is also considering joining our club, you would be most welcomed.
5) Thank you letters were received from Dolores Elementary, some letters were shared for there use of the dictionaries. SPEAKING OF DICTIONARIES, WE ALL HOPE AND PRAY YOU ARE WELL DAVE SANFORD, WE MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6) February 6, 2016 is the next scheduled commodity distribution, please plan on assisting, thanks. 
7) Mark Tucker reported that Dolores Food Market would be interested in sponsoring a good portion of the Escalante Bike T- shirts.
8) Chris Trusler reported that the club will commence making plans for the Escalante Bike Race in the near future.
9) Val Truelsen, the Mayor, gave a "State of Dolores" presentation, thanks Val!!!!!!!!!!
10) Meeting adjourned by Chris Trusler. 
Members Present: Dewayne and Mary Ann Findley, Deanna Truelsen, Ruby Gonzalez, Tom Seymour, Scott Cooper, Charlie Powell, Dana Hill, Paul Bilger, Laurel Rematore, Chris Trusler, Charley Miller, Vic Vieira, Dan Jones, Dave Sanford, Denis Boon, Steve Maxwell, Ed Merritt Jr., Elijah Brown, Allan Burnside, Linda Burnside, Rocky Moss, Ross Wright, Jim Reser, and Larry Archibeque. Also included were spouses, friends, guests, and other members of the Rotary Family. 
Pledge: Chris Trusler
Prayer: Dan Jones
1) Question of the day was to identify a favorite childhood Christmas present.
2) A motion was passed to donate " The Question of the Day," and an additional collection of which that money would be donated to a charity of Laurel Rematore's choosing. Money was chosen to be donated to The Bridge Emergency Shelter and Habitat for Humanity of Montezuma County. Money was to be divided equally in which each charity is to receive a check in the amount of $155.00. Thanks Laurel and thanks members for being so generous. [Laurel says thanks too!]
3) Dave Sanford and Chris Trusler presented Laurel Rematore some parting gifts as she moves on to Tennessee.
4) The following is the order of upcoming Presidents for the club, Denis Boon, 2017 President Elect is Scott Cooper, and 2018 President Elect is Rocky Moss. 
5) Winners of the Raffle are the following: Kimber Pistol - Charles Hill, backup drawing designee to the pistol is E. Vesely of Flagstaff, Arizona, and winner of the second prize of $300.00  is Randy Bouet. Congratulations to all!!! An update of tickets sold and amount raised will be announce at the next business meeting.
6) Announcement that a Commodity Change has taken place for the time being and length of time unknown. Pickup time for commodities at the fairgrounds is 6:15 a.m., plan to arrive at the Dolores Fire Station by 6:50 a.m. table will be set up and begin to distribute boxes as quickly as we possibly can and plan to be out by8:00 a.m. or shorty thereafter. It is currently my understanding that this time may change. 
7) Commodity Distribution Dates acquired thus far for 2016 are: January 9thFebruary 6thMarch 5thApril 2ndMay 14th (May get rescheduled if there if a conflict to the 21st), and June 4th
8) A Group photo was taken of all club members.
9) Thanks to the Ponderosa for the wonderful meal, and thanks to all for the great fellowship shared by all, Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

The Rotary Club of Dolores' 17th annual mountain bike race was staged successfully on Saturday, August 8, 2015, despite torrential rain the night before the race. Congratulations to Expert Overall Mens champion Erich McAlister (2:03:55) and Womens champion Sofia Gomez Villafone (2:26:15), and Single Speed Overall Mens repeat victor Kirby Bryant (2:06:48) and Womens repeat winner Amie Bryant (2:50:35)! The full race results are posted on the right-hand side our home page in the "Downloads" section.

We thank all 91 cyclists for coming out to participate in this race. Your race registration fees support our club's many local, regional, and international service projects and programs. We also thank the many volunteers who turned out to help put on this race. We are very grateful for our sponsors support as well, because this race could not happen without their important contributions. Our 2015 sponsors include:

Kokopelli Bike & Board

The Valley Inn, Mancos

Vista Grande Inn, Cortez 

Town of Dolores

Tuffy Security Products

The Dolores State Bank

Vectra Bank 

Riverfront Bar & Grill

Johnson Physical Therapy

Empire Electric Cooperative


Colorado Land Title Co.

Lizardhead Cyclery

Montezuma Habitat for Humanity Sales Store

Mesa Verde Museum Association

Dolores Fire Protection District

Dolores School District RE-4A

First National Bank of Cortez

New Country Auto Center

Dolores Medical Center

Comfort Air Mechanical

Ponderosa Restaurant

Charley's Barber Shop

Dolores Food Market

Aspen Wall Wood

1st Southwest Bank

Kelly McCabe PC

Dolores Liquors

Sophia Retreat


Liquid Assets

Will Furse DA

Money Wizard

Corky's Plumbing

Viva! Salon & Spa

Bru's House of Color

Montezuma Water Co.

William G Rainer Jr., MD

Jarvis Insurance Services

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Dolores General Store, Inc.

Royal Order of Rogue Bulls

Four Corners Financial LLC

Disabled American Veterans

Gonzales Construction Company

Johnson Memorial United Methodist Church




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