Speaker Date Topic
Robert McLaughlin, Col. (Ret.) United States Army Oct 09, 2015
Mt Carmel Center Of Excellence - A Beacon of Support for Veterans Wellness & Transition Services

Mt Carmel Center of Excellence website:


Andy Vick, Executive Director, COPPeR Oct 16, 2015
October is Arts Month. The art scene in the Pikes Peak Region.

With an introduction by the renowned and retired elementary school principal, Judy Casey.  

COPPeR is the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region.

COPPeR's website: 


Nonprofit Day Oct 23, 2015
Nonprofit Topic of Choice Day

Kathleen Saltmarsh-Voss is organizing the program for this meeting.  Thank you, Kathleen!

Poet Laureat of Colorado Joseph Hutchison Oct 30, 2015
Role of a Poet in Today's Society/Readings from the work of Joseph Hutchison

Mr. Hutchison was appointed the State of Colorado's Poet Laureat by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper in 2014.  He is Colorado's 8th Poet Laureate.  He will serve in that capacity until 2018.  He teaches at the University of Denver's University College, where he currently directs two programs:  Arts & Culture and Global Affairs.  He has published 17 books.  His poem "Ode to Something" was recently published in the Welsh journal The Lampeter Review.

Here is a link to an article written in the Denver Post about Joseph:


And a link to Joseph's website:



Namrita Singh Nov 06, 2015
Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar presentation (currently studying in the Ukraine)

The wonderful Laurel McLeod with be introducing Namrita Singh at our meeting.

Lou Mellini, Vice President, 94.3 KILO 103.9 RXP Nov 13, 2015
Stories and Lessons Learned from a Career in the Biz of Rock N' Roll
Isaac Ring Nov 20, 2015
Gratitude: Being Thankful
Thanksgiving Day/Black Friday Shopping Nov 27, 2015
Eagles v. Lions. Prediction: a resounding Lions victory.

Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 26th.  

Richard Harwood Dec 04, 2015
The Egyptian Expedition - University of Arizona. Fieldwork in the Valley of the Kings.

Mr. Harwood is a member of our Rotary Club.

The University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition (UAEE) was instituted in 1988 as a nonprofit scholarly entity. The UAEE is committed to ongoing excavation, research, and conservation work in Egyptian archaeology. The Expedition's focal area of research has traditionally been the Valley of the Kings and ancient Thebes, around modern Luxor, Egypt.

For further information, check out their website:


Club Assemby Dec 11, 2015
Club Holiday Party Dec 18, 2015
Santa Claus Dec 25, 2015
Were you Naughy? Or, were you Nice? You will find out today.
Baby New Year Jan 01, 2016
Happy New Year!
Consul General of Japan Makoto Ito Jan 29, 2016
Japanese & US business relations

The following is a link to Consul General of Japan Makoto Ito Greeting:


Rotary World Understanding and Peace Luncheon Feb 05, 2016
The Rotary goal of fostering the understanding of cultures and world peace.
Consul General of Canada Marcy Grossman Feb 12, 2016
Canada and US business relations

The following link will take you to further information, including a bio, on Consul General of Canada March Grossman:



Walt Hecox, Professor Emeritus of Economics, CC Mar 04, 2016
What our "Mountain" means to our economy: The value of tourism in the Pikes Peak Region

Walt Hecox is the Professor Emeritus of Economics at Colorado College.

Walter E. Hecox specializes in courses and research related to regional resource, sustainable development and ecological economics questions.

The following link will take you to further information on the career of Professor Hecox: