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Contact Info
Rotary Club of Oakland
1736 Franklin Street, Suite 200
Oakland, CA 94612

Telephone: 510-451-2120

Executive Director:
Pat Williams, ext. 10
This is where business meets community service. Oakland Rotary brings together a large and diverse group of civic, business, government and professional leaders with a common interest in service, networking and fellowship.
What's Happening in Oakland Rotary
High Adventure and Economic Develop are collaborating to bring  a tour of San Quentin to the members of Rotary.
Oakland Rotary KinderPrep has collaborated with the Rainin Foundation for 3 years to scale up evidence based learning programs.  Last year Rainin funded the majority of our summer book give-away.  Rainin just released a report (available by clicking this link) showing huge gains in school readiness for students in their SEEDS of Learning program.  Five key skills needed to be ready for Kindergarten were mastered by 91% to 99% of children.  KinderPrep is proud to be a small part of this success.

At our August 11th meeting , Past President Lorna Padia Markus welcomed the transitional kindergarten teachers who were visiting us. Peter Sherris, KinderPrep Committee Chair introduced them to the attendees and gave them sunflower bouquets.  He told us that many Oakland Rotarians have supported KinderPrep over the past year, which meant that we Rotarians reached over 1000 students.   We had 19 volunteers in the classroom and 140 event volunteers.
Our KinderPrep Committee provided funding (from  a combination of ORE-designated funds and other sources) to support the following:
$11,700 to OUSD to purchase Foss science kits for classrooms use.
15,000 to ProArts to help operate the KinderPrep-founded TK Arts integration in 13 classrooms one hour per week for 18 weeks.
$15,000 in Lakeshore Learning gift cards for 45 teachers to purchase
whatever she or he needed for the classroom
$18,000 to take 941 students on a field trip to either Fairyland, the Oakland Zoo or Chabot Space and Science Center
$15,000 to give TK students books for summer reading.
Natalie Tran, an Oakland TK teacher, shared  how she used the funds from Rotary to enrich the classroom experience of her students. Peter thanked many people and organizations that have supported the KinderPrep program, including Jim Bell, Bank of Marin (courtesy of Pat Young and recently retired Greg Grassi), City National Bank (courtesy of Matt Ching),the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, Lakeshore Learning and Philanthropic Ventures.


Oakland Rotary Volunteers Make KinderPrep Zoo field trip a success

On April 26, 2016 eleven buses each holding 70 students and chaperones descended on the Oakland Zoo.  Twenty three Oakland Rotary volunteers escorted them to and around the grounds and served lunch.  The weather was gorgeous and a great time was had by all.  The hardest working folks were the goats in the contact area who had their busiest day ever.  Thanks to Oakland Rotarian and Zoo docent  Michael Bruck for helping keep them on their feet.  

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We meet Thursdays at 12:10 PM
California Ballroom (2nd floor)
1736 Franklin St.
Oakland, CA  94612-3423
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