Sally Cowal - American Cancer Society
Dec 08, 2016
Cervical Cancer
Komal Ahmad
Dec 15, 2016
Hunger is the World's Dumbest Problem
Jordan Medina
Jan 05, 2017
UBER comes to Oakland
Darren Virassammy COO - 34 Strong, Inc.
Jan 19, 2017
Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Contact Info
Rotary Club of Oakland
1736 Franklin Street, Suite 200
Oakland, CA 94612

Telephone: 510-451-2120

Executive Director:
Pat Williams, ext. 10
This is where business meets community service. Oakland Rotary brings together a large and diverse group of civic, business, government and professional leaders with a common interest in service, networking and fellowship.
What's Happening in Oakland Rotary

Requesting that members who participated and planned trip provide a preferred times in December,

either mornings or evenings, when best to get together to discuss trip. 


This meeting will be open to all once date and time set.  



Reflections on the trip

Appropriate ways to respond towards the Prison Press contribution request 

Rotarian International Magazine - Oakland #3 Article and Editorial effort

Mark your calendars to attend our January 5th meeting. Not only will we celebrate the new year with a guest speaker from soon-to-be-neighbor Uber, but we will vote on updating the Club’s constitution and bylaws. This vote requires in-person participation by at least one-third of our members, so please commit to come to Rotary on January 5th.
At the Dec. 1 meeting, Past District Governor and Past President Ed Jellen will tell us about the proposed changes. To prepare, please review the following documents that can be found at the lower left-hand corner of this page:
  1. Proposed new Constitution
  2. Clean copy of the proposed updated Bylaws
  3. Redlined copy of the proposed updated Bylaws, and
  4. Answers to Basic Questions. 
If you have questions, contact Ed at edjellen@gmail.com
Oakland Rotary KinderPrep has collaborated with the Rainin Foundation for 3 years to scale up evidence based learning programs.  Last year Rainin funded the majority of our summer book give-away.  Rainin just released a report (available by clicking this link) showing huge gains in school readiness for students in their SEEDS of Learning program.  Five key skills needed to be ready for Kindergarten were mastered by 91% to 99% of children.  KinderPrep is proud to be a small part of this success.
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We meet Thursdays at 12:10 PM
California Ballroom (2nd floor)
1736 Franklin St.
Oakland, CA  94612-3423
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