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We meet Thursdays at 11:30 AM
SaddleBrooke 1 Country Club
64500 E. SaddleBrooke Blvd.
Agave Lounge
Tucson, AZ  85739
United States
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Week of September 25th
Sep 25, 2016

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Sep 29, 2016
Christopher Zambakari
RI Peace Fellows
Oct 06, 2016
Kate Jensen, CEO
Meeting at SB Ranch
Oct 13, 2016
Ken Marich
Medical Ultrasound
Oct 20, 2016
Lockwood Carlson
Oct 27, 2016
4-Way Speech Contest
Oracle School
Nov 03, 2016
Tom Flood
Surgical Volunteers of America
Nov 10, 2016
Emerson Knowles
Veteran's Day Lunch
Nov 24, 2016
No Meeting
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  • Stephen Skinner
    September 12
  • Cammy Moore
    September 13
  • Mark Miller
    September 21
  • Tom Simester
    September 23
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  • Ritha May
    September 7
  • Fran Lowy
    September 9
  • Melissa Witt
    September 20
  • Janet
    September 27
  • Lois Dylewski
    September 30
  • Cody Wilkinson
    Amy Wilkinson
    September 1
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    Wendy Guyton
    September 4
  • Wendy Guyton
    Joe Guyton
    September 4
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    September 13
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    September 19
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    September 22
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SaddleBrooke Rotary Club
Rotary News & Guest Presenters
Jay McCall has been successful in recruiting new members as he has started new clubs in District 5500.  Jay started Dove Mountain Rotary Club 10 years ago and it continues to thrive.  He also started Foothills Rotary and Presidio Rotary Downtown where he is a member today.  Mr. McCall stresses that the keys to Rotary Club survival are Leadership and Membership.  The two are intertwined.  

District Governor Sheryl Christianson welcomed to SBRC by President Joe Guyton, Doug May & Neil Deppe
Steve Skinner inducted as new member to SBRC [Rotarian since 1965] by President Joe Guyton and District Governor Sheryl Christianson
pictures by Fred Lowy




Norm Beasley, former President and Honorary Member of Saddlebrooke Rotary, shows us the Big Band Era with his trombone and Willie Nelson performs some County Music for us.


Doug May Welcome Kade Creviston.  Kade is an Investigator with the Arizona Department of Agriculture.  He spoke to us about the importance of the Weights and Measures Services Division in making sure we receive the proper of gasoline at the pump and food in the produce and meat divisions in the grocery store.


George Corrigan and Joe Guyton welcome Denmark Exchange Student, Oliver Sorgenfrey.
   Who says summer is slow in Tucson?  Not for Saddlebrooke Rotary Club.  We have a new Exchange Student from Fredericksburg Denmark.  Oliver Sorgenfrey is 15 years old and will be a student at CDO.  His host family, Katherine Martinez-Wells and daughter Vivian, live in Oro Valley.  Vivian is a student at Pima Community College.  Oliver is an avid soccer player and looks forward to competing on the CDO team.  He arrived in Arizona on July 24th and has been busy getting settled in with his host family.  More on Oliver’s exchange year to follow.
      Saddlebroke Rotary has also added two new members recently.  First, we are proud to have Wendy Guyton become an official part of our family.  Wendy is the wife of our current Club President, Joe Guyton, and has recently retired.  We look forward to her input.  Second, we inducted Bob Witt at our last meeting.  Bob is a first time Rotarian and has lived in Arizona for ten years.  He lives in Sahuarita and his office, Bob Witt State Farm, in located in Rancho Vistoso.
Joe Guyton welcomes new member Bob Witt to Saddlebrooke Rotary


Al Melvin accepts speaker's certificate from Joe McGowan. He is hopeful for another major acceptance in November.
Al recently served as Arizona State Senator for District 11, 2008-2014. He was a long time member of our SaddleBrooke Rotary Club. Currently running to fill a seat on The Arizona Corporate Commission, explained the work and responsibilities of that commission.




Stephanie receives Speaker placque from Neil Deppe


Greeter: Cody Wilkinson
Invocation / Inspiration: Wendy Guyton
Marshall, Pledge & 4-Way Test: Pick 'em*
* NOTE: Only the Greeter & Invocation assignments will be made in advance. The Marshall, Pledge and 4-Way Test Leaders will be randomly selected by the President from the podium.... Stay Alert!! 


Each year the SaddleBrooke Rotary Club passes the Gavel from the current President and Board to the incoming. This year was no exception. Fortunately, the Club's positive finances permitted hosting the lunch for the attending Club Members and their spouses.
These pictures tell the story far better than any words could ever do:
Left to Right:  Jim Lamb, Linda Turbyfill, Kidd the Dog, John Ruland, Joe Dylewski, Tom Simester and Cody Wilkinson
Saddlebrook Rotary Club road cleanup members were heating up Saturday taking care of their 1-mile stretch of road on Golder Ranch Road.

Left to Right:  Garry Jenkins, Neil Deppe
Saddlebrooke Resident and Retired Secret Service Agent, Garry Jenkins, spoke to our club about the six Presidents he protected, starting with LBJ.  

Neil Deppe presents Larry Field with an appreciation plaque following his Drone Presentation to our lunch club on May 20th

Left to Right:  Linda Turbyfill, George Eckardt, Jim Lamb, Tom Turriff and Joe Dylewski
A Shout Out to Linda Turbyfill for her had work with the Dictionary Project.  During our Coronado K-8 follow up visit, kids talked about the many uses they have for these dictionaries both in class and at home.  Coronado and Sycamore Canyon Academy are both supplied with these Mini Encyclopedias.  Again, thanks to Linda for her 16-year term as Saddlebrooke Rotary Club's Chair of Community Services.

This is a Testimonial to Saddlebrooke Rotary Club Member-Emerson Knowles.  On March 31st Emerson and fellow Team RWB member, Kristin Trapp spoke to our club about their involvement in bringing our young Veterans of War home and keeping them healthy.  Kristin is retired from the Air Force and works as an Occupational Therapist.   The Veteran's Administration estimates over 400,000 Vets are not being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, resulting in 22 suicides a day.  The VA is not equipped to handle the problem alone.  Team RWB is taking up the slack with People, Health & Purpose.  RWB has over 960 members in Tucson alone.  Thank you to Team RWB and it's dedicated volunteers for your commitment to our returning War Vets. 

The purpose of the Fore For Kids Fundraiser is raising money that is then contributed to youth organizations in Pinal & Pima Counties. As it is for most of us, when we have money to spend [contribute] it burns a hole in one's pocket. The SaddleBrooke Rotary Club Foundation is no different. On April 21st, less than two weeks after the fundraiser, the Club Foundation hosted an award ceremony during our weekly meeting. The recipients were:
Little Hoovers Big Hearts represented by Amy Armour and Terry Mockbee - Gary Terrell presenting.
Connections in Learning | Mountain Vista School represented by Principal Nanette Soule', Dennis Blauser presenting
Math Plus Project | Coronado School represented by Robert Springer, Joe Jones presenting

Teens Sew Cool | represented by Linda Shannon-Hills, Bill Pohnert presenting